Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Hour

If you are not catching The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos on CBC or grabbing the latest podcasts from iTunes why not?
Anyone who is a fan of Muchmusic for the last 10 years can tell you what a very talented and educated creature this man is. Not too mention funny as hell! During this writer's strike the creative team of The Hour has created some mini-dramas called "2" which can be downloaded for free on iTunes, adding once again some humour to the weird world of broadcasting.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Update List of My SL News Articles

Just reading through the Second Life Newspaper to see what my co-workers have written (yes I read the newspaper) and thought I would give a list of what I have written so far. Every photo with my work is copyright to hardcore Vamps Prods., (in sl that would be Dashwood Dayafter)

Interactive Exhibit

Leaving You Breathless

Do You Love the Skin You're In?

Buzz at Woodhaven Park

It Happened to a Friend of a Friend of Mine

Winter Fun for Charity

But Am I Safe?

Horror House

Socially Speaking

New Dance Mix

Mannequin First Show Flop


Star Trek in Second Life

Friday, December 21, 2007

Hatchet Old School American Horror

How can you go wrong with a cast that includes Robert England and Tony Todd?
Simply, you can't!
This movie is gory and typical in older horror style. A group of people (not teenagers!) are on a haunted tour of a swamp. The tour goes terribly wrong from the start as an older couple get bit by a gator. As soon as the blood hits the ground something even worse starts to prey on them.
There is a small twist at the end that makes this in my view the next series of horror.
The version I rented actually had a red rental box.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Classic Diva

I was hanging out in SL with a buddy today, and we decided to go old school with our characters.

There we are as the Munsters and here I am as the Bride of Frankenstein.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

How's that Writer's Block they asked

Bad once again. Seems like I will have two days where I am just flowing with creativity, and then another month of nothing. Decided few days ago to go out and get something to inspire me. So I bought a groovy velvet-like material covered notebook, a fountain pen, and a new dictionary/thesaurus set. Whoo-who! That's living on the wild side now isn't it?
Hasn't helped much.
Brick Walls couldn't get any harder then the ones in my mind right now.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Can I have my Internet without the smut?

Fine I am a Prude. But really, everything I turn to lately is all about sex. Wither it's about not getting it, how to get it, how to improve it when you do get it or just to be shocking. Some of us don't want sex shoved in our faces 24/7. Even websites that say they are PG Rated are still over run with X Rated items.
My worst complaint is in SL. I am a person who does not participate in the S/M lifestyle, it's not something I want. But yet everytime I bump into those who do, they expect me to "play by their rules" Just ain't gonna happen. Just like I don't expect you to play by mine. But that brings up another topic Respect.
The line we are drawing is one that is zagging because no one seems to want to bend to be respectful of anyone else as of late.
So No I do not go into places I know to be overly sexual in nature. But at the same time please do not tell me to call you "Mistress Blah" if we are in a business meeting about something that has nothing to do with your personal life. You will just end up getting pissed off when I say "no".

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Good, the Bad, and the I want to Strangle

Here is me at the SL Newspaper Meeting and me at another Social Gathering in a Winter Wonderland.

Okay so this is my week in Second Life.....
-Decided to rent some more land to create a Garden
-Was dragged all over SL to events and groups
-Went to a few parties with my editors
-Had to ban crazy neighbours from my land cause of noise
-Got invited to a few fashion shows
-Got dragged into an interview that never happened.

I also joined the Second Life Profiles. So now I am on yet another myspace/facebook style place this one just for SL. It's been a busy week, managed to get my two articles a week done for the sl newspaper, and a start on this week's batch. The Garden was a project I was wanting to do for awhile just didnt have the chance before, the theme is Blood and Roses. Little bit of Jane Austen little bit of Dracula.

Also Joined a very elite new club. Yes it is sad but true, I have more of a life in Second Life then I do in real life.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Imapct Review of the Week

Review for Nov. 29 2007

Wasn't sure I was going to do one this week but here we go.....

Scott Hall made it 4weeks in a row in ICP! gear. (two different shirts as one segment was taped for last week's show)

Robert Roode is finally getting the push he deserves. I have stated it before that I am not a fan of Booker T, but that is just the talent needed to pit against Roode. Robert Roode is a strong talent that can make anyone look good wither heel or face he knows what he is doing at all times in that ring. Booker T is a "superstar" in the business (eventhough he was only used in the other company as midcard for the last year) so this adds some extra weight to the push of Roode right now. And can't help but notice they pulled back alot on the #1Fan storyline while he was in his match with Booker T. I think that was a good idea to be honest. We all know it was Booker T's "match" ;giving a push to the #1Fan story would just not been right at this time.

What is going on with the beer drinking? I am lost on that one. Why of all things would you promote drinking in such a way? Yes, I get that they want to set up a reason for them to have a few matches, but really drinking? Here is my view on that (and I will say this slow for the drinkers who might not catch me) you are pitting a Canadian vs American in a beer drinking contest of watered down American beer. Of course the Canadian will win. Yes well all knew the bottle to the head was coming, but didn't think that they would film all the blood so hungerly. My Loonie is on Eric Young for this feud .

And the MotorCityMachineGuns! have upped Team3D once again, this time with Twinkies. Yes you heard right, they stuffed and smeared twinkies all over Bubby-Ra and Devon. I hope the X-Division comes out on top for this one.

Christian Cage vs Kurt Angle is all good but still too much in the mindgames. I am a big fan of Cage and would like to see him back ontop. This storyline is still in the mix and needs to uptempo.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Looking at Life from the bottom of a Coffee Cup

Just working on a header for my coffee blog My Cup Is Empty

I know my headers kinda suck because I don't have a proper photoshop type program . So I went hunting for one, and nothing seems to be all that great really. At lest I haven't found one that I like and can easily use. This was taken with Photo Booth. I like Photo Booth.
I have to do something, as I am going insane.
It is winter here, and I am stuck inside more often then not, and we still haven't heard a thing in regards to Ninja's health issues. The doctors ran another batch of tests this week, but she won't get the results for another week or so. Mom is hoping that if Ninja does need surgery, it will be before the holiday or after and not during. Hard to say with doctors.
Speaking of Ninja, it is MonkeyBoy's (her boyfriend) birthday this weekend. Happy Birthday

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


My sister has another doctor's appointment this afternoon. Mom is going to go with her this time. Hopefully she will find out what the troubles are.
Her professor sent her home yesterday midway thru her class.

Monday, November 26, 2007

I don't like this

Ninja is sick.
About five days ago, she started getting stabbing pains in her abdomen. It has gotten so bad that she was told by the doctor to stay off work and school for a while, cause she is not suppose to have any kind of lifting. I am waiting to hear from her as she went to the hospital for tests. One doctor on Thursday told her it might be nothing more then a sist, another doctor told her it could be ovarian cancer.
I just don't like this at all.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Tna Review continued

Review for nov 22 2007

The first TNA Turkey Bowl was a nice idea.
Three rounds of three-way matches that lead to the final being Chris Sabin, Samoa Joe and AJ Styles. Joe won by pinning Styles and causing him to have to wear a Turkey suit.
This was all intercut with the Angle's having a Thanksgiving dinner with other members of TNA. Which was disrupted by Scott Hall and Kevin Nash in the end.
Speaking of Hall, this is the third week in a row that he as appeared on camera in an ICP Hatchetman shirt.
I am unclear on the storyline the writers are trying to thread together with Eric Young, It seems like he is floating back and forth between the faces and the heels without any real anchor.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Lost Little Girl

It's a Friday afternoon, and once again, I have nothing planned for tonight. Just seems the older I get, the less of a life I seem to have. Spent most of Wednesday afternoon going through my kitchen and throwing out all my chipped and broken dishes. Whhoooaa fun. There's a party for ya.
I know it is a job that needs to be done when you are in the process of moving from one Province to another, but the whole moving thing, is taking more time and a lot more energy then I ever thought. Things keep popping up to steer me off course. Now I am back to the beginning as to which city. First it was St. John's but things went wrong, then it was Edmonton but things went wrong, then Kelowna but things have gone terribly wrong, now it looks like it is once again Edmonton. I wish things would straighten out enough to get the city pinpointed. Then we can tackle the troubles from there.
And with the holidays in full swing, depression hits hard. I just dont know if I can handle another season of holidays (xmas, new years, valentine's ) alone. Everyone around me is happily snuggled into their coupledom and I once again seem to be singleton. Add to that almost homeless and it sucks to be me.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More TNA....

Review for Impact from Nov 15th 2007

I am not a fan of Booker T or his wife, so them jumping to TNA is lackluster for me.

Once again Scott Hall made a statement and once again, he did so in an ICP shirt! I smell a future connection.

Kevin Nash had more then one member of the locker room stand up for him after getting knocked down by Kurt Angle and his newly formed team. Almost all the members of the X-Division ran to the six-sided ring to aid Nash. If you looked close you would have seen Alex Shelley saying something that seemed too emotional to have been scripted.

The storyline they are starting between Robbert Roode and Mrs. Brooks and his #1fan is dragging on too long. Come on get it going already, we the fans get the idea, he will dump Mr.Brooks for the #1Fan. Then get it going......

TNA Reviews

Oh I am pissed now!

I got asked for a group I am in to write an article on the show Impact. Okay, I did. Only when the group notices went out, I didn't get one. I checked the list, and sure enough, there was my article with the name on it being the guy who asked me to write it not mine. And it was word for word. Members of another group I am in that has nothing to do with the first one (a Tna wrestling fans group in Second Life) told me to let this guy know that he cant get away with it. I did, then created my own fans group using my own article as the first group notice So here is a copy of my article.

Tna Review for Nov 8 2007
"Hey Yo!"
It was the sound heard across the globe as non other then Scott Hall entered the buidling (in a very wicked ICP shirt fresh from JCW) To address the rumors of him being Sting's tag partner. Can the reformation of the Outsiders be far behind? I for one hope that the NWO come back stronger (or for that matter the newly formed JWO "Juggalo World Order" spilling into Impact)
But my interest right now lays within another tag team, Motor City Machine Guns! I am very glad to see that Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin have been allowed to bring their independent tag team into the six-sided ring.
What are they doing with their superstars? I get that they need a major talent as heel, but Team3D are boring at the moment. They need to bring back some form of Team Canada. And out of nowhere we have a Women's Division. About time and good to see Gail Kim as the first ever Knock Out Champ, but why set up the overlapping fights with so many of the Knock Outs? Pick one and build on it for a few months, then add the others one or two at a time. They saved up all their members of the women's division and just seemed to dump them together not knowing what they were doing with them. Its confussing, and not at all of interest.

So that is what the fuss is about. And since I started it, I am thinking that I will try my best to have a recap after each week.....
Sit tight, I will cover last weeks show later.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Again?

Okay, that is kinda pissing me off. I have to go hunting down the list of blogs in the dashboard to find my own since getting the sl newspaper job.

Welcome to an overdue issue of "Ask Ardeth" Where anything that can be thought of to ask will be answered by my horror film Heavy Metal Goddess alter ego Ardeth Blood.

Item : Ardeth I just love your hair! How can I
get my oh so blah do grooving like yours?
From Drippy in Halifax

Well Drippy, thanks for the desire to be like me. The answer to that isnt as simple as one might think. First, you have to make sure you get the highlights just right, I suggest going to the Undertaker for that just hit and run look, then you have to use alot of product such as firm hold spray, and of course running around in empty graveyards getting dead things caught in it is always the best way to keep it fresh.

Item: Ardeth my husband left me for a younger woman. What do I do now, I have nothing?
From Heartbroken in Gander

Hey there Heartbroken. Depends on your age, if you have any little gremlins hanging off your shoes or not. I suggest if you are over 18 and have no kids, hit the nearest bar and find yourself a fisherman. If you do have kids, leave them with your mother and hit the nearest bar and find yourself a fisherman. If you husband was a fisherman, then try to find yourself a trapper. Bake a p-berry pie and go to the Salvation Army for Sunday potluck and see where your luck takes you.

Item: Ardeth, why is it that you never do zombie movies on your show?
From LivingDead in Saskatoon

LivingDead, I just don't like zombie films.

That's all the time we have for this one, come back around and see what other gobs of wisdom Ardeth Blood will dish out and serve to her fiends.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Let's All Hate Toronto

The CBC Newsworld program has hit it on the nose.
Let's All Hate Toronto is part mockumentary part documentary and all entertaining. The idea behind this film is that one lone Torontoian sees a billboard stating that "Toronto Sucks" and sets out to prove to all of the rest of Canada that it does not.
Along the way, Mr. Toronto, discovers just why the rest of the Canadian people feel the way they feel and learns alot about himself in the process.
Leave it to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to show you it's own underbelly with both a touch of seriousness and good humour.

This is a film worth seeing.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dark side of the Sun

Ever spend time somewhere, totally love the place, believe in it completely, and then find yourself not feeling at all like you belong?
I was sitting in the club in sl a few days ago, and the little voice in my head -might have been Harvey not sure- screamed "What am I doing here?" I just no longer felt like I belonged there. That tends to happen with me in real life all the time, after about 3 months hanging out in a place I look around and realize I dont fit.
I fear that I never will fit anywhere, at anytime, with anyone. I don't think at times I am meant to be here.
I have had more then one near death moment in my life, and I just don't see how many more times I can cheat death. Without getting into a sappy too long blog, I will just say that.
Well, that little voice was screaming again in my head just a few minutes ago. I had to get up out of the virtual club and go to my virtual office. One person in the chat noticed, and it took quite a while for them to.
Does this mean anything?
Just that I feel like I am sitting on the dark side of the Sun.

{Harvey was a reference to the tv show FARSCAPE}

Monday, November 12, 2007

My First SL News Article

You can check out my first article for SLNewspaper here.
It is the one called "New Dance Mix"

16 hours in SL=PARTY

This is how the last 24 hours went for me

Midnight Sunday: Scramble to download DJ software for SL dj job
630am: Get up and log into SL for 1Year Birthday Party of SLNewspaper (4am SL time )
9:17am: Discover that software is unuseable with internet it is only good for in house djing
11am:Check email for notice from SL Newspaper (of which there was none)
Noon:Have long panic attack over lose of money on dj software
345:Scramble around SL looking for necklace (1245 SL time)
4pm:Arrive at black tie event and look like a goof while everyone else dances
5pm: coffee
515pm:Call SL Buddy and have him drop in in tux so I am not alone
635pm: Head back to SL home and check emails again for notice from SL Newspaper (still nothing)
7pm:Club Deviation (4pm SLtime)
10:30pm Log out of SL for day
11pm work on photos from all day party
Midnight Monday: blog

Here I am in SL poledancing at 7am (4am sl time)

Here I am dancing with one of the Owners of Deviation

Here is a photo of the event itself

I have to say, I never realized just how much my life would change being apart of Second Life. Just the last 24 hours itself have been a crazy time. I am still waiting to see if my first article is going to be printed, as well as trying to figure out how to get the djing working with my mac.
Here's hoping it all works out in the end.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

CNN's Coverage-rant of the week

I just saw a show CNN aired last week on the drug use that is rapid in sports entertainment.
Once again the death of Chris Benoit was the lead focus, and once again the WWE shuffled their feet while keeping their eyes on the ceiling.
When are they going to learn that the fans and the public in general already know that there are major amounts of un-natural things being pumped into the bodies of the superstars? We get it, we are not blind.
It was nice to see them point out the fact that some of the superstars really don't use.
At one point in the interview, the topic of brain damaged that is caused by concussions was brought up as being the main factor behind the Benoit deaths. WWE quickly said that there was no way he could have continued to have a normal daily life if that was the case.

I don't know what the case is other then this; your company is being blamed, wouldn't you be supporting the theory of brain damage over drug use?

That was my rant for the week....I need a cocktail.

Friday, November 9, 2007


Well, not really.
This is me today sitting in my very cool office at the Second Life Newspaper.
That's right my gremlins, I got a my character got herself a job. It is difficult to draw the line between who you are in the real world and your internet self. Anyway, cross your parts and hope that I don't screw it up too bad too soon.

Where does that Paparazzi hide?

Wait for it...did you blink? What is it? A real photo, not a great one, but one from the real world at the moment not Second Life. Don't get too hyper, I will be posting alot more from Second Life as I have emerged myself fully into it.
So here our gremlins is Ardeth Blood local horror hostess/heavy metal goddess on the big day of oct 31.
Not my best red carpet moment, you have no idea just how bloody cold it was outside.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Another Loss

It was reported this past week on WWE's Raw that yet another wrestler has died.
Long time Women's Champ The Fabulous Moolah passed away last week. She was 84.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Canada worth more

We have been saying for years that the Canadian dollar coin would once again be worth one dollar. Infact it has topped it sitting right now at a $1.10 in worth.
What does this mean?
Well, some are saying that we can't keep on the rise, that it will cost us too much internationally in the end while others are saying that it is the best thing for us.
The trades agreement that Canada has world wide is in a panic. Suddenly the US dollar isn't worth it as much as the Canadian. Could another crash be on its way? Not just for the speedy little coin that is rolling it's way up the rim to win, but for the American market as well?
Fingers are being pointed saying that we have planted a seed that has spoiled the grounds, but can't we just see what really takes root?
I say it's about time our little Loonie had a chance to shine.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What I learned from Glam City.

I have been having as much trouble in SL as I have in real life. Yesterday I spent half the day just trying to get an application in for a job. That was in the Fashion District. It seems that either they didn't like my answers and refused to take my application, or else they might have had a legit computer meltdown. Hard to say.
Here's me in SL waiting for the job interview.
Also, seems the other women in sl are just like the ones in real life, and they are all out to make me feel like shit. While shopping in the Fashion District I was standing a few feet behind a very tall too thin blonde with an almost non existent nose and fresh tan. Even my avatar was feeling ugly.

What did I learn then? Fashion is everything.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

As seen on tv

Okay, I get it. It has been months since anyone in the company put up anything on the websites, so make a wish and close your eyes....POOF!
There you go a new video by Ginger Madrid. Just head on over to the company sites and you will find it on the tv page.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

End Status of the Status Bag

It seems official, the IT Bag is over.
Or is it?
The item known as the It Bag has come under some heavy controversy as of late. With prices that cost as much as monthly rent in a major city, many people just don't want to have that kind of money put out on something they will only use for two months.
Many women, like myself, will go for lower end knock-offs (oppss sorry the Domestic End of the Design) for a mire $275-$500 ($150 if we wait an extra month) which has just as much detail, just made with more "common" materials.
I know that I would rather be "So two seasons ago" and have a really great bag that will hold up to daily use then to spend a months rent on something I will be ashamed to admit I owned. (animal shaped, over gadget covered etc)
And in a time when everyone has at lest two status bags in their collection, what is that really saying?

Thursday, November 1, 2007

All Soul's Day

The day after Sahmain.
After a week of prep, and a night of ritual, it's time to get back to the rest of the daily grind. And I started my day kinda where I left off my night, watching dvds. I had rented Spiderman 2 and 3, Seed of Chucky, and All Souls Day.
If you know my posts, then you know I don't like zombie films. So why did I rent a zombie film? The trailer looked cool.
And I have to say, it was a decent enough movie. But because I am not a zombie fan, I never figured it out before. Why in all those type of horror films they are safe when the sun comes up. Because, those films were taking from the myth surrounding ALL Soul's Day.
It is over once the sun rises, and the spirits of the dead return to their graves. So in essence, the power they have is over.
That is what almost every zombie type film has pulled from...hell every real gore/horror film. I won't even start as to why I disagree with alot of things done in typical horror films cause my list of problems would take forever.
Anyway; back to the fact that it is November 1st. Had to pay bills today, as it was a long line at the bank. Had to get to the bank because I wanted to start doing my banking online, and the lady who works there didn't know what to do. All I needed was one little string of numbers that I didn't have to begin with. If I had that string of numbers I could have signed up online. How ironic is that? I had to go into the bank so that I could start banking online so that I wouldn't need to go into the bank again...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Second Life: Misfits of Deviation

So I attended a Hallowe'en party in SecondLife, and here are some of my photos from the night.
I somehow managed to win the costume contest. I went as the BlackWidow. If you are someone in Second Life, you have to join us some time at Club Deviation. The DJ's are some of the best around SL!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday October 28

3 Days.
3Days till Samhain. or Hallowe'en for those non-pagans out there. The most important night of the year for me, and I will be doing not much this year. I had planned on having a major episode of Creeping Screams! up on the company webblog but that didn't happen. I was planning on a major party, but since I no longer have a crew and the few people in town are well pregnant, so that isn't happening. The Ninja has plans with the MonkeyBoy. So, even my sister has deserted me on the big night.
Forget going to the movies that night, this town is always crammed with people on any holiday for the cinema.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Surreal Life

Okay, this is me in Second Life. My hair changes from day to day just enough to represent my style in real life, as do my clothes.
No luck as of yet with a job in SL, or home for that matter. But, aren't I cute as a cartoon?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Second Life

I like having a character in this program.
I am one of those who actually uses it as an extention of myself. I would not/will not do anything with my online character that I wouldn't in real life.

So what has my character done so far? Not much, so far I have wandered around, buying clothes and hanging out in clubs. I have tried to get a job in SL, and a home. It's difficult when you don't have any cash. Second Life and your offline lives can suck in such similar ways without you even trying. And inorder to have cash in SL, you need to have it in the real world -with a credit card.

Let's see if I have better luck as a 3D animation then I do as a flesh and blood person.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

What I learned from Sex and the City Part 4.8

When you are stuck in a mind rut, go shoe shopping. Yeap, I was having major writers block once again, so last night I watched some podcasts of Fashion TV, which then lead me to a song they played in one of the episodes, so I downloaded the song from iTunes, then a complete page seemed to write it'self just from the beat of the song. So to celebrate, today I spent the day in Second Life getting shoes for my character. Then danced at a disco in there. Sometimes the internet is good for you.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Rant of the Week -RumorMill

All I can say is what a dick!
I am a major fan of the actors Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. Loved the idea of the A&E show "Two Coreys", I have a collection of movies that the team did (Dream a Little Dream 1 and 2, Blownaway, National Lampon's Last Resort, and of course Lost Boys) and was as let down when watching the episode where Feldman tells Haim that they are doing a Lost Boys 2 but he wouldn't do it without Haim. I just read on Yahoo News that half the cast from Lost Boys IS INDEED in the straight to dvd movie. All but Corey Haim. And guess who has the top billing, right Feldman.
No one likes to see their heroes turn out to be normal people that takes away all the magic but it's just not right to find out someone you gave teen idol status to being such a dick. It makes you question your own views and ego.

Damn, I need a cocktail

Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday Morning Moodrings

I have new neighbours. I hope they don't stay. Or maybe I do? Since they moved in on Friday, the landlord moved out. The landlord's daughter still lives in the building which means so does her 5 year old holy terror. BUT, that five year old has not had one of his tantrums since the new neighbours moved in. MMMM...and with new people in the building they should finally get off their collective asses and get the washer repaired. It's only be broken since last Feb.
You read right. The washer has been broken for 9months. That's harsh.

I got a whole paragraph written over the weekend! WHOOOAA! One whole paragraph on the first draft of the one story I am writing. I wrote a novel about ten years ago about witches. I loved that story. It was very easy to write too, only took me 3 months total. So one afternoon after pinching the bridge of my nose to the point of seeing stars from lack of being inspired, I asked myself when was the last time my work have me hope? The answer was the story I wrote about the witches. So I set to work writing another one. Set in the same place different characters. It's been a full year and I still haven't gotten more then 50 pages done. It's hopeless! I feel useless.
Even Ninja told me "to go back to what you do best" last year when I was in the worst part of the writers block; "go back to the vampires, witches, werewolves and all that jazz".
Let's see if I can get one more paragraph done today....right after I get coffee.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

October 13th

Not that ;that seems to mean anything really. Ninja agreed to go see the new vampire movie with me next week, if she isn't overrun with work. Well, let me rephrase that, Ninja agreed to go see the new Josh Hartnett movie with me next week that just happens to be a vampire movie. This is the fourth time in the last two months my sister and I have said "let's go to the movie on your night off." and all the other times the movie we wanted to see was gone already. Fingers crossed that this one stays in town for a full week so we can see it.

Internet wise, I have been hanging out here It is a horror/gothic type of site like myspace or facebook. Nice so far, more relaxed then the other two.

Also, did a new review on my vampire blog for the movie The Thirst.

The first draft of my own novel I think might turn into a novella. It is only 20 pages at this point but I am once again struggling to get these characters to work. I might have to just rip them apart and start this story from scratch. Plus working on the second draft of the film. If you have been following things from last year, you know the troubles with the film. So Ninja suggested just ripping it apart and starting over.
Love Ya Ninja! Though I do find it hard to just rip my baby apart and start over. I almost never make it through a second draft of my work without hitting bumps that I just don't want to change.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Best of the X Division volume 2

I just got my hands on a copy of this dvd. Even though it has been out for months, everytime I went to get a copy it was sold out. That tells you something..."TNA is wrestling".
With some of the highlights from a full year's battle between not two but three of the top X-Division members: Styles, Daniels and Joe. Plus ppv matches and highlights from the first year of Impact.
Anyone who has listened to me rant about wrestling before knows that I love TNA, and knows that two of my all time favourite athletes are Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin and this dvd has many of their highlights as well.
I can not wait for Best of X-Division 3!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Monday Morning

It's been raining since last night.
It's Thanksgiving Day and raining. How more cliched in this city can you get? Every year rain on Thanksgiving and snow on Hallowe'en.
I have been hanging out on this website for the last few months and at first it was cool. Now, it's all about ratings. One person decided to give me a favourite rate, then took it away a few days later, then two days ago it was back, then this morning gone again. I wish they would just make up their minds already! I joined the particular website because of it's library, not for it's popularity contest, but can't have one on their without the other. It just seems to me that life has turned into one large popularity contest. and we all feed it even now, I am proudly displaying my D-List blog status on all my blogs so I am just as guilty as the rest. I just don't get evil about it. It's just hard to watch something you believe in get drowned in crap.
Like I said I joined their site for their database not their games.
9am EST and I haven't even had a coffee yet.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fay Grim

Loved it!
Parker Posey plays a single mom who's husband ran out on her and their son 7 years ago. Her brother is in jail and a very famous writer. The FBI are looking for a journal that could prove her husband is a secret agent. What is she going to do about all this? Go to Paris and find the missing diary.
Witty, fresh, well written this film is worth the rental fee. A comedic film noir with brains.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Rick Mercer Blows My Mind!

I picked up the book yesterday afternoon, I finished reading it this morning.
What can I say other then "My Canada has Rick Mercer as Prime Minister."
He knows what we need as a Nation, and he knows the major (and sometimes minority ) players and how to deal with them.
This book will have you laughing, nodding your head, and running to his blog for more.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Look into the Darkness...

Copywrite hcvp'07

For all of you who might not have believed me for the last few years, Yes! Butterfly is real!
Here is the very rare photo she let me take...that I took of her changing Mya's dipper that she didn't make me erase.
The other co-founder of hardcore Vamps Prods.,

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm Back

And the road leads to nowhere.
well not really. It my pets leads to me. And Hallowe'en!
So what is so groovy right now in my world? Reading Volume Two of the Tanya Huff Blood Books, listening to the entire Headstones collection (okay not entire I am still missing the cd HiFi) watching a craplode of vampire movies I just bought on dvd. (just in time for a few movie reviews of the Hallowe'en/October season) missing the babies, and still packing for my move out west.
I think we need a photo now.

copywrite hcvp'07

This is me last week in the West Edmonton Mall. As you can tell I did not take this one. Butterfly did. She is the other co-founder of hardcore Vamps Prods. and photos are not her strong point. Yes those are real live flamingos behind me. I just love flamingos!
Okay so more in a few days when I get the rest of the photos uploaded and have settled abit back into my daily routine.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I scare Amish people.

So, the bus out of town was a half hour late.
There was an old lady who sat in front of me who kept reclining so much I had no leg room at all.
Hung out with the younger brother of a couple of people I went to highschool with a hundred years ago.
And scared the group of Amish people who were sitting behind me. The women moved to another seat for whatever reason.
Hanging now in Edmonton with my friend Butterfly and her husband.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Last minute chaos

Okay getting dressed to go to doctor's then when I get home have to pack and finish the last few bits of housework before leaving for Edmonton tomorrow.
So when I get back to the net next I will have photos and stuff.

Have a good weekend all.

P.S. I have a new pic of myself up on My Cup Is Empty.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I signed up yesterday for the computer site Second Life.
You know the 3D world where you can have a business meeting, ski and all that crap. Well, I picked a bad day to do it. Yesterday 9-11. The game was hacked all day from what I could see. Just hope my laptop is okay.
Further more, I have to go with mom to her appointment today. Great, just what I need mom hanging around today. I still have too much to do before tomorrow night.
That's right, leaving for Edmonton on Friday morning. Should be cool.
Busing so I will see some of Canada I have never seen. Never been that far west.
Have my own doctor's appointment tomorrow too.
Well at lest the next two weeks will not be dull.

Just finished reading Tayna Huff's Blood Books Volume One. I think I found my new favourite author.

Monday, September 10, 2007

I have nothing cute to say

We are heading into my favourite season...October!
Yes, it is a season not a month. What? You didn't know that? Shame on you.
Well if you live in Canada you know it is it's own season. It has two holidays if you live in the Great White North because here, Thanksgiving comes before Hallowe'en. Plus this is when the cold really hits turning all the trees colours and forcing the leaves to the sidewalks.
The scent of pumpkin and apples are in everything married nicely with cinnamon and nutmeg. And of course, the stores are already bursting with xmas decorations.
I know, July we see back to school stuff, late Aug we see October stuff, and in late Sept we see xmas stuff. Boy, Zellers sure knows how to keep us in store until the New Year.

Not too mention that now we also start getting those slightly cool, very groovy scary movies for kids on the Family Channel. Helps to get us into the mood.
I went to Blockbuster the other night and rented the latest in this genre.
R.L. Stine's Haunted Hour Episode Don't Think About It.

I found it strong on story, and steady on effects without going overboard.
It centers around a teen goth girl who gets picked on, then takes revenge on the girl who made her the outcast. She finds an old book reads out loud and a creature appears to eat everyone. Then she and her friends save the day.

I am sorry, were you really going to rent it? It will be on tv so you can catch it then.

Friday, September 7, 2007


Yahoo sucks!

I went to log in and hit my bookmarks like I always do and there was nothing there!
I lost everything!
Then I hit some buttons and this thing called MY WEB has all my links. What the F...!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Young Triffie's Been Made Way With

Young Triffie is a fab movie!
Based on the play Young Triffie's Been Made Way With, and produced by Mary Walsh of Codco fame and this Hour Has 22 Minutes, it's a lovely black comedy. Set in Newfoundland in the late 1940's, where a small town is hit by murder. A Ranger must solve the crime in under two days while keeping the town's people from exposing too much of themselves.
It's a very tongue in cheek film and with out a doubt you can't get more Canadian then this.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Black Tie

So you know I was shopping with Ninja (my sister) for an outfit for a wedding she had to go to. Well, here is a very rare photo of her and her boyfriend all dressed for it.
It was his mom's wedding.

copyright hcvp'07

Friday, August 31, 2007

Herb! Crazy Lady in the Food Court!

Yesterday was nuts.
Went shopping with Ninja, mom tagged along. While we were there security had some crazy woman seated in the food court. She was screaming at everyone, throwing punches, and ripping her clothes off. It took a full team of security to handle her -5 store employees, 2 mall security, 4 police-

Had long talk with Ninja last night about everything. Finally my sister and I are becoming close.
Got new iPod Shuffle. Very cute! As well as the new Twiztid cd .

Stupid waiter at Moxy's does not know how to do his job. I ordered a DRY GIN MARTINI NO ICE WITH OLIVES. What he brought me looked off. It was too dark. So I asked if it was a "dirty martini"? {Dirty martini is when they add olive juice}
he said "no it's a normal one."
It tasted off. When the bill came there was extra pricing on it, I asked what for
he replied "your rye."
"what rye?"
"you ordered a rye gin martini."
The lot of us looked at him with raised eyebrows. "DRY GIN"
what an idiot. And that goes to show the bartender there doesn't know their job, any proper bartender would double check on an order like that before making it.

This town sucks!

Speaking of towns, I am on my way in two weeks to Edmonton. I bought my ticket yesterday. Be there for a few days. Can't wait!

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Lush Thunder Bay is Haunted!
Look at the near bottom of my friend Viva-Loco Homegirl Esq. See the little dot by her knees... P.S. I am not crazy! All the staff have complained about things falling off the shelves when no one is anywhere near them, the doorbell going off when there is no one near the door or hall. Not too mention the cold spot that is nowhere near any doors/windows.

copyright hcvp'07

Monday, August 27, 2007

My Pets....

copyright hcvp'06

For those of you who follow the misadventures of, here is a little bit of slime I dug up. The new header for Alucard's Rose. I am not sure how I feel about this one. The photo is one I really love, taken last summer on a photo shoot, but the comic style is still alittle iffy with me. At the moment, it is sitting rather unfitted as the header, I might end up turning it into a badge instead. Well see.
Creeping Screams!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Sex Goddess? Who is?

Yeah, I am having one of those days.
It's a Friday night and I am home alone. Sucks to be me.
I was on an Occult site a bit ago and some dude started with the "hey sexy" crap. I just don't get it? I have one photo of myself on there, and it happens to be my banner for my company website
Now, how on earth can this be classed as anything worthy of comments like that? Look at it...I am falling over trying to stay in the lens of the camera. I look like a goof!
Ninja and I were talking about this the other day while shopping. It is true, that Bisexual men love me. I seem to be an inspiration to drag queens in this town. But why is it only old men with grown kids that seem to want me? What am I doing wrong? Meanwhile, my friends have men trailing at their feet no matter where we go. Hot model type men who could use their tummy for a washboard.
I need a cocktail. Bartender, a very large triple dry gin martini shaken not stirred three olives no ice!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Ten hours!
I just spent two nights, which equaled ten frealing hours watching Lord of the Rings. Why?
I saw the cartoon when I was a kid and no sir didnt like it.
It thou, has become a cultural thing since the making of the liveaction version. Everyone and their dog seems to be drooling over this story. So after everyone and their dog giving me the evil eye for not having seen it, I borrowed my sister's copies of the films.
After the first 15minutes my hand was itching on the fast forward button, but no I continued to watch. I don't remember half of what was infront of my eyes. I kept coming back in my mind to the crappy cartoon version I saw 20something years ago. All I could think was "the dude from the Goonies got fat." That was until the dude from the Matrix came on screen, then all I could think was "Mr. Anderson, we've been expecting you." (now I want to watch the Matrix great.)
And of course that Christopher Lee always plays the bad guy. Don't think I have ever seen him play the hero? I just don't see what everyone and their dog is so hot about Lord of the Rings? It's just another war story.
And for those who love it, live it, and speak it, great. I have no problems with you. Just saying, I didn't like it.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


My Life On The D-List is a great show! I love it!
Speaking of being on D-Lists, that's what I am blog wise. A D-List blogger. That's fine, I don't mind. Hell, we're doing our best to get some of the members of hardcore Vamps Prods., on the D-List. Even crappy little cities like this one have their A-Listers, B-Listers, and D-Listers. I am figuring that I am hovering somewhere between being an H-Lister and could possibly claw my way up to the D-List by say, oh 2054? {on a local scale I am talking. }
It just seems so funny that alot of the things they have done on the tv show My Life on the D-List is some of the same things we have been doing here, on a local scale.
The difference is she has talent.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Are you sure it's not Monday?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This is how my day has been. Everything crapping out on me when I have been trying to work. As you can see I ended up giving up for the day and doing some playing around in

Friday, August 10, 2007

Give me your cell phone

That was what I heard a few times today from my sister. Calling first to check her messages while we were out, and then to call her boyfriend. They are so sweet together.
Sex and the City the movie goes into production next month. I can't wait!!
Been a long week, spent too much money today when I went shopping. But, my sister and I never hang out so when she phoned me this morning and asked if I wanted to join her at the mall, I said "I'll grab the next bus". She's been working so hard between her job and having gone back to school. I just hope she doesn't tire herself out to the point of getting sick.
The countdown to my first vacation in almost 20 years has begun. 5 weeks from now I will be in Alberta. And then there will be photos and some stories to add to this blog so that it's not so dull.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

And this is why Blockbuster loves me

I went on a movie binge this past week. I have been house sitting for my mom (apartment actually) and rented a slock of films. And because I am too lazy to hunt for their artwork, there will be no artwork in this post.

Pathfinder is a story (Canadian I believe) about the first group of Vikings who come to North America and lay destruction to everything they see. One of the Vikings' own children refuses to kill someone and is left to freeze as the others return to the ship. He is taken in by a Native woman, and raised in the village. Years later a second ship of Vikings arrive to finish what they had started, and lay waste to hundreds. The now grown child is the only one who can stop them. It is a typical coming of age story, of finding your own place in the community. It was a very close reminder of the film Quest for Fire.

The Fountain takes you from the present to the past to the end of time. We see a loving husband who has one goal in life, to save his wife from cancer. He works in the medical field doing tests on animals who have brain tumors. His wife is writing a novel, but knows she will not live long enough to finish it and asks him to. The novel is their story but set hundreds of years before in the middle of a war, where she has incorporated Biblical means, The Tree of Life. The husband does finish the novel for her after her death, he also finds the cure too late. That is when the film takes you into the future. About twenty minutes before the movie ends, it becomes so surreal it looses all sense. Still a touching story.

Premonition finds a woman waking up one morning to find her husband has been killed in a road accident. The next day, he is alive. Within the course of a week she jumps back and forth from one part of reality to the other, getting the days mixed up. She finds out that her life wasn't as perfect as she had thought, but fights to save it anyway.

Hot Fuzz is a buddy movie from the people who did Shawn of the Dead. A cop who does his job too well is sent to a small village in the middle of nowhere, and finds himself in the center of multiple murders. Mindless fun that will have you laughing until the last shoot out.

Bon Cop Bad Cop is a great Canadian film that makes no mistake on where it is from, just where the body comes from. This film is best watched with your subtitles on. (it is shot almost fully in French) A murderer is out killing everyone connected with the Hockey League whom he feels screwed over the teams. A great buddy film with enough style, and drama to be a film noir. With a cameo from Rick Mercer as a sports reporter it stands firmly on the ice tongue in cheek.

I also rented the film Tiedland but I feel that is a vampire film and will talk about it on my other blog.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Mushy Brain Syndrome

You know you're having a crappy day when you walk into Starbucks and can't focus on anything. I had an early meeting with the disability people today, then had to return some computer cables, and on my way home stopped off for coffee. I wanted the largest size they had. Simple right? For anyone else on the planet but not me.
I am standing there reading the menu which I know off by heart, with a line forming behind me, and two out of the three of my favourite workers on shift today. They have gotten used to just pouring a grande white chocolate mocha for me, without me having to speak. But today, today I needed more! Do you think my mushy brain could form the thoughtwave needed to order the next size up? No, Not at all.
I ended up having to point to the sample cups they have sitting behind the counter.
I am not a morning person. If you are one of the millions of people who float seamlessly through the early hours of the daylight every day, then I envy you.

Mushy Brain Syndrome - when one is caught off guard in their natural environment acting like a zombie retard

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New New New!

I got a new laptop!
Now, if I can just get my internet upgraded then I won't have to use this old machine anymore, and I can do everything with the laptop. It has this really cool comic book thingie, and I spent a good 4 hours last night turning most of my photos into a comic. I think I found my new favourite program yes yes.

Okay, so I got dragged onto Facebook. No sir, I don't like it. I got peerpressured into it. My buddy Gerry was all like "Everybody has one! Nobody uses Myspace anymore! Dude! Get it!" Well, I don't know? I have myspace, two actually, one for me and one for the film, but I haven't used them in months. I just get the grossest vibes when I would go in there. Tried Tagworld, didn't keep it, tried Xanga didn't keep it. And already people from my past who I wish would stay in the past have just tackled me on Facebook. Will I keep it? Depends on what the next month or two brings.

And I was flipping channels at mom's the other night, came across a reality show I actually am liking "Two Coreys" starring Corey Haim and Corey Feldman. Oh my god! I am such a Feldman fan! I was very happy to see this show, mildly happy to hear there will be a Lost Boys 2, not so happy to hear neither will star in it. Oh well, can't have everything.

Gerry! Dude!

copywrite hcvp'07

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Great Canadian Hunt

Once upon a time (ten years ago) two sisters decided to watch SCTV. That caused them to want a Great White North CD. Thus the first Great Canadian Hunt for the SCTV cd started. On the course of that day, these two sisters went to every record store in town, and finally found a copy. They also bought togues, and mittens too for the hell of it. A few weeks later, the girls wanted a book they heard about. The second Great Canadian Hunt took place, sending them to every book store in town until they found what they were looking for. And a third when they wanted Bagels. Now "many many lifetimes later" the older of the sisters is wanting a DVD. Having called Blockbuster as always to get a price, she was told they did not order any of the Monster Squad 20th anniversary edition. Crap! This means having to sludge her way all over the city looking for it. And since HMV never answers their phones in this city, it means having to sludge around town on one of the muggiest days of the summer.
The moral of this tale...Monster Squad 20th Anniversary Edition was released today on DVD .

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Factory Girl

This was released on DVD here today. I am not too sure how I feel about this film.
Did I like it? Kind of.
Did I think it was produced well? Yes.
Did it leave questions in my mind? Yes.
Just seems to me, that every film I have ever seen that had Andy Warhol in it has made the character of him "hollow" even when he is the main character he is not the main character. Confused?
Factory Girl is about Eddie Sedgwick. It starts when she comes to New York to be an artist. She meets Andy Warhol one night and suddenly she is thrown into the center of the world, the world according to Andy Warhol. That is until she meets Bob Dylan. (The movie never admits that is who it is suppose to be they just call him the "musician" the whole time.) Like most people of the time she falls victim to drugs and endless parties.
I am not too sure what else to say about this film. Guy Pearce's version of Andy Warhol looked very good. I have to admit, I don't know enough about the reality of the lives of either Eddie Sedgwick or Andy Warhol to say wither or not it was honest enough. This movie did make it seem like Andy Warhol was in love with her. If nothing else, maybe it will open the door for a proper biography for the people it tried to show.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

From the bottom of my coffee cup

I went for coffee today with an old friend from highschool. I hadn't seen him in 15 years. We bumped into each other on the internet about a year ago, and today since we both had a day off decided to get together.
I don't know how I am feeling about it. He was bored! I could tell by his tone of voice, and his extreme lack of talking. I ended up staring into the emptiness of my takeaway cup the whole time, and watching the staff at the coffeeshop mop floors. Shame too, I went into things this afternoon thinking "cool someone in town to hang with." cause most of my friends have moved out of the city. But, when he dropped me off, I told him to call me at some point in the future, and he replied by saying "I will just blog if I want company"
I know neither of us are the same people we were in high school, people who stay the same never grow and learn. But this just felt like things were forced on his end.
I should have known when right off the bat I said let's go to Starbucks and he shivered. We ended up at a Tim Horton's. Cheap but good. The coffee I mean.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday already

I will be signing the last of the paperwork today with the insurance company. Finally I can put the last 10 months behind me!
That car crash was the most painful thing to ever happen, physically, emotionally, otherwise. This will be the end to that chapter of my life, and I will be able to start looking at the future.

And since everyone around me is having babies, I have to go into babyblanket mode. I decided that my gift to the babies would be homemade baby quilts. My mom's aunt makes them and sells them for around $65 each. Not too bad, but since I need to buy 5 of them (Butterfly had twins, Erin is having twins, Thiea is having one) it will cost me. Just thinking about it all makes me need a coffee.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What I learned from Sex and the City Part 3

You know the episode of Sex and the City when Carrie walks in on Samantha giving the delivery guy oral sex and the judgment is there, and more judgment when Samantha picks out the slutty outfit for Carrie's photoshoot ...well I think I am having that kind of moment.
No I did not walk in on anyone having sex but I am having judgment. I don't mean to be, but I can't ignore my feelings either.
A friend told me something tonight that disappointed me. I tried my best to be supportive, but when it is all said and done, I feel very very disappointed in her behavior.
How do we keep ourselves from expecting certain things from the people in our lives? Better question might be, how do we keep from judging them?

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Muse Me

I. Have. Writer's. Block!

In the middle of the first draft of a new story and can't find a sentence.
In the middle of second draft of another story and can't figure out how to flesh out one character.
But yet I have no trouble coming in here and blah blah blahhing. Why?
Is it because I know no one reads this? Is it because it's just relaxing on the web? Don't know. Do know that when I sit down infront of this machine to work I come up empty. Nothing seems to inspire me as of late. I even did the dishes! The dishes as a break from the block. That's how I know it's a bad block.
It's too hot in this city to go out even for coffee, so stuck here, trying not to sweat as I try to think of some way to battle the block.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Today I was the stinky person on the bus...

I picked a bad day to wear black. And a sweater too. It hit 38'c today here with a humidex of 41'c. And of course I had a lot of running around today. By the time I stopped by my sister's around 3pm, it was time to just die. Just too hot! And I still had to get to the postoffice to pick up a package I had waiting there for me. Got to my mom's around 530pm, watched the vampire documentary I had set the vcr for, watched Smackdown and had dinner. Was all set to stay the night again, I just couldn't. there is just something weird about my mom's apartment. I can not pin point it but it makes me feel on edge. We are in for more thunderstorms in the next few days, just hope it cools things off around here.
Got my 2008 Witches Datebook today. It wasn't what I had hoped. I like my dayplanners to have a full page per day, this one is split up with one page per week. Not enough room to write appointments or notes really. I see alot of sticky notes being used with that dayplanner.

Thursday, July 5, 2007


Thunderstorms all day. And of course I got caught in it. I had to go to my mom's to get the mail, water the plants and such while she's out of town. So I picked up a pizza and a movie and was all set to stay the night. But, as I said, I got caught in the rain, and everything in my bag got soaked. My poor Tarots! I had to lay them all out each one to dry and so they wouldn't stick together. Then because of yesterday's power out, I had to spend time fixing the clocks and vcr.
The movie I rented was My SuperExGirlfriend. and it was not so super, it sucked actually.
After my rain soaked pizza, I sat down and watched TNA IMPACT. Lovely! (I don't have cable, so some tv was nice) And it stopped raining. Finally after the last three days of nothing but rain, it stopped. So if I managed to set the timer proper on the vcr, then I should have a vampire documentary tomorrow to watch when I go back to her place to watch Smackdown. When I saw it was no longer raining, I collected up my tarots and grabbed the last bus home.
But not only that, the house my mom rents the basement of just felt off. There is just alot of bad vibes coming from that house. I don't know if its because of my aunt who lives upstairs or the people who used to rent that place before my mom? Either way, I really didn't want to spend the night in that house.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Like the Wolfman having a Bad Hair Day

Yes it was one of those days today.
  • power out for our city block
  • bank was closed
  • got to Starbucks and my bank card was denied
The really cute guy who works at my Starbucks gave me the coffee though for free. Part because I am there every day, part because it was already made before the card was denied.

Rented this cool movie last night. A Simple Curve. Made for tv/movie channel Canadian film. About a guy who works with his dad, and still lives at home because his mom died. And the group of people who seem to just appear in his life one day which causes him to think about everything. Nice quiet film. Kris Lemche (from Ginger Snaps, Twitch City, Emily of New Moon, Guide to being a Rock Star, etc) is one of my favourite actors, Canadian too! I just don't understand why he isn't a bigger star then he is? He has been on the Canadian scene now for years, even seen him in a few American things (always tiny roles like an extra) and the background for this film is just beautiful! A must see if you are looking for a respectful movie.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

What I learned from Sex and the City part 2.5

Am I allowed to be jealous?
My sister who does not want to be married, or live with anyone, seems to be throwing men away. I don't get it? Every guy she had been involved with in the last six years have wanted to commit to a solid relationship and she has not. It's almost like she gets bored once she gets what she wants. I can't even get a date and she has them falling at her feet waiting in line to be with her.
Like now, she has this great guy who is her "Aidan" and she's acting like Carrie did on the tv show, afraid of it. I have this feeling she is only with him still to prove our mother wrong.
I hope she proves me wrong. Meanwhile, her "Mr.Big" is back and forth still, eventhough he has a girlfriend (the one he left my sister for) messing with her emotions. Meanwhile, the last man to ask me out stood me up, twice. I just don't get it?
Are we doomed to make the same mistakes over and over again, or is it a case of careful what we wish for?

3 Cups after Midnight

Mom got on a plane yesterday (monday) for Newfoundland with her sister and two of her brothers. She gave me the number for where they will be staying, but when I called to see if they got there okay, what I heard was "the number you dialed is no longer in service". Strange. So I dialed again thinking I misdialed. Nope. I got the message again. Then I called my sister to see if I had the right number. Yes she said she had the same thing. Odd.
They are all staying at a house my Aunt rented for the summer, so I will try tomorrow (later today) and try not to panic if the message is the same.
Rented the movie "Fast Food Nation" today. If you have not seen this film, get it. I was shocked and disturbed by it. All I have to say is I am glad I don't eat meat. My sister told me about this film a few months back, and it turned her off burgers for sometime. You should get this one and "Super Size Me" as well. Those two movies as a double bill should be enough to make anyone stop eating fast food.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

RiddleBox....and friends

Ever have one of those days where you have songs stuck in your head, and no matter what you do you just can't get that one line out of your brain? Well, today is one of those for me. I have had the lyrics to some Insane Clown Posse songs stuck in my mind all morning, finally had to go and pull out the cd RiddleBox. Which then lead to wanting to hear Twiztid so I had to pull out the cd Freak Show. Which is fine. It's been a quiet day around here for once. The neighbour has taken her brat out for Canada Day. And I mean that when I say it. The child is a brat. He takes things, throws them at the front door having temper tantrums for no reason. I will be woken up by the sound of him throwing himself against the door at 1a.m. some nights, and my neighbour (who is my landlady so I can't complain about the noise) will lock herself in the hallway screaming at the boy to shut up. It's terrible!
I was going out one morning for a doctor's appointment and the boy was having one of his fits when my neighbour heard me lock my front door, and told the boy to "shut up, the entire building can hear you scream at your mother and if you don't shut up they will take you away." then he stopped crying, stopped throwing stuff and quietly said "okay I stopped. I'm not doing it anymore." It lasted the twenty seconds it took me to get down the flight of stairs and out the front door of our building then I heard him again through the open window.

I keep telling myself, only a few more months then I will be able to move.
Happy Canada Day

Friday, June 29, 2007

Who you know

Who You Know by Theresa Alan was the book I just finished reading. This one didn't spark any talks with my circle but I did like it more then the last book we read. It's about 2 sisters and 1best friend. One is just getting married, one is just divorced, and one is still looking.
I think I liked this because I was able to see alot of my circle in it, and it had a very familiar tone to it.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


For those who have not been to the original Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on MSN, or to any of my other websites/blogs, I guess a few photos are in order. Most of my photos live at the old AandtheA
This one with my arms out is me. It was taken last summer when I started working with a new photographer RJ.

The next is VLHE. One of my best friends. And one of the main people over here at hardcore Vamps Prods.,

I don't know if I can take this anymore

Yeah. I am serious.
If you have been reading anything on my company blog, company website, or anything else I have going on at hardcore Vamps Prods., then you will know what I mean.
I wrote a script few years back for a short black and white silent film. Something that was only suppose to be 10 minutes long. A vampire film, (there's a shocker for ya) starring myself and my best friend Viva-Loco Homegirl Esq. We tried to get it on tape but it came out like crap.
Just over a year ago, I met this guy (there is a long "twiztid" story I don't have time for) who helped me get the guts to re-work the script into a full length film. Okay, great. We started then to do promotion for it BEFORE we actually shot any of the film (stop laughing it worked for Evil Dead) Here we are now, over a year later, with a completed script, and half the film shot. Yes, half the film shot. And here are some reasons why it's not finished...
  1. I ran out of money. (this was a no-budget thing we were doing with hand held digital cameras)
  2. I had only half a cast/crew
  3. The cast/crew all had day jobs, school, and other lives
  4. My lead male disappeared
  5. My main actress is pregnant.
Even though, I had the lead female role, I didn't have the biggest female role. Confused. Well, my story is about a group of actors, so Viva-Loco Homegirl Esq. who's character is an actor is playing more then one role in the film.
I am not even sure how this came to be the mess it is? Acting was never my love, it sort of became an odd side-effect to the characters I created. Not having to be under the grooling schedule is fine but not having a final film is killing me. I don't know if I can take this disappointment anymore. I have already drained all my money for this project, which is what my company was hinged on, lost a few friends over it, and gotten my heart totally crushed (in more ways then one) With nothing to show for it but a few videos that were for the soundtrack and 45minutes of half edited footage. (it is ment to be a 90minute film)
We had one week were it was fun. It would be nice to find a way to complete this film, and get the fun back into things.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What I learned from Sex and the City Part 2

Once upon a time (2001) in a crappy little place on the edge of Lake Superior lived a girl. This girl made the mistake of falling for a boy she met in a bar. They had fun, they laughed, they sang badly, they drank, they played pool. Then one night the boy cheated on the girl. And worst of all he lied about it. The boy had the affair with the girl's cousin/best friend. The girl cut them both out of her life and moved on.
A few years later (2004) after many cocktails, some dental work, a new hairdo and going from a size 40w down to a size 12 (!) the girl spotted the evil boy on the bus. The boy flirted (with bad jokes) with the girl, not even recognizing her. The girl just shook her head and walked off the bus.
Another few years later (2007) after a late lunch and a martini, the girl was standing around the city with her mom, when the boy wandered back into her life. The boy spotting her mom, started to become odd. He recognized her mother, but not her. He did stare a whole in the girl as he stood around smoking and beating up a poor helpless pop-machine that ate his change. The boy looked the very same he had 6 years before, even wore the same dirty old t-shirt. The girl said nothing just smiled brightly to herself, knowing she was better off without this one "ex".
As our girl went home to blog about the whole thing, she wondered to herself, 'how many of our exes really exit our lives?' We change as time passes, which is seen in our clothes, our speech, our actions which proves our growth But for those who don't change, do they grow?
And how much of us is really 'us' ? Do we retain any of who we were before the 'ex' entered our lives, and if so do we really truely change? Or do we become less of who we were and more of who they think we are? Do we really evolve; Or is the change forced on us because of fear and hurt; and at what point does it become baggage to be tossed out ?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Monday, June 25, 2007

Another Loss

Wrestler Chris Benoit was found dead today along with his wife and son in their home. No further details have been given according to The Canadian wrestler was 40.

7 Things you Never knew you wanted to know about me

I was floating around through some of the links on BloggerChicks, and on my visit to Slacker-Moms-R-Us
I came across this meme. So here we go, and it's my first time so.....

  1. I don't drive. I went for my beginners when I was 16 and failed ...twice. I then got my best friend Erin to try teaching me, but I almost drove us off a cliff. I have never tried since (and I am 33 now)
  2. I love being Canadian. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I am just glad that we get American Fashion magazines. That is one thing about our media that could use some improvement.
  3. I spend my days when I am home alone in my favourite black slip. Nothing else.
  4. My Sears card is maxed. I use it for everything I can find there.
  5. I have a drawer full of bad romance novels that I have on my "must read" list.
  6. I am the only Newfie who hates fish. Won't even be in the room when someone is cooking it, and I well hold my nose when I am at the grocery if I have to walk past the seafood counter.
  7. I hate shortbread.
I am boring aren't I ?
Well, my sister is the wild and crazy one in the family, I am just the writer. Okay, that was more painful then I thought it would be.

Headers part 2

Ever have one of those days?
Yeap, not enough coffee to keep my brain from being perma-baked. I have been trying to find something to use for over a week now for my headers, and it was staring me in the face the whole time.
I did this one awhile back for a book I am working on. The book is far far far from being done, but the painting is pretty. Sums me up too I think, it is me, my career, goals, and everything else all in one. (writing, art, coffee)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

A coffee Quiz

Only 73% ? Hhmmm...The dude at my local Starbucks would tell you different. He so nicely pointed out I was tagged. When I asked if that was good or bad (I right off thought my credit card was maxed or something) he just said "you are a regular. Meaning you come in more then once a day"

JCW :An Open Letter To Fans

I tune into JCW every week on Insane Clown
And every week I see the same thing happen. Fans throwing stuff at the ring. Not at all the wrestlers, just one wrestler Trent Acid. The number one Heel in JCW.
I understand if you don't like his character, fine, boo him, scream at him, don't buy his tee shirt. But show some respect, stop pounding him with things!
What are you not understanding? When you throw bottles, shoes, lighters, and every other piece of trash you do into the ring you not only hit him, you hit the other wrestlers, you hit the ICP who are the ring announcers you hit the refs....and if you have a bad throwing arm it just lands on the floor in between the ring and you, where anyone can slip/trip on it. If you have a great throwing arm, it flies over the ring and hits other fans on the other side. People are getting hurt because of a few morons out there who do not like one wrestler. The dude is great at what he does! He has held many titles in many companies, and guess what (at the time of this post) Trent Acid is the JCW champ right now. The company flagship. He wouldn't have gotten that title if the company didn't know that he was good enough to have it.
You people hate him because he is the top Heel. He is the top Heel because he has the talent to make anyone look good when he wrestles them. Some of the other guys that step in the JCW ring with him are not so good. Weaker wrestlers (I mean in talent not strength) almost never go Heel they stay Face, and your hero is only as good as your villain.
And think about people who might be tuning into JCW for the first time, seeing the way the fans are in the program. Because of a few immature fans the rest of us look bad, the idea most have in their heads of us as ICP fans, are that we are immature uneducated and violent all the time.
In the last episode, the fans were screaming one word 'family' through part of the match. How can any of you be a family when you disrespect someone who goes out there every night putting his body on the line for you, to entertain you all?

There was my rant of the week. Now I am going for coffee.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

My other Blog

I just added a new post on my Alucard's Rose blog. It's my reviews/studies on vampires (films, books, folklore etc)

Road to Recovery from the Car Crash Episode 9

Yes, it has been a long nine months. But I am near the end of it all. Thank the Fates.
In the stage now where it's all paper work. Had an appointment the other morning with the Insurance's Doctor for their final checkup. Now the stage of having to deal with Disability starts up. Great, more people poking into my life who I don't want poking in my life. Just seemed alittle odd the doctor only focused on the shoulder and not the thumb, ribs or lung?
Good news though, my family doctor gave me the okay to start traveling. So I am going to Edmonton in September to see Butterfly. If you remember my old blog, I mentioned her just having twins last month. This is one year I can't wait to see close.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Who's Your Jack Wagner?

Getting over Jack Wagner by Elise Juska was the latest book on the reading list for us.
My sister works at Chapters Books here in town, and gets a stack of books every so often. She passed this one on to me few weeks ago.
This book is about a woman who had a crush on actor/singer Jack Wagner and then dates only rockstars.
I love Chicklit which has left it's prints all over my blogging style. But this book, just sucked. In talking about the book, both my sister and me agreed this one just wasn't worth it.
It did however bring up a topic : Who/What is your 'Jack Wagner'?
A common thread between my sister, me, our friends seems to be musicians,actors, bartenders, hockey players and finally artists.
One friend seems to pick gay guys (serious put her in a room of 500 men and she will find the only gay man sexy) where as I seem to be a jerk magnet.
Thou I have dated my share of musicians, actors,(both of which I swore after the first time never again) bartenders, and artists I am still looking for what I consider my ideal guy.
A wrestler.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

WWE In Poor Taste

One week ago WWE's Raw ended with the Chairman and former ECW Champ getting into a limo and having it set on fire.
I get that Sports Entertainment is a soap opera, and that there has to be some kind of new storyline to keep viewers, but this was just wrong! As a gimmick it was over the top, unbelievable, and down right disrespectful. Whoever came up with this storyline needs to have their pens taken from them. Just really really bad taste people.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What I learned from Sex and the City ...part 1

I have made no hiding the fact that two of my favourite writers are Sparkle Hayter and Candace Bushnell.
I have all of Candace Bushnell's books (up to this date that I am aware of)
4 Blondes, Trading Up, Lipstick Jungle and the one that started it all Sex and the City.

I have compared myself to the character Carrie on more then one level. And we all have friends/family who fall right into place of being a Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha. But have you ever looked at the men in your life? How many of us can say 'yes I have a Big in my past' or a 'Tray' ?
I hate to admit it, but if my "MR. BIG" is the guy I think he is; I DON'T want to end up with him!! And if my "Aidan" is who I think he is, I won't get to end up with him. Though my "Stanford" is actually straight, and I have had a "Tray" in my past, I guess I have to admit I am looking for my "Steve". Of all the women on the tv show, Miranda lucked out. Her man was cute, sweet, loyal and down right sexy!
At the moment, someone else in my circle is having a "Carrie Moment" (more like year) she has a sweet "Aidan" type in her life, while her "Mr. Big" just won't let her go. He keeps showing up when she seems to find some happiness only to screw it up for her. Another person in my circle is trying to have a "Samantha Moment", but it's plan to the rest of us she is just covering for her own shortcomings. And the one in my circle who is wanting a "Charlotte Moment" is coming the "Samantha" box.
This has left me wondering is it time to think outside the box?
Have we somehow type cast ourselves into roles that we aren't really fit for?
As I try to learn from our patterns, I hope to find some answers. Every so often I will let you know what (and if ) I have learned.
I guess the first thing to know is that nothing matters but the shoes.

At a Starbucks across town...

It was a 4 Starbucks day.
That's what...$20 in one day just in coffee! No wonder I can't pay my phone bill.
Day went like this....7:45a.m. woke up got dressed
8:15a.m. checked emails
9:30a.m. went to Starbucks for a coffee while waiting for bus
10:05a.m. got to doctor's appointment
11:06a.m. running to catch next bus home
11:25a.m. get 2nd Starbucks of day while waiting for prescriptions
noon start cooking dinner
1:45p.m. check emails again
2:03p.m. clean kitchen
3:00p.m. freak out realizing missing half ingredients for dinner
4:00p.m. 3rd Starbucks of day while leaving grocery

4:27p.m. finish cooking dinner
6:00p.m. guests get here
8:15p.m. sister wants to go for coffee before they close
8:25p.m. 4th Starbucks of day, photos of sister taken
9:00p.m. meet sister's new boyfriend
10:00p.m. home to clean up kitchen-but check emails again
11:45p.m. blogging

No! No Paparazzi! (My sister) Copywrite hcvp'07


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