Monday, August 31, 2009

Canadian Celebrity I would Love to Meet. part 6

Eddie Eastman.

DUDE You already met him !

He's Fabulous! He's Newfie! And he's one of the only country singers I like.
I remember sitting in Grandma Perry's kitchen on a Sunday afternoon, an Eddie Eastman record playing while she made dinner.
And then there was the time we were hanging around the house and Eddie and the band came over for dinner, and did a few song for us kids cause we were too young to even try sneaking into the bar.....

But you have already met him. More then once.

Yeah, but he's so damn cool!

Are there any single straight men left on this planet? part 12

Part 12? Really? I have been yammering on about my lack of a love life enough to have a part 12 already?
Damn I talk alot.

And today's topic is " why is it the only guys who want to settle down are guys who already have kids?"
I don't want that. I don't like kids. I pretty much hate kids.
I have been meeting some super super nice guys on that dating site, but they all seem to have kids, and are just looking for a mommy for them.
Not part of my game plan.

I don't know, maybe I am just too old for all this?
I 'm looking to start something new, build something from the ground up, and all the guys I am meeting have already been there and done that.

They all have kids, or are divorced.
That's no fun. That's like used furniture or something. Yes I just compared men to a table. Just go with the wood theme for a second okay. That joke will hit you in about five minutes.

Who Stole My Vampires?

Oh my!
I am missing vampires.

Hang on what?

My. Vampires. Are. Missing!

You know my books, cds, dvds, candle holders, and other vampire related stuff. Well, okay, a few books and like two soundtracks, but they are missing.
Sort of.

I said in a post not too long ago that I have started to look for a new apartment. So mom said she would help me start packing and downsizing my stuff. I can't find what she did with my Anne Rice novels. Don't know if she packed them or just moved them or what but I can't find them. She better not have thrown them out. I always keep Lestat on the table in the livingroom. You know the read one. (the red covered mass paperback copy of The Vampire Lestat from 1986) And granted the cover is torn in more then one place, and the pages have yellowed, some falling out as there isn't much spine left to the book, and the pages that are still together have all been dog eared, unlined quotes, coffee stains. But we are talking Lestat here. Of all the books on the planet mom would know better then to do anything to it.
So why can't I find it?

Wait a minute you are freaking out over a frealing book?

Not any book, Lestat. I was 12 when I got that book. It's been my bible so to speak.

35 - 12 = carry the .... 23 years you have had that book.

Yes. it was the first book I was ever allowed to pick out myself. Mom used to censor everything like a half way decent parent should to a certain age. So when I was twelve I got to start buying my own stuff. So that book represents me. That book lived in my purse from grade 6 all the way through to college. That book has traveled to Newfoundland, Edmonton, Toronto and back. That book has outlasted all my boyfriends.
And mom put it somewhere that I can't find it.

It's a book. Stop freaking out.


(a half hour later) Okay called mom and she said the Anne Rice novels are in a storage bin. That she just forgot to label it would seem. Dude I really do not want to rip open all the storage bins. This sucks.

Now what did I do with the dvd Nosferatu?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's been 3 years

On September 1st, it will be three years since the car accident.
I don't want to have to spend it alone. Silly I know, but I still have nightmares of it.
I have a video tape somewhere in the apartment I have never been able to look at, of the accident site. The Trauma therapist had me go to the site after it happened and video tape it.
Since I never freaked out on her, she wrote me off as being fully recovered emotionally.
Which, except for the odd nightmares, and fact I still hate being in a car, I have.
I am fine in a bus or plane, but put me in a smaller vehicle and I mildly freak out. Just a little. What's a mild freak out ?
That would be me unable to pay attention to anything but how close we get to an intersection, and holding my breath when we do.
I was in the car with my mom and uncle few weeks ago, we were going for groceries, and someone came at us on a turn. Uncle was fine, Mom was fine, I was hyperventilating in the backseat. It took me almost 5 minutes to stop shaking.
I hate four way stops.
I would much rather walk places. Most places in town I can, but once the weather gets bad I will have to be in a car.
It's a good thing I don't drive myself, cause I would not be able to handle it.
And I still don't want to spend Sept 1st alone.

Fine I will be stinky

I come home to find my shower is still ripped apart.
It's been since Thursday afternoon, it's now Sunday evening. How difficult is it to fix a shower?
And of course I can't find the landlord.
I swear the Fates hate me right now.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Meanwhile in a Kitchen across town

Still hanging around mom's while my bathroom is still torn apart.
Made what was suppose to have been a butterscotch swirl loaf last night. I say suppose to have been, because it didn't work. I will post the recipe and photo on the cooking blog when I get home for my own computer tomorrow. In all it's failed glory.

It's really no fun with no one to cook for. One of the reasons I stopped cooking few years ago.

I need a husband. But we have covered that many many times haven't we.

Speaking of my lack of a life, I have been chatting with a guy from Ottawa. Yeah, I know another long distance thing. So far, he seems nice. He's cute. And as my niece pointed out he looks like Dargo. My friend's husband asked me what I was hiding from.
Do you think I am hiding?
I'm not hiding. I'm waiting. Waiting for a guy who reads Jane Austen, and likes vampire movies, and is an artist and looks like a member of our favourite tag team.

Our? Who is this Our you are referring to?

Us, you and me; my dear readers. Whomever you might be.

Which member?

I have to pick? Can't I have a guy who some how looks like a mix of them or something? Okay, well if I have to pick, then a guy who looks like Alex Shelley. But I would be very happy with a guy who looks like Chris Sabin. I don't wanna choose just one. I wanna be greedy.

Speaking of the perfect man, and aren't I always? One of the challenges for my All Jane Austen Challenge, is comparing the movie version of The Jane Austen Book Club with the novel. I keep getting hung up on the scene in the movie when Prudie's husband Dean reads to her from Persuasion. There is just something extremely seductive about that scene.

Yes I am morbid.

Whenever I talk to my friends I always ask how they knew that was the person they were meant to be with. I have noticed one common thing in all the stories my friends have told me. The guy always chased the girl. The guy always seemed to know that the girl was the one. The women never seem to. Everyone of my friends over the years has told me the guy seemed like a total pain in the ass or a complete geek but that the guy was just not giving up.
So that' s my problem; I have never been chased. I'm always the one going after the guy. And obviously I have been wrong every time.
Yes my dear readers, I have the worst taste in men.

What about Our tag team? If you are crushing on them and you have such bad taste in men, made so many bad choices what does that say about them?

They don't count, they are celebrities.

As far as the guy from Ottawa, he's been a sweet distraction. But I have a feeling it's already done.
Can you feel the distraction in this post? I haven't been myself lately.

So I suppose if the Fates have someone for me to be cooking for, he will know me when he sees me. And I would hope he has read at lest one Jane Austen book.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Courtship and Crudeness

One of the members of the All Jane Austen Challenge posted on her blog as part of her challenge, the question of dating in our time vs Jane Austen's time.

This got me thinking. If you remember, way back I did an article for Divine Caroline called Should We Return to the Jane Austen Era? (May 2007) and with all my recent posts thought it might be time to return to that line of questioning.

I have been finding that more and more people are meeting through dating sites, and online in general. This giving them the chance to find out more about each other at a slower pace, then just getting together at a bar. Hell, I have met my last 5 boyfriends/lovers online.
And it's been a 50/50 success rate with them. Yes, I met the guy from Boston online, Dargo online, Freud online, and a few other oddities too.

What guy from Boston?

Oh right, he was back in 2005, and I wrote about him on an old blog way back when. He was sweet, 8 years younger then me....anyway back to the now.

What ever happened to blind dating? Like in Jane Austen's time, you were set up by a friend who was a strong member of society and knew everyone. Don't think in my 35 years have I heard any of my friends having blind dates.

Or the simple thing of going out on a walk? That was the one thing that in Jane Austen's time was allowed for two people to be "alone". Which they never truly were, as someone always had to accompany them. But it would give them the chance to talk while out of the house. Speaking of which, the house was where the action happened. Private dances, dinner parties, and short visits for tea. Why don't people do that anymore?

For a woman, you were not allowed to draw attention to yourself (which is why in Pride and Prejudice Kitty and Lydia are considered shocking) until after you were "out in society". Stop snickering. That is something I think should be returned to. Maybe we wouldn't have so many teenaged pregnancies if we followed a few rules instead of just running around like wild boars.
Few weeks ago I was roaming around the mall in my best zombie mode, when I spotted two 12 year old girls. Now, I know that they were that young without even having to get up close to them. And I know this, by the fact that no woman in this city over the age of 17 wears an outfit to rival the character Samantha in Sex and the City. By the time you are 17 in this city, you have out grown the need to look like a cheap hooker. Even the hookers in this city don't look like hookers. But these two kids were standing there in the middle of the mall dressed in 6 inch heels, tube top dresses, and hair that would make the lead singer of any metal band in the 1980's jealous. Yes it was that sad.

I think bars have spoiled the world for romance. Scratch that, for understanding. But that is another post for another time.

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Aug 27 2009

I used screen captures for this post

I love you iTunes Canada you had it for download this morning.

We open with Suicide vs Samoa Joe in a non-title X-Division match. Daniels joined the announce team on mic, and I have to say, I would rather watch Daniels in the ring then listen to him. Please do not make it a habit. Then the Pope came down to the ring. Um... last week duder you had that wicked trenchcoat, this week ....did you get dressed in the dark or something what up with that? Small riot broke out and a double dq.
This then turned into a tag team match of Pope/Joe vs Daniels/Suicide. Suicide got the pin.

Who ordered the extreme close up? Oh it was Eric Young. Nice. Looking good, like the bald look (yummy...wait said that the other week didn't I?)

Bashir's right you know. And the live audience, you realize just how bad you made yourself look... let me walk you through it. He asked you all who is responsible for all those senseless deaths and you chant "usa". Chew on that tasty afterthought for a moment.

The promo package for the evil druid Matt Morgan was too long.
So no cookies this week for the editing crew. None.
He had a tag team match with Steiner/Booker vs A.J. Styles/Hernandez/Sting. Styles won.

Rhino vs Jessie Neal... dude shave it off and start over cause I am serious when I say icky. That hair do makes Cody Deaner's mullet look good. And Rhino was spitting and sweating all over the camera. Rhino won. Of course. Then the ref reversed it after a wicked gore. Dude ? That's just farbots.

Abyss with the groceries...I love it. Too cute. Way too cute.

JB getting beat up by a girl Ha-Ha!

Dixie Carter the company head told the viewing audience about the extension of the show's contract.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! I am laughing my frealing ass off and, that is no small chore. They went against Abyss in a handicap match, wearing the bad kiss concert pants again. (does no one listen to me ?) With Dr. Stevie in pink scrubs. What happened this week, did everyone do their laundry together cause there was a lot of pink in the show. The audience for once said something right, an alternate chant of "Hail Sabin" and "MotorCity". (okay I will put the live audience voodoo dolls away now) Sabin flying like a dart at Shelley to get Abyss off his feet outside the ring, nice. (Why do I suddenly have the song Tweeter and the Monkey Man -Headstones version- stuck in my head?) That pile up near fall, I think I was jealous of Abyss for a half second. Oh my...that shock treatment -leg drop...are the Guns okay? Abyss won with a black hole slam on Sabin. Beauty the beat down on Dr. Stevie by the Guns. Lovely.

If I Scream Would You Care?

The bathroom is still ripped apart.
Spent last night at mom's, and could not get a signal for my laptop. Ended up having to try to use mom's. I say try.
As I am a Mac, and run on FireFox while she is a PC and runs on Internet Explorer.
And so slow. So very slow.
You know me, I have no patience for anything that takes longer then 2 minutes... well okay one thing that better take longer then 2 minutes ... but back to the point. And of course last night everyone and their dog's grandmother was online wanting to chat, to skype and all that.
Mom does not have skype, and I was not allowed to download it.
I remember now why I moved out of my parents house. All the little picky things.
And now I see where I get my worst nagging habits from.

So I packed up my laptop and came home for a few hours just to get caught up a bit on the websites.
The bathroom is still looking like a war zone.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Did he cut his hair?

I used a screen captures for this post

Okay, it's been a long time of making this topic a theme, but....dude did Chris Sabin cut his hair?

I know I have been bitching since March that I would like to see him go back to his hair do from early 2006, but who else can I nag? I have no husband, therefore I must nag someone about something why not a celebrity .

Okay, so we see here a screen shot from the Aug 6 2009 episode

and then a screen shot from the Aug 20 2009 episode.

His hair looks about an inch shorter does it not? Am I going insane with wishful thinking? He does not look so much like a dirty bucket does he?

Short hair always looks hot on men.

And yes that is the only complaint I have about Chris Sabin, otherwise he's hotter then hell in a bathtub.

Dude you can see his face better. He has a nice face. Nice lips.

Well damn, if he actually listens to me, then what am I going to talk about?
This is why most other blogs are all filled with the days events of other women's husbands and kids, cause when women have nothing to bitch and nag about, we have nothing to talk about.

Damn, that boy can sit on my sofa and play video games any day. Just as long as he does not leave hair gel splotches on the cushions.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Are there any single straight men left on this planet? part 11

Why are men so pushy?
You never get emails from guys you want to talk to on those dating sites but you get buried under emails from guys you are never interested in.

This one guy got a hold of me few weeks ago, I was polite in replying, answered the questions he asked but did not encourage him at all. I did not ask anything in return. He went away, thought he got the message. Nope he did not.
He messaged me again yesterday, I was once again polite answering in part his questions. Thanked him for the compliment but that was all.
Today he messaged me another 2 times, I finally had to tell him I just was not interested.

Which is nothing, he was polite in all his messages so I did not think it necessary to block him. And dude I have had to block more creeps then I thought were alive in this town.

When I find a guy I think is interesting, I send one message. I wait a week. If I hear nothing back, then I move on. If he replies but is not adding anything to the chat after the second email, I give up.

One of my best gay male friends is way too pushy too. He tells me about how he sends messages to guys he likes, and they never reply back then he freaks out on them and blocks them. Dude chill out.

And speaking of head games, The Austen Aries Look a Like (I have to find a better id for him) messaged me asking me to go clothes shopping with him.
um No.
The dude stood me up last week, why would I want to go help him pick out clothes? I never even did that when I was relationships with exs. Why would I for a stranger I haven't even met in person yet?

Can I be rescued?

I was actually in a really good mood today.

Then the landlord came crashing through like a crazed bull screaming about the downstairs neighbour's bathroom having water damage.

Dude, you said that last year too and you could not find anything wrong with my shower.

So today, he brings in a bunch of repair guys. Yes more then one, saying it's my shower. They looked, nothing out of place, they ran the water with the curtain shut, nothing leaked, they ran the water with the curtain open, still nothing was leaking. Then they tried the taps. There was no cocking around the taps, and the water was pouring back down the inside of the walls. The main repair guy turned to the landlord and asked him when he replaced the pipes last? Landlord said after stammering he hadn't.

See not my fault.

I have been looking for a new place for the last week and a half, so far can't find anything I can afford. I really hope I find something soon.
This is just one thing in a long list of issues since this landlord took over. Don't even get me started on the lack of snow removal and ice.

Ask Ardeth

Time to dig into the fang mail for another batch of emails from beyond the grave.
Welcome to an overdue issue of "Ask Ardeth" Where anything that can be thought of to ask will be answered by my horror film Heavy Metal Goddess alter ego Ardeth Blood.

That's all the time we have for this one, come back around and see what other gobs of wisdom Ardeth Blood will dish out and serve to her fiends.

You can email Ask Ardeth at

Sexy is as Sexy ....Does?

I am still laughing!

I have talked briefly before about one of my favourite blogs, Seasoned Sex, now I subscribe to that blog and am always delighted when there is a fresh new post sitting in my emails.
Today was no different.

Here is a link to the post in question Ready For Your Sexy Makeover?

Rarely do I find a blog that makes me agree with what the blogger is saying, but in the case of Pamela Tames author of Ride the Pink Elephant always has me cheering and agreeing, and today laughing my ass off.

And I am not small by no means so that is alot of ass to be laughing off.

And today her topic was about feeling sexy, not just looking it. It takes a brave woman to go exposed on the internet naked. And hey I have done it hundreds of times.

Yes I am referring to not having on a stitch of make up.

So relax, what did you think I meant? Naked body no clothes? Dude, I'm some brave but not that crazy.

It all comes down to feeling good about you. I know I know, I sound like some soap box street corner guru waving a self help bible at you covered in sticky notes and yellow hightlighter but it's so true. I think that is why so many women are dating younger men now a days. We have come to the point where we love ourselves much more then we did years ago.

I know I love me more now then I did even 5 years ago.
Back then there was only the beginning stages of confidence and self worth. And let me point out that I did not look half as good when I was younger then as I do now.
Chew on that tasty after thought for a few minutes.
You can find an old photo of me, on this post here which is over 10 years old.

Me summer 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

When Hobbies Run Amuck

4 sites that I own or moderate on ..... check
1 vampire review blog.... check
1 wrestling blog.... check
1 book blog.... check
1 cooking blog...check
1 blog for everything else.... check
1 All Jane Austen Challenge.... check
4 book clubs... check

1 novel half written with a rapidly approaching deadline .....check
1 apartment hunt... check
1 niece who is demanding a painting done in all the colours of the rainbow ..... check

And this is my life. Wait it will get worse come the ice and I am trapped inside for 4 months straight.
I was really hoping to be moved before winter comes, but not sure about that. Cause you know that would make my life easy, it would make sense. But this is Thunder Bay, and why would you want to make sense? Rigggghhhhtttttt.

The wrestling blog was started as a group effort. I sadly am running it almost by myself. Everyone bailed on me. Their excuse... "it's just a blog not a real magazine." it's just a blog not a real magazine. And it never will be if you have that attitude! Stupid frealers! Sorry, are my fangs showing again?

The site (the women's group) I am on there alot, doing bunches of nothing. And I understand, all the other moderators are married with kids and full time jobs, so me being you know single and chained to my laptop anyway, I get asked to check in on this or that and make sure everyone is approved for membership and this and that and all . I get it, I knew the extent of the job when I signed on. But I didn't realize I would be the sole person during the day time. It just seems like, none of the other admins/mods are around at all when I am. I go to bed at night around whenever (midnight normally) and wake up to tons of emails and messages from all of them. All the other admins/mods are online between 1am and 6am. The few hours I am not online. Ain't that a kicker. Too bad it's a volunteer job.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Longing for letters

I know I mentioned few months ago in this post about desiring love letters. But I can't help it.
I am reading Mansfield Park and feeling the distance of it.
As someone who writes as a way of life, I know the movement letters bring to my state of mind, to my soul.

Most likely why I keep getting into long distance relationships. I know that they are doomed from the get go for various reasons, but I also know what getting those letters can do. Okay emails, but it's nether here nor there. No pun intended.

Why am I such a sucker for the written word? Well because of the Osteogenesis Imperfecta and having to be indoors all the time, and not having had the normal life of parties and sports. My two main ways of keeping in touch with people were telephone and letters.
I know it's one of the reasons that endeared Dargo to me so much. He would write me every day, few times a day and still phone me at night.
It was nice knowing I was on his mind.

Movies and books were my main hobbies. Still are.
No wonder I don't have a husband, look at how sappy I sound. Where was I heading with this? Right letters.

So I am reading Mansfield Park, reading the part where Fanny Price has gotten her letters from Mary Crawford and waiting still to hear from her cousin Edmund, to the point where she has made herself sick.
I understand that. That longing. That desire. To know you mean something to someone, to know you are on someone's mind.
I miss that. Miss that feeling. That surety. I haven't found it since Dargo, and I have tried.

Maybe that's the problem, we find a quality in someone we hold with such a dear regard and it out shines so much else.
I would be lying if I said I have not been greatly disappointed by the men I have met since Dargo, in their lack of communication. But you all know this already. My rapid rants have led you to come to no other conclusion.
There is so much to be found in the books of Jane Austen that could be taken as a manual for life.

Sometimes a few pages is all that is needed.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Why Does He Never Smile?

iTunes Canada finally had the Aug 20th 2009 episode of TNA Impact available for download. Of course, after I did this week's review.

And as I was watching the MotorCityMachine Guns! promo, I realized something. Alex Shelley is smiling. An honest smile/laugh.

You never see that on the show normally. Why is that?

You see Chris Sabin smiling and laughing like a total goofball all the time, you see Alex Shelley smirking all the time, but you never see him smiling. And yes there is a difference between a smirk and a smile.

So why is that?

Dude, we've covered this before, you are like a god or something with the world at your feet (Dionysus in human form) so why don't you just let yourself smile more on camera? Who the freal cares if you are out of character.
You have such beautiful eyes which sparkle when you smile.

Can you tell that I write romance novels?

I can get so girly sometimes I make myself cringe. I like beautiful men, I like writing about beautiful men.

Well, in the end it doesn't matter how good looking a man is, if he does not have a wicked sense of humour and a great smile he's not worth much.

So Mr. Shelley, please smile more on Impact.

Canadian Celebrity I would Love to Meet part 5

Joel Thomas Hynes.


He's hot, he's creative and he's Newfie.
He's number 5 on my top sexy men list.

Now, I have only had the chance to hear his one speech "GodHelpThee" as far as his writing goes, but he did write the original story for Down to the Dirt. A movie I loved. And why I think he's so damn hot.
Did I mention that he's Newfie? Cause if I didn't let me again. I am a sucker for a Newfoundland accent.

And what would you do if you got to meet him? for coffee ...yeah that's it. And beg him to read to me. Like I said I just love a Newfoundland accent.

Friday, August 21, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Aug 20 2009

I had to hunt online today for it. iTunes Canada is just not being nice to me.

We pick up after the latest ppv, of which once again I did not get to see. Yes I suck so whatever.
And we find Taz is now part of the announce team. I like that.

The evil Druid Matt Morgan came out to scream and spit on the microphone.

Then we jump right into tag team action with British Invasion vs Beer Money Inc. in a non title street fight. I hate street fights. Okay once again people in the audience, follow the little bouncing ball...You have 2 guys in the ring who are from Britain and 1 guy in the ring from Canada and 1 guy in the ring from the U.S. and you chant "usa" So you are only supporting one half of the good guys in this match. Wouldn't a chant of Beer Money have been better. (not a question it's a statement) Beer Money Inc won with a pin

Abyss hyper over what he thought was groceries was so cute. I'm sorry Abyss is sweet.

It was actually really nice to hear Taz on the mic this week. There are few announcers who have a decent voice and who keep to the action. The flashback of the ppv was beautiful. The editing team has done a great job once again.

Homicide vs Samoa Joe for the X-Division belt. This was a even back and forth match. I got caught up watching and did not take any notes. Joe won.

Good to see Creed and Lethal again. Creed had a match against the Pope. the freal is up with that dude? Sorry laughing alot. But damn that's a trenchcoat someone snag me that coat. The Pope won. Suicide ran out at the end of the match to a mix of boos and cheers. Aren't we finished with Suicide yet?

A.J. Styles came out to the ring to a round of "don't quit" that perked up my ears. I heard some rumors Styles was needing surgery but nothing about him quitting. This was a retarded segment. One of the worst promos I have seen in months. Just crap writing. What was the point of it? Styles got some tv time why didn't they give him a match or something.

Team 3D had the main event of the night against the evil druid Matt Morgan and Kurt Angle. Tables match. Team 3D won by slamming evil druid Matt Morgan into a table.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! Can I get a copy of that promo? Those two could sit on my sofa and look sexy any day of the year. Damn, I am still laughing at that.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Meanwhile in a messy room across town part 2


Deep breath.
I have only been doing the cooking blog for 1 week and already I have gained 5 pounds. What the freal?
And October season is almost here.

Now we have had this chat before at some point, I am just too lazy to look for the post. October in Thunder Bay is not a month but a season. Thanksgiving in Canada comes a week and a half before Hallowe'en, the weather changes more then once and the leaves turn colour.
Stores here have already gotten their Thanksgiving and Hallowe'en decorations out.

And I am broke. Sucks to be me right now. All the Fall patterned materials, all the fake flowers and center piece decorations, all the spooky sounds cds. And I am broke.

Yes, me this time of year in the stores is like a junkie getting into a hospital cupboard. Yep Yep.

I also have been believe it or not getting hyper just a little about the release of the new Halloween 2 remake coming out next week. I hate the original Halloween movies. But this one looks good.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Are there any single straight men left on this planet? part 10

There is a very hot young guy in this city who looks like Austen Aries.
And I was suppose to get together with him for coffee, only he stood me up.

Dude, so not right. I don't care if you were The Austen Aries, never mind just a look alike, I don't wait for anyone longer then 25minutes, after that you are getting a boot to the skull.

So anyway, the Austen Aries Look a Like (I do need a better id for him. ) just messaged me with a big sob story. Dude, you stood me up, I'm alittle pissed off at you.

Do I accept his reason or just kick his ass?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh my God! My A*$!

Please tell me it's because I am half turned towards the living room in this photo.
Please tell me I don't look this bad all the time.

I know I don't.

Here I am in mom's kitchen, half way turned around, leaning slightly, with my butt jutting out and my hip hiked. But (no pun intended) I look 20 pounds wider then I really am.

I am not small, never really have been, but damn this photo makes me look ....well like Jabba the Hut.

I really need to start wearing a bra.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Well Maybe I Can

Okay, you read my last post how I said I am not a cook and doing a cooking blog would be a waste
Well, I gave in to what the little voice in my head (Harvey. He sounds alot like Scorpius from Farscape) telling me that indeed I can.

So I posted one thing yesterday on My Cup Is Empty after having made cookies at mom's yesterday.
Then it suddenly wasn 't good enough. Then I needed a fresh blog for the cooking. So I created My Newfie Kitchen.

I think I might be addicted.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I just can't

Repeat after me

I am not a foodie.

Right. And anyone who has seen my kitchen knows why.
One of my main blogs My Cup Is Empty needs a facelift, and it was suggested I turn it into a food blog. It was a coffee blog, that died.

I mean, I could try it. But how good would it be if I have no heart for it?

10:11 am Saturday

Okay so I joined a foodies site.

It's like myspace/facebook for hardcore foodies.
What am I doing there? And why was I drawn there?

Why was I drawn there?
I don' t know.
There was a time I cooked all the time. I was a really good cook. Not great, but good.
Now it seems I have un-learned how to even boil water.
Since becoming a vegetarian my kitchen skills have gone down hill because I have become lazy.
At first I was at lest exchanging the meat for tofu in recipes. Half the time they turned out icky but I was trying.
Now, I just make pasta. I eat pasta for lunch and supper every day. And my waistline shows it.

In the beginning, when I first moved here to this apartment almost 10 years ago, I had dinner parties every Sunday. People actually liked coming over here for food.
Then I stopped. And I got lazy and my environment shows it too.
Now my kitchen just scares me. I let my environment become a toxic waste dump and I don't really care.

I have the odd "wish I was more like Grandma Perry" moment. Okay so they are more often lately then I want to admit.
Grandma Perry was a Kitchen Goddess!
She could bake anything, cook anything, there was always a pot on every burner and something cooking in the oven with a tray of something cooling beside it. The smells that came out of her kitchen would draw the neighbours for lunch/tea/supper every day. There was always trays of cookies/cakes/desserts all homemade with jams and breads again all homemade.

Me, I am lucky if I can made tea never mind the goodies to go with it.

There is just something about being Newfie that screams homemade.

All but me. I am the only Newfie on the planet who does not like seafood of any kind. I might even be the only vegetarian Newfie out there.
I keep saying if I just had someone to cook for I wouldn't be so lazy about it.

Well, I don't have anyone to cook for. I need a husband.

Friday, August 14, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Aug 13 2009

I had to hunt online for it today. No witty cracks just too tired to care.

One half of the British Invasion Doug Williams vs Hernandez. You know I totally dig Hernandez, but dude that intro to your music, has to go. Um audience members ... You have a guy from England in the ring, and a guy from Mexico in the ring and you are chanting "usa" . Hey ticket guy, you have to stop getting the live audience members from the zombie pit at the nearest bar. In this case shouldn't a simple LAX chant have been the sensible thing to do. Hernandez won with a sit down power bomb.

Steven Richards' promo was lackluster. But seeing the return of Holliday was a nice surprise.

Rhino and Neil against World Elite members Eric Young and Bashir in a tag team match. There must have been some Canadians in the audience cause I heard a few chants of "let's go Eric". Young with a tights pull....I mean I saw nothing but a roll up. Now you all have been reading my posts on the state of Sabin's hair, but that's all in fun, this Jessie Neil kid needs to shave that mess off and start fresh cause it's vomit worthy. Rhino's promo was very good, just why the hell do you have to spit on the camera and mic?

A.J. Styles, he likes to tell everyone alot that no one has ever handed him anything. Let me hand you a tissue cause I feel a chic-flick moment coming on, you're story has tugged on my bladder.Note* whomever added this episode to the net, dude I think you missed a chunk cause the next part was in the middle of stuff*
The final match up between Styles and the evil druid Matt Morgan. Everytime Styles says something he puts me in mind of a human bobble head OHMYGOD!! and the evil druid Matt Morgan wins the best of 3, with the sickest kick I have ever seen. Is A.J. Styles alive?

Team 3D promo...I did not vote you greatest tag team. Brother Ray vs Steiner. The crowd started to chant "shut the f**k up" when Steiner was talking. Yes I agree. Oh a no DQ match how uncreative. British Invasion run out for a moment. Steiner got the win. (boo!)

AND the MotorCityMachine Guns!...... Where were they? Damn you creative for not having them on this week. I am addicted to Shelley and Sabin and will be going through nasty withdrawls all week now.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pushing the Boundries of Good Taste

Some guy called me pretty.

What am I suppose to say to that?
Dude I have been waiting my whole life to be called "pretty". And this just ended up leaving me feeling .... blah.
I think I am done. I'm done. I know I said that back in March when I turned 35 but this time, I am done. I will resolve to be a Singleton and throw myself into some sort of hunt for a career.
Which by the way has also eluded me.

So here is the plan for the day, going to the cinema to see Julie/Julia. It's 10:34 AM movie starts at 12:30PM. Let's see if I can get off my single and fabulous ass and get half way across town in time.

Time : 5:17 PM

I ended up going to the cinema. I liked the movie. Not as much as I was hoping I would, but it wad cute. Here's the catch, the book I had, was only half the movie. I ended up heading to the book store :Coles: for the other half of the story. "My Life in France" Julie Child's memoir. I will start that maybe tonight. And let me say, "Sex and the City" audience were women in their teens/20's/30's/40's.
This was an audience of women in their 60's/70's.
I was the youngest person in the cinema.

While I was out bumming around the mall I went on a hunt for a canvas messenger's bag. You know a plan bag with two pockets and a shoulder strap. The two stores that carried messenger's bags where bad, awful.
I walked into this one store and asked the 12 year old working there (hey I am 35 anyone who looks younger then me is 12) if they had any. Which I knew they did as I saw on display in the window. So this 12 year old emo it points me to these dren brown coloured things with sparkly pink skulls on it. I spot one that is just beige across the store and ask how much it is.
The 12 year old emo it-"that's a men's bag."

Me- "What's the price?"

The 12 year old emo it - "on sale for $45. But it's a men's bag."

Me -"Is it bigger then my purse? Big enough to carry a few binders?"

The 12 year old emo it -"Yes it should be. It's part of our back to school line. But it's a men's bag. The women's are here" (turns and gestures to the sparkly crap )

Me - "It's a bag. What 's the difference?"

The 12 year old emo it - "The men's line is not designed. Men are less into colour."

Me - "You getting any more in stock soon? Of the plain ones? The men's line?"

The other store had just plastic crap. So no messenger's bag for me today.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Are there any single straight men left on this planet? part 9

Guy on dating site : Ohmygodddddd! UR soooo fukking hot! Ad ME! to UR MSN NOW!!!!!

Um no.

I seem to be getting this alot lately. Always from some half baked local piece of dren who's photo has him holding a beer up to the camera.

I can do better. I have done better.
And I don't do msn or yahoo chats. Why is it these guys think that adding them to a chat list is going to make us swoon?

Dude get over yourself. All you have proven to me by that message is that you can not spell, or use a spellchecker, or find a dictionary. Which puts the idea in my mind you can't even read.
It also tells me that you have a drinking problem, as all you have in your photos are you holding a beer at a BBQ, you holding a beer in the pub, you holding a beer in your living room with your friends who are holding a beer too.
I don't need that. If I wanted a typical Thunder Bay guy, I would not be using a dating site to meet men, I would just be hanging out down at Newfie's Pub every night.

And if I am really "soooo fukking hot!" as you claim I am then why am I not getting asked out on dates? It eludes me. Isn't the point of a "dating site" to find someone to date? Just a shot in the dark. If I wanted anything less civilized I would be on some other internet community trolling for men.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Oh my Now my Mom loves him

I used screen capture for this post.

It was a lovely raining afternoon here in Thunder Bay, and I was on the phone with my mom. I sent her one of the links to my posts wanting to know if it sounded okay, because I had a headache and was not focusing on what I was doing.
She thought it was fine. Then she started to ask who was who, as it was one of my TNA weekly reviews. As I listed off the guys in the photos, mom made her usual comments (he's ugly, he's hair looks stupid, why on earth do you waste your time watching wrestling) then she did something odd.

Mom-He's cute. Who's the cute one on the end?

Me- Which end? There are 5 guys standing there which gives two ends.

Mom- The one on what would be my right with the spiky hair. He's cute.

Me- That's Alex Shelley.

Mom- He looks normal. Not like the wrestlers you see on the other show that are so big they look like they will explode any second. What did you say his name was ?

Me- Alex Shelley. He's part of my favourite tag team. I talk about them on my blog every week, you know the MotorCityMachine Guns!

Mom- Agh, I don't read your blog, don't understand why you go on about what you go on about. I never pay attention to half what you say ; you talk so much. *high pitched laughter for a few minutes* But he's cute I see why you like him.

Now, this is a worrisome thought for me. My mother and I having the same taste in men. Even if it is just a celebrity. I will deal with the idea by telling myself my mother's taste in men has improved over the last few years since divorcing my dad. That is what I will tell myself.
I guess though we can't blame her for finding Alex Shelley cute, as everyone and their dog's grandmother knows I think he's the sexiest man alive, Dionysus in human form. This is the part where you all go running to google the god Dionysus.

Friday, August 7, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Aug 6 2009

I used screen captures for this post

I guess I have to love iTunes Canada again. They had the show available this morning.

Eric Young looked yummy. (hey I like bald men so ssshh) Then his little speech about doing whatever it takes.... there is going to be a swerve right? He had a match against Daniels. With two members of World Elite in the ring with him. And Daniels brought out the MMG.... Young won with the piledriver. (is it just me or does Daniels always look like a disapproving babysitter?)

Roode's promo was surprisingly good. I loved the fact he brought up the Canadian angle. Now, if he would just start wearing Canadian gear again.....
This lead to an 8 man tag with British Invasion and Booker/Steiner vs Team 3D and Beer Money Inc. became a free for all with World Elite coming down to ringside then Daniels and the MMG to the save ....then British Invasion won.
Then the riot happened. Kudos fabulous time saving way to set up the next few weeks worth of feuds. Just you spent too much camera time outside when it should have been in the ring on Alex and Chris.

Hey remember a while back when I said I should start to refuse to talk about the MainEventMafia cause they suck. I am sticking to my Guns.

The interview with Hernandez was .....and then to cut to Homicide... hey didn't those guys do a few episodes of OZ back like 6 or 7 years ago?

Round 2 for A.J. Styles and the evil druid Matt Morgan. This was a slow paced match for Styles, and Morgan came off with the win. We are even one win each.

J.B. trying to collect the bounty on Abyss....Love it! Good to see Creed and Lethal again. Even if it was only for 30 seconds.

Brutus vs Sting. I like Brutus. Brutus tapped.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! That made me happy to the point of laughing for five minutes. An extreme close up with comedy.

When they came down to the ring they had something in hand...was it a comic book?
(remember this post I did last month) The crowd was chanting MotorCity in between chanting for Daniels, even though it was Daniels match. Beauty Then their run in save during the tag team match. I could not keep up, the camera man was pulling a Blair Witch shaking the damned thing.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fabulous or Frightening

This is a mixed post. Not really a "What I learned from Sex and the City" not really a "Are there any Straight Single Men left on this planet" but somewhere in between.

You have all been following my misadventures in dating over the course of this fabulous yet goofy blog, and you have photo proof of my physical self of which you are very aware I do not photograph well at all.
Still hitting that dating site every so often, seeing alot of hot guys on there. Maybe too hot.
Here is the thing, everyone and their dog's grandmother wants someone who's sexy, drool worthy and will make their friends/enemies/frienemies turn ten shades of green. And alot of these hot sexy guys know they are hot sexy guys. They can get any woman they want, and normally do. But they are not keeping them. For whatever reason, otherwise there wouldn't be so many of them on the dating site.

In the Jane Austen Book Club (movie version) there is a line by one of the main characters that says "the pretty marry the pretty , the ugly the ugly" which is true.

Or is it?

I am finding the average guys won't give me the time of day on there, but the hot guys are. Granted I am not getting any dates out of the whole thing but I have been getting some conversations that are surprising.
The most common thing they are saying, these underwear models/bodybuilders/ubergods is that they are not getting hit on. They all seem to be getting alot of views but no actual messages. Other then from me. But then again I am bold enough to take the risk. When you look like I have for the last 35 years of being on this planet (well okay you seen my photo of when I met Vampiro in 1999, I am ten times better looking now so....) you can't afford to wait for the man to say hi. Because you will be waiting till hell freezes over.

Some of these guys are too good looking. It's a bit of a put off, very intimidating. You see them and even if they sound down to earth (and all the men on the site no matter what their looks all claim to be down to earth and easy going) I end up freezing up with the little voice over my shoulder screaming at me that "someone that hot would never look at me". And I am sure I am not the only woman on the site having that voice in their ear.

And they all complain about how they are more then just their photos, then turn around and state that they want a thin, petite woman with big boobs.
Or if you live more then 25 minutes away not to bother.
Double Hmmm.

Makes you wonder what's wrong with these guys? They seem to come across as knowing what they want, but if they are not finding it, there has to be something wrong with them, right?
Here's my theory. The uber hot men are too used to having a swarm of women after them that they are just sitting back and waiting. Waiting and looking sexy hot. While the women are too afraid to make a move because these men are too good looking.
Alot of the average guys meanwhile are on dozens of favourite lists, and the reason they are not giving me the time of day is because they are busy with the hot chicks.

Follow me?

Question: Asking Men Stupid Questions part 2

Last time on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings..... our heroine asked What do men mean when?
This time our heroine asks....

So then what means "comfort" to you? When you think of something or someone that you connect to the word comfort what is it?

All you men out there always pull the we are not mind readers on us, so I am pulling that on you all. As groovy as mind reading would be, that is not a talent I possess.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My most popular post...

In the wee hours of a Friday morning on March 27 2009, I could not sleep. For whatever reason I got it in my mushy brain that I did not like wrestler Chris Sabin's hair.
I still don't. It's too long and makes him look like he should be working in an auto shop.

So because of a conversation I had with a buddy of mine few hours before, I decided to blog about it.
The conversation was simple, how do you get the attention of a celebrity?
Do you fall down and do a "we're not worthy" worshiping the shoe crap they have dragged in over the rug? Do you flirt? or do you treat them like normal people.
The conversation went like this:

Me - I want to get an interview with Chris Sabin. How do I do that?

Buddy - Send him a photo of your boobs.

Me-Um..right. I am trying to get his attention not scare the crap out of him. Seriously now.

Buddy-I like your boobs. You have my attention.

Me-You're not an international wrestling superstar. Besides what part of I want to interview him are you not understanding. Interview. Meaning chat. So how do I get his attention?

Buddy-I say flirt with him.

Me- Lovely, my career as a Journalist is over before it has really started.

Buddy- Try the fan site on myspace or something.

Me- *deep sigh* I did. I complimented him on his drop kick.

Buddy- *mad fit of laughter* Think about how much fan praise he gets every day from people. Take a more personal approach.

Me- What I should insult his hair?

Buddy- *more laughter* Sure. Insult Chris Sabin's hair, and send me a photo of your boobs.

So this led to me posting my little rant which had then started a bunch of little posts on him, and therefore he needed his own label.
The question now is why? Why has everyone and their dog's grandmother loved or hated my talking about Chris Sabin's hair so much?
Did it work in getting me his attention? Not that I am aware of. I don't normally talk about celebrities, because it gets boring after a while. But yet here I am once again yammering on about a celebrity.
A very sexy, very talented, very cute celebrity. Who still has bad hair.

Know any good cooks? part 2

Okay so I finished the book in record time I might add. My last post I said I was being drawn to the story and did not know why, and if there was any A-HA! moments I would let you know.

Does this count?
*What I feel I am missing is the sense of community, of family and friends.
*I feel I am really short on respect.

I asked myself and put it out there on another site "Are we blogging because we have something to say or because it's expected of us?"

This woman found her purpose, her connection to life at age 30. I haven't found that yet and I am 35.

So it comes down to needing a "Project" to keep me busy and find some meaning for my life. Well let's see, I run something like 8 blogs, 4 sites, all on different topics. This half year I am part of the All Jane Austen Challenge. I am wanting to move (still) and I have my novel's first draft I am working on.

Hm. Not very exciting.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Know any good cooks?

I saw the trailer for this few months ago, and with it coming out next week, I wanted to read the book first.
Picked it up last night, am halfway through it. I stopped to make a coffee and check emails.

You know when you are just drawn to something and your not sure why?
That is what this story is for me. Something in the air nagged at me till I got off my fabulous middle aged ass and down to the book store. And I will drag my fabulous middle aged ass to the cinema this weekend too.

I used to love to cook. A million years ago when I was first moved out. Had this crazy idea that I was going to be the house everyone came to for Sunday dinners, and for the first year of so of living where I am at the moment, I was. I had little dinner parties all the time. Then my friends lives changed, they split up, had kids, etc. I got lazy, and then when I became a vegetarian, I no longer cared. Shame really, I have so many of Grandma Perry's recipes.

So of course, I had to look this chick up online. Juile Powell, whom I had heard of but never heard of till this movie has done what I have been trying to do. What I mean by that last statement, before I got rid of the evil cable, I used to watch those shows on WNetwork where you had stay at home mom's and the like talking about the best way to slice a mango or how to get a wardrobe that makes you look designer with a budget of only $200, those shows, mentioning her name here and there. I had thought she had done a biography on Julia Childs, didn't know she had done this year long project of cooking and blogging.
So she blogged about her life for a year, when blogging was fresh and shinny and no one did it yet, and had all these readers then got a book deal.

What I have been trying to do.

She also found her purpose. Which I am still trying to do.
All I can say is that if I am being pulled towards this story, there must be a reason for it. If I get a big "A-HA!" moment while reading this book, I will let you know. And when I am finished, I will blog a review. So far, I can't put it down.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

My TNA Wish List

I used screen captures again for this post

What I would like to see happen in the next few months on the show

* The removal of MainEventMafia. Right off the bat. I don't care for half these guys, they are boring and all they do is talk. Talk talk talk talk talk blah blah blah blah blah. Go away.

*The removal of Suicide. Just end the gimmick already. I have told you in the past why I don't like this gimmick.

* Get rid of the two on the announce table, and bring in someone new. I said once before I would love to see Joel Gertner on the mic.

*More tag teams.

*More MotorCityMachine Guns! You know how I feel about these two (They are the two sexiest men alive.) And I feel like I have been cheated lately with the way Impact has been. They are just not on enough. Give me two full hours of X-Division matches. Let the MMG be on for most of it.
I blog about Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin because damn it, they are fabulous! The show just does not have the same kick when they are not on. Damn I feel a fresh rant coming on.


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