Monday, November 30, 2009

Bite of the Thristy Undead

I wanted to do this post with a different title, but there was a few movies that carried the title I wanted to use, and it has nothing to do with those films.

But, the topic today is movies that have multiple titles, or titles that have multiple movies.

Follow me?

This seems to be a big theme in the vampire movie genre. But then again, how often can you do a movie in this genre with a new title every time, considering about 20 vampire movies get made a year.

Let's take the title Thirst. There are at lest 3 off the top of my head I can think of Thirst 1979, the Thirst 2006, and the Thirst 2009. All very different movies but all vampire films.

I was having this chat with WWEGIRL, and she looked up Bloodsuckers. There were more then 20 different listings for that title.

I won't even get started on the Dracula films. That's a week in itself.

Hammer Films, that did their series of vampire movies in the 1960s/1970s released their movies with more then one title each. Makes it confusing to know what one's you actually viewed.

So why to companies do this? If it causes confusion for viewers who are hunting down a film?

Next up, Kiss of the Vampire. Um which one? There are a few with that title. And it only gets worse when your hunting online only to find there are no poster art to go with the title. You really have to spend the time and dedication if you want to know your genre.
But for those of us out there, Forrest J Ackerman was a god among men. The anniversary of his death is this Friday Dec 4th.
He was the horror collector's god. No one else had the kind of collection he did. If I have one regret in this life, it's that I never got to meet him. It was on my life goals list but sadly, Mr. Ackerman died last year.

Okay enough with the fangs and coffins for today. I'll be back again to take a bite out of the genre.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

You need a Heel in this business

Why is it that people feel the need to make vampire stories where there is no bad guys?
I keep coming across overly sensitive weepy vampires that have no guts. No guts at all. That's no fun. Who the freal wants to read a book or watch a movie where the entire thing is filled with good guys?
It would be like watching an episode of wrestling that was all Faces. No fun and no strength.

Follow me.

Good, now I just watched the film "Thirst" yesterday and blah blahed about it over here.
It had its moments where there was actually a vampire who you could say was the big bad. No remorse no weeping. Course it played out way too much like the characters in Interview with the Vampire - Claudia and Louis- hell there is even a scene where they dump a dude in the river.
So sad that I have seen that before.

I'm trying to stomach reading one of those Sookie Stackhouse novels, that the show TrueBlood was based on, you know what, I don't think I'll finish it. Another sad state of things. There is no one "likable" or I should say, no really strong characters that you want to get behind. Everyone so far in this thing has been a good guy. Even the villain is just "misunderstood."

God I frealing hate that.

Maybe that's another reason I like wrestling. When a Heel is a Heel he's a Heel you know. Why do you think Randy Orton is as big as he is? He's one of the greatest Heels to have come around in a few decades.
This is one of the reasons I have got such a thing for Sheamus, that and I really like the vamp look he's got going. But that's a series I'm doing on my other blog

Friday, November 27, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Nov 26th 2009

I used screen capture for this post

Oh iTunes Canada had it available this morning when I woke up. Nice. Impact and coffee.

Why the freal was Hogan the voice over during opening credits? That man turns my stomach.

Right you American's had your Thanksgiving yesterday. Hence the turkey theme. So this was called Championship Series, which used to be called the Turkey Bowl. I liked the Turkey Bowl title better.
Round One had Lashley vs Abyss. Still not a Lashley fan so routing for Abyss. Now isn't Abyss like 6'8 or something? and Lashley jumped over him...while the crowd chanted "He's the monster". Then a large boot to Lashley's face. Nice. Taz's breakdown on the mic about the mindset of each wrestler going into a series of matches like this was good, that's the kind of stuff I like to hear from the announcers. Lashley kept trying to knock Abyss down, but didn't seem to be able to get his footing. Abyss slapped a bearhug on him before Lashley got a drop toe hold on him which caused Abyss to fall neck first on the ropes. Is he okay? Lashley slapped a dragonsleeper on Abyss for the win.

Next up was Suicide vs Wolfe. You know where my money is in this one. And the screams in the crowd back me up on this one. Wolfe's hot what you want me to say. Wolfe started with a beauty of an arm bar which he turned into a stomped hand. He then turned it into a armbared suplex (underhook for those keeping score) Suicide did manage to get a hiptoss in there for a second. Wolfe then got a running back elbow on Suicide before continuing to work on the left arm of Suicide. Suicide pulled out a rollthrew and a slingshot leg drop, but Wolfe got the tower of london for the win.

Next was the Pope vs Kurt Angle. I see I need to wait little longer for someone to snag me that wicked trenchcoat. This started off very evenly matched, Angle slammed Pope to the mat, Pope got a deep armdrag on Angle, then Angle got the boot up to kick Pope in the face, and Pope countered with another deep armdrag. Pope got a few nicely timed kicks to the chest of Angle taking him down again. Angle did slap a beauty of a suplex on Pope turning the match around. He got 2 more suplexes on Pope before Pope was able to counter with one of his own. Nice. Pope then had this move that I have no term for, a running rope lift that turned into an elbow right on Kurt Angle's chest. Beauty. But Angle managed to get the Angleslam on him for the win.

Next up Homicide vs Robert Roode. Homicide went for a cheap shot before the bell. He had a series of forearms to the skull of Roode, but Roode managed to turn it around. Homicide then got the match outside of the ring, using a simple rake to the back getting once again in his favour. Once they got back into the ring, Homicide used his knees to the spine of Roode to get some advantages, before using a vicious looking claw to the neck area. Roode used a backbreaker to get things in is direction once more, they then had about five attempts each on their finishing moves each being countered before Roode got a spinebuster on him for the win.

Eric Young's promo was bang on as always. waves my maple leaves over here. take that any way you want to it works on many levels.

Round Two Wolfe vs Lashley. Wolfe started off with what was going to look like a full nelson, but Lashley was jut too thick for him to lock it in. Lashley then locked one on Wolfe, until Wolfe got his leg on the ropes for the break. Wolfe's arm locks were of no use against Lashley, infact it was turned around and used on him. Wolfe out smarted him at one point pushing Lashley into the ropes and then elbowing him in the face. Wolfe was bleeding from the mouth at one point but he had managed to get Lashley in a headlock wristlock combo for a few seconds keeping him on the mat. Then pulled Lashley to the ropes where upon he kicked the ropes reverberating off Lashley's neck. Lashley then speared him in the corner and balanced him on his shoulder for a nasty drop. Lashley then attempted his dragonsleeper on Wolfe, but Wolfe grabbed the ropes for a break. Wolfe had a beauty of a move where he was inside the ring, with Lashley under the bottom rope and just lurched him back in a low wristlock - too bad it got him disqualified. Lashley advances.

Next Roode vs Angle. Angle started it off with a headlock. Which if anyone is keeping score, seems to be Angle's mode as of late. Roode did get a heavy elbow on him knocking him to the mat for a second. This then became a slug fest for a few moments. Roode then got a hangman on Angle. Roode was extremely impressive with a series of knee drops and an over shoulder roll before getting tossed to the floor. Angle took it back to the ring and slapped a suplex on Roode. Angle kept it a mat match with a body scissors, then a headlock. Somehow Roode managed to get to the ropes and land a nicely timed springboard neck snap. Roode did get a near fall with a spinebuster. Angle had a near fall with his Angleslam, but Roode somehow kicked out. Wolfe then came down to the ring and spit on Angle. Nice move. Angle then got counted out. Roode advances. Beauty.

A.J. Styles and Daniels promo was a little long this week. I know we're getting the set up for the feud, but dude, cut the speeches in half.

Final Match Roode vs Lashley. I'm cheering Roode on this not just cause he's Canadian but cause I'd like to see him advance. This became a mat match with what was looking like a submission move by Lashley but Roode used the ropes for a break. This then became a game of leapfrog before Lashley went for another power move. Roode countered with a beauty of an armbar snap. This gave Roode a near fall but Lashley kicked out. Roode continued to work on the arm of Lashley for the next few minutes. Both men managed to get near falls before Lashley used a spear for the win.

Lashley now is in the running for Styles' belt. That sucks.

This was one of the better shows I have seen in the last month. Strong matches, not alot of extra crap, and only one real complaint. Where the hell were the MotorCityMachine Guns!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Make your move or it's the same sad song for you

Yes my fiends, I am once again quoting Hugh Dillon as a title.

I will try not to be my total downer self in this post. But, remember those skull splitting headaches I talked about few months ago? Well, I finally got my appointment booked for that damned MRI. I go in two weeks. Should be interesting, as my doctor doesn't think they'll find anything. Yeah, oldest joke running, nothing in my brain.

Okay, so the new running joke me and WWEGIRL have happening, is my crush on wrestler Sheamus. See now, I had avoided wwe wrestling for the last while, cause I'm a TNA girl. But since hanging with WWEGIRL, and reading her posts, and all, well I made the mistake of asking who the vampire looking guy was. To WWEGIRL's ultimate dismay, I think she even vomited. I know her kids did, but her littlest has had the flu so... but I digress again as always.
And I tried to turn it into one of my gimmicks, but you know what. I just don't have it in me. All the wit and superspit I have been using for the other wrestlers, I just have burned out.

Yeah, what can I say, the MotorCityMachine Guns! got the better parts of me.
And they know that too. I mean, my mom even asked me one day while we were sitting at the doctor's office (one of her appointments this time) why I bother writing this here blog. Told her cause I need to. I need some sort of something to prove I existed. Not that anyone who comes to this thing reads it for me. Everyone reads this comedy fest to see what I have to say about Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley.

Oh but hey, cheer up I promised to make you smile today. So here's a photo of me back in 1974. I was born with my hips out of the joints, and had to have a body cast from six months to a year old. Aw yeah, my first cast. And it was plaster too. The uber heavy stuff that you could not get wet at all. I can only imagine how much hell I was for my mom at that time in my life. Wasn't I just the cutest little redhead ever?
Smile, it wasn't you.

So this is me making my move. I'll be back with bigger gimmicks and sharper words. Stronger superspit.

Creeping Screams!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Austen and Vampires, who knew

I was just hanging around AustenProse and the latest post is about Vampire Darcy's Desire by Regina Jeffers.
Now, you know me, I love all things vampire, well almost all things, and I love all things Jane Austen, well almost all things, but another Darcy retelling done with a vamp theme?
One was exciting but it's become a genre all its own.

Not too mention that Darcy retellings/prequels/sequels have become the "it thing" in chick-lit.
Dude, I don't know how much more of this I can take. Really, I can't keep up.

My genre is vampires. But even I can't get into the Austen-Vamp connection.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ask Ardeth

Time to dig into the fang mail for another batch of emails from beyond the grave.
Welcome to an overdue issue of "Ask Ardeth" Where anything that can be thought of to ask will be answered by my horror film Heavy Metal Goddess alter ego Ardeth Blood.

Dear Ardeth:

Who is Spudgun and why have you started to address them all the time? Are you dating someone?

Signed Confused in Mount Pearl.

Dear Confused in Mount Pearl:

I'm a big fan of British comedies, and one of my favourite shows is Bottom. There is a character on the show who is like the middle man between the audience and the other characters named Spudgun, who always asks the obvious questions. I had been watching a Bottom dvd one afternoon before doing a few posts and had the character in my head. No I am not seeing anyone at the time of this post.

Dear Ardeth :

Why did you stop wearing the wig you were so hot looking as a redhead.

Signed B. in Calgary

Dear B. in Calgary:

I stopped wearing the wig on camera simply because the wig got destroyed from over use. And thank you, I am actually a natural redhead, I just feel more comfortable as a blonde.

That's all the time we have for this one, come back around and see what other gobs of wisdom Ardeth Blood will dish out and serve to her fiends.

You can email Ask Ardeth at

Monday, November 23, 2009

What makes a knight in shining armor?

Back in the summer I asked what makes a hunk ?
I'm a writer, I have to ask such things silly Spudgun.
Now, I am asking, what makes a knight in shining armor? In this day and age, what can you expect from a guy that is considered .... knightly ?

Where is this coming from? Well I just finished writing a scene where my lead male had to do something that would come across as hero like.

If we don't need to be saved from fire-breathing dragons anymore and can stake our own vampires as they crawl out of their graves, what can you boys do to impress us? Honestly, what is considered knight worthy now? And I ask because I have never seen a man in real life do something knightly. (Emergency workers don't count in this situation. That's their career choice)
That would make a woman drool for days over him. The kind of thing that would lead you to dream of the man rescuing you in that way over and over and.... you get the idea.

I asked one of my married friends this question, and she simply said when her husband changes a flat tire on her car for her.
I can see how she would consider it knightly of him.

As you can tell, if I am asking it's because no one has ever come to my rescue. I have nothing in personal experience to draw from.

So, what makes a knight in shining armor?

Oh Gibby you're such a goof

Me: I was at HMV yesterday, you will never guess what I found.
Erin: Something old.
Me: Yeah yeah. Boxed set of you'll never guess....
Erin: Revenge of the Nerds.
Me: ....revenge of .... how you know?
Erin: I was there earlier this week buying dad's birthday gift. Spotted it and bought it. Number 4 sucks.
Me: I know, I bought it too. Thought we could have a movie fest. But...
Erin: Oh Gibby, you're such a nerd. *laughter* but in a good way.

This is the basis of conversations with my oldest friend on the planet. We've been friends now coming up nearly 30 years. Damn, we're old. No I will not explain the nic name of Gibby to you.
This sprang into a conversation about old bands and music that we used to like. I was the ultimate music video junkie for most of my life actually. It's only been the last 5 or 6 years that I have lost all interest in that.

Anyway, that got me thinking about the way music videos were done back in the early 80's, how most of the time they made zero sense at all. Which is how I stylized the one video I did few years ago when we were still working on the vampire movie. I did a song called "One Shot" and made a music video for it that was just pointless.
On purpose.

I wanted it to have the feel of something from the early 80's, when Duran Duran was the music video blueprint. To this day, the video for "Wild Boys" is still one of my top favourites. Thought I would throw in an Arcadia video while I'm at it.

Talk to 'em already

Buddy #7 , who is on a bunch of sites with me is totally in love with this chick he knows, but is too damned scared to tell her.
I keep telling him he needs to let her know. Don't understand what his deal is on why he won't tell her. They have been friends for a few years, and he's wasting away scared to let this chick know.

I know if there was a man on this planet who sort of -kind of- maybe even thought I was interesting enough to like, I would want to know.

And I just finished going through this whole situation with Buddy #3. He was hot for this chick for months, and every day I would ask if he'd talked to her yet, cause a man pining away is never a pretty sight at all. Finally, he got the nerve to tell this woman and now they have been together for a month. See, I'm right.
I used to be a wicked matchmaker back in the day. Back in high school, I could pair people up like I was Aphrodite herself or something. I only misjudged once. That once though caused such a ripple in my social circle through the end of high school and continued through college. I never did really get back into the swing of matchmaking again.

So Buddy #7 there turns it around on me and asks if I've ever had an issue telling someone I like them?
Um dude do you read my blog?
The really sad and pathetic part is there is no one I like other then the MotorCityMachine Guns!
And I think they got the hint by now.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Moon Review-Sort of

Okay, I had planned on going to the early show this morning, got up suffering a wicked sinus headache and saw that it was pouring outside. Hmmm. Decided to kick back with an episode of Farscape and wait to see if the storm stopped. It did around mid afternoon, and left a really great damp misty-fog. Perfect vampire movie weather. I realized that the same thing happened last year when I was set to see the first one. Hmmmm. Both times I was middle of the day before I totally made up my mind to see it.
Here's me thinking, that the movie would not be so packed at 3:30pm, given that out of 12 screening rooms, 3 were playing it back to back all day.

Hahahaha! I'm a sucker aren't I ? Not only was the cinema packed, they had to have guard rails. Hired extra staff for this film. I know weird eh? It's just a movie. It's not Star Trek or anything.

The previews started then blackness, the sea of teenaged girls all turning off their cell phones and then.... the preview for Rob Pattinson's next film came on screen. Which I had to admit, his next movie looks half decent. So this preview comes on and I lost my hearing. The entire screening room was one giant reverberating scream of pre-teen girls. I actually turned to see if the actors were in the building or something. I still have a ringing in my ears and it's like 5 hours later.

Movie starts finally and I have to say I was/am not a fan of this series. Had I known about the whole thing before I saw the first movie last year, I would have skipped book 1, 2, and 4, and just read 3 and waited for the 3rd film. Stupid me, I guess I like to be stubborn or something.

Anyways, I was looking forward to seeing Graham Greene as the character Harry Clearwater and Michael Sheen as Aro. Both actors have played werewolves before, Graham Greene was on Wolf Lake in 2001 and Michael Sheen played Lucan in all 3 of the Underworlds, so I was looking forward to these two actors.

Graham Greene had 5 minutes of air time, 2 scenes and 4 lines. What a rip off.
And about the same for Michael Sheen, so I was bored.
Now I have to ask, did they even write a script for this or just hand the actors the books and have them use that? It was word for word not much was changed that I could see.

This was a stronger storyline, which I am surprised at myself for saying this, but the acting was alot better then in the first one. The character of Bella is not as stiff and the scenes between her and Jacob were actually good ones. They could have cut out all the vamp stuff in this one and just used the werewolf stuff and I would have been happy.

Yes Spudgun, I your Crazy Vampire Lady, Vampire Queen have just ripped on a vampire and voted werewolf instead. It happens don't strain yourself thinking too much on it.

The Farscape Factor

I have gone through the tv show Sex and the City, comparing the episodes to my love life and the love lives of my social circle.

Now, today I found myself hit hard once again by another tv show, Farscape. There is just something so honest when you get hit in the forehead like a ton of bricks by a tv show. Crazy maybe, but it's usually something you already are dealing with but don't see so clear until something like your favourite show seems to mirror it.

Follow me?

Well anyways, if you go to my pagan blog you will get to read what I am getting at.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Gonzo Challenge

Okay folks, if you head on over to my book blog, I have a new challenge for you all.

Between now and Feb 20th 2010, I challenge you all to read One book by Hunter S. Thompson and let me know your thoughts on it.

This comes on the heels of having talked to people who claim to be big fans of his but can only list off Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas .

Simple this challenge. One book before Feb 20th 2010 (the anniversary of Hunter S. Thompson's death)

Buy the ticket take the ride

Friday, November 20, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Nov 19th 2009

Once again I am hours late with this as it was not ready for download on iTunes Canada till late evening.

And we open with yet another new set of opening credits, you won't notice really, other then the single shots of a few of the wrestlers were replaced with shots of Wolfe. I noticed. And coming off Turning Point ppv. Mick Foley and Abyss came out to the ring together, Foley having a patch over his left eye from last week when Raven threw the fireball at him. Then out came Raven to answer Foley's challenge.
Did Abyss used to be a furniture mover cause he seems to like redecorating what was up with that?
Raven/Stevie vs Abyss/Foley, only Foley was locked in his office by the desk Abyss put there. Abyss didn't wait for the bell, instead knocked both their skulls together on the ramp. Stevie got slammed face first into the steps, as Abyss gave rapid fists to Raven before Raven did his trademark Russian Leg Sweep into the guard rail. They finally got into the ring and the bell was set to start the match. They double teamed Abyss for most of this now handicapped match. Abyss turned it around with a series of closed fists to both men, before landing a ShockTreatment on Stevie. Raven though got the match thrown out with a planted lighter on Abyss. Then Raven Evenflowed DDTed Abyss outside the ring after the match was over.

A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle promo was typical, and a nice way to set up the feud between them in the next while.
Styles/Angle vs Wolfe/Daniels. Angle and Daniels started it off. Angle got a headlock on Daniels before tossing him to the mat, but Daniels got the legs around Kurt's neck which went back and forth like that for the next few minutes. Each countering and using the same two moves. Daniels then went for forearms over the neck of Angle. Styles then tagged in. Then Daniels blind tagged in Wolfe. It looked like Styles had the upper hand with an lowdragging arm bar, but Wolfe countered it slamming Styles over on his hip. Styles managed to get a drop kick on him then a back breaker. Angle then tagged in. Wolfe got a sweet kick to the face on Angle before Daniels tagged back in. Daniels then worked on the shoulder. Wolfe tagged back in, landing a clean wrist lock suplex combo. Daniels tagged back in, but was served a belly to belly suplex. Both men tagged in. Styles delivered a lovely sidesweeping backbreaker but Wolfe used a Tower of London for a near fall. Daniels then blind tagged himself in and got the pin with a BME on Styles.

Steiner vs Amazing Red. what? huh? how does that make sense. And Don West was wearing a mic for this... okay And they spent more time on Don West then they did with the camera on the ring. Then Red got stuck in the corner while Steiner delivered chops before using a massive hip toss. Red turned it around for a moment with a few quick kicks. Steiner got it back around with a large press. Then Steiner grabbed a pipe and the ref called a dq. uh duh

Nash and Eric Young's promo was good, but what's brewing here?

It was the return of ODB's Trash Talk with Homicide. Then we had the return of Tomko. Nice.

A.J. Styles talking about Hulk .... bored now.

Foley got beat down by Raven and Stevie in the hallway. Typical.

Team 3D/Rhino vs Pope/Hernandez/Matt Morgan the evil druid in a street fight. Brother Ray got a large closeline on Hernandez knocking him down in the middle of the ring but Hernandez turned it around with a suicide dive knocking everyone outside of the ring down. The Pope then brought in weapons. Morgan got Devon cornered with a trashcan on him and used his rapid elbows. Then got a near fall. Meanwhile on the top turnbuckle, Hernandez had a large belly splash on Rhino. Our evil druid then got the tables. But Brother Ray rolled off just as Morgan slammed himself through it. Hernandez then double closedlined 3D before ripping his own shirt off. Then got a near fall on Rhino before the ref was pulled out of the ring as Jessie Neil ran in with a better looking hair do then he used to have hitting them with a chair giving Rhino the win.
Jessie Neil needs to keep his tongue ring inside his mouth (I don't like piercings) Hardcore and Extreme... I sense a flashback to the old ECW days coming, maybe the rumours are true after all?

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! in new pants... hummm... they teamed with Beer Money Inc against World Elite in an 8 man tag. Eric Young was on mic for this. James Storm and Kyoshi started it off. This was all Storm as he got a beauty of a hip toss on Kyoshi before going for a near fall. Chris Sabin tagged in for a second before tagging in Alex Shelley. They did a double team move on Kyoshi. Bashir kicked Shelley from outside the ropes, causing a distraction. This let Kyoshi get a hard kick to Shelley's face. his poor nose Bashir then tagged in, getting a near fall on Shelley, then another tag in by Kyoshi with a slam to Shelley's ribs. Shelley got a neck slam on Kyoshi into the second turnbuckle. Both Sabin tagged in as did Brutus giving Sabin a chance to do a beauty of a leg sweep and kick. Sabin, who is part monkey, then used a springboard closeline to knock down Brutus. The rest of World Elite then jumped into the ring causing chaos. Beer Money Inc crotched Bashir on the outside of the ring pole. Meanwhile back in the ring, Sabin got a drop kick on Doug Williams sending him flying outside. Meanwhile back on the ramp Beer Money Inc double suplexed Kyoshi. Sabin and Brutus were the legal men in the ring, and Sabin was landing some beauty of a set of punches to Brutus in the corner. Then Mr .Useless sorry Big Rob Terry jumped into the ring out of nowhere to disrupt things, only he got kicked to the skull by Sabin, just before the Guns! did a double kick on Brutus. Shelley landed one of his killer frogsplashes (love when he does that) on Brutus and got the pin. Alex Shelley was then sitting in the corner holding his ribs.

New Moon Rising

I have shown my distaste for it,
I have defended other horror site writers for reporting on it,
I have bitched about the stalker themes in it,
I have praised the control on use of sex in it,
And I now find myself posting on it.

The next part of the Twilight series hits the cinema this weekend.

Will I be going? Of course I will, in my "Then Buffy Staked Edward the End" t-shirt.

Which I am sure will get popcorn and other objects thrown at me, in much a similar way Trent Acid was covered in crap weekly by JCW fans when he worked for the company.

The whole Twilight thing has been both a blessing and a curse for not just vampire fans, but romance fans, werewolf fans, and Jane Austen fans.


Yes Spudgun, the original Twilight is a remade version of Pride and Prejudice. We all know that as the author herself admitted it. But that is neither here nor there.
Yes, I sat through the first film in great pain, and read the series of books on the good faith my cousin would read just one other vampire novel Renfield Slave of Dracula by Barbra Hambly, of which I am still waiting for cousin to keep her end of the deal.

And this leads me to say this to the people who have somehow avoided the slockliness that is Twilight, the books get out of the heavy vampire stuff and into heavy werewolf stuff. And that my pets, my dear readers, is where the books have their strength.

I can't believe I just said Stephine Meyers has strength in her writing, but I did. Her werewolves are extremely well thought out.
Her vampires blow dog backwards, but her werewolves are good.

I don't get where the woman has her head though, given both her lead males are possessive stalkers who act like crazy people. What the hell are you feeding the next generation of women?
You read Beauty and the Beast one time too many lady.
But that is another rant for another day.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hail Sabin volume 2

I used screen capture for this post.

Well it seems the fans have spoken.
I had a poll going for the last week, asking who you all thought was the sexiest. Your choices were
1)Eric Young
2)Chris Sabin
3)Alex Shelley
4)Robert Roode

I have to say, I am not totally shocked at who won, I am however disappointed that it was so lopsided.
No one cared enough to vote for Eric Young or Robert Roode - Where the hell were all the Canadians?-
And Alex Shelley came in second with 33% of the votes, while Chris Sabin got 66% of the votes.

Unopened Letters to an Imaginary Husband part 5

My Dearest Love:

I know what you are feeling, what you are trying to hide when you look at me, your eyes wide, your lips in a sly smile,
You are a hopeless a romantic as I am, though you pretend not to be.
I know you are counting the hours till you can call me up, to ask me how my day has been, but until you can, you settle for updates on my blog, following me silently.
I know what you are wanting from me, when you dream at night of my bed, as you stare at the ceiling in your own.
I know you wish to give me the world, but are afraid to try.

You always knew what to say to make me feel even better in my day, to make me smile despite myself, to make me think of nothing but your lips, your voice as it slips softly around me,
You're poetry in motion, a desert flower blooming alone, your strength scares me, your beauty too much for me at times,
I wait by the phone desperate to hear your voice, hushed and polite as you fill me in on your night.
My strange friend, my secret heart, take a deep breath with me and admit what we both know.
Who needs the world when I've got you.

Love Always Ardeth Blood

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


You need to go here and start reading my new blog.
I have something to say about Sheamus.

Oh yeah baby, and I got slapped for it too.

I sense a new list of Hotties on the horizon.

Now that's a vampire

I used a screen capture for this post

Just in case you're not reading my vampire blog, letting you know you should be.

And that there is a vampire challenge still happening. Alucard's Rose

It's hard to believe the cult Canadian classic vampire film starring David Cronenberg, Blood and Donuts is almost 15 years old already.

I know I've talked about this film more then once on this blog and on my vampire review blog. Can't help it, it's one of my all time favourite vampire flicks. I think the fact it has so many Canadian icons in it, plus the fact Boya is fashioned so much after Lestat just gives it that cool factor.

Junk Food for your Mind

Steamy, trashy, pulpbacks, call them what you like, romance novels have the biggest selling market around.

I own a good two boxes worth myself, and I happen to know the other women in my family have shelves filled with the trashy things.

My mom has a thing for cowboys and cops, my aunt likes the more Christian slanted ones, my cousin is a fan of the divorced dad books.

My favourites lean towards the bad boy who's got a heart of gold stories. Classic romance.

Yeah, I like my heroes to be the serious silent type who can say more with how he looks at the toe of his shoe with a raised eyebrow as he studies the scuff mark on it then he can with real words. *deep sigh*

And the point to all this?

Gee Spudgun, why you always gotta bring me out of the moment.
These types of books as cheesy as they are; are the most difficult to write. Everyone who reads has read them at some point in their life. Like them or hate them, you've done them. Like potato chips, they are empty calories that leave you still hungry and covered in grease.
And it's I think time to delve into the world of trashy pulpbacks.

So expect some trash to be served up soon.

Really, the same person wrote that?

I have been saying for years how much I love the movie version of The Shipping News. And the book is even more beautiful.

I had no frealing clue that the movie Brokeback Mountain was based on a book or that Anne Proulx wrote it.
Then again, I was bored with that movie.

Yes, you have just met the one woman on the planet who found nothing of interest in that cowboy film. Then again, I have never been one for western themed anything.
I know, it's won awards, but still I just didn't find it at all of interest.

Will I pick up that book next? Doubt it. I know Ninja loves that movie (I had borrowed it off her) but she hated Shipping News so go figure eh?
My sister and I have never agreed on anything other then Johnny Depp.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hail Sabin

I used a screen capture for this post

I just got a strange email.
Another Chris Sabin fan who had stumbled across this here mess of a blog and just wanted to say they are a huge fan of his too.

See, seems I don't have such bad taste in men after all. There are more Sabin fans out there, they just have to stand up and be noticed.

And he's still hotter then hell in a bathtub!

Monday, November 16, 2009

The One Perfect Man

I figured it out.
After all this "what ifs" and bad dates and creepy internet guys, I finally know how to spot the "one perfect man".
And it's so simple too, I can't believe I didn't figure it out before.

Yeah, he'll be the one with the big neon sign over his head that says "Ardeth Blood I'm the One You'll Marry." yep. Simple.
Okay, maybe not a neon sign over his head, maybe one written on cardboard with black marker or even have it printed on a t-shirt.

Oh, and he'll have a thing for gargoyles. (didn't Dargo have a thing for gargoyles)

The Frankenstein Pages

WWEGIRL has a book club going right now, and we are reading Dracula.
I've read it before when I was in high school. So I'm just weaving in and out of the group.

But it got me longing for the other classic, Frankenstein.
I just reposted a couple of movie reviews I did from last month on the women's site I'm part of, over on my Alucard's Rose blog, of Frankenstein movies.
And it's got me longing still for more Shelley. (insert the overly obvious Alex Shelley jokes here you know you want to)

There is alot to be learned in that book. More then you think.
This is the version I have. The Tor Classics version, mass paper back. I know I have talked before about my interest in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, and the odd connection I feel to this story.

Trust me folks, it will get stranger as time goes on.

You should be loyal to your heroes, they may turn on you

Most likely the coolest line from the movie Trick or Treat (1986) where the character of Sammy Curr has just been set free from the record and is threatening the character of Eddie.
This is a line of dialog that has stuck in my brain for the last 23 years. As far as I am concerned the key element in the film.

I am a Generation X person. The gang of kids I went to high school and college with were Artists, Musicians, Actors, Writers, Poets, and most of them are now working in computers.
Goth and Punk still had some edge when we were in high school, and On The Road was still the rebel read when we were in college.
Jesus what happened to us all? We were sure we were meant to be something big, something important. Well, Mr. B. did.
He got married and left the rest of us to keep dreaming. Lucky him.
Too bad for us, cause he was the glue that held us together as a group. He was our Dracula, our Victor Frankenstein, our Dean Moriarty, and we hung off his every word.

So now what?
What do the rest of us little scum clot members do with ourselves? You know I have been asking that for the last 14 years, trying to figure out just what it is I'm on this planet for?
I got asked yesterday what "do I want ?"
Damn, isn't it clear and totally obvious? I want a husband, to be published, a studio area where I can be a female version of Andy Warhol.

And if you haven't picked up on that over all this time then you haven't been listening.
Yeah, you have been scumclotting with a hardcore Vamp. It's been fun admit it. Lock the door on your way out eh?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Can you messure up?

Everyone has their perfect ideal that they try to live up to.
For me that is my grandparents. They were Newfie you know.
Their house was always filled with people, music and laughter. Always so warm and inviting.

I've failed.
I'm not the housekeeper my Grandma was, nowhere near the cook she was, and I can't sew to save my life.
My Grandfather, he was a man who made wooden patio furniture and wooden toys, always had a great story to tell you, always smiling.
He's the one who got me hooked on wrestling when I was 5. He was always covered in paint and sawdust.

So what brought this up today you are wondering?
Reading actually. Was reading the book Shipping News and it's about a Newfie who moves back home to start over after his life falls apart. That and the fact I was just chatting with a buddy of mine who just started dating some chick he's known for a while. He had to point out to me that I am the only one left in our group who is single.
Thanks like I wasn't feeling crappy enough already.

wwegirl was telling me I need to "go with the flow" more. Okay sure right on that, pencil it in between loosing my mind and barking at the moon.
The problem is everytime I relax and start to just "be" something bad happens.
A broken body part, a cheating boyfriend, etc.

I am suppose to trust the universe will bring me what I am suppose to have. Okay seems simple enough. Relax, take a deep breath, and ask the universe to bring me the elements for happiness. To be able to start to live up to the ideal life I saw my Grandparents have.

And if the universe does not feel like handing me the husband, maybe just maybe it will toss me an interview with a wrestler. I mean seriously, who do I need to bribe to get that interview?
Then you know, I can die quietly.

Unopened Letters to an Imaginary Husband part 4

My Dearest Love:

The coffee steaming beside your hand as you read the morning paper every Sunday
Reminds me of a black and white photo we once saw at the art gallery.
Jazz music on the radio as you moved around the kitchen, your favourite shirt stained with paint always made me think of my favourite poem.

You've always been living art to me,
A gift from Dionysus, or Aphrodite.
A blessing even when we fight.

You touched my soul with your smile
Caressed my flesh with your eyes, with just one soft look,
I hope you understand what you do to me every time you wink and laugh
at all the silly things I say.

My desire for you grows hotter every day.

Love always Ardeth Blood

Why the Miz?

WWEGIRL and I have been asked
"but why the Miz? Why have you picked the Miz to be your new pet?"

Well Spudgun, you need to ask WWEGIRL that. I have no clue what makes her mind tick.
For me it's placement issues. He looks like a spiting image of my biggest mistake of a relationship with the Trainwreck. And since that piece of dren (my ex) seems to have fallen off the face of the earth around here, and does not do internet stuff, I will never get to tell him off for the way he hurt me.
But the Miz does google himself and he's a celebrity, he's a free for all. I can pick on him.

But isn't that kind of bad? Picking on him just cause he looks like your looser shithead exboyfriend?

Spudgun, you are starting to sound like you feel sorry for the Miz or something? You're not suppose to get all logical on me. No no no. He chose to be a celebrity which means he's chosen to have people not like him at times and publicly write why. I mean, really now, this is just another round of free publicity for the Miz. I mean, his name just got mentioned 5 times in this post -not including the title- so how is that a bad thing?

Okay, I get you want some revenge on your ex shithead, but isn't there another way to do it that does not include picking on a wrestling superstar?

Well yes Spudgun, I would love to get revenge on Trainwreck by taking a large bundle of barbed wire, tying one end to a tree the other to his d**k then firing up the chainsaw and slowly inch by bloody inch slicing it off him.

I mean a less jail worthy way to get revenge on shithead?

Yes, well I would settle for a perfectly happily ever after with a man who is fifty times better looking then the Trainwreck, who's actually able to read, and can halfway hold a conversation. I could settle for that sort of revenge, I mean it wouldn't be as much fun or as satisfying but you are right it would be safer and less messy.

It's been 5 years. It's time to forget Trainwreck.

Yes it has, and it is.

Besides, you're scaring the X-Division guys. The ex drama has played out and you need to move on from it. You're alittle too intense.

Right okay whatever. Oh and yeah go here.....Another Freak in the Freakdom I have a few crazy posts on there too about wrestling.

You realize it's a dangerous thing, posting about the Miz. Dangerous for you I mean, as this is how the whole Chris Sabin thing started and look at how that blew into the mess it is.... careful you might like the Miz

Shut up Spudgun, that's not possible. Not allowed.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The wrong couple

Once upon a time, there was a little native girl who was a powerful witch.
She fall inlove with this little white boy. The native witch asked her best friend the Vampire Queen to help her with a love spell.
They did and it worked.
For 7 years the native witch and the little white boy were happily married.
The only thing was everyone thought the little white boy was not into girls. Then one day the native witch showed up on the Vampire Queen's front door step crying because her life had fallen apart. Her husband had left her for another man.
The native witch and the little white gay man are still very close, and the little gay man still calls her the love of his life.
The moral of the story, be careful what you wish for.

Yes, this is a true story. I was the vampire queen in it, and two of my closest friends were the couple. They were soulmates. Everyone who saw them knew this, could see the way they interacted.
Everyone could also see that he was a very gay man. He was just in denial for so long.
They have since gone on their separate ways but have stayed very good friends.
I have never heard a man use the word soulmate outside of a movie or novel before, but he did all the time.

The question I have to ask for a few reasons is, how do you handle finding your soulmate then finding out they are gay?
Personally, I am not sure if I would be able to handle the information.
I know I would be happier then the world to know my soulmate really is out there (we've gone over this, I know he is) but it would crush me spiritually to find out I could not have the whole package.
To me, soulmate ideals have always equaled marriage. You can argue with me all you want on that, I won't give up my version of the perfect dream.

Certain paths believe that love magick will only work when two people are meant to be together. So in this case what really went wrong? They were soulmates, they were designed for each other, just not meant to be sexually compatible.
How do you get around that and still be happy?
Can you?

Calling out the Miz

Oh yeah baby, WWEGIRL just did a few posts where she called out the Miz on his lack of style.
It's pretty funny actually.
I know, I was there and I COMMENTED on her blog.

Eric Young's hot, can I have him?

I used screen captures for this post

I have been saying for a long time now, (okay not as loud as I have about some of the other guys) that Eric Young is a force in the wrestling world.

But remember he's one of the top Canadian Celebrities I would love to meet. And he's on my top ten sexiest man alive list.
It's great to see him getting the attention in TNA that he deserves. Even better to see a belt around his waist.

As I stated in my post on my other blog that I firmly see Eric Young having the TNA Heavy Weight belt before too long.
He's talented, well versed in the ring, and I like to look at him too.
What I don't understand is why did it take TNA so damn long to put Eric Young up into the spotlight?

He's been a fan favourite since the beginning, and has proven that he can play innocent Face or nasty Heel.
Either way he's cute all around.

I know the fans don't always show the kind of love towards the wrestlers that they should, for all the work the guys put into the shows every week, and lots of time the heart and backbone of the company get pushed aside. I fear I have been extremely guilty of this.
Let me start to try to make up for this.

Friday, November 13, 2009

To my male fans

Am I being tongue in cheek here you ask?
Sort of but not really.

I know that my friends' husbands read my blog, (you should do the Jane Austen Men's challenge really you should) I know one of my ex reads my blog (you miss me or else you wouldn't be hitting up my dren) I know Freud reads my blog (yummy, you should do the Jane Austen Men's challenge really you should) I happen to know a few wrestlers read my blog (you should email me sometime and you should do the Jane Austen Mens' challenge really you should ) I happen to know that there are other Canadian celebrities who read my blog (you should do the Jane Austen Mens' challenge really you should)

So you are asking what's going on here? What's the point to this particular post? It's called "interaction". Now, I know most of you guys for whatever reason seem to "hate phones" and most of you have issues with proper letters, but you all text and/or twitter so I know you are capable of leaving something for me, and the comments area that are attached to the blog posts is similar to both texting and twittering.
Now you are asking yourself, why does it matter if you actually leave me comments or not? Well the answer to that is little more complicated then just one reason.

One reason would be blogging manners. It's just polite to leave something, anything even when you disagree with me. Otherwise, don't you feel like you're the fan and I'm the celebrity?
Another reason is, I'm a talker, I like to have conversations with people.
Next reason on the list, I like the idea that someone is actually listening to me, even when they disagree with me.

How about the fact you guys are only getting one side of me by not asking me stuff or demanding anything from me. You only get my sarcastic side by staying silent. I can't improve my blog if I don't get feedback.

And I will just assume that you all have a massive crush on me and are too shy to let me know
by staying silent. And that of course puts all sorts of ideas in my mind, of what you boys might be doing while reading my blog. Well the straight guys anyway.

Did I mention the Jane Austen Men's challenge in case I didn't here's the link

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Nov 12th 2009

We open with Super Dave and Foley talking about him hosting the show.... um er isn't the other company doing the whole "guest host gimmick"?

Jay Lethal come close to your computer screen, closer closer stop you will get eye strain... close enough, Now please please please I am begging you please Jay Lethal stop it! You have been doing that gimmick for almost 3 years. Please just be Jay Lethal. I am begging. Please drop the gimmick.
Jay Lethal had his first Legends match vs the Anvil Neidhart. Everyone who knows me, knows that the Hart Foundation was my ultimate favourite tag team growing up, so seeing the Anvil come out to the ring caused a small yelp of joy from me. The Anvil started the match off with heavy forearms and a huge overhead toss, before Lethal turned it around with a double axehandle off the top rope. Lethal did get a near fall at one point, but the Anvil got the pin with a power slam.

Dr. Stevie vs Abyss with Foley on the mic. Abyss got 2 near falls withing the first 40 seconds. It went back and forth the whole match with each getting super quick near falls, and Stevie working on Abyss' knee. Abyss slapped a black hole slam on Stevie just as the lights went out and when they came back on, both men were down. Stevie managed to crawl over and get the pin. This saved his career in the company just after Foley finished saying Stevie was never meant to have a long term contract.
Foley then got into the ring, with a chair lights out again and RAVEN RAVEN RAVEN was in the ring. (doing my little happy dance)
Was Raven biting JB's ear? lucky JB

I have stated since the beginning I don't watch the women's matches, but I left it running while I got a coffee and heard the ending of Traci 's match and it seems she got her arm injured. I have to say, it looked slightly red but not dislocated or anything. If this was a honest break I have to say I hope she has a quick recovery. (I've had more then enough broken bones to know it's not fun)

JB was then put in charge of making an X-Division match. you know JB, if you ever want to do that full time and need someone to cover your interviews this blogger would be more then happy.... Where upon he brought half the X-Division into the office and Chris Sabin got the line of the night when he said "Touch my hand".... I am not sure I want to know where his hands were before that promo.

Speaking of promos, Wolfe's was beauty. Totally brilliant. Have I mentioned yet today that I am liking this Wolfe

Team 3D and Rhino....what the hoofers? And calling out Hernandez and Matt Morgan the evil druid...what's the plotline and where did I loose track of things? Then the Pope came out in a new suit oh does that mean someone in the X-Division snagged the spiffy trenchcoat for me and mailed it off ?

World Elite's Eric Young and British Invasion cut a spiffy promo, where once again Brutus Magnus was doing his Backstreet Boy impression. He's hot admit it so is Eric Young . Did you hear the scorch Young had to say, and you all know I agree with almost everything that has come out of Eric Young's mouth. (waves my maple leaves around wildly)
British Invasion vs Beer Money Inc. in a non title match. anyone else notice how nice Roode's eyes are no just me then. Anyways, Roode and Doug Willams started off the match, with Roode tossing Williams out of the ring. There was a count of 6 before Williams got back into the ring. Storm then tagged in, using a lovely arm bar on Williams. Then Brutus had to control the third member of their team from causing a dq, there seemed to be more out of ring drama then in ring work happening in this match. When they pointed the camera back to the ring, Roode was back in and the British Invasion were double teaming him. Roode then did a double move off the top rope which I am going to call the Canadian Exchange cause it sounds cool James Storm then tagged in and used a bulldog before Beer Money Inc double teamed the British Invasion. Storm got a near fall, who's the legal men? Storm got the pin with a DWI.

Samoa Joe vs A.J. Styles in a non title match. Joe started this off by running in and out of the ring, having Styles half worn out. Nice move. Then Styles landed one of his drop kicks right in Joe's mouth. Damn. Joe then turned it back around slamming his hip into Styles' face, before slapping on an STF on Styles. Styles broke the move with a rope grab. Joe then turned to simple punches. He got a near fall after using a closeline. A.J. went for the Styles Clash but was tossed with a back body drop landing hard. Daniels then ran out and caused enough of a distraction that Joe got the rear naked choke on Styles for the win.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! in a 6 man match. They were teamed with Amazing Red, and it had me tossed for a few cause they came out to Red's theme, wearing another strange set of bad pants. Mr. Shelley, Mr. Sabin who is your designer? (maybe if I tell you two boys I love the tights you will wear something else and if I tell you I love your hair Chris maybe you will cut it, cause nagging hasn't gotten me anywhere with you two) They went against World Elite. Homicide and Shelley started off as the two legal men in the ring, with Homicide having the advantage. The crowd is learning as they were chanting MotorCity. Bashir tagged in, slamming Alex into the turnbuckle. Shelley then got chopped in the throat is he okay he seems to be getting hurt alot as of late. Sabin ran in for a quick save kicking Kyoshi. Kyoshi then nearly ripped Shelley's ear off. Jesus freal Homicide tried to bring in the barbed wire bat but was handled by security. Bashir tagged in, double teaming Shelley, but Shelley managed to fight it out, slamming Bashir into the second turnbuckle. Amazing Red tagged in and used a series of spin kicks to even the match out some. Red then used one of his perfect DDTS before tossing himself out of the ring with a twisting corkscrew. Chris Sabin then jumped into the ring, with a few kicks to Bashir. Shelley tagged in again, going for a top rope move holding his back. Shelley used a cross body splash to get the pin.

Morning wake up post

Time 6:58 am
Erin's birthday today, tomorrow her twins turn 3. Oh my god it's been that long?
Why am I up this early?
Because mom has an appointment in two hours at the hospital for x-rays. Guess who has to go with her.
Doing right now downloading last nights TNA Impact from iTunes Canada.
I guess I bitched enough times they started to listen to me. So my weekly TNA will be up when I get back around mid-afternoon.

So, Happy Birthday Erin.
Happy Birthday tomorrow Lily and Roland
And happy Friday the 13th everyone else.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Unopened Letters to an Imaginary Husband part 3

My Dearest Love:

I remember the first time I saw you at the bar, dancing like a stiff monkey
The small stain on your shirt from the nachos you had been eating
I remember the first time I heard you speak, as you nodded and winked at my friend first
Your smile was nearly perfect
The next time I spotted you it was in line at a coffee shop, your skin gleaming in the shop's light,
Your eyes hiding behind thin glasses
I remember how you spilled your latte on yourself as you dropped your wallet
You are the cutest when you are embarrassed

For all the times you have made me laugh, on purpose or not,
I have a hundred kisses to return to you
For all the times you entertained me, and those around us
I have a hundred hugs to return to you
For the happiness you give me I have only my heart to return to you

Love Always Ardeth Blood

Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers video...sort of

Another youtube find this morning.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Back to your regular scheduled Hugh Dillon

3 seasons into the hit Canadian show Flashpoint and you would think by now I would know before hand that I will cry each episode.
I love this show. It has single handedly become my favourite non-wrestling related show.

I mean, Hugh Dillon on a weekly basis, who wouldn't be shutting up and paying attention.

I just caught last week's episode (You Think You Know Somebody) where they had Brendan Fletcher as the guest star, and right on cue like clockwork, I started crying in the last act. Every week man every week.

And it was fabulous to see Brendan Fletcher in the episode as he's another great Canadian actor who does not get the attention he should be.
Another reason I like to tune into this show, is to see who the guest stars are. Two episodes in a row partnered up Hugh Dillon with an actor he's worked with in the past (Brendan Fletcher was in Ginger Snaps 3 Ginger Snaps Back the Beginning where Hugh Dillon played a priest. And last week's episode the Farm had John Pyper-Ferguson who did the movie Hard Core Logo with Hugh Dillon)

If you are not watching this you are missing out big time.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Unopened Letters to an Imaginary Husband part 2

My Dearest Love:

I miss hearing you breathe beside me in the dark, even when you snore
I miss the feel of your arms around me, even when you elbow me in the ribs as you roll over
I miss the late night kiss, even after you had garlic for dinner
I miss the way your hair falls into your eyes as you sleep, and the way it sticks off in all directions in the morning.

I dream of your touch when you're not here
I forget nothing of your scent as it lingers in the pillowcase
I remember your breath on my shoulder as you kiss me
I long for your return, for when our time apart will once again be over
I long for you and all you are

-Love Always Ardeth Blood

Monday, November 9, 2009

An Emotional Survival Kit

What's in yours?

What? Spudgun are you talking jibberish?

What do you turn to when you are depressed?

Oh right *slaps forehead painfully* and emotional survival kit. I got it now.
That would be the entire Sex and the City series and movie, the Best of the X-Division Volume 2 and a very large bottle of Screech.
What can I say I'm easily distracted by clothes and boys.

But this got me thinking, most women turn to each other when they are in a crisis, and have big cry fests and spend all their time shopping together or go to a club where they flirt shamelessly with men they have no intention of leaving with.
I don't. Is there something wrong with the fact I would rather be at home watching some fictional image of a support group then actually being part of a real one?

Maybe, I don't know.

Then more thinking (oh that's bad. you know you over analyze everything to death then dig up the bones to analyze again ) about who I used to turn to as a kid.
The answer to that would be my cousins Billy and Deon. I grew up the tag along to my two older male cousins.
Then in grade school my friends were always guys. This progressed through high school and college.
I see the pattern now, sort of.

Well, you know from past blog posts that I don't really trust other women, and I do tend to get crushes on guys who are emotionally unavailable. But you would also think that I would understand men better then I do.

Nope, I have no clue. Which is why I end up needing the SATC dvds and the Best of the X-Division and the drinking. Usually to get over a guy.

Hey Spudgun any more stupid questions

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Nov 5th 2009

iTunes Canada had it for download in the middle of the night, dude, I don't know how many more "where is my show" emails I can send to them, I mean a "seasons pass" is suppose to have it ready right away. And no one on the internet had it uploaded. Creepy.

The show started off on a very serious note with Dixie Carter addressing the entire roster in a darkly lit studio. Do we the fans need to see that? Do we need to know that the "4th wall" has been dropped like that and find out there are such major issues in the company? You could see the hurt and disappointment in her as she addressed the situation.

Then A. J. Styles came out to address the same thing... Styles, if you read my thoughts the other week, I hold firm to them there is no need to scream into the camera.
Daniels then came out to yell at Styles. Lovely, I love a massive Heel turn.
Enter stage right Samoa Joe, who is making perfect sense with his pointing out that the belt is the reason for everything.
Daniels vs Styles with Joe as the special guest ref. Um why did Joe come down to the ring with rubber gloves? Maybe he was scared to get Daniels' make up on him?
Styles got beat down in the back, and did not make it out to the ring, and Joe beat up Daniels in the ring.
They tried the match again later in the night. They showed the attack again. People use your brains, a bald man attacked him few episodes ago my money's on Wolfe . They started the match with Styles slapping on a headlock. Daniels turned it around with a few knees to the ribs. Daniels was favouring his neck through most of this. This was as far as the crowd was concerned Styles' match as they were cheering only for him. Styles managed to slap a very painful flip on Daniels which had started to at first look like a hesitation suplex. Styles won with his Styles Clash.

World Elite 's Eric Young and Big Rob vs Beer Money Inc. Big Rob and James Storm started the match off with Storm being tossed across the ring a few times. Big Rob powered down Storm hard on the mat then stood there posing for a moment. The crowd started to chant "let's go cowboy" as Big Rob was carrying him around the ring, Storm then planted both knees to his shoulders and got out of the move. Roode made the tag and Young came in cause Big Rob was left holding his back in the corner from the double knees. Storm got a double kick from outside the ropes on Young tossing Young outside the ring. Big Rob then picked up Roode and threw him down hard with his full height, Roode landing on his nose. Somehow Roode managed to get the pin on Big Rob.

British Invasion came out for a beat down and as they were leaving the MotorCityMachine Guns! ran out to beat them down. (yay Chris and Alex)

Lethal's promo was sweet. He still needs to get rid of the moo-moo

Desmond Wolfe vs Cody Deaner. Huh? Yeah um I didn't even think Deaner was still part of the roster. Kurt Angle was connected to the mic via telephone for this one. One close line and Deaner was done, the announce team didn't even get to introduce Angle on the line.
I am liking Wolfe for a few reasons, he's fresh, he's different and the idea of him going for the "alpha" was a clever theme.

Mick Foley came to the ring to call out Abyss. He admitted the Abyss is better then him. Very cool.

Has Steiner lost his mind? Do they just not know what to do with him now?

Homicide vs Lashley. Homicide jump started the match with a few forearms to Lashley. Lashley tossed him to the corner but Homicide managed to get a double kick from the toprope dropping Lashley on his back. Lashley got up and gave Homicide a vicious slam getting the pin.
Steiner and Lashley then brawling in the back, where upon Lethal and Shelley and I think a hooded Sabin came out to break it up.
Homicide is still in the ring during this beating down the ref, and Amazing Red ran in for a save.

Team 3D vs Hernandez/Matt Morgan the evil druid. Devon and Morgan started the match, Devon got the upper hand with a flying shoulder block. Morgan our evil druid then sent Devon into the corner with his rapid elbows. Hernandez tagged in, and Devon had a near fall. Brother Ray tagged in and it looked like he had it going in his favour until Hernandez closelined him. Brother Ray then ripped Hernandez's shirt off him (thank you hehe) for a series of chops, then suplexed him off the top rope. Devon tagged in, and hurt his knee going for a top rope move. Hernandez then targeted it with a leg bar. There were a few quick tags in and out between Hernandez and Morgan working on Devon's knee. Brother Ray then used a chair. The match was a DQ.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Unopened Letters to an Imaginary Husband

My Dearest Love:

Thank you for taking out the trash today. It was sweet of you to remember without being told five times.
Thank you for picking up the dirty socks from the bathroom floor before someone slipped on them falling.
Thank you for remembering to set the vcr to tape my soap opera while I was shopping with mom.
Thank you for not letting the dishes pile up over the weekend while I was on the business trip.

My sweet man, what would I have done without you making me soup the time I was sick with the flu, even if it was from a can.
What would I have done if you hadn't been stubborn and gotten the leather sofa when your brother's kids spilled grape juice on it. The stain would never have come out of any other material.
How many blankets would I need to stay warm at night if you were not there beside me with your body heat.

How can I repay you for your comfort and security you have given me over the years.
For all the day to day things you have brought to my life, my sweet man, my dearest love, my husband, my friend thank you.

-Love always, Ardeth Blood

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blindfolded and it feels like flying

Once again going with a little Hugh Dillon for a quote.

Well, My week was a total bucket of dren how was yours?

Well mine was...

That was a rhetorical question Spudgun no one is actually suppose to answer. Yeah anyway, it was Hallowe'en weekend and that should have been a rocking good time but it was the biggest let down I've had in years. I did go and see the Vampire's Assistant on Hallowe'en afternoon. That was a fairly good film, so I bought the book.
And I am trying to get an author's interview with Mr. Shan so lets see if I can.

Speaking of author interviews, I am ready to strangle Stacey Voss. Oh yeah it's true it's damn true. You know I am disgusted when I start quoting Kurt Angle.
I spent time following her tour so that I didn't ask the same questions for the interview. She tells me last night that she wants to cancel my stop on the tour because she's bored.

Um No! I sent her the interview questions 3 weeks ago. I have re-arranged my schedule for her so that she could re-arrange one of the other stops on the tour. I sat through a very loose Twilight style book that ..... you know what I will have the review up on Thursday on the book blog as planned with or without her actually doing the questions and answers part like she has been for the last month.

Deep sigh- This dear readers is the woman who is suppose to be publishing my book next. And I have a gaggle of people telling me to guard myself.
I am suppose to be having wwegirl's husband making the book cover for me, and I got a loan for the production of the book. So things on my end are in motion. Go here for my updates on my book.

More books. Harper Collins Canada sent me 3 more books to review before Xmas. Yay me. And a very Christian author sent me a book of his poetry to review. I am really trying to be objective but finding it really hard.

Then why did you agree to review it?

Well Spudgun it's a book isn't it.

And I am still waiting for iTunes Canada to get last week's episode of TNA Impact!

Let's talk about the issues on the Woman's site I am an admin on shall we... oh freal! That would really just take hours.
So instead let's just throw out some more links and a photo. Righty-ho righty-ho.

New blog Another Freak in the Freakdom my stronger journalistic writing side is pure Gonzo

Part 2 of the final All Jane Austen Challenge

Pagan Girl started an All Witch/Pagan Challenge

And you already know my feelings on the whole Hulk Hogan destroying TNA.... sorry I mean joining TNA

What do we think about this for my inside cover photo on my book?

You're right it's lifeless and dull and maybe we should just go with a photo of my boobs.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


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