Thursday, November 26, 2009

Make your move or it's the same sad song for you

Yes my fiends, I am once again quoting Hugh Dillon as a title.

I will try not to be my total downer self in this post. But, remember those skull splitting headaches I talked about few months ago? Well, I finally got my appointment booked for that damned MRI. I go in two weeks. Should be interesting, as my doctor doesn't think they'll find anything. Yeah, oldest joke running, nothing in my brain.

Okay, so the new running joke me and WWEGIRL have happening, is my crush on wrestler Sheamus. See now, I had avoided wwe wrestling for the last while, cause I'm a TNA girl. But since hanging with WWEGIRL, and reading her posts, and all, well I made the mistake of asking who the vampire looking guy was. To WWEGIRL's ultimate dismay, I think she even vomited. I know her kids did, but her littlest has had the flu so... but I digress again as always.
And I tried to turn it into one of my gimmicks, but you know what. I just don't have it in me. All the wit and superspit I have been using for the other wrestlers, I just have burned out.

Yeah, what can I say, the MotorCityMachine Guns! got the better parts of me.
And they know that too. I mean, my mom even asked me one day while we were sitting at the doctor's office (one of her appointments this time) why I bother writing this here blog. Told her cause I need to. I need some sort of something to prove I existed. Not that anyone who comes to this thing reads it for me. Everyone reads this comedy fest to see what I have to say about Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley.

Oh but hey, cheer up I promised to make you smile today. So here's a photo of me back in 1974. I was born with my hips out of the joints, and had to have a body cast from six months to a year old. Aw yeah, my first cast. And it was plaster too. The uber heavy stuff that you could not get wet at all. I can only imagine how much hell I was for my mom at that time in my life. Wasn't I just the cutest little redhead ever?
Smile, it wasn't you.

So this is me making my move. I'll be back with bigger gimmicks and sharper words. Stronger superspit.

Creeping Screams!


wwegirl said...

wow that must have been so uncomfortable for you as a child. Cute picture though

ardeth blood said...

Too young to remember this one.
But, the rest I've had over the years have been hell


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