Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sex and the City 2

The teaser poster and trailer have been released.
I see they decided to not go with the traditional SATC pink but have up the scale with white, gold and silver.
You all know me, I'm a SATC junkie. I even have the shoe bag to prove it.

Best of

Everyone is doing a best of so what the freal.

The best book I read this year was Julie and Julia by Julie Powell.
The best cd of the year for me was W.I.C.K.E.D. by Twiztid.
The best movie of the year was Star Trek remake
The best tv show was Eastwick.

I know I have mixed tastes.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Oh Gibby I can't take you anywhere

We went to see Sherlock Holmes. I loved it. Little long, last ten minutes I thought my bladder would explode.
Could have used more Jude Law. So the afternoon when sort of like this....

2:45p.m. Erin arrives with giggling teenagers in van. And I make comment about being under Make Uped. Erin points out she's not wearing any and her hair is flat. I say the girls are. Erin replies, they are 14 they have nothing better to do then waste time doing hair and make up.
255p.m. Niece informs us it is 2:55p.m. and that we will be late where upon Erin says it does not start till 3:20
2:57p.m. We arrive at cinema and stand in line for tickets. While standing in line, Niece is trying to prove she is not freezing her tush off by having her winter coat off.
2:59p.m. Niece has winter coat around shoulders like preppy school teacher while she plays with the fur trim of her mother's winter coat telling it to purr. Myself, Erin and the Face are laughing so loud the people around us are giving us dirty looks.
3:05p.m. We are standing in line for snacks. Niece has coat off shoulders but on backwards so that her front is covered but her tush is still visible for all the young teenaged boys to look at.
3:12p.m. We scramble to find four seats together as cinema is packed.
3:25p.m. We four are giggling like wild animals agreeing we have to see other films that are being previewed.
3:30p.m. We ssssshhhhh movie has started. Erin is drooling over Robert Downey Jr. while I drool over Jude Law.
5:40p.m. I am now frozen. Credits roll and I am first to jump up for Ladie's Room.
6:10p.m. Blogging.

I really wish I had of had the camera. My Niece is as tall as her mother. That would be 5 foot 10. Let me remind you she is 14 and still growing. It was good getting to see Erin as she works so much we only get to hang out twice a year. Pathetic I know. But she has a husband, 3 kids and a full time job, a house, and 6 pets. We've been friends now scraping 31 years. Yes damn it we're old.
They don't act like parent and child, they act like sisters or best friends. I kind of envy that.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gibby don't be a dork

I did not get to the cinema today. The city is like one big ice rink.
But, was on phone with Erin. She has an amazing two days off. Whoo hoo! So the plan is for us and the girls to go to the movie tomorrow. When I say girls I am meaning my niece and her friends. They are 14. Phone call went like this. (I haven't laughed so damn much in months)

Me: So you want me to meet you guys at the cinema?

Erin : Gibby don't be a dork. You think I would let you try to cross the damned street with it being this icy. Oh my god. No. I'll pick you up. Ken's staying home with the twins, so I'll have the truck. You silly goose. You think I would let you kill yourself walking out of the damned house. God I almost wiped out just taking Ottis for a walk. Besides, I don't want Viola killing me cause you broke a body part. I've got the four by four pick you up. Oh your Niece and her friend Face...

Me: And who?

Erin: Face. your Niece's best friend.

Me: Face? Their name is Face? Okay.

Erin: Yeah, I know eh? But yeah they might come too. Don't know totally yet. Oh crap my nail fell off into the potatoes *mad laughter* Remind me again why I let your Niece do my nails? They were pretty before I started making dinner. Never get to have pretty nails cause work I'm not allowed to have my nails done. Your Niece got a manicure set for christmas, and I let her do my nails last night. Half blue, half black with little Rhinestones .... oh there goes another rhinestone. *more laughter* Oh god. But yeah, pick you up tomorrow.

What I Did for Boxing Day Week.

More traditional bloggers would call it "what I did for christmas" but I don't do christmas.
I do however do boxing day. So this past week, was spent avoiding my family as best as possible.

I did have to trek to mom's yesterday cause she bought me a new electric kettle. Nice.
Otherwise, I stayed home in my pajamas most the week renting movies off iTunes Canada.

Rented Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, which I did a small review as part of the all Pagan/Witch Challenge that I am part of. You can read it here

Rented How to Be, which stars Rob Pattinson from the twilight movies. I was surprised to see the dude can actually act. I'm not kidding. His acting was good.

Rented Mrs. Potter, about the writer Beatrix Potter who made all those kids books. Seen it before just wanted a chick flick cry movie.

Rented Angels and Demons, (theatrical version) and what do I think of it? it seems to be having an identity crisis. It starts off very anti christian and then some how goes pro christian. That disappointed me. Um dude pick a side and stick with it.

Now the plan today is to go to the cinema to see Sherlock Holmes. That is if the weather isn't too bad or too dangerous under foot. We had a massive melt yesterday which looks like it's frozen over again today. Last thing I want to do is try to walk on a city wide hockey rink. That just not happening.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I was 24 when I wrote it god

Was shuffling around the house thinking about my novel trying to get back into the head space of the characters, when I remembered I had signed up for WWEGIRL's all Pagan/Witch challenge.
I did my first challenge the other day. Yay me.
One of my challenges is to rework a story I wrote back in 1997-98 about a coven of witches. So I had to go digging through my storage bin of writing to find where I put the damned thing.
Lucky for me, it's one of the rare few manuscripts that I put in a essay cover and all the pages were together. I'm famous for just shoving the finished pages of stuff into the storage bin of writing and having to try and locate all the missing pieces. But this time, all in one binder.
So this morning I spent the last hour reading the first chapter of my witches story. And I am seeing the first thing that needs to be done. The names all must be changed. Well, not all, just three really. I gave them names that back when I wrote it, sounded very "heavy metal" to me.
Hey now I was 24 when I wrote it, still worshiping the ground that Sepultura walked on. Yeah, there's alot of characters wearing "faded Motorhead tees and ripped jeans" alot.
But it was painful to see just how much I had been "pop cultured" with the writing of this one. Oh the songs. Very Bad of me. You can tell what bands I was into back then. Like I said lots of Motorhead references.
This is going to be weird working on this second draft of this story all these years later. My characters were so innocent, first love type crap. So the question is can I revisit these characters without changing the core of the story, being in my mid 30's?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Do Men Hate Their Thighs?

I was reading a few articles on the male ego and relationships. One of the topics was men and body image. Specifically the size of a man's .... stomach. You thought I was going to say d*ck didn't you? Well, that was on the list too, but I was kind of surprised to see that the men they had polled were very self conscious about their waistlines.
I find that hard to believe and difficult to swallow. But, it seems that according to the article close to 70% of men are fearful of a weight issue in regards to sex.

You know that is news to me, as all the guys I have ever been with have walked around like proud little monkeys infront of very see through silk curtains totally naked. I'm sure the neighbours on the east side of the building have had more then a few peep shows if they were ever looking out their windows.

But now you got my little zombie brain wondering, do men hate the rest of their bodies the way women do? (Every woman hates her thighs. Doesn't matter if she's a size zero or a size 40w, her thighs are her worst nightmare. Second then to her ass and the sagginess of her boobs.)
Personally I like a tummy on a man. There is just something primal about it. But these articles went on to talk about how easily men can be hurt emotionally by simply making a comment about the size of their guts. (More and more has come out in the last few years about men and eating disorders like Anorexia.) Honestly now, I can't see me having had any affect on any guy's ego, bruised, hurt or otherwise, from talking about the size of his tummy.

Dear TNA... An Open Letter

Dear Whomever is Reading this:

I just read a few rumours on other wrestling blogs and in some fan sites that there is talk of changing the ring style and removing the six sided ring. Now, I know I am just a blogger but this is a very bad idea.

The things that make TNA different which include the six sided ring, are what makes TNA great. It's part of the identity of the company. It seems the more I am hearing the last few months about the company, the more it seems like the identity is being stripped away from the company.

The fans liked the fact it was a smaller company, which gave it a more intimate feel.

Signed Ardeth Blood.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All I want for Christmas

I used screen capture for this post

I want alot. I want it all.
*deep evil laugh* But I would settle for a.... job with a magazine.... or a publisher picking up my novels.... or an interview with Chris Sabin.... *more giggles of insanity* yeah that's it.
All I want for christmas is ....

And if by some crazy miracle I was granted the interview what would I ask Mr. Sabin?
You know, the boring stuff that everyone asks in interviews,

*How old were you when you first fell in love with wrestling?
*How you got your start ?
*How many tag teams have you been in and with who?
*What companies you've worked for?
*What titles you held?
*Biggest influences ?
*What's your dream match and have you already had that match?
*Do you write your own promos?
*What's been your favourite ppv that you were part of and why?
*If you could program an episode of Impact, what would you feature ?
*How much hair gel/spray do you use on your hair? (oh come on you know I would have to after the whole gimmick I have been running.)
* How do you feel about being a role model to millions?
*How do you feel about being labeled one of the sexiest men in the sport (and as far as I am concerned the 2nd sexiest man alive. My blog readers voted you the #1 spot)

You know the boring stuff.
And that's what I want for christmas. That would be a nice christmas miracle, too bad I am a Pagan.

Maybe if we all wish really hard...

Ah Smeg

iTunes Canada has the tv show Red Dwarf.
Is it possible they know that I have a not so secret addiction to British Comedies? The fact they just got a dren load of BBC shows tells me they do.

I already have the Bottom dvds and Young Ones and Blackadder . So you know, no need to download those. But, Red Dwarf, there is a show I have not been able to find on dvd.

All I can say is if they decide to offer Absolutely Fabulous then I am looking at more maxing out of the credit card. Cause that is the only British comedy they are missing from my favourites list.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Are we compatible?

I was out for groceries yesterday, and this guy came up to me asking if I had a smoke.
"No. Sorry."
Not a strange thing as this is a city of smokers and it happens all the time. This was one time I had wished that I did simply because I would have liked a reason to linger around him.
This dude had pale skin, chocolate brown eyes and jet black hair. You can very well guess who he reminded me of.
So there's me standing for a few seconds like a total goofball waiting to see if he's going to say anything, but no he just nodded and smiled and nodded again then ran across the street to the church.
What is it about men with that combo that makes me melt? Every guy I have dated (other then Dargo, who had ice blue eyes) has had pale skin, brown eyes and dark hair. Guess I am just really looking for that Gomez Addams type.
And I heard his buddy saying he wanted a tattoo of his zodiac. Yes of course I was listening in. I heard Mr. Dark Hair say he was a Gemini. Then I had to cross the street cause there was no more reasons for me to be there.
I started thinking about all that. Is that part of my problem with relationships, that I never end up with compatible zodiac signs? And yes I am a horoscope junkie. I'm an Aries, and my exes have all been Pieces or Cancer. No wonder we never worked right, I'm a fire sign they were all water signs. My Chinese zodiac is Tiger, and I know Trainwreck was a Sheep. Bad bad bad, I see that now 6 years after the mess.
Aries are suppose to be most compatible with Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Tigers are suppose to be most compatible with Pigs and Dogs.
That's of course if you go just by the Sun signs and not bother to check out the rest of the stuff like the Rising signs, or Moon placement or etc.
Alot of people will say none of that matters, but dude I am seriously looking at it and saying it does. *deep sigh*

2009 the year of the blog

This was the most I've blogged in the whole 5 years I have been blogging. This was my busiest blog, better then ones I tried in the past.
And it's not even like I had more important things to say this year either, just more time on my hands with nothing else to keep my attention.
I was willing to get a little more intimate with some of the things going on in my life, and in my mind. I don't believe in holding back.

My weekly thoughts/review on TNA Impact was a hot topic. Brought in a steady flow of readers. I don't like to really call it a review as it was started out as my honest reactions to the week's show. I can't even point out when it became a weekly column so to speak, given I have been doing it for the last 4 years in one way or another on every blog I have had in the past. But this year, people took an interest in TNA more. Always a great thing. The real fans will always know the chocolate from the mud. If I have done nothing else this year, I hope I helped get the word out that TNA (Total Non-Stop Action) wrestling is where the talent is. I can't mark out for it enough. I am just a fan but I have been screaming my lungs out for you guys.

The few people who have shown some support in my writing career I have to give a big hug to. That has meant more then you will ever know. Not that I had much success this year with my writing, with two publishers frealing me around. That's what I get for not trusting my gut on it.

The misadventures in dating had alot of men shaking in their boxers. Nice to know I can still make men panic. Cause that is always a good affect on your ability to find a husband. Hey I don't call myself the Queen of Your Evil Dreams for nothing you know. I actually had one guy doing/saying things so that I would blog about him. Silly boy not like he deserved being blogged about, not like he's Shelley or Sabin or someone cool.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! Of course my rants about Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley brought readers this past year. Some agreed with me, others did not. That's cool. It was never about being right or wrong, it was about finding a way to talk about Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley. Simple. Everyone has their heroes and their crushes. My crushes just happened to be the most amazing tag team out there. That's not lip service either. If you watch Global Impact 2, or the episode from Oct 22nd 2009 (that was the Ultimate X match) you will see what I mean. But then again, how can a million fans be wrong ? (96% of my blog readers are members of the MotorCityMachine Guns! fan groups)

I can't.... still... again... no.

I have a few killer recipes that I don't want to share.
In my stupid wisdom the other week, I promised my most prized recipe to two people. I have no given it to them because I just can't.
It would be like giving out your best spell. I have tried to add it to my cooking blog twice and have deleted it both times.
Sorry can't do it. That recipe is mine and I don't want to share it.
It took a few years of trial and error to get it perfect. And when I say mine, I mean me coming up with it from scratch.
I want to hang on to it for my greedy little self for if I ever get a husband.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bridget Jones Was Never Fat

The character never goes up past 155 pounds, nor did the actress. That is not fat. That is average. And the actress gained the weight under the guidance of a personal trainer. She never got "fat" fat, she got bulky.

I've always been a larger sized woman, even when I was thin I was never small. Last summer, one of the bad dates I had made a comment about my weight. It was the Austin Aries -Look a -Like who, and I was in a nervous state cause this dude was so good looking, made the comment that I was "the small side of fat".

Uhm what is that suppose to mean?

When I was at my worst I was 300 pounds. (1999) No joke.
When I was at my worst in the other direction I was 120 pounds. (2004) No joke. That point I was sick. (Acid Reflux, Inflamed Liver and Gallstones) I was sitting at a nice healthy 135 pounds before the car accident. Now since I can't work out anymore, I'm at 159 pounds. It's tough man, but hey, if that's the trade off for having survived an accident the doctor's didn't think I should have survived, I am not going to complain.

So yeah, okay I'm a medium sized woman right now, and middle aged. Turning 36 in the spring has a very scary undertone to it.

And you're thinking what brought this on today and oh my god she just told the world her weight.

I was watching Bridget Jones's Diary just now. (And I'm short too, only 5 foot 7. ) Thinking how pathetic my love life has been, that I can identify with having had the "Daniel Cleaver" type guy in my life, but never the "Mark Darcy". This comes back to my post the other day about bad boys
and how I seem to be a magnate for them. The Trainwreck was the biggest Daniel Cleaver of them all.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Why would a women kill herself over a man?

Okay, this is going to be a scorcher. Was watching movie previews on iTunes Canada came across Romeo and Juliet. I think I am the only woman who didn't take to that film. But anyway, why is it that when a man leaves us, we get so destroyed that some women actually take their own life?
No man is worth killing yourself for. None.

You never hear about a man killing himself over a woman. It just does not happen outside of well Romeo and Juliet. And don't even start with the Twilight New Moon story line at me cause it's a retelling of Romeo and Juliet.

Follow me.

We get the worst end of it always. We women get so emotionally invested in you men that no matter what happens we never want to loose you. Ever.
Another thing I can't understand are women who try to fight to keep a cheating man. Watched that up close and personal for over 20 year and all I have to say is he wasn't worth it. If a man cheats on you then he is not worth your time and energy to fight for because he doesn't give a dren about you. When you have a situation where a woman cheats on a man, he doesn't bother trying to keep her. He just packs up his dren and finds the next warm body to shack up with. No crying, no over eating, no bad movies with more crying, no too much drinking, no spending too much money on shopping to feel better.
Why, because men don't care the way we do.

So why then would a self respecting so called independent woman decide to kill herself over some d*ck? And it happens all the time, specially between Nov 16th and Feb 19th. Like lemmings or something.

I've been cheated on enough times that I know how badly it hurts. How much damage it does to you're spirit. And I am all for cry fests, and over eating, and drinking too much and maxing out the credit cards to get you through. Cause no man is worth killing yourself over. Not even your favourite tag team.

What Am I To You?

As the year comes to a close we all start thinking about the way things have gone in the last 12 months.
This is also the end of a decade. Hard to believe we are that far into the new century.
So, as I sit here and evaluate my life, I can't help but wonder what am I to you?
Those of you who read me on a regular basis, how do I fit into your life?
Am I a buffer between yourself and your favourite tag team?
Am I the comic relief at the end of your week.
Am I your secret fantasy?
I'd like to imagine I am all the above and more.
Come on my Spudgun, your ghoul next door wants to know.

Friday, December 18, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Dec 17th 2009

Nice, iTunes Canada had it ready this morning.

We open with Foley tearing up an empty studio trying to beat up Nash. I think he did more damage to himself and the studio. All because he was sent to the wrong house. Um what the hell are you all doing? That was one of the worst gimmicks yet.

Abyss's promo was very good, hinting at what many of us did not get to see last week. I know there was a hardcore match that could not air on the network.

Brother Ray vs Matt Morgan in a lumberjack match. I can't call him the evil druid any more cause he actually got rid of the bad robe. Yay. Brother Ray started off looking strong in this with a series of forearms to the back and shoulders of Morgan. Morgan turned it around with a headbutt. He then got Ray backed into the corner for his trademark elbows then used a sidewalk slam for a near fall. Brother Ray then used a backdrop suplex on Morgan gaining a bit of control. Morgan got tossed out of the ring where upon Team 3D lumberjacks started their beatdown. Morgan got back into the ring where upon Brother Ray started in with a series of chops, but to no use. Morgan used a closeline on him just before Brother Ray rolled out of the ring to be beatdown by Morgan's lumberjacks. Morgan was about to go for his elevation suplex but Neal ducked in the ring for a low blow. This gave Brother Ray a chance to use a DDT for the win.

So the list for this weekends feast or fired line up includes half of World Elite. Eric Young better not loose! TNA would not be TNA without Young. Also The show will not be on next week (Dec 24th) but will return in two weeks for a special 4 hour episode on Dec 31st

The return of Jeff Jarrett. Very very cool. Too bad he had on a hat for a bad vampire movie. What is it with the men on this show and picking crappy vampire movies to talk about? Millions of vampire movies and .....

Jay Lethal vs Tatanka in another legend's challenge. I like Lethal I just hate the gimmick and the moo-moo. Lethal started off looking good with a series of punches but Tatanka used a short closeline knocking Lethal to the mat. He then used about 4 leg drops on Lethal. Lethal did manage to get a large set of knees to the back of Tatanka knocking him down before using a double sledge hammer off the top rope. Tatanka then sent Lethal flying with a brutal looking back body drop. He then used a death drop for the win. I am not sure what the point of this series is, if it is to present the legends for the upcoming show on Jan 4th? Or if it's to soon phase out this gimmick for Lethal? But you know, I did not ever think I would see Jay Lethal being the jobber in a match two in a row.

Daniels vs Wolfe. Wolfe went for his full nelson then turned it into a side headlock (I know it was not a side headlock but I missed what it was really called). Daniels got out of it only to have Wolfe slap it on again, twice. Daniels tried a rollthrough but Wolfe did not let go of the hold. Wolfe then used his knee to the shoulder of Daniels before tossing him across the ring. Daniels managed to get a side head lock of his own on Wolfe then got Wolfe down on the mat. I like that the crowd was split half chanting for Daniels half for Wolfe. Daniels got a wrist lock on Wolfe, and as Wolfe went for a roll to get out of it, Daniels hooked the leg for a near fall. Wolfe kicked out then used an upper cut. This then turned into a slap fest, before Daniels drove a flying knee into Wolfe's jaw. Daniels then used a top rope spring board for another near fall. Wolfe then used a flying hammerlock take down (FHD) for a near fall. Wolfe slapped a combo figure four armbar and cross face on Daniels but Daniels bit Wolfe's hand breaking the hold. This match hit it's ten minute time limit and was a draw.

Raven/Stevie/Steiner/British Invasion vs Styles/Angle/Tomko/Abyss/Lashley. Abyss pushed his team out of the way and hobbled in going right for Raven and Stevie. He sent them out of the ring with a large forearm then Raven bit Abyss's burned leg. Everyone else just kind of stood there for a minute. Steiner sent Lashley out of the ring, sending him from one guardrail to the other. This was not a match as much as pure chaos. The bell finally rang and we are in the ring with Brutus and Angle. Angle suplexed Brutus then tagged in the returning Tomko. Doug Williams tagged in only to get a boot to the shoulder from Tomko then got a large slam before Angle blind tagged himself back in. Brutus tagged back in as well and they double teamed Angle with the same necktie move they have been using as of late. Back and forth for a few minutes between the ring and the now street fight with Raven and the others before seeing Williams get suplexed once more by Angle. Then Big Useless ripped Tomko off the apron hard on to the floor breaking his nose by the looks of it. Styles finally tagged in, using closelines on Williams and Brutus. Styles got a roll up on Brutus for the win.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! promo was .... um er boys.... I notice, I care, I still think you need to do something about your hair and your pants Mr. Sabin. Not changing for anyone... that sounds like a reply to something, maybe Chris Sabin really is reading this? We'll talk. And what was with Alex Shelley's floppy arm thingie can he not sit still?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Are we addicted to bad boys?

One of my favourite movies is Last Days of Disco, and in it there is a scene where the character of Josh is talking about how the Disney movie Lady and the Tramp is a metaphor for the bad boy. The first time I saw Last Days of Disco, I was laughing and going "I totally get that".
For those who have not seen the movie, the scene breaks down the fact that Lady is a innocent little thing, and Tramp is a reckless slacker who is only out for himself, and compares it to the fact that when women get to a point in their lives they end up dreaming about guys who share those qualities. Makes sense when you think about it.
I did a post on the women's site I'm part of few weeks ago about why Twilight is bad for us. I pointed out the fact that both Edward and Jacob are abusive boyfriends. As you can guess, I got alot of the women on the site pissed off with me. And I care why? Well I don't. But that's another post for another time (oh wait I did that post already over a year ago and I'm too damned lazy to hunt for it. Think it was Sparkle and Shine?)
But it seems to be a trend we women keep making. Mistake after mistake after mistake. Somehow, for whatever reason we keep falling for men who are possessive, rude, disrespectful, liars and cheaters. I know I keep banging my head against the wall trying to understand why I keep falling for bad boys? Is this why? Because it's been programmed into us? Like Beauty and the Beast for example. Another classic film filled with a girl who gets kidnapped, isolated, terrorized, and lied to. Hmmm.
I have admitted that when watching wrestling, I always prefer the Heels over the Faces, because the Heels are more fun. (um my new obsession is Sheamus so what does that tell you) Also why I think so many women love Dracula. There's the ultimate bad boy. Jane Austen's novels have more bad boys then heroes, and even her heroes have a slight edge to them.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why Only Chris Sabin?

I used screen capture for this post

I got asked by my niece the other day
"But Gibby, why do you only want an interview with that one wrestler Chris Sabin and not an interview with Alex Shelley. When you say Alex Shelley is your idea of the sexiest man alive and total perfection? Wouldn't you be like dying to meet him and talk to him? And they are a tag team, so wouldn't you want to meet them both?"
Oh my, what a question. Well, the answer is simple, I like Alex Shelley too much to be able to handle interviewing him. I'm not professional enough a reporter and would be a total mess. I mean man, he's Dionysus in human form, my idea of the ultimate temptation. So really, it's always better to go with a safe bet. And Chris Sabin is a safe bet. Sad but true.
Not that it seems I'll ever be granted an interview. I've been talking about Mr. Sabin now for how long, and he's yet to reply.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Meanwhile in a messy room across town part 3

I was just checking messages and emails and such, and was reading an article about the whole Tiger Woods thing.
The article went on to talk about how our celebrities are just people in the end no matter how superhuman we really want them to be.

Um hello isn't that basically what I have been doing all this time with my nagging of Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley? As much as I desire them to be totally perfect and made of cloth by the gods, what fun would that really be? Seriously, if we did not remind them and ourselves in the process that at the end of the day, yeah they might have the coolest jobs around and be hotter then hell in a bathtub, at the end of the day they still need to use the bathtub.

Follow me.

Which reminds me, Mr. Sabin... the pants. *mad laughter on my part*

Canadian Celebrity I would Love to Meet part 7

Johnny Devine.


Former TNA talent (always a plus with me) who has made a smooth transition to Canadian Media darling. In fact, we're hearing more about him since he has.

His program on the Fight Network has started to make waves. The next big player in Gonzo journalism? Maybe.

When talking about Johnny Devine in the past, the same agreement went across the boards with fan groups, solid wrestler that the company did not use right. The second note people had to say in the past, the hair had to go.

The hair did and now he's hot.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Is this a meltdown?

I got a message from Freud half hour ago, out of nowhere, haven't heard from him in over a month. Haven't seen him in over 3 months.
He was his usual self, talking about coming over. I made the comment about I figured he would no longer be single. He said he wasn't.

Then why, I asked was he wanting to come over and why was he talking to me even?

His answer, cause he could.

That's not fair. It's not fair to me or to the chick he's dating. So I freaked out and then had a bit of a cry.
Not even sure why I reacted the way I did. But it really bothered me to hear him say that he was seeing someone and that he'd still like to be with me.

I seem to keep picking men who are cheaters. What's wrong with me?

We love the

Oh my. I'm still laughing. I've got to send you over to this morning. I just got my email updates for that site. Check out the Santa.
Mr. Taylor I worship your shadow.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

And I'm cute too

So the MRI was today. I am not one for fits of claustrophobia, this this today had me ready to hit the panic button. Literally.
They put me in this grid mask thingie then shoved me into a tube that looked like a cross between a tanning bed and an oven. Which I suppose is the same thing.
Then they told me to keep my eyes open, putting down this little rear view mirror thingie which reflected nothing but my knees. Yeah, nice eh?
So you're lying in this thing unable to move with ear plugs in and the whole thing starts to shake and make noise that sounds like a machine gun going off in rapid concession. And my appointment was for 3pm, but they told me to be there for 230pm. Um dude, if you want me there for 230 then wouldn't that mean my appointment is really for 230 and not 3pm ?
Doctor's always like to confuse people.
So now the hard part, the waiting. They said it could be up to a month before I get the results. Great, just what I needed, more time to think about the whole thing and freak out some more.

Condom Art. What?

Back few years ago, I got a phone call from Viva-Loca Homegirl Esq. She was stoned out of her mind and laughing like a wild boar. I made the mistake of asking her what was so funny.
"The condoms are slippery and the needle keeps ....owww... I keep sticking myself with the needle."

Um what?
She was a fashion designer and after having been drinking for hours, she got the brilliant idea she wanted to make a dress out of condoms. Okay my advice was a large pot of coffee and to put the sewing kit away.

Then we got thinking a few days later when she was sober-ish, about a photography project we were working on. We had decided to add the odd placed condom to a series of pictures we were doing. Was interesting to see how the meaning of a simple photo of a guitar subtly changed by adding a condom instead of a guitar pick. Or a vampire book surrounded by condoms the same colour as the book.

That's what it was like everyday hanging out with Viva-Loca Homegirl Esq. Life was unpredictable and I always laughed out loud. Some friendships don't last a long time, but they leave a massive impression on your lifetime.

So what got me thinking about this today? I was going through an old scrapbook looking for a few photos that I might be able to use for cover art for my full length novel and came across an entire scrapbook from the years she was in my life. VLHE is 11 years younger then me, and went from being a fashion designer to being an actor and a mom. Our lives took very different roads in the last 3 years. Very very different. She's the closest I can say I had to having a best friend.
Where is she now? You know that's a good question.

Friday, December 11, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Dec 10th 2009

iTunes Canada had it for download late again. Dude, this is killing me.

Kevin Nash was running the show. Interesting idea. Um... So he came to the ring with Eric Young. I'm listening to this line up of matches that Nash has in store for the night and I am rolling my eyes at it. Dude, I know the holidays are here, and you want to end the year's wrestling season on a fun light note, but I can see nothing good coming of this line up. I mean putting Eric Young in a match for his Global Belt against a Knock Out? Haven't we gone through that craziness enough with the whole Deaner having the Knock Out title storyline.

The recap of the news heard around the world, Jan 4th 2010 will have a 3 hour special that will be starting the Monday Night Wars. All the fans are a buzz with it, we at Blind Tag Blog had a small note on it this past week as well.

Lashleys vs Steiner/Kong in a mixed tag match. there's a shocker for ya. Steiner and Lashley started. Lashley slammed Steiner in the middle of the ring. Then Steiner ducked out of the ring before landing a few chops across Lashley's chest. Lashley turned it around by giving him a shoulder breaker then a suplex. Lashley went for an off the ropes move but Kong grabbed his legs knocking him to the mat. Kong kept trying to get tagged in but Steiner just ended up giving Lashley a closeline. Lashley turned it around again giving Steiner a tbone suplex. Crystal tagged herself in and got a scoop slam by Kong before Steiner covered her for a lazy pin. Kong was not happy.

Eric Young's promo was good. He just needs to stay away from the self tanner. Looking a little on the orange side there bud. You're Canadian, you should be pale and chalk white. Okay, now you know I have a rule about not writing about the women's division. But, since there was already one mixed match, and this for whatever reason happened .... Eric Young went up against Hamada in an intergender match. This is one of the only women wrestlers I ever bother to watch. This started with a collar tie up as Eric Young pushed her into the corner. Hamada got out of it and gave him a stiff spin kick to the jaw knocking him out of the ring. She followed it up with a series of head butts and chops to him. Getting back into the ring, Young turned it in his favour with a boot to the face. Hamada used a snap hurricanrana for a near fall. She then slammed him like he was a feather. Rolling out of the way of a moonsault, Young used the ropes for a pin... I mean I saw nothing but the win.

Team 3D/Rhino/Jesse Neal vs Suicide/Matt Morgan/Hernandez .... and Jesse Neal stole the Pope's trenchcoat. Dude, that was the trenchcoat I was waiting for someone to snag for me.... in a handy cap match. Rhino and Morgan started this. And right off, Morgan had Rhino in the corner for his series of elbows. Quick tag in by Brother Devon who got floored by another series of elbows and forearms by Morgan. Suicide tagged as did Brother Ray, in with an attempt on an arm drag. Suicide landed two deep hip tosses then a drop kick on Brother Ray. He was going for another top rope move but got pushed off onto the floor by Neal. He got back into the ring and went right into a boot from Brother Ray. Neal tagged in with a series of fists to the gut of Suicide. Rhino tagged in goring Suicide in the corner. Hernandez tagged in with a flying shoulder for Neal. He got a near fall with a very hard slam before everyone started to run into the ring causing chaos. Neal gored Hernandez for the win.

It was good to see Jay Lethal back again, even if it was only for a minute. But dude, the moo-moo has to go. Seriously.

A.J. Styles vs Wolfe in an "I paid for a title shot" match. Styles pushed Wolfe into the corner, as Wolfe hung onto the ropes. Wolfe then slapped a full nelson on Styles. He then turned it into a wristlock. He managed to keep this hold on Styles even as Styles got him up into a slam. This went on for a few minutes before Styles landed one of his double drop kicks on Wolfe. He went back to work on Styles' arm, adding a semi-bulldog sending Styles face first to the mat. Styles managed to get it back around to his favour with a backbreaker then his trademark spring board flying closeline. Wolfe then got him with a low blow but Styles got the roll up for the win.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! Chris Sabin in a singles match against all three members of British Invasion. Yeah it was a handy cap match. And banned Alex Shelley from ring side. I am going through withdrawls you realize that right? Doug Williams started this, getting Sabin in a wristlock. Sabin got out of it, and did a beauty of a leap frog over Williams. Sabin got thrown into the ropes, where Brutus kneed him in the back, but Sabin turned around and used a baseball slide to knock Brutus off the ring apron. And tossed Williams out of the ring. Then Big Rob the Useless got in and closedlined Sabin. Is Sabin okay? Doug Williams got back into the ring with a knee to Sabin's jaw and a forearm. The crowd chanting this sucks. Brutus tagged in, first legal tag of the match, and they double teamed Sabin with a cross necktie. Williams tagged right back in, with a boot to the face for Sabin. Dude is Sabin okay? Another quick tag as Big Rob the Useless got into the ring dragging Sabin around by the shaggy mess he calls a hair do. (our Hair Gel King knows I love him.) the crowd screaming you can't wrestle. For once I agree with the crowd Big Useless can not wrestle. He slammed Sabin from a near 7 foot drop. Is Sabin okay? I forgot, Sabin is part monkey and was able to get up and shake it off before attacking Big Useless with a flying forearm then a boot to the face. All three of the Brits were now in the ring, Sabin going to the top rope for a double drop kick on Brutus and Williams. Somehow Sabin managed to get a tornado in the corner on Big Useless Rob Terry for the win. The moved sort of looked like a sideways version of Alex Shelley's sliced bread. then Alex Shelley came down the ramp to collect what was left of Sabin.

Gibby what's your glitch now?

Dude, you're abandoning me?
Another one of my friends is in the "I think I want kids" stage of their life.
Perfect, just perfect have us living in the field like cattle. Just had that line from Interview with the Vampire stuck in my head.

It was like we were sitting on one end of the playground looking across at the sea of monsters at the parents on the other end of the playground and they jumped up and ran to that side. (talking metaphorically now) They left me alone on my side of the playground. How evil rude of you.

I will guess that they have fallen in love? Stupid -stupid-stupid. Why is it, whenever my friends get into a new relationship they start talking about kids? Is that like a peer pressure thing to start desiring monkey-poo?
It's a disease right? That's how I know I have never been in love. Never wanted any kids. And that's how I will know I have honestly fallen in love.

If I ever look at a guy and start talking about pushing out a litter of puppies then I know I've truly fallen in love. And that I am doomed.

So far so good, no monkey-poo for me.

And why is it, the only guys I am meeting any more are single dads? What, was there a sale on at Canadian Tire one afternoon or something? Buy one monkey-poo and get the second half off?
Get really icky when you are standing in line for the damned bus and some guy with a double stroller covered in monkey-poo vomit and sticky fingerprints starts smiling at you and telling you that his oldest monkey-poo has just started teething and sleeping through the night.

Um okay, and this has what to do with me? Nothing. Right. Then why do the single dads continue to chat me up when I am out places. I thought I sent off "so not interested" vibes with my ipod in my ears and my arms crossed or on my cell phone. But no, the single dads zero in and start doing their little dance of balancing one kid on their hip and the dipper bag over their shoulder while they smile and wink and try to catch the flying toys their monkey-poos are throwing at other people.

That really doesn't impress me. At all. And for me to really fall in love, honestly 100% fall in love, looking at the guy with the desire to push out a litter of puppies he's going to have to be a total god. Like Dionysus in human form. (yeah I know I have called Alex Shelley, Dionysus in human form) And no man so far has had that affect on me.

Wow, I really am incapable of loving someone.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Okay Boys You know who you are

I'm going to have to create a new classification of lunatic for you. Having fans is fabulous, having people who comment even better.

But you know, I've just kind of gotten tired and have this to say

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

But what do you want to do?

Julie and Julia came out on dvd today. I had to rent it. I saw it back in the cinema this summer, and read the original book by Julie Powell, and am half way through the book My Life in France by Julia Childs.

I was suppose to be reading the next book for review from Harper Collins Canada, but I just did not feel like it today.
What I did do, was rent the movie and decide I wanted to spend the day cooking. I haven't been really serious about food in 10 years. Before I became a vegetarian I used to cook every night of the week. Roasted chicken with cous-cous and peppers in a yogurt sauce. Meatloaf with scalloped potatoes and green beans. Casseroles with home made tea biscuits. You get the idea.
I was good at it too. Not great, but no one ever starved. I can even make Fish and Brews. Not that I ever liked seafood. Hate it actually, even more so since becoming vegetarian 9 years ago.

Anyway, today I made a Hashbrown casserole, and a potato/asparagus cream soup. Still have to make the stock for the vegetable soup.

So there is one burning question in the movie that both characters face "what do you want to do?" Cooking ends up being the answer one gives and does it by doing a cook book and Writing is the answer the other gives, and does it by cooking then blogging it.
Cooking and Writing.

Hmmm. So while I was mixing up the casserole, I was letting my mind drift to that question. I want to write. But other then that, I want to paint, make videos, edit movies, basically just create. Which I do now.
So if I am doing what I want then why do I still feel like a bucket of dren? Then I thought maybe I picked the wrong role model?
I have been framing my life after Dorothy Parker. And I realized from what I have managed to learn of her, she had 2 failed marriages and a failed love affair. Great mind, fabulous skills as far as being a literary genius, but not really good at the domestic side.

So what is it that I want to do that I am not doing? To be useful, to be needed, to be someone's wife.
Am I going to find my purpose through cooking? Maybe who knows, but at the moment it's a great form of meditation. You tend to stop thinking of the stress in your life and focus for the few minutes it takes to chop an onion or mix a batter ,on the moment.

I think the one Yule gift I am going to buy myself this year is Julie Powell's second book Cleaving A Story of Marriage, Meat and Obsession. It came out last week. That and I am really coveting a new spice rack. The steel kind with the two shelves that spins and hold 40 spice bottles.

Dec 8 : Story Time

I don't talk about my family too often on here. I mean, yeah I bitch about my mom or sister but, I don't talk about my family. It's been 24 years since Thomas died. Hard to keep things straight now it's been so long.
I remember he played the accordion. Yeah, you read right, the accordion. Do people outside of Newfoundland even still consider that an instrument? Not sure.
He made wooden furniture and toys. Someone told me that he'd been in construction too at one point, and of course he had been a fisherman/lobsterman when he'd lived in Newfoundland still. The woodworking was after he came to the mainland.
He told the best stories. And heaven forbid you got between him and the tv when Search for Tomorrow was on. I know eh? He got hooked on that soap opera cause it was the only thing on at lunch time other then the news. He's the guy who got me hooked on wrestling.
He used to make these wooden toy boats. Well, not really toys as much as show pieces. Always green and red with a black trim. Never thought to ask why it was always the same boat. So that's what I remember of my Grandfather, on the 24th anniversary of his death.

Monday, December 7, 2009

There is a crack in the mirror

Okay you freaks geeks and rejects. In other words, my dear readers, my Spudgun, my pets, my male fans, my fellow Goonies.

You know, I hate secrets. Maybe why I analyze everything to death and drive my social circle into premature craziness.

Hey guess what, I wrote something pretty on the other blog. It's something to make you think and hopefully the right person will have a reply to it. And that right person will know who HE is.

The Empress and Queen of Pentacles cards

The Empress : Fruitful, action, initiative, length of days, the unknown, natural, emotional and material abundance, femininity, creative and physical growth, intuitive emotions, protective love, a happy marriage, domestic stability, wealth, harmony, strength after an illness, natural course of events that proves beneficial.
The Goddess card. The Mother card. The foreshadowing of a baby.

Queen of Pentacles : Gifts, a good marriage, greatness of soul, opulence, generosity, liberty, security, birth, mother, an independent woman who is interested in the creative arts.

These two cards have been showing up lately in my readings. The two are connected, as both are material/physical manifestation cards and both represent motherhood.

I can't go into what my readings were about, but I can tell you that I was shocked to get these cards. And to add to this, images that have been coming to me in other forms. Eggs and Flowers.
Two more symbols connected to motherhood.

What's going on here? I have gotten the hint that the goddesses are tapping me on the shoulder with the ever present fact cats and bears keep popping up in my life. Cats being the totem for the goddess Bast and Bears being the totem for the goddess Artemis. I have been trying to balance my life with more domestic roles but seems I'm not doing a good enough job to make them happy.

For those who have been reading this blog on a regular basis, you know every once and awhile I post about a tarot card that is haunting me. The consent presence as of late of the two major motherhood cards has bothered me.
That has never been a path I have ever chosen. But again, this could be pointing to pure creativity. In which case they would make sense as the book is the big thing in my life right now. Getting the book finished and published.

Let's hope that's all the Goddesses are trying to do for me.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

But Gibby, that will shred you Continued

So I heard back today from the hospital about the MRI.
Seems since my surgeries were over a year ago (arm 19 years ago, right ankle 12 years ago, left ankle 7 years ago) they feel I will be fine in the MRI machine.

So it's game on for trying to discover why I have been having these skull shattering headaches.
Which I have not had one of since they booked the appointment. Why is that every time you finally get the doctor's appointment the thing bothering you stops?

Does this make me feel any better? None.
I am scared, just terrified what might be causing these headaches.

I have been trying not to think about the whole thing, try to work on my crappy little book that I am hating, and try to just get back into a regular routine. As you can see by my last post where I started nagging Chris Sabin about something new. Just trying to keep it light.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Has Anyone Noticed this about .... Chris Sabin?

I used screen captures for this post

When a wrestler comes out to the ring in their "street clothes" they normally have more then one set.

What is up with his pants?
Seriously, is it the same pair that he's been wearing all year on the show or does he just own stock in that company or something? He has been on camera for the past year in the same brown pants. Did he loose his luggage one day when getting to the Impact Zone or something? Did someone tell him how hot he looks in those and he decide they were the "fashion statement"? Did he loose a bet? Is he trying to win a bet?

Now, these are random screen captures taken from different points in the last year. There's one from May 2009, June 11th 2009 episode and one from Dec 3rd 2009 episode.
He wears the same outfit all the time, those brown pants and the grey MotorCityMachine Guns! shirt. (The shirt is fine. I understand the promoting the shirt and all men look sexy in grey)

What would it take, who do I need to bribe to get Mr. Sabin to wear a pair of pants in another colour just once on the show?

I am sure Mr. Sabin was sitting around breathing a sigh of relief thinking I was done nagging him cause I have been busy with other things and haven't talked about his shaggy mess he calls hair in awhile, but now, he's most likely throwing his laptop out a window cause I'm back.

Kiss Kiss Noise.

Friday, December 4, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Dec 3rd 2009

Had to wait for it to be available on Spike TV official website. As there is something wrong today with iTunes Canada.

We opened with Wolfe in the ring. Talking about the fact he tapped out at the last ppv. And side note, Wolfe that was gross. Took a minute to realize he was inside a Six Sides of Steel cage, because the picture on there is so dark. Kurt Angle came down to the ring, but Wolfe had locked himself inside. Angle climbed in and what I don't understand is why did Wolfe not climb out?

The TNA commercial was cute, with the idea that everything you want from TNA you can get for Christmas. But I really don't see how Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin would fit under my tree.

Pope and Suicide's promo did not come across as very thought out. Sorry boys tray again.

Homicide vs Suicide. Okay I have to say cliche much. Suicide slapped a side headlock on Homicide, turning it into a takedown. Homicide got out of it for a second but Suicide slapped another on him keeping him to the mat. Homicide turned it around again knocking Suicide down with a hard shoulder slam, then continued to work on Suicide's shoulder. Homicide got him up in what was starting to look like a piledriver, but it seemed like he lost his grip and dropped him on the wrong part of his neck. Suicide some how got up and gave Homicide a kick to the face followed by a drop kick. Suicide got the win with a backslide.

Jesse Neal vs the Pope. Damn it I still want that trenchcoat. This started with a collar tie up and led to Neal kneeing Pope in the gut. Pope was going for a top rope move but Neal gored him nearly 5 feet before he fell off the ring apron landing on the floor. Neal then got a near fall. Pope turned it around with a series of chops before Neal got him up for a reversed shoulder breaker. Pope got the win though with a double knee plant to the back.

World Elite's Eric Young/Kevin Nash vs Beer Money Inc. Young and Storm started. Storm got a vicious looking closeline on Young knocking him down. Roode tagged in, and they double teamed Young for a bit, dropping knees and elbows. Roode got a large slam on Young. Nash tagged in with a large fist to Roode's gut. Storm jumped in and just started to wail on Nash. They took this to the floor and it was everyone everywhere. Young and Roode got back into the ring and Young nailed him with a knee/elbow combo. Nash tagged back in using a series of knees on Roode. Young tagged back in getting a near fall before Roode kicked out. Storm tagged in with a few forearms to Young's skull before using a backbreaker on him for a near fall. Young got the win with a piledriver.

Daniels promo was odd. He went against Abyss. Daniels started off mocking Abyss. This was the joke/jobber match of the night right? Daniels got a side headlock on Abyss but it was turned into a slam. Daniels ran around the ring but ended up with a boot to the chest. Daniels used a distraction to get a roll up on Abyss for the win.

Kurt Angle vs Raven/Dr. Stevie in a handy cap match. Angle was cornered by both men before Stevie managed to get Angle on the ropes. Raven used a boot to the throat, before Angle rolled out of the ring. Raven and Stevie double teamed him by tossing him into the guard rail. Stevie got two near falls. Then gored Angle in the corner. Angle then used a double closeline knocking both men down. He then used a series of suplexes on them sending Stevie out of the ring. Angle slapped the ankle lock on Raven for the win.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! Alex Shelley vs World Elite's Doug Williams in a singles match. Mr. Shelley gets sexier every week doesn't he? The ref sent Brutus Magnus to the back and was about to send Chris Sabin when Brutus knocked Sabin to the floor. And the match started. Williams blindsided Shelley with an elbow but Shelley managed to turn it around with a second rope spring board that landed a wicked kick to William's skull. Williams rolled out of the ring, but Shelley went for a suicide dive planting it perfectly into his chest, Shelley landing on his feet. Nice. And then we got a close up of Shelley's butt, thank you cameraman. Williams rolled back into the ring and Shelley went straight for a top rope cross body for a near fall. Williams then got Shelley up in a move I think they called the TorriSpecial, which was pretty much a low reversed widow's peak and planted him onto the top turnbuckle. Williams then got Shelley in a side surfboard that looked like it really craned Shelley's neck. Shelley flipped out and got a near fall, but Williams once again worked on his back with a backbreaker. Shelley got out, but Williams strung him up in the corner with a hard kick to the innerworkings. It only slowed Shelley down for a few seconds before he came back with a series of kicks for another near fall. Williams managed to get out of it and climb to the top rope for a back elbow knocking Shelley down. Shelley got the win with his trademark Sliced Bread. Beauty.

Almost Alpha

Hey my smutty werewolf story was published this week in Online Pagan Project Magazine.
I've had some feedback already on it, both good and bad.

Those of you who read my blogs know I'm not afraid to go for the throat in things, so it was to be expected the mixed reviews. No worries, it's just nice to have someone outside of Erin reading my stuff for once.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Scream if you like TNA

Head count, roll call.

I know I get more hits on this thing for my TNA wrestling posts then for me, which is cool. People sharing my crazy obsession with the X-Division and the MotorCityMachine Guns!
Love it.

It would be nice to if you all left some love on the blog. Interact with me on this. I also do a wrestling blog with WWEGIRL and we have started to do profiles of wrestlers. We need feedback. Need to know what you all think about the work we've been putting in to it.

Don't forget, we've got a site for wrestling too. Which is a wrestling fan community site. You and us and who knows who else might stop in.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

But Gibby, that will shred you

Me: I finally got that damned MRI booked

Erin: MRI? Why would Dr. S. book you for an MRI? You have 3 pounds of metal in your body. An MRI will shred you like hamburger.

Me: So I should cancel it then?

Erin: What's the MRI for?

Me: The skull crushing headaches.

Erin: Thought you had medication for those migraines?

Me: This is different skull crushing headaches. More then migraines. Worse.

Erin: Oh Gibby. Dr. S. should know better then to order you an MRI. You'll never get to meet your tag team Chris whoishis name and that Alex Whatis handle if you are dead ...well not like you have much of a chance to meet them as it is. *Deep laughter* But you really won't get to meet them if you're dead. Ripped apart by an MRI machine. Ordering an MRI for someone who's half metal is just stupid. It's a bad idea.

Me: Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Erin: Well, Gibby I don't want to see you dead.

Me: I meant about the tag team part and never having a chance to meet them.

Erin: You're welcome on that. Got to keep your head out of the clouds.

If you remember, I have said a few times I am suppose to be going in next week for an MRI.
My friend Erin, who is a nurse doesn't think it's a good idea at all. So I phoned the hospital and left a message for them to call me back on the topic.

I hate my book

I am not happy at all with the way things are coming with my book.
I let someone else talk me into doing a collection of short stories which, even though I wrote them, I have no real connection to. I wrote 3 of them 12 years ago, and the re-writes are killing me. The other two, well the one is the smutty werewolf story, and the last is one I can't seem to find the voice for.
Not happy.

What's killing me the most is, that I dropped a novel to do this project. A novel I have been working on since April, that I love. A novel that is so rich in characters, one that has parts of my own childhood in it, to do this project.
I am mad at myself for that.

And the worst part is, the collection of shorts, I have other people now invested in it. The person who is giving me the loan and the person who is doing the cover art.


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