Monday, December 21, 2009

Are we compatible?

I was out for groceries yesterday, and this guy came up to me asking if I had a smoke.
"No. Sorry."
Not a strange thing as this is a city of smokers and it happens all the time. This was one time I had wished that I did simply because I would have liked a reason to linger around him.
This dude had pale skin, chocolate brown eyes and jet black hair. You can very well guess who he reminded me of.
So there's me standing for a few seconds like a total goofball waiting to see if he's going to say anything, but no he just nodded and smiled and nodded again then ran across the street to the church.
What is it about men with that combo that makes me melt? Every guy I have dated (other then Dargo, who had ice blue eyes) has had pale skin, brown eyes and dark hair. Guess I am just really looking for that Gomez Addams type.
And I heard his buddy saying he wanted a tattoo of his zodiac. Yes of course I was listening in. I heard Mr. Dark Hair say he was a Gemini. Then I had to cross the street cause there was no more reasons for me to be there.
I started thinking about all that. Is that part of my problem with relationships, that I never end up with compatible zodiac signs? And yes I am a horoscope junkie. I'm an Aries, and my exes have all been Pieces or Cancer. No wonder we never worked right, I'm a fire sign they were all water signs. My Chinese zodiac is Tiger, and I know Trainwreck was a Sheep. Bad bad bad, I see that now 6 years after the mess.
Aries are suppose to be most compatible with Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Tigers are suppose to be most compatible with Pigs and Dogs.
That's of course if you go just by the Sun signs and not bother to check out the rest of the stuff like the Rising signs, or Moon placement or etc.
Alot of people will say none of that matters, but dude I am seriously looking at it and saying it does. *deep sigh*

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