Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Deadgirl -Movie Review

I am not sure where to start with this one. Or if I should even be promoting it.
Kidnapping, Rape, Murder. Not in that order.

Dee Snider's Strangeland was a disturbing film.
Hard Candy was a disturbing film.
Kissed was a disturbing film.
They have nothing on Deadgirl.
The film was beautifully shot, the acting was amazing, the sfx were equally fitting, but the plot line itself left me in disbelief the whole time. I am not even sure how this film got made.

Plot: Two teenaged boys skip school and discover what they at first think is a dead body. As they try to move the body, the woman wakes up. JT, frustrated with his life decides to rape her. Ricky tries to save her. Quickly word gets out that JT has a sex slave, and they murder to keep the secret.

Necrophilia, addiction and insanity are the underlining subplots of this unconventional vampire movie. I was both put off and riveted by this film.
It makes you wonder about the writer who created the screenplay.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Knitting Circles

Is this a trend on the rise or just a fad gimmick?
Is there a difference?

I don't knit. I have tried but just can't get the hang of it, and find it far from relaxing.
Yet, Ninja knits, Erin knits, Butterfly knits, mom knits. All the women in my family and social circle knit. A couple of their husbands knit too.

Then I read an article on yahoo Canada about men social knitting clubs. What's going on here? Is knitting becoming the new "it" thing for nights out?
That would be right up there with Bingo and Bowling on my list of things you will never get me to do. And I have tried Bingo and Bowling in high school 20 years ago. Yet again two things the people in my social circle swear by.

I need a new Urban Family

Now you got me drooling

He was my Canadian Celebrity I want to Meet part 1 and with good reason. Guess what, the long long awaited next album by Hugh Dillon is about to be released.
I have made it a point of not buying physical cds any more and usually download stuff from iTunes Canada, but since that can lead to loosing the songs when a crash happens, I will be driving my local HMV staff crazy till I have one in my greedy little paws.
I got to hear a few songs on his official website and dude, all I can say is best thing I have heard in a long while.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Mr. Bennet!

Back to the All Jane Austen Challenge. 6 challenges in 6 months.
I quickly did 1-5 in under 3 months because I knew the final challenge was going to drive me crazy.
The final challenge is an "essay" on the men of all the Jane Austen novels.

Mon Dieu!
That is a tall order for a normal super woman. And given my lack of any kind of official degree in English Lit or Psychology I am not a super woman. And given the state of this blog in my desperate crazed rantings about a lack of a husband, well you get where I am going with this.

Dude what's with the french?

It's the only thing I ever picked up on in French class. And that's only from reading Anne Rice novels.
But I am already seeing a pattern starting. First it was All Jane Austen, now it's the All Vamp Challenge, and I can feel it starting to want to be done, the All Anne Rice challenge.

So I will just pencil you all in for that start date will be May 2. We all agree that is workable for us?

And your essay?

I am totally lost on how to tackle that one.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Anyone else notice this about Alex Shelley? part 2

I used screen captures again for this post

This was too frealing easy a post. Seriously.
Remember the other day I did this post here , well I was watching Youtube and saw this interview the MotorCityMachine Guns! did with JB, and in the course of a 4 minute interview, Alex Shelley was scratching again, 3 different times.

Dude are you giving me stuff to nag about on purpose? Because like I said in the last post, if your heroes have too many flaws then they become just men, and when that happens then you start to think they are accessible.

What do I mean by that you are asking?

Well, you start to think that they might be in your league. There is some weird twisted psychology going on here, maybe I need to see Freud again?

Twitch City or How I am a Television Show Part 2

I first blogged about this show back here but damn it, I thought I should talk about it again.

I think the best episode of this show was #5 "I'm Fat and I'm Proud".
It's the one where Newbie moves in and Curtis starts having control issues. It's all about the remote.

Why I think it's fabulous is that it defines the whole show. That and I have totally done that.

Curtis is such a tv junkie he carries the remote around with him at all times. The character has Agoraphobia and becomes house bound through the course of the series. Which, I have to admit has happened to me few years ago, after I had surgery on my ankle.

And this is the episode with Hugh Dillon as the customer in the corner store.

To E-Book or Not to E-Book that is the Question Part 6

They won't publish me because I am Canadian.

The smutty werewolf story people.

Said I had too many typos. I submit to places all the time that are American based that slap me for using Canadian spelling but still print me. Sometimes they change it to american sometimes they let the article be Canadian. But they are frealing smart enough to know the difference between a Country's spelling and a real typo.

Whatever it's over.

Get a Life...even an Undead one

I used screen capture for this post

Oh my. I think I have something to do for the next few months other then ramble on about how sexy the MotorCityMachine Guns! are.

I mean, poor Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin I love you. Kiss Kiss Noise.

Seriously, I got to hang out tonight with a local author Stacey Voss, which you will be hearing alot about trust me on this, and she needs an Assistant.
It's a volunteer gig but hey, she's a published author who lives here in town. I work on her publicity tour, learn a few pointers that I am totally messing up on so far, get out of the apartment, get some free books, connect with others etc you get the picture.
The best part is she's very sweet. It's rare to meet strong women who are nice. And she writes vampire novels. Yay!
It was just so spiffy to meet another writer here in town who did not turn up their nose to vampires. There is maybe a short handful of writers here, most of whom write sci-fi or religious themes.

Speaking of Mr. Shelley and Mr. Sabin, when will we see tag team belts around their waists again? Even though you know you have to take the belt in for Alex cause he needs to eat something. Really, would 5 pounds kill you? No it would not.
I wonder what they consider decent vampire movies?
Hey Mr. Shelley, Mr. Sabin, I know on the show last week (Sept 17th 2009 episode) you talked about .... mocked actually, vampire movies and romance novels, boys, what do you consider a good vampire movie?
And why do men hate romance novels? Guess I can't really say that, given - and brace yourself for this one- half the romance novels on the market in the last decade were written by men under pen names. I know I was as shocked as you are. So there are more men out there who like a good steamy seduction in their stories then are willing to admit.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

To E-Book or Not to E-Book that is the Question part 5

And the answer is Not to E-Book

The publishers did not like my short story. No idea why, got one of those generic rejection letters just saying
"Thank you for your submission but you are not what we are looking for at this time"

No please feel free to submit again at a later date.
No we'll keep your name on file for future reference.

No reason why they didn't want me.

You know, I can handle being rejected by a man cause so used to it. But I am not good at career rejection. I don't get rejected for projects. This was like a physical slap to the face.

I'm gonna go hang myself in the oven

Just because I don't talk about TNA Impact enough...part 2

I used screen captures for this post

Everyone has a hobby, finding reasons to blog about TNA Impact is mine. Okay it's my sick obsession and I really need a new thing to do but not today. Today we blog!

Hey haven't I read this opening before?

Yes yes you did. And encase you didn't notice, the title says part 2. Oh and P.S. thanks people for not pointing out I spelled entrance wrong last time.

Anyway, let's blog shall we. This way my pets down the crypt stairs and over to the corner of the library where the large book of knowledgeness sits. Open it to page 666 chapter 6 verse 6 .... well this is my blog post what did you expect entering a six sided ring from stage left with pyro and an entrance song? No no no, we're going Crypt Keeper for this...

My reason today is simply because when I did the review this week I had to watch it on youtube and could not take screen captures. iTunes Canada had it available for download this morning, so I got it and here is a sweet screen shot of the MotorCityMachine Guns!

Now you get the joke about not having open jars around these boys.
As you all know, I don't have cable so I don't watch much in the way of television shows. I get TNA Impact weekly from iTunes Canada (and freak out when it's late)
I get they wanted to do a detective spoof as those have always since the beginning of television the most popular night time shows. But it could have been handled alot better then it was. The first part with Lethal and Creed was lacking in flavour, and the second part was too short. Yes I am just saying it was too short cause it was Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin. Also, you couldn't hear them over Foley and JB.
Speaking of JB, that is really bad fake smoking. Really bad. But you got my interest with the idea that JB is sneaking around in Foley's office after hours. That's footage I would love to see.

Friday, September 25, 2009

To E-Book or Not to E-Book that is the Question. Part 4

The story is written. Whoo and a Hoo
Now I just have to do the dreaded grammar check and fix any spots where I have too many and then he did...and then she said.... cause I tend to to that alot when I am working on a long scene with only two people in it.
And that's all this is, one long scene with two people in um werewolves in it.

It seems to be classed as a "novelette" as I am just scrapping under 10,000 words for it, and 4 chapters.

Though to be honest, chapters didn't feel right putting in it as it is so short.

SIDENOTE***** it's now 7am on Saturday Sept 26th 2009.
I have been up all night editing the final draft for grammar and spelling. Have just finished the query letter and sent the story off to the publishers.
Should know in a few days if it is accepted.

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Sept 24 2009

Had to hunt it down on the internet again this morning.

We open with a mugging. Retarded.

Then onto World Elite. I really dig the new look Eric Young has going right now. Spiffy very spiffy.
It's good to see him having a proper spotlight.
Eric Young/Kurt Angle vs Hernandez/Matt Morgan the evil druid. Bashir was on mic for this match, and I gotta tell ya, Bashir did a wicked job. Let's have Bashir commentate more often.
Evil Druid Matt Morgan got the win.

Suicide vs Pope in a street fight. Blah. As far as I am concerned that is already 3 strikes in this match. Why do you insist on having street fights? There's no talent needed for one of those . Suicide won.

Rhino vs Devon. Double Count out

I haven't shown love to the editing crew in a while. You did a wicked job on the ppv flashback. Once again it was edited in a sensible quick way without alot of extra goop. You get a cookie. Don't worry mom baked them this week their good shortbread with cherries.

A.J. Styles being the Heavy Weight Champ. The crowd chanting "you deserve it" for once I can not argue with the live audience. This is a big show of respect and admitting talent from the creative team/heads of the company. And it's about frealing time!

Daniels vs Homicide vs Samoa Joe in a three way. Hey that's Vince Russo at ringside in the red isn't it? And an evil clown face on Homicide's pants. Someone been reading Stephen King
Joe won keeping his title.

Holliday vs Lashley. When did Holliday become a jobber?

Foley/Abyss vs Booker/Steiner for the titles. Foley turned on Abyss. Blood everywhere. Dude, I hope someone changes the mat every show. Can you guys wash it like laundry or do you have to buy new ones?

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! Damn, remind me never to leave any open jars around them, Alex Shelley pouring it back in the jug, they do have off putting theme music now that you mention it, and did my ears hear right did Foley tell Chris Sabin to get a hair cut?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

To E-Book or Not to E-Book that is the Question part 3

Okay first sex scene is finished. Whoo.
Werewolf mythology created. Double Whoo.

My fingers are cramped up from typing and I have eye strain from the computer.

Next is the transformation scene for our werewolves. That will be difficult as I can't have it too graphic.

I have managed to zip through 2 of the main categories simply with my word count being over 2000 words. But honestly, do they want decent or quick? I can't give both. It's one or the other.
Anyone who has read my blog knows I can't have a low word count. It's just not in me, I like to ramble.
And any man who has ever been with me knows I don't do quick either.
Chew on that tasty afterthought for a while.

Back to the smutty werewolves.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

To E-Book or Not to E-Book that is the Question part 2

Okay deep breath, in , out, relax shoulders. I am going to do this. Yes. I am going to write the smutty short story.
Alrighty then, I sat down and got my lead character named and the name of his love interest and then got up and cleaned the bathroom.
I think I am doing very well don't you?

So it's a smutty werewolf story. I can do smutty werewolves, or so I need you all to tell me.

To E-Book or Not to E-Book that is the Question

So this day has brought me something I never thought would happen.
A chance with a real publisher. Only thing is they deal with only E-books.

I have never been totally settled with the whole E-book thing, which is mind blowing considering I blog and write for an online women's magazine.
But the idea of having my work in paper print is still something I dream about.

The other issue, this company deals with Erotica. Not my genre, not my style. Can I pull this off?

The difference between what I write and Erotica is more then just the amount of sex in the story, but the kind of sex in the story.
My work is almost a sub-genre all it's own. I write more sex/language then what you would find in a Young Adult book but very prim and proper vanilla sex scenes. Usually with shots of paranormal/supernatural elements. (I really must create a new classification of lunatic for you)
Guess you can say I write Adult-Young Adult. I am confusing myself.

So do I try my hand at Erotica with this publisher or not?

Meanwhile in a divorce court across town

My mom just laid the worst news on me.
One of my cousins just ended her marriage. Great thanks a lot. Like my life wasn't crappy enough as it was, now you tell me there is one more single woman in the family to compete with.

Why don't I just go hang myself in the oven?

Not that we are really all that shocked. Seems it's never been a crime to be a slut in our family. Yeah I said it.

This is why you should live with someone for a few years first, find out if you are really in love or if you just want the big frilly white dress.
Damn, I am brutal today aren't I? Getting really bitter in my old age.
But seriously, I just don't understand how the members of my family can treat marriage so casually. They go through men like tampons. That metaphor was a pun intended by the way. You'll get that one in a few minutes.
This cousin I am bitching about only got married last November. She wasn't even married a year, barely with the man for a year and half total, and she divorced him. What's wrong with you?

Our Grandmother didn't raise us this way.

Moral of the story, if it's just the "wedding" you are after then throw yourself a frealing party, don't get married if you are not inlove and in it for the long haul.
Live with the person and skip the messy wedding.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Are there any single straight men left on this planet? part 16

I logged into that dating site again today. I have no clue as to why, as I know there is no one on there for me.
Creature of habit I am yes.

Anyways, I was doing the search looking for something in a 26-34 year old; when I got kicked from Canada to the United States.

What? How did that happen?

Weird I know. Okay, click back on the "Canada" search, I hit the second page results, poof it happens again, I am back on the American search. Whats going on here?
Must be some sort of glitch, so I start the whole search requirements from scratch. And the results all come up "5000 results for your search"
I go to look at this one guy's profile cause he was cute, dark hair, dark eyes, 26, and lives in Michigan.

No joke, it did it to me again.
This would be funny as hell if it wasn't so creepy, given my obsession with the MotorCityMachine Guns!.

What are all the Ontario men hiding?
Did a big truck full of Canadian men move to the U.S.?
Have I offended all the single straight Canadian men with my celebrity crushes to the point they have voodooed me?
Dude, no idea.
No clue.
I checked my settings again to make sure nothing was altered. I'm all listed as being Canadian, looking for a guy within 25 miles of my city.
I am terrible with math but isn't Ann Arbor over half a day from here? So wouldn't that make 25 miles some place a hell of a lot closer?
I am thinking it would, so then why am I getting kicked to the American search with crazy results like guys in Michigan ?

Does the search results know something I do not?
Is the universe trying to slap me upside the head with a fry pan?

Maybe the moose really did eat all the straight single men? Either way, I knew there was no one for me on that dating site.

Are there any single straight men left on this planet? part 15

Freud stopped by, at 11:30 PM.
Guess what for.
I was glad to see him, just his timing was off. Freud seems to pick the bad time of the month every time he wants to get together.

Dude you are killing me here.

I know I am just playing with fire with him, but it's nice to know I crossed someone's mind even if it was just an after thought for a few seconds.

When the doorbell rang my first thought was the neighbour's had locked themselves out. The worst part is the next thought I had was Dargo would never stop by this late without calling first so it must be Trainwreck. I did not even think of Freud.
How silly and down right retarded of me, as Dargo disappeared almost 3 years ago, and Trainwreck walked out on me 5 years ago.

Old habits cling like blankets in the middle of the night and burn harder then a steel fire poker through the heart.

So not expecting company. I haven't shaved my legs in over a week.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Anyone else notice this about Alex Shelley?

I used screen capture for this post

You knew I could not behave myself for long. Didn't even make it 24 hours.
Remember this post here when I was asked why I don't blog more about Alex Shelley.

Well, he's perfect.
I don't want to "ruin him" by nagging at him and making him accessible. Cause if your heroes are found to have too many faults, then they are reduced to just men, and if they are reduced to just men then you can get the idea in your head that they are accessible.
Right. Huh?

But, has anyone else noticed that the god himself has well, a habit?
I have noticed this and as cute as it is, I have to wonder what's going on there?

I am talking about his scratching.
Should we worry?
Is it dandruff?
Is he playing with a scar?
Is it a nervous twitch?
He does it alot. Normally when he's doing a promo. But I have seen him scratching when he's been in the ring waiting for the match to start. It's like he can't keep his hands off his...skull.

Don't even get me started on the gum chewing.

I did it again.

I am in love with my lead character.

I did this once before. Back in 2003, I wrote a romance novel and made my lead such a strong presence that I was dreaming about him.
I spent 3 months solid writing that story. One of the few pieces I have actually finished too I might add.

Seems I have done it again.
I have almost completed my new novel. My deadline is Oct 31st. And I am nearly there. All the puzzle pieces are in place, and the final conflicts are about to unravel.
And I find myself dreaming of my lead.

Does that mean I made him perfect?
Or does it mean that I just really need to start dating again? Not sure.
I have been working on this one since April.

When I wrote the other one back in 2003, I did not have the internet at home, so I was not distracted. The distractions this time around have been craziness.
I was once told that if you do not fall in love with your characters no one else will. If you are not drawn in by them, readers won't be either.

Cross your parts and hope I make deadline.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I must rant about Chris Sabin's Hair....Part 2

I used screen captures for this post

Alrighty then.
As you all know, I have been blogging about Chris Sabin's hair for months.
It started with this chat
Then became a rant and then just took on a crazy life of it's own.
It brought me readers, which was fabulous, and it boosted his ratings.
Come on, don't lie, you know it did. (The little video interview on Spike Tv's official website from 2007 of Chris Sabin talking about the X-Division, had only gotten 600 hits in 2 years, then it shot up to almost 1000 hits between March 2009 and April 2009 when I was getting massive hits to the "I must rant about Chris Sabin's Hair" post)
He's been cool about the whole thing too. As far as I know anyway, since I have never actually talked to Chris Sabin; in fact never met the guy, but since he has not tried to kill me with a chainsaw then I am guessing he's been cool with it. Besides, I'm just giving him free air time. Or blog time or whatever the blogging equivalent is to tv time. All themes and gimmicks must be shelved at some point, and it's time to stop giving Chris Sabin's Hair so much blog time. And since Chris Sabin is otherwise perfect, I might not have anything to talk about.
Here's the thing, and I am just not ready to shut up yet, you have a favourite celebrity, and you put your time and energy into doing whatever it is you do, in my case nag him about his hair, in hopes that celebrity will see. That they will appreciate the efforts you have been putting in for them.
So you are reading this asking yourself "how would nagging him about his hair have him appreciate you?" Well, isn't it obvious ? I have elevated him from just being an international wrestling superstar to being a fashion icon as well. Everyone is googling Chris Sabin's hair. Now the issue is he can't change his hair, it's too much of a trademark. And changing his hair would make me happy, and we can't have that.
Well that is what I have told myself anyway.
On a serious note, (yes I can be serious once in a very blue moon) Chris Sabin has to have gotten a few giggles out of my obsessiveness of his sense of style. And non wrestling fans who might not have otherwise heard of him now know who he is. People who in the past if you talked about wrestling only knew of Hogan, know now of Chris Sabin, TNA, Alex Shelley,the X-Divison and MotorCityMachine Guns! (yes yes I know it's not written as one long word but I still think it looks cooler this way)
I am lost on how to end this post. Putting a close to this series of posts feels like loosing a friend or something. Maybe I should end it the way I started the original rant....

Dear Chris Sabin:

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Can you feel me?

They say that you can feel the pain your soulmate feels.

My soulmate must hate me. Whomever he is.

You all know, those who have been reading my blog on a weekly basis, that I have Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type I. And have had every part of me broken at lest 3 times each.
There is a line in the movie Frida where she says "I have been broken, set, rebroken, reset so many times I am a jigsaw puzzle."
That pretty much sums me up. Hey I have 3 pounds of metal in me holding me together. Give new meaning to the term heavy metal. And they don't call me the Bride of Frankenstein for nothing.

So, if my soulmate can feel my pain, the poor boy must have had a world of hurt growing up and for no reason. And I think he's getting his revenge.

There are maybe two spots on my body that have never been broken, my left shoulder and my right knee.
And for whatever reason, the last few years they have hurt like hell. Ghost pains.
Few months ago, I started to get these blinding headaches that would start at the top of my skull on the right side and just shoot down through my face to my chin. Like someone had cracked me on the skull. More ghost pains.
Of course I freaked out and ran to the doctor for x-rays. All clear. I even ran to the dentist for a full jaw exam, again all clear.

Then few days ago, I was sitting chatting on the phone with a buddy of mine when my arm felt broken. I didn't do anything. It was feeling like it was twisted and broken from the middle of the arm to the middle of the hand, and the fingers were numb. And this was my left arm, my good arm that hasn't been broken. It started for no reason out of nowhere, and went away just as mysteriously.
My thought was "oh my god what did he do?"
I have no idea who "he " is.
Back in March, I had a weird thing like that happen as well. My right hand started to burn. You know like when you have sliced it up on a rope or something.
I had been laying on the sofa watching a movie when the palm on my right hand got weird. It stung for about an hour and then it went away.
Again my thought at that time had been "what did he do to himself?"

I can't explain it.
Whomever he is; I wonder if he's figured it out?
Or if he believes in soulmates?

And if you have been reading my blog, you know full well I believe in soulmates.

My TNA Wish List Part 2

Back few months ago I did a post on what I would like to see TNA do with their upcoming stories.
And you at the company have given me a few of those things, so it's time to tell you want I want again, here are some more things I would love to see.

* More X-Division. The X-Division is TNA's backbone. It's what makes you stand out from other companies, it's what made the fans love you so much. Just bring in more X-Division stars and give us more X-Division matches.

* Less gimmicks. If you have been reading Blind Tag Blog at all, specially stuff posted by myself and Danny Remain; then you know we think the gimmicks are what killed the other companies. So let's just tone down the couple of gimmicks you still have in TNA like Jay Lethal's version of Macho Man and Suicide. Both wrestlers are amazing, let them just be them.

* Bring back Austen Aries.

* Vampiro. Would love to see him in TNA.

*A best of the X-Division volume 3. Cause as far as I am aware, there is no volume 3 yet.

*How about a big CANADIAN TOUR!!! I know you went to one or two places in Canada while ago, but you didn't come here (Thunder Bay) or anywhere close enough for the fans in this area to get to see you. Thunder Bay wants TNA and the X-Division!

Friday, September 18, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Sept 17 2009

Why are you so late with it?

Well, because iTunes Canada did not have it ready for download until after supper time. And I could not find it anywhere on the internet, I spent half the day hunting youtube and youtube wanna be sites and there was not one single place that had it online. Everyone deserted me this morning. Anyway....

I normally put them at the end and give them their own half of the post but.....

The MotorCityMachine Guns! took over the announce team once again! Listening to Alex Shelley is music to my ears. Only way he would sound sexier is if he was reading scenes from a Jane Austen novel. Alex Shelley made fun of that damned teen vampire movie. Well, good to know that they know that vampires do not sparkle. (have I said today yet how much I love these boys) Dude a million and one vampire movies on the planet and you picked that one to talk about? Chris Sabin's hair was actually looking good again this week, it's the headset, doesn't make it look so....flat.

I am still waiting for someone to snag me that wicked trenchcoat of the Pope. Anyone else think that Holy Trent Acid from JCW did that gimmick ten times better? Pope had a match against Suicide. The crowd started to chant MotorCity. Pope won this match.

The World Elite. Always a great promo from this group, and I see Brutus Magnus was doing his Backstreet Boy impression again. (why yes, you make a fabulous Nick Carter)
Bashir and Kyotshi (someone email me on how to spell his name please) went against Hernandez in a handicap match. Hernandez got the win.

Cody Deaner in a ..... dude this is retarded.

Rhino's promo was very good. And the TNA crowd does not need to be lead through a chant like the other company's fans, TNA fans are sort of smart enough to come up with their own right there on the spot.

Foley vs Nash....Abyss came to the ring with the barbwire bat.

Roode/Brother Ray vs Brutus/Steiner.
Brutus won.

Samoa Joe vs the evil druid Matt Morgan. It was a DQ.

I Eat Twilighters for Breakfast with Bagels and Cream Cheese

Just in time for the second movie in the Twilight saga, New Moon....

Yes I think I will wear it to the movie when I go to review it.
And I doubt I will be the only one in that shirt, as they sold out at the store here when I went back for the white one.
This was going to be a rant about the whole thing, but I think I will save it for after the New Moon movie, as I am sure I will have plenty to bitch about.
And why the title?
Why not? The whole vegetarian vampire storyline, and all.
And the high carbs... there is more to that title then I want to share.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Crew Needed

Hey Thunder Bay
I need a new business partner. So to speak.
Danny Remain the Camera Man, who has been working on the Blind Tag Blog video reviews, has gotten himself a new gig, and is no longer able to help out on things.

So, if you are in the Thunder Bay area, and like doing productions as a hobby, let me know.

It is a free gig at the moment, because hardcore Vamps Prods., is just me at the moment, and I am poor.

I posted a little something about it few days ago on our video blog
So check it out, and give me a shout.

Email and label it "Crew"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mr. Darcy

I finally got my hands on a copy of Mr. Darcy Vampyre.
Not sure yet how I feel about this. I had been waiting for like 2 and a half months, and now it's leaving me dry mouthed.
It started off alittle too much like it was trying to be Interview with the Vampire and now.... well I don't know.
I am on chapter 6 so not really that far into it.

But it's got me thinking once again about the perfect man. Yes I know, I need a new hobby. That and a real life and husband.

Mr. Darcy is considered perfection. But has anyone ever wondered why?
And what is wrong with Mr. Bingley? Why was he never considered perfection?

Questions I am afraid to bring up in my online Jane Austen book group for fear of having my skull removed with a sharp quill. Mr. Darcy is like some sacred god or something.

This is also challenge number 4 out of the 6 challenges for the All Jane Austen Challenge. Reading Mr. Darcy Vampire
At this rate I should have the book finished by Friday. And when I do, I will post the review on my book blog as well as the vampire blog.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Things I hate about modern life

1: Texting

2: Text talk

3: Microblogging

4: Facebook/Myspace

5: ebooks

6: Apps on internet sites like Fackbook/Myspace/Ning

7: You have to download everything

In just 3 short years we became a society of morons who have to have everything in the palm of our had and have to have it under 30 seconds.

Dude, when did we go all Johnny Mnemonic anyway? And why was it necessary? Your cell phone can do everything. Great wonderful. Does it really mean that we need to micro everything too?

You have been reading my blog, you know how much I like the way things were in the past, like oh I don't know, 5 or 6 years ago.
Blogs were the what, on your laptop was the where, and books still were on paper.

Maybe we need to go back to low tech living for awhile. The world was a better place when we still understood each other.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Are there any single straight men left on this planet? part 14

Well there seems to be hundreds of them in the province of Ontario, and the creeps all like my boobs.
I got a few messages on myspace the other night from some teenager who asked if they were real, and he was talking about the photo of me in the white shirt.
Um yeah they're real, do you think they would be this small if they weren't?
All the women on my mom's side of the family have been blessed with D's.... all but me. It's the Parsons/Perry blood coursing through the veins of them.... which seems to have been countered by my dad's side of the family as the women on that side are as flat as can be.

I just realized my boobs have been the topic of like a half dozen posts in the last few months. Damn that's almost as many posts as I have given just to Chris Sabin's hair. (no the hair is ahead of the pun intended)

It would be really nice to meet someone half decent before I hit another birthday with a zero in it. Which gives me just under 5 years.

I had some 30 year old snot send me a message on the dating site telling me I was hot for a cougar. Um... thanks? I thought I was handling the title of cougar really well until I got that message. It just made me feel useless and old. Not powerful and sexy like it does other women. I just ended up feeling gross.
And I am only 35. That's not really much of a cougar.

But you only date men born between 1975-1983

Right, okay cougar it is. But that is only up to 9 years younger.
You read right, I only date men who are younger, even if it is only one year younger.

Well the summer is over, and so is the whole dating thing. Let's be honest, I haven't had a date in 3 months. I had how many that first two weeks, then silence. Wow I am even more pathetic then I thought I was.
So what's next for me in the relationship area?
Nothing I am guessing. Unless the hunky hero of my novels suddenly jumps off the page and into reality....

Friday, September 11, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Sept 10 2009 (MMG version volume 2)

I used screen captures again for this post.

iTunes Canada had it ready for download this morning. So I suppose I love them again.

I thought that maybe I didn't get the whole show or something as the usual opening credits were not there and a match was underway. I was wrong. They started the first match of the night early. (come on we all know they are taped ahead of time so it's better so say they jumped in then started early.) 8 man tag. Team 3D, Beer Money Inc, The British Invasion, Steiner/Booker. Brutus Magnus got the win over Steiner (yay cool)

The A.J. Styles and evil druid Matt Morgan's promo was very cool. Long but cool.

Bring your kids to work day? Um... er... I guess they just wanted some air time too? And finally dropping the "doctor" act to let Stevie Richards be a wrestler... I like that idea. So he went up against Abyss for his own bounty.... how does that work? Well it doesn't matter cause Abyss won.

The World Elite it! Eric Young is perfect in the role of "leader" and brings across just enough spite to make it believable.
When they called out Hernandez and got Hector instead, nice twist.
Homicide going Heel. Didn't see that coming.

What's going on with the Suicide/Pope angle? Why do I feel like I was tossed into a Batman comic? And talking of the Pope he went against Jay Lethal, who came out in the bad moomoo but without Creed.... Lethal got roped then fell on his skull hard. Pope got this match.

Cody Deaner says cougars love him.... he's talking jungle cats at the zoo right? Cause this cougar is so running in the other direction. He went up against one of the women...this is just retarded. Put Deaner into the frealing X-Division already and drop this crap.

AJ Styles/Daniels vs Angle/Samoa Joe. With a little help from the evil druid Matt Morgan, Styles gets the win.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! They came out and took over, sort of. Nice. You know me I can't get enough of those two boys (yes I know I need wrestlers anonymous yeah yeah) and on the extra plus side, the headset made Chris Sabin's hair look good. (you get a carrot muffin... I didn't bake any cookies this week) Alex Shelley had a great barb at the Pope, beauty of a line. (I knew I liked these boys for a reason) We asked it on the other blog (if you are reading this on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings. If you are reading this on Blind Tag Blog then it was on here.) if the MMG play the TNA Impact game and if so do they use their own characters, well I see Shelley was not. But he was having a chocolate bar, so at lest he's eating something. (if you read my rant while back about Shelley you understand )

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cole Cash made fun of my Turnip

There's a headline for ya.

What am I talking about this time?
Well, if you are reading my cooking blog My Newfie Kitchen or watching my Youtube channel
then you have seen my latest video, where I made Veggie Stew.

Indie Wrestler Cole Cash let me know he caught the "show" and found my turnip talk interesting...or something, cause he found it giggle worthy.

Thanks man, love ya too.
Good to know I can make wrestlers happy.

You can also find episodes 1 and 2 of our Blind Tag Blog dvd reviews on the Youtube channel or at Blind Tag Blog as well as finding my boobs.

What's going on?

You have to watch the Blind Tag Blog episodes to find out.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Interview with the lead singer of Jordana Divinorum

I was lucky enough to have a chance to interview Jordana Divinorum.
Here is what I learned.

When did you get into music? What instruments do you play?

I got into music when I was 8 years old; I started with piano lessons. When I was 14, I started learning cello, guitar, and percussion at school and continued my music education at university where I was a composition major. Being in various choirs through high school and university helped me understand how to control my voice when I sing.

Who are your biggest influences?

My biggest influence when it comes to song writing is probably classical music. I've been into classical music, especially music written by composers from the Baroque period like Bach and Vivaldi etc since I was a kid. My main focus is writing lyrical melodies that can stand on their own with or without the other parts of the music. A good melody should resemble a normal spoken phrase, but with more expression. I like bands that blend acoustic instruments with electronic elements like The Birthday Massacre, Nine Inch Nails, Girls Under Glass, Marilyn Manson, Ministry, Genitortures, etc.

How many bands have you been in over the years, what style of music were they?
My first band was a grunge band called Monday Night Ritual, and I played guitar/lead vocals. When I got more into metal, I created a band called Encrypted in Flesh where I mostly did vocals. I played drums for a metal band called Azathoth, and a rock band called Falsity. I played guitar in a band I put together called Awkward Silence, that was all instrumental music that included violin and flute players. I've been the lead singer for my current band Jordana Divinorum for a long time now, but lately I've been playing guitar live too.

The band you are in now, what is it? Where do you see it heading?

The band I'm in now, Jordana Divinorum, is a hard rock band with some electronic elements like synthesizers, electronic drums, and sequencing. I started the band because I've always had the most fun when I can front a band. You can learn about yourself a lot from taking on that role because it forces you to come out of your shell, and it also challenges you as an entertainer and an artist. I started this band because I was drumming for Falsity at the time, and none of the music and lyrics I was writing really fit that band. I felt I had a lot of more abstract ideas to show the world and I needed an avenue for that stream of consciousness. Some of the people that influenced what I was writing about were Terrence McKenna, Timothy Leary, Franz Bardon, Bill Hicks, and Austin Osman Spare. I don't like to make music just for the sake of making it, I only write when I have a story to tell or I want to convey an idea, even if it's very abstract. I think every band wants to be able to earn a living making music, that's always been our goal, and short of that, we'll have fun being creative.

Hobbies outside of music?

I've always been into fitness and swimming. I'm not very good at swimming, but I love water slides. I'm already planning a trip next summer to the Wisconsin Dells. I've been getting into wood burning a little bit too. I've started growing my own plants to make teas such as Peppermint and Lemon Balm. I have asthsma, so it's always better to treat it with herbs if I can instead of the medication the doctors give you that keeps you up at night.

Favourite places to hang out?

I like going to the Marina and watching the birds there. I've always been a bird lover and there have been a lot of ducks there lately. My favourite restaurant im town is the Sushi Bowl because I love the food there. I also like the Madhouse and the Fox and the Hedgehog.

I remember seeing you play live back in early 2000, how would you compare the venues you have played in since then?

A lot of the venues are basically the same, but they have new promoters booking the bands that play there. The Black Pirate Pub is probably the best new club for music that's opened recently.

What are your other goals outside of music?

A friend got me into martial arts a few years ago, so I'd like to keep going with that and get my black belt. I also plan on applying to teacher's college when I graduate this winter from the music program at Lakehead University. Self discipline is important to me and I have personal goals and include making more time for meditation and things like that.

What career would you have settled on if you were not a musician?

I've been teaching music for seven years, but I would probably equally as happy teaching other subjects. If I couldn't do that I would probably get into doing something with computers. I used to run my own local Bulletin Board Service before the internet and my friends and I would watch people connect to my computer to leave messages and play games. Of course it was very slow; it took us over five minutes just to download one picture of Drew Barrymore from another board.

Who of your heroes have you had the chance to meet over the years?

Unfortunately, I haven't met a lot of the people that have influenced me. I got to meet Steve Tucker from Morbid Angel when they played in Thunder Bay. We played with Robin Black a few times and they were really good and nice guys too. When I was drumming for Falsity, I remember talking to the lead singer of Simple Plan at the Apollo in Thunder Bay about how he had the same ear plugs as me. I'm not into their style of music, but I'm happy for them that they found success in their genre.

Do you have a new cd due for release any time soon?

Yeah, it's like giving birth, you never know exactly what day it will finally arrive. The studio has changed locations twice since we started recording so there have been a few delays. It's scheduled to be released before Christmas of 2009. Samples and burned copies should be available at our gigs starting in November. It's called the End of Entertainment and it's our first full length album. This album is mainly about escapism, facing your demons, and questioning reality. I called it the End of Entertainment because it's about the personal choice every person makes about whether they use things to escape reality or to embrace it.
One of the main tracks, Oblivion, talks about Nietzsche's idea of eternal recurrence where time flows is a circle and everything, including your life, will happen all over again. In the song Pillbox, I ask questions like: Is your relationship helping you, or hurting you? Are drugs and alcohol helping you or hurting you? Defining something as helpful or desctructive can be very challenging. Another thing I think about is that promoting individuality has become a cliche with rock music, but I like to expose people to how I see the world, which is heavily influenced by Hermetic philosophy. I want to send people the message that the more each person is themselves and unique, the more we're all one because oneness is infinite possibilites. I aso make a few references to people that have influenced me in this album, such as: Robert Frost, John Cage, and Paganini.

It's almost 2 am

And my frealing downstairs neighbours are playing frealing Metallica at full blast.

I went down and told them to turn it down, stupid god damn mother fu**er was standing there with a stoned ass look telling me they had it at a low volume. Bull shit why is my fu**ing floor thumbing then? Ass wipe was laughing like the fu**ing teenaged shit eater that he is daring me to come inside and join the fu**ing party.

When I moved into this building it was almost a senior's building. There wasn't anyone under the age of 40. I only got in because of my disability. Now, there is a steady stream of fu**ing teenagers and 6 year olds constantly.

I can't wait to get the hell out of this shitty building.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Episode 1

If you go to the Blind Tag Blog the first episode of the wrestling video reviews is up

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Coming Soon

Yes my pets, we will be adding videos to the wrestling blog in the next few weeks. so keep watching here and at Blind Tag Blog

The Smirk

I used screen capture again for this post

Okay so it's now Saturday morning, and iTunes Canada finally had TNA Impact (Sept 3 2009 episode) for download. Once again after I had done the review.

I just thought this shot of Alex Shelley was cool. And it shows the "smirk" I was talking about in the older post Why Does He Never Smile?

I don't really have anything to say, just like looking at him.

Friday, September 4, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Sept 3 2009

I had to go hunting again for it this morning.

It seems we opened the show with one of the qualifying matches for the up coming ppv. Rhino vs Sting. The announce team was saying Rhino demanded this chance, the match looked more like a jobber match then anything else. Sting won. Rhino pulled out two after match gores. So he's going Heel, where is this leading?

Eric Young, why on earth would you want to live the "american dream" ? You're Canadian.

Daniels....a grown man in nail his promo was bang on though.

Doug Williams vs Suicide. I love that the X-Division was spotlighted this week in these qualifying matches. Glad to see the X-Division getting the push it deserves. This was a really good match. Yes I have said hundreds of times I don't like the "suicide gimmick" so unmask him already and let the wrestler under it just wrestle. The Pope came down to the ring to disrupt the match. Williams got the pin.
He then went on to the second round against AJ Styles. I loved the fact they were taking these qualifying rounds serious enough to not have outside gimmicks going on, and let the wrestlers actually wrestle. Styles won this round.

Hey another TNA WISH LIST addition VAMPIRO bring VAMPIRO in to the show.
I'll have to do another full wish list. I think it would be fabulous if he came to TNA

JB being the smart one in the conversation.... when that happen?

Homicide vs Hernadez in a qualifying match. This was a nice match, quick with Hernadez winning.
Hernadez went on to the second round vs Sting. The win went to Sting via a dq. Okay I spoke too soon on the no run ins and riots. Eric Young and World Elite ran in for a beat down. Styles, and Beer Money Inc came in for a small rescue.

Whoever uploaded this to the internet had a bunch of those little web interviews.....I hate those.

AJ Styles promo...that outfit, you on your way to a disco?

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! Chris Sabin had a qualifying match vs A.J. Styles. Alex Shelley was on the mic. There is no sound sweeter. (Sabin came to the ring in the bad Kiss concert pants, and Shelley had ripped jeans. I swear I have ranted about the pants before) and that is about as far as I was able to pay attention, I was distracted by Alex Shelley and was laughing. Have I mentioned today how much I adore him. Sabin was looking very much like he was going to rock the roof off the place (I was watching More Bad News Heavy Metal Nightmare the other day.) with a beauty of a counter for the Styles Clash. The second one got him. Damn it. It was so good to see Sabin in a match like this though, reminds me of the stuff from the first year the show was on air. As always Chris and Alex were Fabulous.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My boobs

Blame it on this post and a few male friends who found it extremely funny.

I just had to deal with a guy who had a fit because I could not remember some details from his profile on the dating site. And why is it an issue, cause he's working with us on one of the sites.

What has that to do with my boobs?

When I told the Drummer about the drama fest he texted me saying "show him your boobs"
Right. Like that would make everything all better.

So the whole thing has become this massive running joke.

So why did you put "Sabin" in the tags?

Um hello read the other post link. Dude do I have to tell you everything, what are you dumb; stupid?

Are there any single straight men left on this planet? part 13

I got a long awaited message last night from the Aries look alike (I know I know I haven't come up with a better id for him ) wanting to chat. Okay I happen to like this guy so I started talking to him.
In the middle of the conversation I get a message from some other guy. Fine okay. Now, this second dude is telling me how he had to change his id name because he wasn't meeting anyone wanting a serious relationship, only girls wanting a one nighter. I tell him it's his career. He works in the music industry. When girls see that there is an automatic "oh he's not relationship material" attached to it, wither it's true or not that is indeed the first thought. He thinks for a few minutes then says maybe I am right.
Of course I am, I am a woman I am always right even when I am wrong I'm right.
Then he starts yammering away and I find out he's like best friends with my ex the Trainwreak.
That is a big bad in my book. I wasn't interested in this dude to begin with, now I don't even care to chat with him as friends. But wait, he then tells me that my ex the Trainwreak is a player... um duh I found that out the hard way 6 years ago when he cheated on me, tell me something new.... "he's bisexual" and I knew this too. It was the one thing Trainwreak was honest about.

Then the dude starts talking about wrestling. Okay topic I like.
He's going on about how big a fan he is of Jeff Hardy. Boring. I am not a Hardy fan, don't see the appeal of him.

Then the dude slags Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin.


He does it again.

I will put up with a lot of wild talk from wrestling fans, but no one craps on my tag team.

That was the end of that dude.

So I get back to the Aries look alike, and he turns on the webcam. Fine, normal conversation. Or so it seemed for like a minute. You see where this post is headed. I am rolling my eyes at this one. I turned him down. Yeah I know, you are thinking um why if he looks as good as Austen Aries ? So he logs off webcam but continues to type. Okay fine. Then he makes a comment that kind of seems out of place. I ask what's the sitch, and he's like "oh I have a friend on here in another chat who is willing to play on webcam."
Dude, then why are you even still chatting with me?
So I ended the chat with him and went to bed.

This is why I don't date local guys.

Print catchy title here

But I don't have one.
I think I have referenced all the Sex and the City episodes, and all the Jane Austen novels. I am needing something new to compare things to.

I thought about using Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel, but to be honest, I don't see too much I can talk about from them in the way I have been with the other "chick-lit" stuff.
Come on now, I would only be able to talk about Spike's trenchcoat for one or two posts before it stopped making sense.

Not that I seem to make a hell of a lot of sense lately.

Have I burned myself out? No ,no, no, I can't be burnt out. I'm only 35. I have at lest another 70 years of writing in me.... don't I?

A writer who has lost their voice is worthless to the world.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Power of return ?

You have all heard what you send out you get back. Law of attraction. Right, yes B'y.
Okay, and you have all read my rants/bitching/begging for love letters. Right yes B'y.
Well that would seem to mean in order to get love letters I would need to send them. Right yes B'y.

I have no one to send love letters to.
So how can I?

Well it sucks to be me.

So anyways, I am having this conversation with my friend, the whole law of attraction thing, and her son who is 4 says "But Auntie, what about those two wrestlers you write about. Can't you sent them love letters?"
This is cute, he's 4 so you know it's cute.

Um no.
"Love letters only count when you know the person. Sending something like that to them would be considered fan mail."

Where upon he looks at me like he just swallowed a bug and smelled something rotten, his nose scrunched up his eyes squinting. Then tilting his head to the side he shrugged and said "then send them A fan mailed"
This is still cute as he is 4. Then he threw his batman at me.

"I can't do that."

"Why not?" he threw Robin and the Riddler at me. Which to him was funny.

"Um...because I am old? I don't know. " my friend is laughing at me by this point and made a noise.

"Isn't half your blog a fan letter to those guys?" she said raising an eyebrow at me.

I hate it when she's right.

Groceries from hell

Like I wasn't feeling crappy enough as it was, I had to go shopping with mom.
She said she would meet up with me in the produce.
Translation= she will get her stuff right quick and be out of produce by the time I walk over there and I will end up wandering around like a hoser looking for her for 10 minutes.

So I am coming from the Starbucks with my Tall Pumpkin Spice Frap, when I bump into someone I have not seen since high school.
Now, why is it, you only ever bump into people from your past when you look like shit?
Let me give you a visual of the situation in surround sound and imax.
I knew this chick since Junior Kindergarden. So since I was 5. She has always been this slim, darkly skinned blonde with blue eyes and a smile that made men drop to their knees. Yes folks she is perfect. She stayed perfect through to the end of high school too. Wanna know the real kicker, she's as sweet as she is perfect.
Then there is me. Pale, hazel eyes, always on the chunky side even when thin, auburn hair. I scare Amish people.
So today I am dressed in a pair of faded black jeans, my new "Buffy Staked Edward" tee, my Insane Clown Posse hoodie, no make up, my hair slicked back like it's got a mind of it's own. I look like something the dog dug up.
There is MS. Perfect, dressed in tan slacks, a white button up dress shirt, her long blonde hair curled to perfection, her waist tinier then ever, and her dark skin is now a perfect shade of bronze.
No make up ever needed, no wrinkles, not one splotch of anything.
I felt so insecure standing there. And the whole thing was like less then 3 minutes.

Ms Perfect : "Oh my god. Hey. I haven't seen you in like 11 years."

Me : " More like 15."

Ms. Perfect : " So you in town visiting?"

Me : "No. I still live here"

Ms. Perfect : "Where you working? I work up at blah blah. "

Me : "Been on disability since the accident few years ago. Still writing though for a few online magazines."

Ms. Perfect :" Right the bone disease. How is your mom?"

Me : "Mom is fine. She's over there." *I point my coffee towards the end of the row to mom*

Ms. Perfect : "I 'm married with 2 kids. And you two... any kids?"

Me: " No kids. God no!. Not married."

Ms. Perfect *nods head sympathetically at me * "Well nice seeing you."

I wanted to ask her who she was referring to when she said "you two" ? She thought I was married to someone or else she would not have worded it that way. So hmm. Which of course made me feel even shittier.

And it tossed me for a loop, I ended up forgetting to pick up eggs.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So now what?

I spent the day alone. Except for the half hour the repair guys were ripping out what was left of my shower/tub.
Spent the night alone too. Didn't talk to anyone. Not even mom.

I don't know how many more sleepless nights I can take? Sleeping pills they just give me nightmares, so I don't like to take them.

Wait, I did talk to someone, sort of. The Magus, my best gay guy friend. He sent me an email complaining about the dude who stood him up and the mojo he was throwing at the guy. That queen needs a husband worse then I do.
Scratch that. He just needs to get laid. I need a husband.
There's a difference.

Scoff all you want there is a difference.

Like I said a few posts back, and honestly I have no energy to go hunting for the post, if the Fates have someone planned for me, he will know me as the "one" when he sees me, or reads me or however he finds me, and I hope he's read at lest one Jane Austen book.
Yes I believe in the soulmate factor. Scoff some more go ahead, this is my life you are reading, my thoughts, my beliefs.
And if he's read Jane Austen then he knows that letters are the key.
Letters, a killer smile and a wicked sense of humour. Being a wrestling fan and a vampire fan are bonus points.

I can only write the perfect man so often then I depress myself cause he has not jumped off the page and into my life.

I was watching a "making of" Secret Window this afternoon, and the point the director made about how writers lives are boring cause we live in our heads so much, but we're great dinner companions, had me agreeing. Our day to day lives are horribly boring. All we do is sit infront of a keyboard all day. Our eyes getting strained to the point of headaches, our hands cramping up from typing, and of course the talking out loud to no one when we are stuck on a character or plotline.

Damn it's lonely being me.

Sept 1 2009

It's been three years today since the car accident.
I still don't want to spend the day alone.
I really really don't want to spend the night alone.

I didn't sleep much last night, kept have the same half nightmare-half memory of the accident.
It's been 3 years, I should not still be having nightmares of it at all. I should not still even be thinking of it.
But I do, and I am.


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