Saturday, September 12, 2009

Are there any single straight men left on this planet? part 14

Well there seems to be hundreds of them in the province of Ontario, and the creeps all like my boobs.
I got a few messages on myspace the other night from some teenager who asked if they were real, and he was talking about the photo of me in the white shirt.
Um yeah they're real, do you think they would be this small if they weren't?
All the women on my mom's side of the family have been blessed with D's.... all but me. It's the Parsons/Perry blood coursing through the veins of them.... which seems to have been countered by my dad's side of the family as the women on that side are as flat as can be.

I just realized my boobs have been the topic of like a half dozen posts in the last few months. Damn that's almost as many posts as I have given just to Chris Sabin's hair. (no the hair is ahead of the pun intended)

It would be really nice to meet someone half decent before I hit another birthday with a zero in it. Which gives me just under 5 years.

I had some 30 year old snot send me a message on the dating site telling me I was hot for a cougar. Um... thanks? I thought I was handling the title of cougar really well until I got that message. It just made me feel useless and old. Not powerful and sexy like it does other women. I just ended up feeling gross.
And I am only 35. That's not really much of a cougar.

But you only date men born between 1975-1983

Right, okay cougar it is. But that is only up to 9 years younger.
You read right, I only date men who are younger, even if it is only one year younger.

Well the summer is over, and so is the whole dating thing. Let's be honest, I haven't had a date in 3 months. I had how many that first two weeks, then silence. Wow I am even more pathetic then I thought I was.
So what's next for me in the relationship area?
Nothing I am guessing. Unless the hunky hero of my novels suddenly jumps off the page and into reality....

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