Sunday, September 20, 2009

I must rant about Chris Sabin's Hair....Part 2

I used screen captures for this post

Alrighty then.
As you all know, I have been blogging about Chris Sabin's hair for months.
It started with this chat
Then became a rant and then just took on a crazy life of it's own.
It brought me readers, which was fabulous, and it boosted his ratings.
Come on, don't lie, you know it did. (The little video interview on Spike Tv's official website from 2007 of Chris Sabin talking about the X-Division, had only gotten 600 hits in 2 years, then it shot up to almost 1000 hits between March 2009 and April 2009 when I was getting massive hits to the "I must rant about Chris Sabin's Hair" post)
He's been cool about the whole thing too. As far as I know anyway, since I have never actually talked to Chris Sabin; in fact never met the guy, but since he has not tried to kill me with a chainsaw then I am guessing he's been cool with it. Besides, I'm just giving him free air time. Or blog time or whatever the blogging equivalent is to tv time. All themes and gimmicks must be shelved at some point, and it's time to stop giving Chris Sabin's Hair so much blog time. And since Chris Sabin is otherwise perfect, I might not have anything to talk about.
Here's the thing, and I am just not ready to shut up yet, you have a favourite celebrity, and you put your time and energy into doing whatever it is you do, in my case nag him about his hair, in hopes that celebrity will see. That they will appreciate the efforts you have been putting in for them.
So you are reading this asking yourself "how would nagging him about his hair have him appreciate you?" Well, isn't it obvious ? I have elevated him from just being an international wrestling superstar to being a fashion icon as well. Everyone is googling Chris Sabin's hair. Now the issue is he can't change his hair, it's too much of a trademark. And changing his hair would make me happy, and we can't have that.
Well that is what I have told myself anyway.
On a serious note, (yes I can be serious once in a very blue moon) Chris Sabin has to have gotten a few giggles out of my obsessiveness of his sense of style. And non wrestling fans who might not have otherwise heard of him now know who he is. People who in the past if you talked about wrestling only knew of Hogan, know now of Chris Sabin, TNA, Alex Shelley,the X-Divison and MotorCityMachine Guns! (yes yes I know it's not written as one long word but I still think it looks cooler this way)
I am lost on how to end this post. Putting a close to this series of posts feels like loosing a friend or something. Maybe I should end it the way I started the original rant....

Dear Chris Sabin:


ardeth blood said...

yes I know, the links were messed up, they are fixed now.

Anonymous said...


ardeth blood said...

You seriously want me to answer that?

I don't think it can be called flirting if it's one sided and the other person is a celebrity.

Chris Sabin would have to flirt back for me to flirt "with him".

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I read the post about you sending the pic of your tits. Maybe you should just put a pic on here, cause your profile pic is too small to see.

ardeth blood said...

If you watch our Blind Tag Blog videos on
you can see my boobs.

And to Anonymous #2 how can you flirt at someone? Makes no sense.

GingerRoot said...

I thought this post was about Chris Sabin's hair, not your boobs?

And I thought it was more a case of you treating him like a normal person by insulting his hair.

Anonymous said...

You make some valid points.

1) That his video did get more views at the time of your first post.
Couldn't remember what one you were talking about and had to go to the website. You were right huge view increase.

2) People are Googling his hair. That's how I found your blog.

3) Yes other bloggers who read your blog who were not fans to begin with know his name.

Maybe you just need to blog about another TNA wrestler.

ardeth blood said...

Maybe Chris Sabin just needs to email me.

Anonymous said...


GingerRoot said...

What would you do if you met him besides being slapped for grabbing his ass? HA-HA

ardeth blood said...

If there was an autograph signing here, I would go.

I would not grab his butt, not that brave.
I would go for the hair. If he did not break my hands on me, I would try to mess up his hair and see just how much gel or mousse or whatever it is he uses, is really in his hair and try to make it not so flat. So yeah, I would play with his hair.


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