Friday, September 25, 2009

To E-Book or Not to E-Book that is the Question. Part 4

The story is written. Whoo and a Hoo
Now I just have to do the dreaded grammar check and fix any spots where I have too many and then he did...and then she said.... cause I tend to to that alot when I am working on a long scene with only two people in it.
And that's all this is, one long scene with two people in um werewolves in it.

It seems to be classed as a "novelette" as I am just scrapping under 10,000 words for it, and 4 chapters.

Though to be honest, chapters didn't feel right putting in it as it is so short.

SIDENOTE***** it's now 7am on Saturday Sept 26th 2009.
I have been up all night editing the final draft for grammar and spelling. Have just finished the query letter and sent the story off to the publishers.
Should know in a few days if it is accepted.

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