Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mr. Darcy

I finally got my hands on a copy of Mr. Darcy Vampyre.
Not sure yet how I feel about this. I had been waiting for like 2 and a half months, and now it's leaving me dry mouthed.
It started off alittle too much like it was trying to be Interview with the Vampire and now.... well I don't know.
I am on chapter 6 so not really that far into it.

But it's got me thinking once again about the perfect man. Yes I know, I need a new hobby. That and a real life and husband.

Mr. Darcy is considered perfection. But has anyone ever wondered why?
And what is wrong with Mr. Bingley? Why was he never considered perfection?

Questions I am afraid to bring up in my online Jane Austen book group for fear of having my skull removed with a sharp quill. Mr. Darcy is like some sacred god or something.

This is also challenge number 4 out of the 6 challenges for the All Jane Austen Challenge. Reading Mr. Darcy Vampire
At this rate I should have the book finished by Friday. And when I do, I will post the review on my book blog as well as the vampire blog.

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