Wednesday, September 23, 2009

To E-Book or Not to E-Book that is the Question

So this day has brought me something I never thought would happen.
A chance with a real publisher. Only thing is they deal with only E-books.

I have never been totally settled with the whole E-book thing, which is mind blowing considering I blog and write for an online women's magazine.
But the idea of having my work in paper print is still something I dream about.

The other issue, this company deals with Erotica. Not my genre, not my style. Can I pull this off?

The difference between what I write and Erotica is more then just the amount of sex in the story, but the kind of sex in the story.
My work is almost a sub-genre all it's own. I write more sex/language then what you would find in a Young Adult book but very prim and proper vanilla sex scenes. Usually with shots of paranormal/supernatural elements. (I really must create a new classification of lunatic for you)
Guess you can say I write Adult-Young Adult. I am confusing myself.

So do I try my hand at Erotica with this publisher or not?

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