Monday, February 23, 2009


In Season Six (episode eighty, “Hop, Skip, and a Week”) of Sex and the City, the question of the week is, “Do we need distance to get close?”

I am left asking myself this. With all the options for networking out there, I can’t help but wonder if we can find away to put the Face back into Facebook?

I write for a living and am chained to my laptop enough during the day that when it comes to socializing I want to move away from the computer. In this sense I really miss having a typewriter. That is all it was able to do. Type. The page went in the top, and words came out. There were no wires, no photo galleries, no buddy pokes. Just simple basic words. And when you wanted to talk to someone, you had to meet up with them.
I guess I am just old fashioned and like the idea of hearing a person’s voice when I speak to them. Typing is a lonely road and there are moments when I think it should have stayed that way.

My family is addicted to Facebook.

My friends are addicted to Facebook.

No sooner have I logged out of there from receiving messages from my best friend in Edmonton then I get a message from a friend in Toronto and I have to log right back in. I have given them my email address but they always seem to forget it exists. My mother will phone me saying “I’m in Facebook how do I do blah blah,” and I will have to walk her through something which means I always spend another twenty minutes logged in. If Facebook minutes were clocked like gas mileage I would be paying a fortune daily.

And when it’s not my mother on the phone with a social networking problem the only others who call anymore are telemarketers, and those are automated. Are there no real people out there anymore?

People used to, at one point, say, “You don’t call anymore.” Now they (and yes I have to admit have done so myself) say, “You don’t Myspace, don’t Facebook, where’s the love?”

It makes one linger lovingly over the old idea of a crank call or even a psychic reader just for the connection of a real live voice.

Originally I sent this as an article for Divine Feb 22 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009

My thoughts on TNA Impact for Feb 19 2009

No No No No!
Bring Petey Willams back! What is the company thinking?
Looks like no one told Roode before hand; did you see the look on his face.
Not a fan of Sting or Angle so didn't really care about the empty studio match.
Love the fact Stevie Richards is on Impact. Love it!

MotorCity Machine Guns! I could watch them read the phone book. But I must say, I cringed with the street fight they were in. I don't care for street fights to begin with, but seeing that one bothered me. I get that they are trying to prove Shelley and Sabin can do any kind of match, but
are street fights really necessary?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What I learned from Sex and the City part 9

The idea that Sex does infact mean something is done well in season 3. (Episode 36 Are We Sluts? )
But how does that transfer over into real life?
If you read my last post about the Friday the 13th movie - then you know I am still alittle on the defensive about the month of February. Ninja hasn't talked to me in months, and I figured I knew why, it was either her Mr. Big back into her life (bad scene man) or else the Professor ;of whom I do not approve of. It seems it's the Prof.
What's wrong with him you are asking. Well, don't choke on your tartini, but he's a married man with kids not too mention he's older then I am. (for those who don't know. I am 8 years older then Ninja)
Ninja had scoffed and belittled me when she found out about a couple (okay all my ex's) being younger then me (Devs the guy from Boston was my sister's age) calling me names; the lest of which was a Cougar. Seems she can dish it but she can't take it.
Advice I mean...mostly.

In episode 36 of Sex and the City (Are We Sluts?) Carrie is put through the emotional ringer trying to understand why Aidan won't sleep with her. Not too mention Samantha is threatened into moving out of her building. One girl not getting any the other getting many.

I am sitting here wondering why the double standard in my family? Why is it okay for my sister to be dating an older man, but not okay for me to be dating younger men? Granted this post is running more like episode 4 from season one (Valley fo the Twenty-Something Guys) but I liked the title of the other episode better for this.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Gift To You- A Bloody Valentine

Raise your hand if you hate today.
1, 2, 6, 10, 25...I see I am not alone. My motto for February 14th is that it was designed to make girls like me buy guns.

No small shock that yesterday was a Friday the 13th and the anniversary of the movie that I think got a remake. (not a Jason fan!) so you know my mood is not just pooped on by everyone around me snuggling like wild rabbits but the horror fans are gushing like teenaged girls at a boyband concert for their favourite man Ja-Ja-Jason. Just don't understand the appeal of the hockey-masked killer thing. Much as I don't understand the one day a year only for love thing.
But um yeah for all the Singletons out there that was a great idea -hand them a stalker who slaughters all the people around him having sex the day before the most depressing day of the year- Brilliant! Really, I couldn't have scripted the psychoness of that one better myself.

Okay, so maybe I didn't buy a gun today, but damn if I didn't shine up my machetti.

Friday, February 6, 2009

More Sex!

The question is How do you like your sex?
The answer is More More More!
The word is spreading fast and it is official. There will be a second SEX AND THE CITY movie before the end of next year!

So dust off your Manolos and grab yourself a Cosmo because the next Girl's Night isn't that far away.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Who's Watching You?

Famous people get stalked every day. Fans, the Paparazzi, Managers, all wanting to have a piece of them.
Average people get stalked every day. Ex lovers, Current lovers Ex lovers, co-workers who want your job.

But the question I am going to give you now is (in my best Carrie Bradshaw tone of typing ) Could an average person be stalked by a famous person?
The answer I would give is "why not?" Just because they are famous does not mean they are above the act of following someone else around like a puppy dog. Just because they are famous does not mean they are without vulnerability to lust/love/envy/fear. They are still human. (well the parts that are not surgically enhanced )
And with the internet being the tool for fans, paparazzi, managers, ex lovers, current lovers ex lovers, and co workers why can't the average person have a secret admirer that is worth having admire them?
I know if my crush had a crush on me I would welcome him with open arms.
In a world where everyone can be a star on Facebook for 15 seconds; why can't the celebrity have a crush on a stay -at- home-no name?
You might be surprised at just who's watching you.


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