Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Who's Watching You?

Famous people get stalked every day. Fans, the Paparazzi, Managers, all wanting to have a piece of them.
Average people get stalked every day. Ex lovers, Current lovers Ex lovers, co-workers who want your job.

But the question I am going to give you now is (in my best Carrie Bradshaw tone of typing ) Could an average person be stalked by a famous person?
The answer I would give is "why not?" Just because they are famous does not mean they are above the act of following someone else around like a puppy dog. Just because they are famous does not mean they are without vulnerability to lust/love/envy/fear. They are still human. (well the parts that are not surgically enhanced )
And with the internet being the tool for fans, paparazzi, managers, ex lovers, current lovers ex lovers, and co workers why can't the average person have a secret admirer that is worth having admire them?
I know if my crush had a crush on me I would welcome him with open arms.
In a world where everyone can be a star on Facebook for 15 seconds; why can't the celebrity have a crush on a stay -at- home-no name?
You might be surprised at just who's watching you.

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