Sunday, February 28, 2010

Torn Covers

I used screen capture for this post

So my novel is sitting in the hands of my editor. This is great, means I am that much closer to being published.
But it means I have some time to stress over the cover art now. The photographer I was talking to couple of months ago backed out. Yeah I know, I suck or something.
Anyway, that means I still have to find a solution for the cover.

I have been looking at iStockphoto the last few days but I haven't found anything that captures the spirit of what I want my book to say at first glance.

One thing is certain, it has to be black and white. That is the real deal breaker.
I would like someone who looks halfway like my lead character, simply because it is a romance. But because I am not under any contracts with any of the romance publishers, I do not have any requirements. I can be as different from the typical romance covers out there.

Too bad there are not any guys in this city to model who look like this.

Why is it so bright in here?

I finally figured out how to rotate the damned photos from webcam. Yeah... I'm cool now.

And the light... I finally opened the windows. See, you can see just how pale I am. Well, sort of see.

What was the whole point of this? I was bored, and tired of my hair not doing what it was suppose to so I hacked it off again. I do that. Get upset and chop all my hair off. I would shave it completely, but even I am not that brave.

So, yeah. This is me this lovely Sunday afternoon, once again without any makeup and the same old sweater that I've been living in for the last 3 months.

Friday, February 26, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Feb 25th 2010

I used screen capture for this post

iTunes Canada .... it was supper time before it was ready for download.

And Abyss was showing the rest of the X-Division the magick LSD... Which of course had no effect on Jay Lethal cause he's got them there shades that takes up half his face... And then A.J Styles came down to the ring with the damned cuff links in his ears again/still. 3 minutes into the show and I see where this column is going tonight already. Styles you are making this too easy for me tonight, you are saying Flair's old gimmick of if you want to be the man you have to beat the man, well I am guessing the last guy you beat for those earrings was Liberace. Then Abyss came down and they had to cut the camera angle because even he was laughing at the end of the promo.... I'm bored.

17 minute mark and our first match is Nasty Boys vs Team 3 D in a tables match. You know, the mood I am in right now.... Team 3D won with the help of Jesse Neal by putting Sags through a table.

Knock Outs match. ODB vs Daffney. I caught that! ODB came down to the ring making a gesture that her implants are fixed. No not braking the rule... ODB won by a dq. This is the second week in a row Daffney has been dqed.

Wow 45 minute mark and we've only had 2 matches. (remember the way I get the show there is no commercials)The quality of the show has gone down hill in the last 2 months. If I wanted to watch a talk show I would watch Oprah.

Oh my god! a match! and we're only 50 minutes (commercial free time line) into the show. Got alittle excited there and then I saw it was just Brian Kendrick. He's got the crappiest music ever. Put you to sleep that does. He went up against Kaz. They started with a wristlock, Kendrick kicking the under part of Kaz's shoulder. Kaz turned it around, forcing Kendrick to the mat. I really do not want to see Kendrick's butt, lest it's the better side of him. Kendrick managed to turn it in his favour with his free elbow to the side of Kaz's face before Kaz used the second rope for a wicked spin which lead to a deep armdrag/hip toss. Kaz then used a scoop slam followed by a jumping leg drop from outside -into the ring. Nice. Kaz followed up with a running double leg drop to the chest of Kendrick. Kendrick tried to use a roll up but got nowhere with it. Quickly, Kendrick used a fakeout -going for what looked like a neck breaker but turned it into a jawbreaker over his knee. Kendrick went for a high risk move but was kicked upside the skull. Kaz then used a wicked looking clutch-capasitor for the win.

Match #4 is for the Global Championship. Rob Terry vs Mr. Anderson. Christ Rob Terry's creepy. Mr. Anderson got hit with a chair before the match, and Rob Terry won by default after knocking the poor camera man who got too close. See I'm not the only one who thinks Rob Terry is useless, creative knows he can't wrestle and had to come up with a why for him to win over Mr. Anderson.

Wonder if he reads my cooking blog or just agrees with me that Alex Shelley needs to eat more?

Oh my god! another match! I'm excited are you excited.... Wolfe vs Abyss. How can you have a 20minute time limit for a match when there is only 9minutes left to the show? Abyss threw him across the ring, but Wolfe came back on the attack with a kick, getting Abyss down to the mat. Getting back to his feet, Abyss crushed Wolfe twice in the corner. Wolfe tried more then once to get Abyss off his feet, but could not. He got caught in the blackhole slam, giving Abyss the win.

It was good to see some promos this week. Let me point you to what I noticed the other day about promos ... You can follow the link or you know I can say The last promo the MotorCityMachine Guns! did was the DEC 17th 2009 episode. But follow the link if you want to see screen shots of the MMG

666 Posts

Whoo Hoo!
I have hit 666 posts on this blog!


How do I want to celebrate this post? Well, I could go into a whole thing on the number 9. (6+6+6=18=9) Or chat about the Lovers card in Tarot. Or I could talk about the movie the Omen.
But, not only have I done all that on other sites, that is what would be expected in reference to the number 666.

I can't do what you would expect. And I can't go on and chat about Mr. Shelley or Mr. Sabin in this post either, cause that is what my regular Spudguns would expect.

How can I celebrate having reached 666 blog posts without doing what you would all expect from me?

I know, we'll dance! (I found this on youtube )

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Any more talk like that and I will put the leeches on you

I have no idea where I am going with this post.
I have been having a few weird conversations last few days with my straight male friends.

Arguing with one over wrestling.
Listening to another belittle himself.

Negative negative negative. Everyone and their dog's grandmother has told me to stop thinking in such downer terms. Well that is alittle difficult when the two men I talk to the most are making me want to punch a wall.

It took me a really long time to get over myself as far as my looks go. I know I am not Elvira here but everyone is attractive to someone.
So, had a guy tell me few days ago that I'm sexy. I had no idea how to respond to that. No that is a lie, I did know how to respond, I asked him what kind of drugs he was on. That my Spudgun is my automatic reaction to a compliment.
He said none and for me to deal with the fact he's attracted to me. Okay he literally had me speechless. Yes I know me speechless. Locked somewhere between crying and laughing at him.
It was over the internet so you know, I was able to take a few minutes of silence and just process the information.
It doesn't mean anything, I am still single. But I have to admit, I loved hearing him say it. And that then led to us talking about wrestling; everything leads to me talking about wrestling have you not figured that out yet? And just like that fight.

So then my other friend, he's going through a rough time. He hates himself something terrible. Nothing I say to him can get him to believe that he's a decent enough guy. Another internet friend so not much else I can do but listen to him bitch. And since he wont' take mine or anyone else's advice, there is nothing left to say.
But he's just so damn depressing.
No really. He makes me look like Loonette from that kids show Big Comfy Couch you know totally sunshine and sweetness in an overly exaggerated way.

This is why I blog. So that I don't go crazy, in a real I'm going to take a full bottle of sleeping pills with vodka way. Not that I would, as I don't like vodka and no man is ever worth killing yourself for... not even your favourite tag team. Sorry Mr. Sabin and Mr. Shelley

The Book Blog Needs Some Love People

Let me point you all to my book blog and the interview I did last month with Catherine Mckenzie, author of Spin.

It was a great interview, it is a great hip book and if you are in Canada, there is still a chance to win a copy.

I won't be updating that blog till after next week when the contest closes.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Waiting to hear back from the Editor

Yes folks, I am a mess today waiting to hear back from my fabulous new editor on my novels first draft.

I have only worked with an editor before as far as changing my Canadian spelling to American spelling. And those were just one page articles.
This is the first time I have actually had anything at stake.

Nerve racking.

This is an entire world made up of people and places I created from nothing. Will they be okay? Will they return to me bleeding from red ink wounds? Will the Editor tell me I'm complete shit and that I should just shoot myself now?

I'm not sure I want to know. I like my reality the way I like my tag teams. In a non-real, semi-celebrity form.

What defines you?

I am sitting here, with the movie Motherhood on with commentary cause I am a commentary junkie. Watched it proper yesterday.
And if you have not been to the official movie website you should, it's a mock mommy blog. Only it's not totally made up, some of it is from real mommy blogs.

And that brings me to the title of this post.
What defines you?

I am NOT a mommy and this is anything but a mommy blog. Which 90% of blogs out there are.
Most blogs fall into a few classifications, mommy blog (or the sudden new daddy blogs) cooking blogs, review blogs, hobby blogs, religion blogs.
The rest of us are personal blogs.

Where you fit?

Few weeks ago, I asked Buddy #P if he thought I could do a fake mommy blog. Long story as to why the topic was brought up. He said go for it.
You know what, 30 minutes later not only was I realizing there was no way I could -as one needs photos of the "kids" and things like that for a mommy blog- I was down right bored with the idea.

30 minutes after thinking about doing a mommy blog and the idea was no longer interesting. This is why I am not a mommy. I could never commit to something or someone outside of myself like that.
Another reason I do not have a husband and at this rate never will.

Movies that freaked you out

Was talking with Erin awhile back about movies that we thought might be too heavy for her fourteen year old daughter (my Niece) to watch.

Kids see so much these days that not much really gets to them these days.
But we all agreed (me, Erin, her husband,) that one movie still gets under our skin and we're all old. Besides the Exorcist that is, cause I think that still makes alot of people uncomfortable.

What we still find creepy - and let me make certain you know what we differ as creepy from scary, Exorcist of Emily Rose or Childs Play = scary.
Dark Crystal = creepy.

Yeah. The Dark Crystal still gives all three of us the wiggins. And her husband in his forties.

Think about it, I feel sorry for anyone who is the child or wife of anyone in the props department of that movie. Imagine coming home one day and seeing a giant Skeksis in the corner of the living room. Their horrible bony and leathered faces and wide buggy eyes peering down at you in suspended animation for all eternity, their puppet strings dangling like raw veins. Just creeps me out thinking of it.


I'm just not that into you

I am sitting here watching the movie "He's Just Not That Into You" and thinking.
Which is never good. Me thinking always leads to crying and panic. But anyway, at the point where, I am just kind of half way taking in the points of the movie and going over the past week.

Relationship wise.

And I finally figured it out.
There has yet to be any one guy that has impressed me. None of the guys on any of the dating sites I have tried over the last few years, and I think I officially have tried all the dating sites, have ever impressed me.

I got messaged by an above average looking guy and was like "um no thanks". I don't think this guy has ever been told no before. He just didn't do anything for me. Meanwhile, I have been having a lovely chat with another guy on there who seems very down to earth and moderately good looking, but we're not compatible, and we both know this. We have both said to the other we would not be compatible in the long haul.

I suppose I am asking, or making the comment of, if no one ever does it for you, if you can say to pretty much everyone that I'm just not that into you, is it possible that I am just not relationship material?
In which case I will be doomed to random and rare one night stands that are as bad as greasy chinese food for the rest of my life, but I suppose it's better then dementing my mind over a guy who I don't see a real future with.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TNA are you Vogue?

I'm going to get really crazy on you for a few minutes. More so then I normally do.
I am sitting here watching the documentary "September Issue" and thinking why hasn't TNA used the Beautiful People with a Vogue angle.

Hear me out.

Vogue does a yearly Age Issue and a yearly Shape Issue. The shape issue always has an athlete in there somewhere.
Wouldn't it be nice to open it once and instead of seeing the same tennis player every year, we see Velvet Sky or Tara or ODB ?

Yeah I know I can't believe I am saying this either but I am .

I rarely get magazines anymore of any kind, so I can't say if they have done anything with any of the fashion magazines or not. They may have already and this post might be mute. I know wrestling works with the fitness magazines, but that's a whole other topic.

I'm talking fashion here.

Personally, I would support the idea of the Knock Outs being featured in a top fashion magazine. Why not, they have proved themselves with Playboy have they not? We know they can reach an audience outside of the normal wrestling genre.

Fashion is Canada's top magazine, maybe we should hound them to put Angelina Love in there (if she hasn't been already)

Anyway, I am just thinking out loud.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Has Anyone Noticed this about... MotorCityMachine Guns! ?

I used screen capture for this post

Their last promo was the Dec 17th 2009 episode.
That is two full months ago.

How could you notice what I have noticed when they haven't been around.

Where have they been promo wise?

I am a Shelley/Sabin addict and I am long over due for a fix. These withdrawls are beyond brutal.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Did I hurt you?

I used a screen capture for this post

This morning my friend's husband said to me "have you ever thought you hurt the feelings of that Alex guy from you contently talking about the one with the hair?"

Actually no I have never thought about that.

Friend's husband continued " what about the rest of the guys? What about how they feel reading your blog for your reviews and seeing all the extra stuff on that hair guy?"

Well that made me think.
Okay so maybe the rest of the X-Division would be feeling left out from me not spending single posts on them. From a press point of view, I could understand that. And I will say sorry for that.

But as far as Alex Shelley goes, from the promo they did back in the summer (Aug 20th 2009 episode) where they were making fun of their fans being lazy, um no. I think it would take a hell of a lot more then me to hurt his feelings.

Thou he does look sweet and vulnerable in this one photo. It does make you want to take him home and cook for him.

Friday, February 19, 2010


You get to a point and everything you see makes one word come to your mind "retarded".

I realized this week when watching TNA Impact (Feb 18th 2010 episode) when seeing not just Alex Shelley's hair, but the hoodie Chris Sabin was wearing with the metal spikes, that I'm too old, way way too old for all this dren.

I kept looking at them like that thinking they looked completely retarded, and that it was the kind of thing happening when I was in high school and college, back in 1988-1995. A billion years ago.
And I suddenly got it.

I'm just too damned old for this. If I am looking at you and thinking "damn he is the sexiest man ever he just needs to get some style" wondering what the hell you are thinking, or even something as simple as I don't like blonde men, then it's just time to walk away. (the only time I found a blonde man attractive was the actor who played Spike on Buffy /Angel and that was massive bleach)

Yes I know, there seems to be alot wrong with me when it comes to relationships and how I view men. Men are these odd creatures that you are not suppose to actually have. More like window shopping. You go to the store see the display but you can't actually touch it because the glass is in the way. Men make me uncomfortable. Like I don't deserve to be around them.

I think that is why I like Alex Shelley so much. Beautiful window display, but the store is closed for the season.

You want to analyze me, go ahead. Rick (my dad) was gone 10 months a year for work, and when he was home he was never around. And when he was actually in the house, it was weird. More like having company over then having my dad around. This is why I would never be good at having a husband who travels for work. Yes that has everything to do with the fact dad cheated on mom. There now the world knows what my close circle already does. I don't think I have a single secret left. I have blogged everything.
No wait, one more secret to be revealed. I can not pick out gifts for men at all. I had gotten a very expensive gold lighter for Trainwreck even had his name engraved on it, he hated it. I had gotten a talisman for Dargo keeping in line with the fact he was an Occultist, he hated it. Again you can trace that back to Rick. You know how when your a kid and when Fathers day rolls around the teacher always has some arts and craft thing for you to do. Well, grade 4 - I was 10years old - and the project was a silk tie dyed handkerchief; I didn't pick the project the teacher was a hippie. And Rick tossed it in the trash right away, saying it was a waste of material.
Nice eh?
My dad should never have gotten married and had a family. I should not be here.
So in conclusion I pick the wrong men. Men who are liars, cheaters, abusive, and emotionally unavailable.

And I love wrestlers because they are safe. Totally off limits (or so everyone and their dog's grandmother keeps enforcing in my brain. I can't ever have a wrestler as a husband I'm not good enough) therefore I can't get hurt.

Now, I really have told you everything Spudgun. There is nothing left for me to let you in on. You know my weakness (Alex Shelley) you know my desires (Chris Sabin) you know my mistakes (every man I have ever gotten involved with) and you know how hard I have tried to matter.
You know how often I have begged for an interview with Chris Sabin, and gotten nowhere.
Not that it would really matter I suppose to anyone but me; getting to interview him. (Or any wrestler for that matter. ) Getting an interview with him would be nice would it not?
I think it would.

Can't you Spudgun just picture little old... er medium sized me sitting across a small table in an overly lit Tim Horton's Donut shop, madly trying to write down everything Chris Sabin was saying and doing, while trying not to knock over my extra large double double onto the floor or me or the notes, all the while resiting the urge to reach across the small table and mess up his hair. Just to see if it moves or is shellacked in place? That would be cool.

But he doesn't care.
Maybe I am not funny enough?

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Feb 18th 2010

I used screen capture for this post

Yes, iTunes Canada had it for download at a decent time today.

We are coming off of the Against All Odds ppv. And I still hate the opening credits as it's got way too much cheese (Hogan) and where the hell are the MMG?

We open with the Pope who won the big 8 card stud match at the ppv. He is now the number one contender to A.J. Styles' championship. I like the Pope he has nice eyes, but then I got bored. Why, because Styles and Flair came out, and what the hell is up with those damned earrings? Are they cuff-links? You going drag on us or something there Styles? Damn, that's just tacky.

Knock Outs.... Daffney vs Tara. Non title... no not breaking my rule... Tara won by a DQ

TNA you are so like a guy, when I tell you how much I hate an element, you just go ahead an add more of that element. Like all the "backstage" filler crap. I frealing hate it! There is no need for it. You could have at lest 3 more matches in the time you use with the filler.

Orlando Jordan vs Samoa Joe. Why does Jordan look like a drowned rat? Jordan tried to jump Joe, but Joe was too smart for him and moved out of the way. Joe then got Jordan in the corner with a series of punches and kicks. Jordan then went for a cheap shot with a thumb to the throat. But Joe rebuffed with a running leg style closeline. Jordan then used a spinbuster on him turning it back in his favour. He then used a spinning neck breaker, and a knee drop but only got a one count. Samoa Joe turned it around once again with a series of closelines before Jordan slapped on a back breaker for the win. What? Hang on!

More filler, this time Abyss worried about why he was being called into the office, maybe it's because of the fact you are shedding like a cat all over the ImpactZone from playing with your hair all the time.
Which brings me to my next point at the 33 minute mark (remember iTunes Canada takes out commercials ) and there has only been 2 matches so far. Filler is for hot dogs not tv shows.

Abyss vs Jeff Jarrett for the mask. Yay. I have been saying for the past year that the mask needs to come off. we start with a collar tie up that led into a shoulder block from Abyss. Jarrett went for a kick but Abyss countered with a closeline. Jarrett was in the corner with Abyss going for his trademark shocktreatment, Jarrett countered with a kick to the back of the skull, landing Abyss on the ropes. Abyss slapped an inverted atomic drop on him, but Jarrett got the upper hand with a upper cut. Outside the ring now, and Jarrett went to use a steel chair only to have Abyss turn it on him. Back in the ring, the chair set up in the corner, but Jarrett was unable to use it. Both men went for a closeline, before Abyss got the sidewalk slam on Jarrett for a near fall. Jarrett went for a top rope move but got caught midair in a choke slam, still only a two count. Abyss then got slammed face first into the chair in the corner. And Bishoff sent half the locker room down for a 5 minute beat down on both. It was a Double DQ. I'm having such massive Deja Vu right now, thinking about WCW back 12 years ago and just waiting for the buckets of blood to be poured on Jarrett... and then the zombies were bringing Abyss to the office for tea.

Brutus Magnus and Rob Terry (big useless) vs Beer Money Inc. Brutus and Storm started it off. Brutus used a shoulder block then an irish whip on Storm, but Storm countered with a simple slap to the face. Storm in the corner with a boot to the jaw just before Big Useless from the outside with a closeline cheap shot knocked Storm down. (I still say Rob Terry can not wrestle) He tagged in then got a slam on Storm, before slamming him in the corner. { hey how about bringing in Steve Corino? Does he still wrestle? Don't ask where this idea came from for whatever reason it just did right now while watching this match} Brutus then blindtagged himself in. Storm then used a kick and a jaw breaker before tagging in Robert Roode. Roode was all over with a knee and a slam then they double teamed Rob Terry. They then used their finishing movie the DWI on Brutus for the win.

And more filler this time the human cheese gave Abyss some LSD or something telling him it's magick. I didn't realize this was a cartoon. I thought I was watching wrestling, seems I was wrong. BORED NOW! Hold on, did the human cheese just say it will make him the god of wrestling? That is Alex Shelley who is the god of wrestling... okay so I am very very bias. Taz and Mike Tennay said they have heard alot of speeches over the years but nothing like that, gee they were trying not to vomit too eh?

Daniels vs Kurt Angle. Daniels jumped him before the bell rang with a series of rapid punches to the chest. Angle fought back but Daniels surprised him with an open hand palm thrust knocking him off his feet. Daniels went for a sunset flip but Angle countered with the ankle lock. Daniels tapped out. Hell that was a short frealing match. What a rip off.

Samoa Joe got kidnapped. My money is on JCW... don't ask why.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! Finally, where the hell have they been last few weeks? They tagged up with Kendrick and Doug Williams. vs Amazing Red/Generation Me/Kaz. Okay thank god you let him out of the Suicide mask. I for some reason am suddenly wanting to watch Dream a Little Dream starring Corey Haim and Corey Feldman. Oh my god, do you do these fashion gimmicks just to get under my skin? Really, Mr. Shelley, Mr Sabin we've had this talk before... Why do I bother when you clearly are just going to... anyway.... Doug Williams jumped Kaz just as the bell was being rung. He laid into him with a series of forearms. Kendrick got tagged in then dragged into the ring by Kaz. Where upon Kaz used a drop kick and an overhead on him. GM tagged in using a double team move on Kendrick before Alex Shelley tagged in. Lovely not sure about the hair though, He got caught up in a drop toe hold from Max(?) but countered it sweeping the leg out from under him going for an early pin with his armband but only got a one count. Shelley none the less get control and slapped a dragon wrist lock on him before tagging in Chris Sabin. They used a double team on him with Sabin going for a quick pin but only got a two count. He then shot Max into the corner but Amazing Red tagged in. (thank god I have a rewind button Red moves so frealing fast) Red got Sabin with a shoulder block from outside the ropes, using Sabin's back as a ramp to fly into the ring before trying a sunset flip on Sabin. Sabin countered but went for a kick only to have Red move out of the way. Red went for a roll up but Sabin kicked out. Red DDTed Sabin causing Shelley to come into the ring for a save. Red then punched Shelley in the jaw and Shelley fell off the ring apron (boo Red boo) Doug Williams then tagged in with a upper cut and shoulder block to Red. Followed by a suplex before going to the top turnbuckle. Red countered with a corkscrew kick knocking Williams over. Kaz then tagged in with a closeline and series of drop kicks turning it in his favour, then slapped a spinning neck breaker for a near fall before Kendrick broke it up. Generation Me then got into the ring acting like they were monkeys or something, at which point Sabin used a baseball slide -hesitation drop kick to break that up. Kaz and Sabin were the two in the ring and as Kaz went to spring off the ropes, Shelley grabbed him from outside the ring. The Guns then went for a double team but were thrown off by Red from the top turnbuckle. Williams and Kaz are now in the ring, Kaz using a slingshot to get the upper hand going for the pin. Kaz won the match. Hang on, who were the legal guys? And for those of us who forgot what Suicide.. I mean Kaz looked like...

If I started a rumour would You believe it

It was reported yesterday that Canadian singer Gordon Lightfoot was dead. Big Rumour.
The singer is very much alive and on tour. But because it was twittered faster then the speed of light, people believed it.

Shows you the power of not just the internet but of words. Rumours are not always a good thing, and other times they are the best thing to happen to you. Mr. Lightfoot was googled more in the last 24 hours then the normal celebrities that are at the google top list every day.

So the question I present to you is if I said something, would you believe me without question?

Example : If I tell you that Jay Lethal is currently working on a British sit-com would you question me? Would you suddenly google Jay Lethal ? Would you cause a twitter traffic jam on JB's twitter asking when the show will air and on what channel?

Wither it is true or not, I have you wondering. Is it really that far fetched? I mean, the TNA wrestlers are really popular in Britain and we haven't seen much of Jay Lethal on Impact as of late.

Example : If I told you I asked Chris Sabin to marry me, would you laugh it off? Given the amount I blog about Chris Sabin, it would make sense. I mean, why would I talk about one man so much if I wasn't really connected to him?

Wither it is true or not, I have you wondering. Is it really that far fetched? I mean, this is not an official TNA site, nor is it an official Chris Sabin site, so I 'm not getting paid at all to blog about them. So why would I spend so much time blogging about him other wise?

I could come up with a few more examples but why? And TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT I have no idea why Jay Lethal has not been on Impact as of late, and I sort of did ask Mr. Sabin to marry me. As a gimmick. But you know if he ever wants...

A ring for men

Seems I was a head of my time.
I was just floating around the internet, and spotted a blog post about the man's version of an engagement ring.

Finally! See, I am not crazy.

Back in the day, when I was with Trainwreck, I had actually looked at buying him a ring.


Cause Spudgun, he had me believing he was going to marry me. He was slick that one. Anyway, I thought what's wrong with buying a man a ring? (it was a beautiful ring I had picked out for him too. Sliver with an Onyx)

Now it seems that buying a man his version of an engagement ring is more then okay. It's expected.

Will you buy a man a ring in the future?

Of course Spudgun, when my soulmate finally comes into my life.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

You are more pathetic then we thought

I used screen capture for this post.

In season 5 of Sex and the City episode #(too lazy to check) called Anchors Away, the character of Carrie refers to her love of New York as an 18 year relationship.
More then once, I have said my love for wrestling is my longest relationship. It's always been there for me. It will be a 31 year romance next month.

My buddy Danny says I will never get married because my desire for TNA out weighs my want of a husband. I hate to have to admit it, but I think he's right.
I mean really, for nearly 5 years (since TNA debuted on the Spike network) it's been there for me without fail. Sure sometimes Impact is late for dinner (that's iTunes Canada's issue) and there are weeks where it's grumpy with me (when it's more filler then matches) and it can with hold claiming a headache (when the MotorCityMachine Guns! are not on air at all) but in the most part, it's all good baby.

I said last week in my post Where is Your Devotion when I was talking about the movie Mistress of Spices, that my writing was as close as I get with the topic of religion. I think it goes hand in hand with the idea that wrestling would be my longest romance, and TNA being my longest affair. The X-Division love me. They read me every week.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And in this corner

I used screen captures for this post

So it is awful... oooppss I mean official, TNA vs WWE on Monday nights starting in March 2010.

*clears throat*

You know my dear Spudgun what I think of the so called new direction my beautiful fabulous TNA has taken.

So I will give you the run down of what I would like to see more of when they hit the warzone next month.

Number 1 - More Mr. Shelley.

Number 2- More Mr. Sabin.

Number 3- More Ultimate X matches.

Number 4- More Desmond Wolfe

Number 5- More Beer Money Inc

Number 6- More Eric Young

Number 7- A. J. Styles coming to his senses and going back to his old gimmick

Number 8- I'd like to see the Return of Petey Williams

Number 9- Bring in Vampiro

Number 10- More of Mr. Shelley in those short tights he used to wear back few years ago. (remember he is the sexiest man alive. To me anyway. Dionysus in human form)

So that is my "what I want from you in this relationship TNA"

I'm fairly easy... Oh you so can not tell me that you weren't just drooling over the idea of Mr. Shelley in the shorts. I'm just brave (creepy) enough to admit it.

Shake me

Photo copyright hcvp 2010

As I just posted on my cooking blog I got my double decker spice rack today. Mom bought it for me as a very early birthday gift. And I am very hyper over it.
I have been bitching about wanting a proper spice rack for years. The one I have up till now was a nice little wooden one my Grandfather made for Grandma Perry about 50 years ago. It's a sweet little slab of wood with a little railing on it, but the size and shape of modern spice bottles/containers just do not fit in it.
So today, mom got me this one that turns.

Dude, it's just a spice rack, why so excited?

Shh! Spudgun, don't say such things. It's not "just a spice rack" it's the first ingredient to my uber kitchen, the latest cooking tool that will help to make me more of a domestic goddess. Become a domestic goddess ( or at least you know a really good cook) and I will be better able to entrap... I mean entice a husband. (well all but our favourite tag team, cause you know they don't look like they ever eat. Starting to wonder if they are anorexic. Specially Mr. Shelley. And let's get honest, Mr. Sabin has no butt at all. He could benefit from a pound of butter )

Monday, February 15, 2010

Okay I think I lost my mind

I was trying to work out a problem, going over all the angles of the situation, talking out loud.
Then I looked up at something shinny, it was the wind chimes I have in the doorway of my bedroom, and I started addressing it as I spoke.

I stopped, shook my head and I think I just officially lost my mind.

I have been stuck in the apartment cause of the weather for almost 2 full weeks. I had a half hour on last Friday where my Uncle gave me a lift to the grocery, but otherwise, been alone in this damned apartment totally stuck for way too long.

I need a husband, or a friend or a dog. Only, this is a pet free building, so no dog. Suppose to have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, but can't go cause the city is still like an ice rink. I hate the way my life is right now.

Is this how Hamlet started his decent into madness? Being trapped inside too long with no one to talk to ? I'm pretty sure he had too many people to talk to and ended up with trust issues.
This is more like the Shinning. Yes indeed. Alone in winter with nothing but your writing.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Every 20 minutes checking

On my poll this week I asked how everyone was spending today, Valentine's. 75% of you voted for "hiding with a bottle of rum so I can drown in my self pity."
25% of you said "checking your blog every 20 minutes to make sure you don't kill yourself because you are my favourite blogger."

That's the sweetest thing anyone has ever said.

So I can just picture whomever that was who voted on it going "oh dren she hasn't posted. Did she do something stupid?" waiting a bit then hitting the blog again "Is she okay? What if she got drunk and fell down a flight of stairs?" waiting a bit then hitting again "she hasn't blogged in a few days, maybe she really did kill herself? Or worse, what if she has a date and is having a great time while I am here alone checking to make sure she's okay?"

No, I do not have a date. No I have not killed myself. See blogging.
I am very surprised that no one voted for "watching the TNA ppv"

I spent the day so far watching the movie "Matchmaker" and some footage of Sheamus from a few weeks worth of Raw, while eating a half a liter of chocolate ice cream while still in my pajamas.
Yes, I am the lamest person on the planet today. I suck. I am now going to complete my lameness with watching a movie based on a Jane Austen novel; Persuasion the 2007 version, and finishing off that container of ice cream.
And yes there will be crying as I cry over everything. I'm such a girl.

Friday, February 12, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Feb 11th 2010

I used screen capture for this post

I have sent so many emails in panic to iTunes Canada, I think they have one person assigned to my account. iTunes Canada had it for download tonight.

And you know the show started off with that old man who really needs to admit it's time for a hair cut and shave, yammering on about how people are now talking about TNA. Dude, people have been talking about TNA for the last 7 years. Bored Now. I actually thought about just doing the dishes while he was on, and I hate doing the dishes. I would rather clean the toilet five times in a row then do the damned dishes. Then I remembered, I have a fast forward button cause it's iTunes.

Then Eric Yummy.... er um Eric Young came to the ring. I like beautiful men okay

Then we had another qualifying match for the 8 card stud tournament. Pope vs Orlando Jordan.
My money is on the Pope, and I am still waiting for someone in the X-Division to snag me that wicked trenchcoat. They started with a collar tie up, with Jordan getting the advantage with an elbow. Pope then turned it around with two deep arm drags. Jordan when for a thumb to the eyes before sweeping out the leg of Pope. He then used a swinging neckbreaker getting Pope down on the mat before using a large back breaker. Pope managed to turn it back in his favour with an inverted atomic drop then a large flying forearm. Pope then used his trademark coronation (smooth slide) for a near fall. Jordan used a spinebuster for a near fall. Pope used his trademark knees to the back (Denaro Express) for the win. He qualifies for the ppv this weekend.

The next qualifying match is Suicide vs Matt Morgan the evil druid. Suicide was pushed into the corner, but he used the ropes to leap over Morgan and bounce off the far side with a series of kicks. Suicide went for a drop kick but Morgan the evil druid caught him in midair tossing him overhead. He then got Suicide into the corner for his rapid fire elbows. Morgan then used a simple side slam drop on Suicide, before Suicide used a spring board drop kick to turn it back in his favour. Morgan used his carbon footprint for the win.

X-Division title match. Amazing Red vs Doug Williams. Williams grabbed the leg of Red spinning him but getting kicked upside the skull. Red got him cornered with a series of punches before taking the knees out from under Williams. Each used a form of roll up for a near fall, before Williams used a wheelbarrow press to get the advantage. He then used a leg scissors getting Red in the center of the mat. Red did manage to get it back around and toss Williams out of the ring, which set up perfect for his twisting corkscrew dive. He used a spin kick but only got a near fall. Red was going for a high risk move but Williams sidestepped throwing him shoulder first into the ring post. Williams was then wide open for his rolling chaos theory for the win.

Knock Out handi cap match. Beautiful People vs Love/Tara. No not breaking my rule. Hey was it my imagination or was the shot Love put on Lacey a really hard hit? Velvet sky got the pin on Love with a cheat.

Wolfe's promo was funny. I like Wolfe. He was in a tag team match with Hernandez vs Mr. Anderson/Kurt Angle. Hernandez and Anderson started it off. Anderson used a few kicks and a rake to the face to get the upper hand. Hernandez used a closeline chop plus a large splash in the corner before tearing off his shirt for the necktie toss. Angle got tagged in by Anderson, and slapped a hammerlock on Hernandez. He turned it around on Angle before Wolfe used a cheap shot (a kick from the outside on Angle) Wolfe blindtagged himself in using a sweeping slam on Angle. He continued to work on the arm with a top wrist lock/hip drag combo. Angle countered with a release suplex, letting Hernandez tag in, with a flying shoulder block. Wolfe tagged back in and used a vicious upper forearm knocking Angle down to the mat. Angle managed to get the ankle lock on Wolfe, making him tag but the ref was out of range, then Hernandez tagged back in only to be given a suplex off the top turnbuckle. Chaos for a few minutes with everyone in the ring, then Wolfe used his hammerlock drop on Angle for a near fall. Just as Wolfe was going for his tower of london, Angle countered it and used a side slam, where upon Anderson blindtagged himself in. Anderson tossed Angle out of the ring and hooked the leg on Wolfe for the win.

I still think the ramp is stupid and dangerous. Samoa Joe came out to a round of idiots moshing in the front row. Where the hell do you guys find the people for the front row any way? The back of the short bus? He called out A.J. Styles. I agree, Styles is boring now. Go back to your old look. Mr. Styles, come close to the computer, I have to tell you something, you as a Heel, just not a good fit. I do not feel you as a Heel.

And where the hell were the MotorCityMachine Guns! huh?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lust vs Love

Last year I broke down the two words in my post When is it love?
Well, I'm back on the topic once again. Then again when am I not?

Those of you who read me on a regular basis know that I believe in soulmates. Not only do I, but that I am working the Soulmate Secret by Arielle Ford.

I have been a big follower of her's since I read Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Lover. In that book, she compiled true stories of soulmates who found each other.
No matter what religion, what career, what background or spiritual path they followed, all of the soulmate stories in Hot Chocolate, spoke of having found the love of their life in the same manner. All the couples had found each other by a vibe, or a dream, or a little voice, or a uncontrollable desire to be in a certain spot at a certain time. This is how they all knew they had found their One, their soulmates.

Beautiful, wonderful, it means there is hope for me yet.
Or does it?

I have no doubt in my mind the man I am suppose to spend the rest of my life with is out there, my One, my soulmate. I know he is.
What I don't know is how I will know when I have met him. Yes, I have joked on here before saying that since I have no interest at all in children; that I will know him when I met him and think of nothing but having babies. But, if I were to go by all the stories, and I do mean all 101 of the true life stories in Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Lovers, then I should have met him already, twice.

When I met The Trainwreck, I had been walking past a bar and had this tugging to go in with a voice that said "if you don't you will regret it for the rest of your life." He said he had something similar that night before going there too.
When I met Dargo, I had gotten a message from him on myspace and just as I was about to delete it I had a voice say "if you don't reply to him you will regret it for the rest of your life." And when we met in person the first time, he was coming up with reasons for us to get together before the first hour was even over.
Both big loves ,both year long relationships, both horrible heartbreaks.

How can I know for sure that the next time is really love and not just lust? Given I was wrong twice before, and both times I had the same exact reactions that all these true life success stories of soulmates, can I trust myself to know when "he's" really come into my life?

The best I suppose I can figure is that the guy will know me when he finds me.
And if you read over this blog at all, you know I fall in lust very easily. Hell, just this week alone I have fallen in and out of lust for Mr. Sabin about five times.

Match Makers please stop

You know how those dating sites have a "we'll match you" option.
They never work.

It seems that what they think is a good match for me never ever is.

I have stated more then a bunch of times on here, to friends, on my profile for those dating sites what I am looking for in a man. Younger, dark hair, dark eyes, pale as a vampire, no kids, big reader.
How difficult is that to understand? Seems it's impossible.
What do they keep "matching me" up with, older blonde blue eyed single dads who can't tell a book from a hammer.

Not much of a match is it?

And now with Valentine's day this weekend, a lot of single dads out there seem to be in a panic and hitting on everything that moves. What does that say about the men now a days?

Not sure. But, I know one thing, I'm tired. Very very tired. Okay my Spudgun, other then the weekly TNA review, don't expect much out of me again till after the whole Valentine's madness is over. So, I'll be back over the weekend with the weekly review but otherwise going into a coma till next Wed.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dating 101- Tips from the Non-Dating Guru part 7

I have never been scared by a guy online before. I just got a message on that dating site and panic filled me as I read it.

Serious, heart started to beat and I started to feel like my life was indeed in danger.
What the hell is that all about?

Okay, the guy wrote a paragraph about himself and his interests. He's the first guy on there who really is more then just a mild wrestling fan, and that is what he decided to pick from my profile and chat about. Okay totally understandable. But I can not tell you what it was when I went to his profile that freaked me out. No idea at all. Just, I wanted to run away from my computer.
Then I spotted that he's listed as being 6 foot 9. Okay that hits the creep zone I have to tell you. But I spotted that after the panic attack.

Not good. Not good at all.

I don't understand it. And as I sit here typing this I feel very foolish, but honestly, I have never had a panic attack over someone's profile.

Either I just clicked into the most danger dude I'll ever come across or else I just lost what was left of my sanity. Or you know both.

Okay I get it, I am a magnet for creeps.

Where is your Devotion?

I rented a movie last night from iTunes Canada, Mistress of Spices. They had a bunch of romantic movies on special because of this weekend being Valentines.

Mistress of Spices is about a woman who has learned the art of herbs and their healing properties. When she meets a man who she falls in love with, she is forced to choose between her life so far and what he represents.

Of course I cried through the whole movie.

You realize right off the bat that the spices are her religion. It's where her faith lays. I think I cried as much for the love story part as I did for the realization that I have no such devotion.
I never have.
For me, the only thing that would come even sort of close would be writing. But still, there has not been one thing I have devoted myself to with such comfort and strength as the character in this story has. Yes it was one of those movies that makes you stop and think and check in with your soul. I hate it when that happens. I signed up for a sweet little romance with a for sure happy ending, instead I ended up with spiritual gut check.

There is a scene in this film where the lead character is in her shop praying in front of her alter asking the spices for advice. That nailed me to the quick. I have been Pagan now for 22 years, and have studied different spiritual paths just enough to be able to blend together my own path.
But, nothing over the years have given me anything solid that I feel I belong to.

Follow me.

I have never given myself over in total devotion to any one path. I find it simply fascinating when other people do, no matter what religion or spiritual path they follow.
When I meet people who are devoted wholly to something, I am always left in awe and wishing I could be that way.

This movie in very much in line with other magick-food movies like; Like Water for Chocolate, Simply Irresistible, Chocolat, Ramen Girl and Woman on Top. Which I have to say, above all are my favourite genre films. Movies that mix cooking with magick. Cause in the end, that's all it is really, recipes and spells are the same thing. It's what you put into them when making them that counts.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I got called a "Wrestlizer" by this guy who is friends with my friend's husband.

Is that even a word?

In episode 2 of Sex and the City season one, Models and Mortals, we are introduced to the world of men who only date models.

According to this guy, because of my addiction to wrestlers, I am the female equivalent of a modelizer. To my understanding, you have to date only models to be a modelizer. Therefore, I would have to date only wrestlers in order to be a "wrestlizer".

Are you seeing the big flaw in this guy's theory like I am. I am not dating any wrestlers. I am not dating anyone.
I am not sure if I should be insulted or flattered that this guy would think that I would/could only date wrestlers.
I'm still a little lost on this one myself. I admit the guys in my past have been local musicians and actors more so then anything else (which got very tired after I turned 32) and I'm friends with indie wrestler Cole Cash so yeah, I suppose I do get tangled up with semi-celebrities.

But to call me a "wrestlizer" that's just ridiculous.

Fact- I have never dated a wrestler
Fact- I can't even get a wrestler to agree to an interview let alone a date
Fact- I have a total hot spot for geeky guys so I will date more then just wrestlers

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Feb 4th 2010 part 2

I know I said at the end of the review on the weekend, I would be back with the missing pieces as soon as possible. It was available on the official Spike Tv website today. I have no idea what is happening with iTunes Canada. So this week's column is going to be a bit of a stitch up. The missing pieces will be in Blue.

It seems we opened the show with another qualifying round in the 8card stud tournament and it was Brutus Magnus vs Mr. Anderson. Anderson went right for Brutus with a knee lift. Brutus fought out of it with a series of punches. Anderson then kicked the knee out from under Brutus before whipping him hard into the turnbuckle. Brutus did manage to fight back with a half necktie takedown. Anderson used an eye rake then his trademark mic check for the win.

Team 3D vs Hernandez and the evil druid Matt Morgan for the titles. Hernandez and Brother Ray started it off with a collar tie up. It then went back and forth for a few moments with both men trying to block the others' punches before Hernandez got the slight advantage. Hernandez then ended up in the corner on the top turnbuckle where Brother Ray hit him with a vicious forearm. Devon and Morgan both tagged in. Devon had the match in this favour with a large splash from the far ropes knocking Morgan down flat. Morgan managed to get out of it and used a tornado closeline for a near fall. Quick tag to Hernandez who used a basic neck wrench on Devon. Both men went to the top turnbuckle with Devon using a flying headbutt on Hernandez. Both got the tags with Brother Ray sending a series of punches to Morgan. Brother Ray then used a large suplex getting the advantage. Devon came into the ring and they double teamed Morgan. Hernandez then came back into the ring only to get a double shoulder block from Team 3D Nasty Boys came down to the ring which gave Hernandez the advantage.Then Morgan got the win with his trademark carbon footprint

Jesse Neal vs Samoa Joe. Hey, I forgot this Neal guy even existed he hasn't been seen in so long. Neal did not wait for the bell, he jumped Joe as he was getting into the ring. Joe turned it around very quickly with a suplex-high collar tbone- Joe then pushed Neal into the corner and slapped a paylay on him. Neal tried to get it back in his favour with a thumb to the eye then he went to the second turnbuckle for a high risk move, but Joe walked away causing Neal to belly flop. Joe then used his trademark muscle buster for the win.

The Pope vs A.J. Styles in a non title match Pope got an arm bar on Styles The Pope was in the corner with Styles delivering chops to him. Pope slapped him then used a drop toe hold before starting to work on the arm. Styles countered it but it just was not enough. Pope used an interesting combo dance before a very high back body drop. Styles then had the advantage with a knife edge chop and a drop kick. He had Pope on the second rope putting pressure on his neck. Styles then used a snap suplex getting a near fall. Pope did get a few punches in before an inverted atomic drop and another near fall. Pope used a small package for the win.

Why the hell when you do a run in do you need to have the theme music? You Don't. A run in works so much better when you don't hear any theme music and you don't know the wrestler is there until he's popped up on the screen.

Another round in the 8 card stud tournament. Tomko vs Kurt Angle. Tomko got a big boot up knocking Angle down hard. Angle used a headbutt and a closeline to toss Tomko out of the ring. Once back in, Tomko put Angle in a quick snap-slam. Angle was shot shoulder first into the ring post. Tomko had him in the center of the ring on the mat before using a power slam. Tomko went to the top turnbuckle but was countered by Angle with a suplex knocking both men out. Angle managed to get up and slapped on two german suplexes before going for his angle slam. Angle used his trademark ankle lock forcing Tomko to tap out.

Tara vs Love. Tara won keeping her belt. Now you didn't really think I was going to break my rule did you? I have to say this thou, I am not a fan of either but Love looks like she's really improved in the last few months that she has been away. It will be interesting to see what she can do against someone like Hamada.

Mike Foley vs Kevin Nash. This is a no DQ hardcore match. Chaos and a mess in the ring is about all I have to say on this match. Nash managed to win this with a pin.

This was a very boring episode. Nothing new, nothing special and Bored Now.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Why Was Mr. Shelley....

I used a screen capture for this post

I was sitting here having a coffee, flipping through some old episodes of TNA Impact (cause this week's episode is still not available for download yet on iTunes Canada) and I stopped. Stopped in mid coffee gulp as I listened. And then I hit the rewind on my iTunes and listened again.
It was the episode from March 5th 2009 where Alex Shelley was in a match vs Kiyoshi (I spelled it right this time) Wondering why I had never noticed this before. Well okay I have always been too busy drooling over Mr. Shelley to pay attention to anything else. You know full well what I mean, when he is laying there on the mat sprawled like some half dead rag doll. Someone needs to give the cameraman a big tip for those camera angles.

But there he was screaming like a banshee.

I blinked. Shook my skull. Blinked again. Then rewound again. Yes Mr. Shelley was screaming like a mad child having a fit over a broken toy. I was not hearing things.

Um okay why? What happened? What did I miss?
I think I ended up hitting the rewind on that iTunes a good five times and the only thing I can think of was about a minute before when Kiyoshi gave him a chop from the top turnbuckle.
But why was Mr. Shelley screaming like a banshee? Did the chop cut his air off? Was he injured during that match? Was he just tired of having someone leaning on him? Not sure. Only he can answer that one.

I just thought I would post about it because I felt that he needed a mention, as I haven't talked about him in a while. And it was just a strange thing to hear in the middle of an otherwise perfect X-Division match.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dating 101- Tips from the Non-Dating Guru part 6

What's going on here?
Why is it, men only message when they want to "cam" ? What the hell is it about webcams that you men are all so damned hyper over?

Does no one actually get together in real life for coffee anymore? Seriously. I have had more guys ask to "hook up on cam" then ask to go for a drink. Are you all so socially stumped that you can't get it up unless you are viewing it through a monitor?
And it's always the guys who say they are "tired of games" and "want a real woman who's down to earth." and that they are "ready to settle down with someone they can bring home to meet their mom"
But by the amount of creeps that are messaging me through the dating site, you are all looking for a free peep show.

Really. I mean really. Guys, lay off the porn for awhile and try getting out in the real world for a moment. Jesus go to the damned mall even.

Friday, February 5, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Feb 4th 2010

Once again it's late and I had to go hunting online for it cause neither iTunes Canada nor the official Spike Tv website has it as of this posting (8:pm) I have to say I hate watching it this way as the picture is always half digitized and blurry. Much rather be able to download from iTunes Canada

It seems we opened the show with another qualifying round in the 8card stud tournament and it was Brutus Magnus vs Mr. Anderson. Anderson went right for Brutus with a knee lift. Brutus fought out of it with a series of punches. Anderson then kicked the knee out from under Brutus before whipping him hard into the turnbuckle. Brutus did manage to fight back with a half necktie takedown. Anderson used an eye rake then his trademark mic check for the win.

Team 3D vs Hernandez and the evil druid Matt Morgan for the titles. Hernandez and Brother Ray started it off with a collar tie up. It then went back and forth for a few moments with both men trying to block the others' punches before Hernandez got the slight advantage. Hernandez then ended up in the corner on the top turnbuckle where Brother Ray hit him with a vicious forearm. Devon and Morgan both tagged in. Devon had the match in this favour with a large splash from the far ropes knocking Morgan down flat. Morgan managed to get out of it and used a tornado closeline for a near fall. Quick tag to Hernandez who used a basic neck wrench on Devon. Both men went to the top turnbuckle with Devon using a flying headbutt on Hernandez. Both got the tags with Brother Ray sending a series of punches to Morgan. Brother Ray then used a large suplex getting the advantage. ... I have no idea who won this because whoever up loaded it cut it off mid match and the next part they did was in the middle of AJ Styles. This is why I hate hunting it down on the internet.
We then seem to jump right into a match with A. J. Styles vs the Pope already happening. The Pope was in the corner with Styles delivering chops to him. Pope slapped him then used a drop toe hold before starting to work on the arm. Styles countered it but it just was not enough. Pope used an interesting combo dance before a very high back body drop. Styles then had the advantage with a knife edge chop and a drop kick. He had Pope on the second rope putting pressure on his neck. Styles then used a snap suplex getting a near fall. Pope did get a few punches in before an inverted atomic drop and another near fall. Pope used a small package for the win.

Another round in the 8 card stud tournament. Tomko vs Kurt Angle. Tomko got a big boot up knocking Angle down hard. Angle used a headbutt and a closeline to toss Tomko out of the ring. Once back in, Tomko put Angle in a quick snap-slam. Angle was shot shoulder first into the ring post. Tomko had him in the center of the ring on the mat before using a power slam. Tomko went to the top turnbuckle but was countered by Angle with a suplex knocking both men out. Angle managed to get up and slapped on two german suplexes before going for his angle slam. Angle used his trademark ankle lock forcing Tomko to tap out.

Whoever uploaded this to the net they uploaded the Knock Outs championship match twice.
Tara vs Love. Tara won keeping her belt. Now you didn't really think I was going to break my rule did you? I have to say this thou, I am not a fan of either but Love looks like she's really improved in the last few months that she has been away. It will be interesting to see what she can do against someone like Hamada.

Mike Foley vs Kevin Nash. This is a no DQ hardcore match. Chaos and a mess in the ring is about all I have to say on this match. Nash managed to win this with a pin.

I will be back at some point this week with whatever the missing pieces are once it's either available on iTunes Canada or Spike Tv official website.

How Tall Are You Really?

I used screen captures for this post

Okay, so LAST WEEK's TNA Impact (Jan 28th 2010) was finally available for download, yes iTunes Canada is a full week late. I think they are doing it to drive me insane I really do.

First let me point you to a post I did few days ago about my distress at not finding men my own height. Dating 101 Tips From the Non Dating Guru Part 5

It seems the men have been right under my nose the whole time. In the X-Division right where I like them.

Now, we know that wrestlers are "billed" at heights that are a few inches taller then they really are, and I have no idea why. But none the less, this one has me blinking and scratching my skull as well as laughing out loud.
If you have a copy of the TNA video game from few years ago, you will find when you use certain characters they have their heights.
The MMG are billed as 5 foot 11 and 5 foot 10. (I can't remember which was suppose to be taller and I am too damned lazy to check)

Now, let me point you to a few screen shots from last week's episode (Jan 28th 2010) of TNA Impact. You will see that Brian Kendrick is billed as 5 foot 8.

You will also see that Mr. Sabin and Mr. Shelley are the same height.

Actually, you will see that Mr. Sabin looks shorter then Kendrick, and from past promos(Aug 6th 2009 screen capture) Mr. Shelley has always looked shorter then Mr. Sabin.

So my question is how tall are you boys really?

And why lie about your height that makes zero sense to me.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. Sabin

I used a screen capture for this post

Happy Birthday.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Feb 14th +6-4= damn it

It would seem I am not allowed to slit my wrists and put myself out of my misery this year after all, as my appointment with the Neurologist is on the 16th.
The movie the Wolfman is scheduled for the 12th and had that doctor's appointment been the day before on the 11th or even the 13th then you know I could have finally done with things.
But noooo; they can't make it that easy for me can they. Nope. They (they being the men in the world) want to torture me some more by booking an impossible to get into doctor's appointment two days after the most evil of days for a single woman. They (they being smug couples) want to rub it in that I am once again as always single on Valentines Day. They (they being the candy/flowers/cards/business) want to tease me with things I will not be getting or have anyone to buy for. Did I mention I hate this time of the year.

Lessons from the Kitchen

I just posted on my cooking blog My Newfie Kitchen about the broth that won't work.
It's bland.

Anyway, what got me in the mood to make the broth to begin with was actually a movie. As I sat there watching this film, there was a scene where the chief was talking about putting your soul into your food.
Your food becomes part of the people you give it to so therefore, you need to put you into it.
No soul no flavour.

And that is so true. I started thinking about that. You have to learn how to cook, but once you get the basics down if you think too much on it like anything creative, you can loose the point of things.
I have heard artists say sometimes one brush stroke too many on a painting will kill it. So true for food.

Grandma Perry was the best cook around but you never could ask her for a recipe. She didn't use measurements, just seemed to know how much of what ingredients to add. So a recipe from her never tasted the same as the way she made it cause she would guess what the measurements were when she wrote you the recipe. I managed to get a few of her original recipes from her collection, and not one of them has measurements, just the list of ingredients.

I find when I am making something, it becomes a meditative act. I could be meading dough and suddenly an answer to something that has been plaguing me for weeks will pop into my head. Or chopping veggies and I will get inspired to write something. Even this damned blog.

I find my recipes always taste better to me when I cook and don't think about the act of cooking.

So why was the broth bland?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

BlindTag stuff

I created a header and banners finally after 8 months of not having anything for it for

It took forever because my comic program was only a temp one and I am too broke to buy the upgrade. I finally figured out you could add text in one of the other writing programs I have.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Dating 101 -Tips from the Non Dating Guru part 5

Who supersized all the men? And I am not talking about your d**ks either. Those lately have all been disappointing to see. I'm meaning, aren't there any short men left?
Dig this people, I am short 5 foot 7. Short. And because of my injuries I can NOT wear heels. So that makes me short. And all the men on the planet seem to be over 6 feet tall.
What ever happened to all the short men? Do I seriously need to Frankenstein someone here? Order a guy up or something? Yeah I'd like a 5 foot 9 man with dark brown hair chocolate brown eyes and pale as chalk skin and can you make him Irish if that 's at all possible age 27 and a side order of tofu fries for takeaway.
Another reason I really don't like craning my neck when I talk to a man. I have a permanent crick in my neck from having to look up at all the men in my family as all of them are over 6 foot 2. (dad, his brothers and my cousins are all tall.) It hurts just thinking about having to look up.


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