Monday, February 15, 2010

Okay I think I lost my mind

I was trying to work out a problem, going over all the angles of the situation, talking out loud.
Then I looked up at something shinny, it was the wind chimes I have in the doorway of my bedroom, and I started addressing it as I spoke.

I stopped, shook my head and I think I just officially lost my mind.

I have been stuck in the apartment cause of the weather for almost 2 full weeks. I had a half hour on last Friday where my Uncle gave me a lift to the grocery, but otherwise, been alone in this damned apartment totally stuck for way too long.

I need a husband, or a friend or a dog. Only, this is a pet free building, so no dog. Suppose to have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, but can't go cause the city is still like an ice rink. I hate the way my life is right now.

Is this how Hamlet started his decent into madness? Being trapped inside too long with no one to talk to ? I'm pretty sure he had too many people to talk to and ended up with trust issues.
This is more like the Shinning. Yes indeed. Alone in winter with nothing but your writing.

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