Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And in this corner

I used screen captures for this post

So it is awful... oooppss I mean official, TNA vs WWE on Monday nights starting in March 2010.

*clears throat*

You know my dear Spudgun what I think of the so called new direction my beautiful fabulous TNA has taken.

So I will give you the run down of what I would like to see more of when they hit the warzone next month.

Number 1 - More Mr. Shelley.

Number 2- More Mr. Sabin.

Number 3- More Ultimate X matches.

Number 4- More Desmond Wolfe

Number 5- More Beer Money Inc

Number 6- More Eric Young

Number 7- A. J. Styles coming to his senses and going back to his old gimmick

Number 8- I'd like to see the Return of Petey Williams

Number 9- Bring in Vampiro

Number 10- More of Mr. Shelley in those short tights he used to wear back few years ago. (remember he is the sexiest man alive. To me anyway. Dionysus in human form)

So that is my "what I want from you in this relationship TNA"

I'm fairly easy... Oh you so can not tell me that you weren't just drooling over the idea of Mr. Shelley in the shorts. I'm just brave (creepy) enough to admit it.

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