Sunday, February 28, 2010

Torn Covers

I used screen capture for this post

So my novel is sitting in the hands of my editor. This is great, means I am that much closer to being published.
But it means I have some time to stress over the cover art now. The photographer I was talking to couple of months ago backed out. Yeah I know, I suck or something.
Anyway, that means I still have to find a solution for the cover.

I have been looking at iStockphoto the last few days but I haven't found anything that captures the spirit of what I want my book to say at first glance.

One thing is certain, it has to be black and white. That is the real deal breaker.
I would like someone who looks halfway like my lead character, simply because it is a romance. But because I am not under any contracts with any of the romance publishers, I do not have any requirements. I can be as different from the typical romance covers out there.

Too bad there are not any guys in this city to model who look like this.

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