Friday, February 5, 2010

How Tall Are You Really?

I used screen captures for this post

Okay, so LAST WEEK's TNA Impact (Jan 28th 2010) was finally available for download, yes iTunes Canada is a full week late. I think they are doing it to drive me insane I really do.

First let me point you to a post I did few days ago about my distress at not finding men my own height. Dating 101 Tips From the Non Dating Guru Part 5

It seems the men have been right under my nose the whole time. In the X-Division right where I like them.

Now, we know that wrestlers are "billed" at heights that are a few inches taller then they really are, and I have no idea why. But none the less, this one has me blinking and scratching my skull as well as laughing out loud.
If you have a copy of the TNA video game from few years ago, you will find when you use certain characters they have their heights.
The MMG are billed as 5 foot 11 and 5 foot 10. (I can't remember which was suppose to be taller and I am too damned lazy to check)

Now, let me point you to a few screen shots from last week's episode (Jan 28th 2010) of TNA Impact. You will see that Brian Kendrick is billed as 5 foot 8.

You will also see that Mr. Sabin and Mr. Shelley are the same height.

Actually, you will see that Mr. Sabin looks shorter then Kendrick, and from past promos(Aug 6th 2009 screen capture) Mr. Shelley has always looked shorter then Mr. Sabin.

So my question is how tall are you boys really?

And why lie about your height that makes zero sense to me.

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