Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dating 101- Tips from the Non-Dating Guru part 6

What's going on here?
Why is it, men only message when they want to "cam" ? What the hell is it about webcams that you men are all so damned hyper over?

Does no one actually get together in real life for coffee anymore? Seriously. I have had more guys ask to "hook up on cam" then ask to go for a drink. Are you all so socially stumped that you can't get it up unless you are viewing it through a monitor?
And it's always the guys who say they are "tired of games" and "want a real woman who's down to earth." and that they are "ready to settle down with someone they can bring home to meet their mom"
But by the amount of creeps that are messaging me through the dating site, you are all looking for a free peep show.

Really. I mean really. Guys, lay off the porn for awhile and try getting out in the real world for a moment. Jesus go to the damned mall even.

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