Thursday, February 11, 2010

Match Makers please stop

You know how those dating sites have a "we'll match you" option.
They never work.

It seems that what they think is a good match for me never ever is.

I have stated more then a bunch of times on here, to friends, on my profile for those dating sites what I am looking for in a man. Younger, dark hair, dark eyes, pale as a vampire, no kids, big reader.
How difficult is that to understand? Seems it's impossible.
What do they keep "matching me" up with, older blonde blue eyed single dads who can't tell a book from a hammer.

Not much of a match is it?

And now with Valentine's day this weekend, a lot of single dads out there seem to be in a panic and hitting on everything that moves. What does that say about the men now a days?

Not sure. But, I know one thing, I'm tired. Very very tired. Okay my Spudgun, other then the weekly TNA review, don't expect much out of me again till after the whole Valentine's madness is over. So, I'll be back over the weekend with the weekly review but otherwise going into a coma till next Wed.


Kate said...

Hmmm I wonder why so many single dads are there. this is one of the reasons I don;t trust dating websites - they lie!

Kate xx

ardeth blood said...

This city is a haven for single dads.
I can't seem to escape them and I can't afford to move.


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