Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I got called a "Wrestlizer" by this guy who is friends with my friend's husband.

Is that even a word?

In episode 2 of Sex and the City season one, Models and Mortals, we are introduced to the world of men who only date models.

According to this guy, because of my addiction to wrestlers, I am the female equivalent of a modelizer. To my understanding, you have to date only models to be a modelizer. Therefore, I would have to date only wrestlers in order to be a "wrestlizer".

Are you seeing the big flaw in this guy's theory like I am. I am not dating any wrestlers. I am not dating anyone.
I am not sure if I should be insulted or flattered that this guy would think that I would/could only date wrestlers.
I'm still a little lost on this one myself. I admit the guys in my past have been local musicians and actors more so then anything else (which got very tired after I turned 32) and I'm friends with indie wrestler Cole Cash so yeah, I suppose I do get tangled up with semi-celebrities.

But to call me a "wrestlizer" that's just ridiculous.

Fact- I have never dated a wrestler
Fact- I can't even get a wrestler to agree to an interview let alone a date
Fact- I have a total hot spot for geeky guys so I will date more then just wrestlers


Wombat said...

I'm on your side with this.

If you fantasize about something, it's just that, a thought. Or series of thoughts.

If you actually were dating wrestlers, it would be a different matter. Which, of course, I'm hoping for :-)

ardeth blood said...

Would be nice wouldn't it?

1) To prove a few people in my life wrong
2)I need a husband

If you know any let me know.


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