Friday, February 26, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Feb 25th 2010

I used screen capture for this post

iTunes Canada .... it was supper time before it was ready for download.

And Abyss was showing the rest of the X-Division the magick LSD... Which of course had no effect on Jay Lethal cause he's got them there shades that takes up half his face... And then A.J Styles came down to the ring with the damned cuff links in his ears again/still. 3 minutes into the show and I see where this column is going tonight already. Styles you are making this too easy for me tonight, you are saying Flair's old gimmick of if you want to be the man you have to beat the man, well I am guessing the last guy you beat for those earrings was Liberace. Then Abyss came down and they had to cut the camera angle because even he was laughing at the end of the promo.... I'm bored.

17 minute mark and our first match is Nasty Boys vs Team 3 D in a tables match. You know, the mood I am in right now.... Team 3D won with the help of Jesse Neal by putting Sags through a table.

Knock Outs match. ODB vs Daffney. I caught that! ODB came down to the ring making a gesture that her implants are fixed. No not braking the rule... ODB won by a dq. This is the second week in a row Daffney has been dqed.

Wow 45 minute mark and we've only had 2 matches. (remember the way I get the show there is no commercials)The quality of the show has gone down hill in the last 2 months. If I wanted to watch a talk show I would watch Oprah.

Oh my god! a match! and we're only 50 minutes (commercial free time line) into the show. Got alittle excited there and then I saw it was just Brian Kendrick. He's got the crappiest music ever. Put you to sleep that does. He went up against Kaz. They started with a wristlock, Kendrick kicking the under part of Kaz's shoulder. Kaz turned it around, forcing Kendrick to the mat. I really do not want to see Kendrick's butt, lest it's the better side of him. Kendrick managed to turn it in his favour with his free elbow to the side of Kaz's face before Kaz used the second rope for a wicked spin which lead to a deep armdrag/hip toss. Kaz then used a scoop slam followed by a jumping leg drop from outside -into the ring. Nice. Kaz followed up with a running double leg drop to the chest of Kendrick. Kendrick tried to use a roll up but got nowhere with it. Quickly, Kendrick used a fakeout -going for what looked like a neck breaker but turned it into a jawbreaker over his knee. Kendrick went for a high risk move but was kicked upside the skull. Kaz then used a wicked looking clutch-capasitor for the win.

Match #4 is for the Global Championship. Rob Terry vs Mr. Anderson. Christ Rob Terry's creepy. Mr. Anderson got hit with a chair before the match, and Rob Terry won by default after knocking the poor camera man who got too close. See I'm not the only one who thinks Rob Terry is useless, creative knows he can't wrestle and had to come up with a why for him to win over Mr. Anderson.

Wonder if he reads my cooking blog or just agrees with me that Alex Shelley needs to eat more?

Oh my god! another match! I'm excited are you excited.... Wolfe vs Abyss. How can you have a 20minute time limit for a match when there is only 9minutes left to the show? Abyss threw him across the ring, but Wolfe came back on the attack with a kick, getting Abyss down to the mat. Getting back to his feet, Abyss crushed Wolfe twice in the corner. Wolfe tried more then once to get Abyss off his feet, but could not. He got caught in the blackhole slam, giving Abyss the win.

It was good to see some promos this week. Let me point you to what I noticed the other day about promos ... You can follow the link or you know I can say The last promo the MotorCityMachine Guns! did was the DEC 17th 2009 episode. But follow the link if you want to see screen shots of the MMG

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