Friday, February 19, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Feb 18th 2010

I used screen capture for this post

Yes, iTunes Canada had it for download at a decent time today.

We are coming off of the Against All Odds ppv. And I still hate the opening credits as it's got way too much cheese (Hogan) and where the hell are the MMG?

We open with the Pope who won the big 8 card stud match at the ppv. He is now the number one contender to A.J. Styles' championship. I like the Pope he has nice eyes, but then I got bored. Why, because Styles and Flair came out, and what the hell is up with those damned earrings? Are they cuff-links? You going drag on us or something there Styles? Damn, that's just tacky.

Knock Outs.... Daffney vs Tara. Non title... no not breaking my rule... Tara won by a DQ

TNA you are so like a guy, when I tell you how much I hate an element, you just go ahead an add more of that element. Like all the "backstage" filler crap. I frealing hate it! There is no need for it. You could have at lest 3 more matches in the time you use with the filler.

Orlando Jordan vs Samoa Joe. Why does Jordan look like a drowned rat? Jordan tried to jump Joe, but Joe was too smart for him and moved out of the way. Joe then got Jordan in the corner with a series of punches and kicks. Jordan then went for a cheap shot with a thumb to the throat. But Joe rebuffed with a running leg style closeline. Jordan then used a spinbuster on him turning it back in his favour. He then used a spinning neck breaker, and a knee drop but only got a one count. Samoa Joe turned it around once again with a series of closelines before Jordan slapped on a back breaker for the win. What? Hang on!

More filler, this time Abyss worried about why he was being called into the office, maybe it's because of the fact you are shedding like a cat all over the ImpactZone from playing with your hair all the time.
Which brings me to my next point at the 33 minute mark (remember iTunes Canada takes out commercials ) and there has only been 2 matches so far. Filler is for hot dogs not tv shows.

Abyss vs Jeff Jarrett for the mask. Yay. I have been saying for the past year that the mask needs to come off. we start with a collar tie up that led into a shoulder block from Abyss. Jarrett went for a kick but Abyss countered with a closeline. Jarrett was in the corner with Abyss going for his trademark shocktreatment, Jarrett countered with a kick to the back of the skull, landing Abyss on the ropes. Abyss slapped an inverted atomic drop on him, but Jarrett got the upper hand with a upper cut. Outside the ring now, and Jarrett went to use a steel chair only to have Abyss turn it on him. Back in the ring, the chair set up in the corner, but Jarrett was unable to use it. Both men went for a closeline, before Abyss got the sidewalk slam on Jarrett for a near fall. Jarrett went for a top rope move but got caught midair in a choke slam, still only a two count. Abyss then got slammed face first into the chair in the corner. And Bishoff sent half the locker room down for a 5 minute beat down on both. It was a Double DQ. I'm having such massive Deja Vu right now, thinking about WCW back 12 years ago and just waiting for the buckets of blood to be poured on Jarrett... and then the zombies were bringing Abyss to the office for tea.

Brutus Magnus and Rob Terry (big useless) vs Beer Money Inc. Brutus and Storm started it off. Brutus used a shoulder block then an irish whip on Storm, but Storm countered with a simple slap to the face. Storm in the corner with a boot to the jaw just before Big Useless from the outside with a closeline cheap shot knocked Storm down. (I still say Rob Terry can not wrestle) He tagged in then got a slam on Storm, before slamming him in the corner. { hey how about bringing in Steve Corino? Does he still wrestle? Don't ask where this idea came from for whatever reason it just did right now while watching this match} Brutus then blindtagged himself in. Storm then used a kick and a jaw breaker before tagging in Robert Roode. Roode was all over with a knee and a slam then they double teamed Rob Terry. They then used their finishing movie the DWI on Brutus for the win.

And more filler this time the human cheese gave Abyss some LSD or something telling him it's magick. I didn't realize this was a cartoon. I thought I was watching wrestling, seems I was wrong. BORED NOW! Hold on, did the human cheese just say it will make him the god of wrestling? That is Alex Shelley who is the god of wrestling... okay so I am very very bias. Taz and Mike Tennay said they have heard alot of speeches over the years but nothing like that, gee they were trying not to vomit too eh?

Daniels vs Kurt Angle. Daniels jumped him before the bell rang with a series of rapid punches to the chest. Angle fought back but Daniels surprised him with an open hand palm thrust knocking him off his feet. Daniels went for a sunset flip but Angle countered with the ankle lock. Daniels tapped out. Hell that was a short frealing match. What a rip off.

Samoa Joe got kidnapped. My money is on JCW... don't ask why.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! Finally, where the hell have they been last few weeks? They tagged up with Kendrick and Doug Williams. vs Amazing Red/Generation Me/Kaz. Okay thank god you let him out of the Suicide mask. I for some reason am suddenly wanting to watch Dream a Little Dream starring Corey Haim and Corey Feldman. Oh my god, do you do these fashion gimmicks just to get under my skin? Really, Mr. Shelley, Mr Sabin we've had this talk before... Why do I bother when you clearly are just going to... anyway.... Doug Williams jumped Kaz just as the bell was being rung. He laid into him with a series of forearms. Kendrick got tagged in then dragged into the ring by Kaz. Where upon Kaz used a drop kick and an overhead on him. GM tagged in using a double team move on Kendrick before Alex Shelley tagged in. Lovely not sure about the hair though, He got caught up in a drop toe hold from Max(?) but countered it sweeping the leg out from under him going for an early pin with his armband but only got a one count. Shelley none the less get control and slapped a dragon wrist lock on him before tagging in Chris Sabin. They used a double team on him with Sabin going for a quick pin but only got a two count. He then shot Max into the corner but Amazing Red tagged in. (thank god I have a rewind button Red moves so frealing fast) Red got Sabin with a shoulder block from outside the ropes, using Sabin's back as a ramp to fly into the ring before trying a sunset flip on Sabin. Sabin countered but went for a kick only to have Red move out of the way. Red went for a roll up but Sabin kicked out. Red DDTed Sabin causing Shelley to come into the ring for a save. Red then punched Shelley in the jaw and Shelley fell off the ring apron (boo Red boo) Doug Williams then tagged in with a upper cut and shoulder block to Red. Followed by a suplex before going to the top turnbuckle. Red countered with a corkscrew kick knocking Williams over. Kaz then tagged in with a closeline and series of drop kicks turning it in his favour, then slapped a spinning neck breaker for a near fall before Kendrick broke it up. Generation Me then got into the ring acting like they were monkeys or something, at which point Sabin used a baseball slide -hesitation drop kick to break that up. Kaz and Sabin were the two in the ring and as Kaz went to spring off the ropes, Shelley grabbed him from outside the ring. The Guns then went for a double team but were thrown off by Red from the top turnbuckle. Williams and Kaz are now in the ring, Kaz using a slingshot to get the upper hand going for the pin. Kaz won the match. Hang on, who were the legal guys? And for those of us who forgot what Suicide.. I mean Kaz looked like...


ardeth blood said...

And I realized after I posted that it's not Dream a Little Dream the hair do was from, but the National Lampoon's Last Resort, where Corey Haim had the spiky blonde streak

Anonymous said...

Oh Gibby I think it was Lost Boys.
And you call yourself a Corey/Corey fan.

ardeth blood said...

Thank you E.K or Niece.

Looks like I need to have a Corey Felman/Corey Haim movie marathon to clear this up.

Hate it when I get my 80's references confused.

Kiss Kiss Noise.

Paula said...

lol having Corey issues are we? Spiky blonde streak idk it's been so long, but I agree time for a Corey movieathon.

ardeth blood said...

Still. You can't tell me you don't think bad 80's movie when you see Shelley's new hair.

Which reminds me of the hair he had back in 2006 the bad two toned one I mentioned in this post

Almost got me wondering if Shelley did it on purpose cause of the post.


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