Sunday, February 7, 2010

Why Was Mr. Shelley....

I used a screen capture for this post

I was sitting here having a coffee, flipping through some old episodes of TNA Impact (cause this week's episode is still not available for download yet on iTunes Canada) and I stopped. Stopped in mid coffee gulp as I listened. And then I hit the rewind on my iTunes and listened again.
It was the episode from March 5th 2009 where Alex Shelley was in a match vs Kiyoshi (I spelled it right this time) Wondering why I had never noticed this before. Well okay I have always been too busy drooling over Mr. Shelley to pay attention to anything else. You know full well what I mean, when he is laying there on the mat sprawled like some half dead rag doll. Someone needs to give the cameraman a big tip for those camera angles.

But there he was screaming like a banshee.

I blinked. Shook my skull. Blinked again. Then rewound again. Yes Mr. Shelley was screaming like a mad child having a fit over a broken toy. I was not hearing things.

Um okay why? What happened? What did I miss?
I think I ended up hitting the rewind on that iTunes a good five times and the only thing I can think of was about a minute before when Kiyoshi gave him a chop from the top turnbuckle.
But why was Mr. Shelley screaming like a banshee? Did the chop cut his air off? Was he injured during that match? Was he just tired of having someone leaning on him? Not sure. Only he can answer that one.

I just thought I would post about it because I felt that he needed a mention, as I haven't talked about him in a while. And it was just a strange thing to hear in the middle of an otherwise perfect X-Division match.

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