Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Movies that freaked you out

Was talking with Erin awhile back about movies that we thought might be too heavy for her fourteen year old daughter (my Niece) to watch.

Kids see so much these days that not much really gets to them these days.
But we all agreed (me, Erin, her husband,) that one movie still gets under our skin and we're all old. Besides the Exorcist that is, cause I think that still makes alot of people uncomfortable.

What we still find creepy - and let me make certain you know what we differ as creepy from scary, Exorcist of Emily Rose or Childs Play = scary.
Dark Crystal = creepy.

Yeah. The Dark Crystal still gives all three of us the wiggins. And her husband in his forties.

Think about it, I feel sorry for anyone who is the child or wife of anyone in the props department of that movie. Imagine coming home one day and seeing a giant Skeksis in the corner of the living room. Their horrible bony and leathered faces and wide buggy eyes peering down at you in suspended animation for all eternity, their puppet strings dangling like raw veins. Just creeps me out thinking of it.


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