Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I hate this

I hate where I live, and the people in my building.
I have been saying for 2 years now that I need to move. Not just my building but my city. I am at the point where I am ready to just say freal it and give my notice. I just need a new place first. This trip to Kitchener/Waterloo and Niagara Falls this next week better give me a hope at finding something new. I just can't take much more of this city!
If not, then I need to look at some of the other buildings around this neighbourhood cause I have had it with the lack of any kind of maintenance around here.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

So I have been thinking

Should I or shouldn't I have a separate blog for all that I have been learning as of late with my occult/wicca/spiritual stuff?
I am almost hesitant to add it here, but at the same time since I am in a few groups in sl that are pagan based and this is where I dump my sl stuff maybe I should?
I am not really sure. Just know that I want to start talking more about it all.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


What up?
Well, the wedding in sl went by without a hitch on saturday. Very pleased on that.
Ninja is starting to finally feel better after months of whatever it has been (doctors still have no clue)
And the downstairs neighbours are complaining that their bathroom ceiling is leaking. The landlord checked my bathroom and pipes yesterday. Nothing wrong on my end. So it must be their pipes right?....Impossible he says.
Now I have to have a repair man come in and tear my bathroom apart because everyone thinks the problem is from me even though we proved otherwise. Great. What am I suppose to do about not having a bathroom for however long it takes?
And if it has been happening for awhile, why did they wait so long to do anything about it?

Photo copyright Dana Vanmoer

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A running series in SL

I have been part of a story that has been covered by the entire slnewspaper team for the last 2 months.
I even created my own spin off story.
Time for my next installment. This will be part 3 in my spin off.
The original plot was that one of our team was sent to prison in world and all the violence that happened while he was in there along with secret deliveries to the news office of his diaries.
My spin off plot is the fact that I was having nightmarish visions so vivid that blood and ectoplasm was happening physically around me.
Now the next stage in my spin off will include Cthulhu, more blood (of course) and a baby.
Great for helping to kick the writers block abit.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hair colour of tomato sauce

Dyed my hair this afternoon with a mouse dye and this is the colour I got.

Where are you on the Sex and the City Food Chain?

photo copyright hcvp'07

Out with Ninja today and we were talking about our love lives and that of our social circle and of course chatting about Sex and the City. It is the one show we have in common.
In our craziness of mish-mashed world view, we were trying to figure out just where in the relationship world we are through the eyes of the characters of the tv show.
If you have been reading this blog for the last year you know my sister is in an up-down-over-not over relationship with MonkeyBoy. The question we were posing was "if he is her MR.BIG then who is her Adian?" Very good question, that is assuming she is having a Carrie moment. I said she might very well be having a Charlotte moment in which case is MonkeyBoy her Trey or her Harry? Ninja shook her head and said "no! I am in my Miranda moment and he is my Steve." (her hands flying everywhere to make her point then a giggle of not being sure)
Hmm? Then we tried to figure out where I am at the moment. Am I having a Carrie moment too? If so, I think I know who my Mr. Big is but then who is my Adian?
And all this crazy talk got started when we both said on Wednesday when we go out with mom we both wanted to wear our new shoes since the snow and muck have gone for the winter.
See it really is all because of the shoes.

Which Sex and the City Character are you?
created with
You scored as Carrie

You are Miss Carrie Bradshaw, totally in love with all things fashion and fun. You try new things but always find yourself returning to the old. You're a city girl who can't imagine being anywhere then with her friends.



Stanford Blatch






Aidan Shaw


Charlotte York


Samantha Jones


Mr Big


Steve Brady


Harry Goldenblatt


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Back from Trenton

I had a blast staying with Somber and her husband this last week.
What started out as just a little trip with friends turned into a Pagan retreat. Much was learned and gathered. From finding a few copies of vampire movies I didn't even know were out on dvd to why my life is stuck.
One reason, I learned was that the film can't be finished because ;you ready for this; I made it that way. Yeap. I wrote a script where the film ( it was a film within a film) does not have a shot in hell of being done. Therefore the real movie we were doing is stalled. I created my own reality and in that reality I am a failure. Still with me good.
I backed this up by having the props (fake blood) frozen in my freezer for the last year therefore suspending the energy in time.
We watched What the Bleep down the Rabbit Hole and so many things just seemed to click in place.
Other things happened on that trip but going to keep that to myself.


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