Wednesday, January 30, 2008

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Got Blood?

What a weird and odd time I just had this last 2 weeks.
I was an hour late leaving Thunder Bay to begin with, but got to Edmonton without much more then a headache. Which if I was smart would have been thing to pay attention to.
We went to Build-A-Bear and I made two for myself and my sister, hit a HMV where I got a long sought after copy of Monoxide's solo cd ChainSmoker, found two BeGoths Series 5 dolls, and hit Chapters were I found a biography of Hunter S Thompson I didn't know existed, then to the Psychic Fair were upon before opening my mouth she told me to move out of where I live cause it is choking me down, and a visit to Sanctuary.
Then the twins got the flu, I got the flu, Butterfly's husband got the flu, Jack-Jack got the flu and Butterfly got it. That wiped the whole household out for 3 days, and then no internet for a few days because of a storm.
The flight home was late so I didn't get back home till 2 hours later then I was suppose to.
Other then the flu and having spent too much, was an interesting time.
Next destination....Waterloo?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

At the end of the road

Been in Edmonton 2 days and getting into the groove of things. Had a power outage last night, so the clocks were off and we were late for the Twin and Triplet group this morning. Butterfly's husband is tiling the guest bathroom shower so we are all sharing a bathroom, which isn't that bad except that Jack-Jack who is only 3 years old freaks out if you lock the bathroom door and don't let him in.
My SL life had hit a rock bottom moment. I was the manager of a new club, had staff hired, then the one main staff member quit out of nowhere for no reason, and then I got fired. Oh sorry, laid off. Same frealing thing, I lost my job. So you know I am pissed off. For the time being I still have my newspaper job, but with 20 writers on staff, that job is thin at the best of times.
Don't have my tarot cards right now either, didn't pack any because last time I bought 3 decks when here, so thought I would get a chance to buy a few more.
Let's hope things straighten out in the next few days.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Poster

I am really digging on what can be done with some of my programs in my Mac. This is the new poster. I used a photo of me in SL.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Blood Bath

Been talking to so film guys on, I looked at their work, they looked at mine, and pointed out I hadn't updated the company site in months. That is because there really has been nothing to updated with. Also been talking to some film/tv guys in SL. They proved to me it is possible to create films in there. So with that in mind I have been shopping in sl for gore. Yes, with a few avatars, alot of lindens and too many ideas rolling around in my head, I have started to shoot some of the script for the film we never finished. Who know, if nothing else maybe I can get a demo shot of it.

Creeping Screams!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What were you thnking ?

I just managed to watch this weeks WWE RAW, (I tape wrestling each week and watch when I have the time) and I just need to WHAT IN THE WORLD WERE YOU THINKING?
with the hanging of Chris Jerico? That isn't entertainment, that is just sick!
I don't know who in your creative team came up with that one but once again all you seem to have done is prove that Sports Entertainment is mindlessly heading into a sandtrap.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

What I learned from Sex and the City Part 8

Image is everything and our roots will start to show.
In my case at the moment, I have a bizzar need to turn the pages on myself and become that creepy redhead once more. So what was my biggest fashion statement in the last few months? In sl it could be anything, but in real life, it is not the fabulous red waist length winter coat with fake rabbit trim, nor is it the turtle shaped pin with the diamond and emerald (fake of course) shell, no it is infact the $15 horror tee from Fright Rags.
Yes you read right. My biggest fashion statement in the last 5 months is my favourite oversized men's shirt that just happens to have a screaming vampire on it.

I saw it months ago on the Fright Rags website when I was hunting for wardrobe for the film. I wanted my character to have a major selection of horror related outfits/posters/nic nacks etc. I held off getting it because I didn't feel it went with the rest of my now (sort of grown up) life. But hell, it's a very cool shirt! And Fright Night did help to inspire our film (which never did get finished)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

So my new year is off to a roaring....."fart".....that about covers it. Been trying to book a flight to Edmonton, but having all sorts of crap happen. Even though my credit card has more then enough on it, there seems to be crap happening with the bank. Never booked a flight before so I am easily confused. My travel date has been changed from next week to two weeks from today. My sister is continuing to have medical problems and is being given the run around from doctors. And my sl life is getting my panties in a bunch. A second SL job along with new sl neighbours that are bimbos.


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