Saturday, January 5, 2008

What I learned from Sex and the City Part 8

Image is everything and our roots will start to show.
In my case at the moment, I have a bizzar need to turn the pages on myself and become that creepy redhead once more. So what was my biggest fashion statement in the last few months? In sl it could be anything, but in real life, it is not the fabulous red waist length winter coat with fake rabbit trim, nor is it the turtle shaped pin with the diamond and emerald (fake of course) shell, no it is infact the $15 horror tee from Fright Rags.
Yes you read right. My biggest fashion statement in the last 5 months is my favourite oversized men's shirt that just happens to have a screaming vampire on it.

I saw it months ago on the Fright Rags website when I was hunting for wardrobe for the film. I wanted my character to have a major selection of horror related outfits/posters/nic nacks etc. I held off getting it because I didn't feel it went with the rest of my now (sort of grown up) life. But hell, it's a very cool shirt! And Fright Night did help to inspire our film (which never did get finished)

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