Wednesday, January 30, 2008

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Got Blood?

What a weird and odd time I just had this last 2 weeks.
I was an hour late leaving Thunder Bay to begin with, but got to Edmonton without much more then a headache. Which if I was smart would have been thing to pay attention to.
We went to Build-A-Bear and I made two for myself and my sister, hit a HMV where I got a long sought after copy of Monoxide's solo cd ChainSmoker, found two BeGoths Series 5 dolls, and hit Chapters were I found a biography of Hunter S Thompson I didn't know existed, then to the Psychic Fair were upon before opening my mouth she told me to move out of where I live cause it is choking me down, and a visit to Sanctuary.
Then the twins got the flu, I got the flu, Butterfly's husband got the flu, Jack-Jack got the flu and Butterfly got it. That wiped the whole household out for 3 days, and then no internet for a few days because of a storm.
The flight home was late so I didn't get back home till 2 hours later then I was suppose to.
Other then the flu and having spent too much, was an interesting time.
Next destination....Waterloo?

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