Thursday, January 17, 2008

At the end of the road

Been in Edmonton 2 days and getting into the groove of things. Had a power outage last night, so the clocks were off and we were late for the Twin and Triplet group this morning. Butterfly's husband is tiling the guest bathroom shower so we are all sharing a bathroom, which isn't that bad except that Jack-Jack who is only 3 years old freaks out if you lock the bathroom door and don't let him in.
My SL life had hit a rock bottom moment. I was the manager of a new club, had staff hired, then the one main staff member quit out of nowhere for no reason, and then I got fired. Oh sorry, laid off. Same frealing thing, I lost my job. So you know I am pissed off. For the time being I still have my newspaper job, but with 20 writers on staff, that job is thin at the best of times.
Don't have my tarot cards right now either, didn't pack any because last time I bought 3 decks when here, so thought I would get a chance to buy a few more.
Let's hope things straighten out in the next few days.

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