Friday, August 31, 2007

Herb! Crazy Lady in the Food Court!

Yesterday was nuts.
Went shopping with Ninja, mom tagged along. While we were there security had some crazy woman seated in the food court. She was screaming at everyone, throwing punches, and ripping her clothes off. It took a full team of security to handle her -5 store employees, 2 mall security, 4 police-

Had long talk with Ninja last night about everything. Finally my sister and I are becoming close.
Got new iPod Shuffle. Very cute! As well as the new Twiztid cd .

Stupid waiter at Moxy's does not know how to do his job. I ordered a DRY GIN MARTINI NO ICE WITH OLIVES. What he brought me looked off. It was too dark. So I asked if it was a "dirty martini"? {Dirty martini is when they add olive juice}
he said "no it's a normal one."
It tasted off. When the bill came there was extra pricing on it, I asked what for
he replied "your rye."
"what rye?"
"you ordered a rye gin martini."
The lot of us looked at him with raised eyebrows. "DRY GIN"
what an idiot. And that goes to show the bartender there doesn't know their job, any proper bartender would double check on an order like that before making it.

This town sucks!

Speaking of towns, I am on my way in two weeks to Edmonton. I bought my ticket yesterday. Be there for a few days. Can't wait!

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Lush Thunder Bay is Haunted!
Look at the near bottom of my friend Viva-Loco Homegirl Esq. See the little dot by her knees... P.S. I am not crazy! All the staff have complained about things falling off the shelves when no one is anywhere near them, the doorbell going off when there is no one near the door or hall. Not too mention the cold spot that is nowhere near any doors/windows.

copyright hcvp'07

Monday, August 27, 2007

My Pets....

copyright hcvp'06

For those of you who follow the misadventures of, here is a little bit of slime I dug up. The new header for Alucard's Rose. I am not sure how I feel about this one. The photo is one I really love, taken last summer on a photo shoot, but the comic style is still alittle iffy with me. At the moment, it is sitting rather unfitted as the header, I might end up turning it into a badge instead. Well see.
Creeping Screams!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Sex Goddess? Who is?

Yeah, I am having one of those days.
It's a Friday night and I am home alone. Sucks to be me.
I was on an Occult site a bit ago and some dude started with the "hey sexy" crap. I just don't get it? I have one photo of myself on there, and it happens to be my banner for my company website
Now, how on earth can this be classed as anything worthy of comments like that? Look at it...I am falling over trying to stay in the lens of the camera. I look like a goof!
Ninja and I were talking about this the other day while shopping. It is true, that Bisexual men love me. I seem to be an inspiration to drag queens in this town. But why is it only old men with grown kids that seem to want me? What am I doing wrong? Meanwhile, my friends have men trailing at their feet no matter where we go. Hot model type men who could use their tummy for a washboard.
I need a cocktail. Bartender, a very large triple dry gin martini shaken not stirred three olives no ice!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Ten hours!
I just spent two nights, which equaled ten frealing hours watching Lord of the Rings. Why?
I saw the cartoon when I was a kid and no sir didnt like it.
It thou, has become a cultural thing since the making of the liveaction version. Everyone and their dog seems to be drooling over this story. So after everyone and their dog giving me the evil eye for not having seen it, I borrowed my sister's copies of the films.
After the first 15minutes my hand was itching on the fast forward button, but no I continued to watch. I don't remember half of what was infront of my eyes. I kept coming back in my mind to the crappy cartoon version I saw 20something years ago. All I could think was "the dude from the Goonies got fat." That was until the dude from the Matrix came on screen, then all I could think was "Mr. Anderson, we've been expecting you." (now I want to watch the Matrix great.)
And of course that Christopher Lee always plays the bad guy. Don't think I have ever seen him play the hero? I just don't see what everyone and their dog is so hot about Lord of the Rings? It's just another war story.
And for those who love it, live it, and speak it, great. I have no problems with you. Just saying, I didn't like it.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


My Life On The D-List is a great show! I love it!
Speaking of being on D-Lists, that's what I am blog wise. A D-List blogger. That's fine, I don't mind. Hell, we're doing our best to get some of the members of hardcore Vamps Prods., on the D-List. Even crappy little cities like this one have their A-Listers, B-Listers, and D-Listers. I am figuring that I am hovering somewhere between being an H-Lister and could possibly claw my way up to the D-List by say, oh 2054? {on a local scale I am talking. }
It just seems so funny that alot of the things they have done on the tv show My Life on the D-List is some of the same things we have been doing here, on a local scale.
The difference is she has talent.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Are you sure it's not Monday?

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This is how my day has been. Everything crapping out on me when I have been trying to work. As you can see I ended up giving up for the day and doing some playing around in

Friday, August 10, 2007

Give me your cell phone

That was what I heard a few times today from my sister. Calling first to check her messages while we were out, and then to call her boyfriend. They are so sweet together.
Sex and the City the movie goes into production next month. I can't wait!!
Been a long week, spent too much money today when I went shopping. But, my sister and I never hang out so when she phoned me this morning and asked if I wanted to join her at the mall, I said "I'll grab the next bus". She's been working so hard between her job and having gone back to school. I just hope she doesn't tire herself out to the point of getting sick.
The countdown to my first vacation in almost 20 years has begun. 5 weeks from now I will be in Alberta. And then there will be photos and some stories to add to this blog so that it's not so dull.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

And this is why Blockbuster loves me

I went on a movie binge this past week. I have been house sitting for my mom (apartment actually) and rented a slock of films. And because I am too lazy to hunt for their artwork, there will be no artwork in this post.

Pathfinder is a story (Canadian I believe) about the first group of Vikings who come to North America and lay destruction to everything they see. One of the Vikings' own children refuses to kill someone and is left to freeze as the others return to the ship. He is taken in by a Native woman, and raised in the village. Years later a second ship of Vikings arrive to finish what they had started, and lay waste to hundreds. The now grown child is the only one who can stop them. It is a typical coming of age story, of finding your own place in the community. It was a very close reminder of the film Quest for Fire.

The Fountain takes you from the present to the past to the end of time. We see a loving husband who has one goal in life, to save his wife from cancer. He works in the medical field doing tests on animals who have brain tumors. His wife is writing a novel, but knows she will not live long enough to finish it and asks him to. The novel is their story but set hundreds of years before in the middle of a war, where she has incorporated Biblical means, The Tree of Life. The husband does finish the novel for her after her death, he also finds the cure too late. That is when the film takes you into the future. About twenty minutes before the movie ends, it becomes so surreal it looses all sense. Still a touching story.

Premonition finds a woman waking up one morning to find her husband has been killed in a road accident. The next day, he is alive. Within the course of a week she jumps back and forth from one part of reality to the other, getting the days mixed up. She finds out that her life wasn't as perfect as she had thought, but fights to save it anyway.

Hot Fuzz is a buddy movie from the people who did Shawn of the Dead. A cop who does his job too well is sent to a small village in the middle of nowhere, and finds himself in the center of multiple murders. Mindless fun that will have you laughing until the last shoot out.

Bon Cop Bad Cop is a great Canadian film that makes no mistake on where it is from, just where the body comes from. This film is best watched with your subtitles on. (it is shot almost fully in French) A murderer is out killing everyone connected with the Hockey League whom he feels screwed over the teams. A great buddy film with enough style, and drama to be a film noir. With a cameo from Rick Mercer as a sports reporter it stands firmly on the ice tongue in cheek.

I also rented the film Tiedland but I feel that is a vampire film and will talk about it on my other blog.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Mushy Brain Syndrome

You know you're having a crappy day when you walk into Starbucks and can't focus on anything. I had an early meeting with the disability people today, then had to return some computer cables, and on my way home stopped off for coffee. I wanted the largest size they had. Simple right? For anyone else on the planet but not me.
I am standing there reading the menu which I know off by heart, with a line forming behind me, and two out of the three of my favourite workers on shift today. They have gotten used to just pouring a grande white chocolate mocha for me, without me having to speak. But today, today I needed more! Do you think my mushy brain could form the thoughtwave needed to order the next size up? No, Not at all.
I ended up having to point to the sample cups they have sitting behind the counter.
I am not a morning person. If you are one of the millions of people who float seamlessly through the early hours of the daylight every day, then I envy you.

Mushy Brain Syndrome - when one is caught off guard in their natural environment acting like a zombie retard


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