Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for March 26 2009

The caged 20 man gaulet match was brilliant!
Abyss and AJ Styles were the first two in there. Followed by Alex Shelley and Jay Lethal.
The rest of the order went (something like sorry my brain wasn't working enough to write it down) this :Chris Sabin,
Matt Morgan(Morgan would be the first to be counted out)
Jarrett (sort of. Angle knocked him out before getting to the ring)
one member of No Limit,
Kurt Angle,
Booker T,
the other member of No Limit,
Eric Young,
Jeff Jarrett(this time he got into the ring)
and Samoa Joe.
The results being Angle and Joe. Not too surprising really.

It was too much to hope that the MotorCityMachine Guns! would make it to the end, but they did hold out for a fair number of wrestlers. The addition of No Limits to the X-Division looks very promising as we finally have a tag team that seems like they can hold their own with the Guns.

And incase you missed my last post....I will keep at that untill he changes his look.

Friday, March 27, 2009

I must rant about Chris Sabin's Hair

Dear Chris Sabin:

What the hell is up with your hair?
You are an international wrestling superstar, with what one could only guess is unlimited resources. Your fans want to know why you continue to go on Impact every week with what is one of the worst hair dos on the show?

You are a very talented wrestler, indeed you seem extremely intelligent and very gorgeous.
How is it that you manage to get on air every week without the stylists inspecting your look? And the facial scruff, that does nothing for you either. Instead of looking like the multi-time champion that you are; you look like a man lost in the woods. Why is that?

I can only guess that your decision to look like a college campus beer ad is because you are hiding from something. That something I am guessing is a razor. The grunge look died, was buried, and is over. Plastering your hair across your forehead the way you do with what looks like a pound of product (and please let that be product and it not really be that dirty) is just not a good look.

Please your fans are begging you to cut your hair and shave.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I give up

I turned 35 this weekend.
"I have been dating since I was 15, I am exhausted where is he?" (Sex and the City -Episode Unknown)

I am tired and I give up.
I am tired of hearing from male friends that I pick bad boys and that is why I am currently single, I am tired of my family telling me I am too aggressive and that is why I am currently single, and I am really tired of my female friends telling me I am not pretty enough to get the guy. Yeah you read that last part right, have been told they can't set me up with their husband's friends because I am not attractive enough for the guys.

The sad part is I really have been dating since I was 15. That is 20 years of being stood up, being cheated on, being lied to, of sitting by the phone when the guy said he would call, 20 years of reworking my schedule for the boyfriend of the moment, of having to make sure there were condoms because the guy never bought them, of never being sure I should introduce him to my friends because he might think it was too soon.

And all that has gotten me nowhere, nothing, none.
I am 35 and single. I am tired, and not sure I really want to bother any more.
Fine, so I am not pretty enough, not smart enough, not connected enough. Whatever your reason is, I am done.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

In Support of BD News covering Twilight

I was over on Bloody Disgusting .com just a few minutes ago, reading one of the latest news feeds.
The article was written by one of the head staff members. Mr. Disgusting.
His articles are always well written and up to date.

The topic was the upcoming Twilight movies. In this case, Eclipse, which will be the third film in the series. All fine and good. As always a straight to the point article.
The issue I am having is not the article, but one man who kept spamming the article.
We already know that this franchise is not for everyone. It is geared to teenaged girls, and a few select vampire/werewolf fans. I myself have had mixed feelings about this series.

-No I do not like the way the books and movie portrayed the lead character as a stalking boyfriend.
-Yes I do like the fact they made a series of stories and a film about teenaged desire without having alot of overly sex crazed segments.
-Yes I do like the fact the author researched vampire and werewolf folklore and used it as a main theme throughout the books, and did not rely just on hollywood's take on the genres.
-Yes I do hope this makes people want to read more in general as well as pick up the classics like Frankenstein, Dracula, Carmilla, etc.

As reporters/journalists you don't always get to pick and choose your stories. When you are in the industry that Bloody is part of, you have to go with the flow at times. And right now Twilight is the flow. Like it or not. Teenaged melodrama that it is, it is still a vampire/werewolf genre piece. The company who made this film and it's upcoming sequels are a key player in the horror/thriller/sci-fi genre.

The guy who was spamming the news article, if you don't like what BD is reporting then just stop reading their site. Don't be an asshole and spam them. The staff are just doing their job, and doing it damn well too.

Friday, March 20, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for March 19 2009

Can we please find some sort of ending for the Main Event Mafia storyline? It's been months and its going nowhere. I'm bored. Either have the Mafia disband altogether or bring in someone new for them to add.

And the point of the Samoa Joe going nuts on everyone is what? I get that the Steiner vs Joe story has settled down a little, but why have him go after Bashir? Bashir doesn't really have any weight behind him at the moment; was this to give him some? or was it because he is disposable ?

I love the fact TNA is honoring belts their wrestlers have won from other companies. And it's great to see the MotorCityMachine Guns! with belts. It goes without saying their match was the highlight of the evening even thou they lost the match. They are so good at what they do the timing they have is so perfect but it makes their matches the fastest ones on the show. Their matches are never long enough.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rant Rant Rant: and a sidenote on TNA's ppv

Men! Blah! Can't live with them and it is illegal to shoot them.

Someone didn't read my post Facebook Won'ts before starting up an internet relationship with me. Dude not cool at all. There was Facebooking, there was Myspaceing, there were telephone calls, spent alot of time over the last few months getting to know this guy, and suddenly the lameass excuse was used to end things. I found out, he's been stringing a few of us around. And his new playmate, he trashed her and now she's everywhere he is. Really really starting to hate the whole dating thing. And I am mad at myself too for being so frealing stupid to have believed this guy.

Okay, so I did not see the pay-per-view this last weekend (but when do I ever get to) but I did get the one update that mattered. It was Destination -X with the Ulitmate -X match. I found out Suicide won the belt.
The belt looked so good on Alex Shelley, and if he had to loose it, why to a gimmick? If he really had to loose the belt couldn't he have lost it to say Chris Sabin or something honerable?
Incase you have not guessed, I think the Suicide gimmick sucks. The game is fabulous but come on, why are we still seeing this masked wrestler?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for March 12 2009

I really hate the idea of the "off the wagon" matches.

Why do the wrestlers have to spit on the camera when they talk lately? Abyss was spitting on the poor camera. And can we have the end of that feud already. Boring.

The four way tag team with Booker T and Steiner, LAX, Lethal Consequences and then MoterCityMachine Guns! Not a shocker that the Guns would be the tag team partners of MainEventMafia. Really now, the other two teams were X-Division guys, of course you needed an X-Division team on the other side. And look who carried that match for the mafia. Why put Booker T and Steiner in an X-Division match?
Does not matter if the MotorCityMachine Guns! are faces or heels, the fans love them, those two guys are what makes the X-Division worth watching.

The MotorCity Machine Guns! are the X-Division.

Monday, March 9, 2009

And your week?

I have been without the internet for the last week.
It was both interesting and disturbing.
Got to see a few movies that I have been putting off, got to finish reading the Widows of Eastwick which was a total let down.

Now, trying to get back into the swing of things on the sites I am admin on. Alot can happen in the world in just 8 short days.
There was a time when 8 days of news/events was nothing, but the world has gotten so if you are locked out for that amount of time you tend to loose out on everything.

Two of the movies I watched while being trapped offline, were the Skeleton Key and Vicky Christina Barcelona. Both movies are very different, but both dealt with the concept of time.
Skeleton Key is a movie about Haitian magickal practices and body jumping. In it the characters try to extend their lives by taking that of others.
Vicky Christina Barcelona is a romantic comedy that takes place in the course of 3 short months. Two women fall for the same man and end up having their lives ripped apart.

Two very different ideas, both toying with how time can pass.


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