Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rant Rant Rant: and a sidenote on TNA's ppv

Men! Blah! Can't live with them and it is illegal to shoot them.

Someone didn't read my post Facebook Won'ts before starting up an internet relationship with me. Dude not cool at all. There was Facebooking, there was Myspaceing, there were telephone calls, spent alot of time over the last few months getting to know this guy, and suddenly the lameass excuse was used to end things. I found out, he's been stringing a few of us around. And his new playmate, he trashed her and now she's everywhere he is. Really really starting to hate the whole dating thing. And I am mad at myself too for being so frealing stupid to have believed this guy.

Okay, so I did not see the pay-per-view this last weekend (but when do I ever get to) but I did get the one update that mattered. It was Destination -X with the Ulitmate -X match. I found out Suicide won the belt.
The belt looked so good on Alex Shelley, and if he had to loose it, why to a gimmick? If he really had to loose the belt couldn't he have lost it to say Chris Sabin or something honerable?
Incase you have not guessed, I think the Suicide gimmick sucks. The game is fabulous but come on, why are we still seeing this masked wrestler?

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