Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I give up

I turned 35 this weekend.
"I have been dating since I was 15, I am exhausted where is he?" (Sex and the City -Episode Unknown)

I am tired and I give up.
I am tired of hearing from male friends that I pick bad boys and that is why I am currently single, I am tired of my family telling me I am too aggressive and that is why I am currently single, and I am really tired of my female friends telling me I am not pretty enough to get the guy. Yeah you read that last part right, have been told they can't set me up with their husband's friends because I am not attractive enough for the guys.

The sad part is I really have been dating since I was 15. That is 20 years of being stood up, being cheated on, being lied to, of sitting by the phone when the guy said he would call, 20 years of reworking my schedule for the boyfriend of the moment, of having to make sure there were condoms because the guy never bought them, of never being sure I should introduce him to my friends because he might think it was too soon.

And all that has gotten me nowhere, nothing, none.
I am 35 and single. I am tired, and not sure I really want to bother any more.
Fine, so I am not pretty enough, not smart enough, not connected enough. Whatever your reason is, I am done.

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