Friday, March 27, 2009

I must rant about Chris Sabin's Hair

Dear Chris Sabin:

What the hell is up with your hair?
You are an international wrestling superstar, with what one could only guess is unlimited resources. Your fans want to know why you continue to go on Impact every week with what is one of the worst hair dos on the show?

You are a very talented wrestler, indeed you seem extremely intelligent and very gorgeous.
How is it that you manage to get on air every week without the stylists inspecting your look? And the facial scruff, that does nothing for you either. Instead of looking like the multi-time champion that you are; you look like a man lost in the woods. Why is that?

I can only guess that your decision to look like a college campus beer ad is because you are hiding from something. That something I am guessing is a razor. The grunge look died, was buried, and is over. Plastering your hair across your forehead the way you do with what looks like a pound of product (and please let that be product and it not really be that dirty) is just not a good look.

Please your fans are begging you to cut your hair and shave.


Anonymous said...

his hairs awesome

ardeth blood said...

His face and body are awesome, his hair sucks. LOL It's too long. Beautiful man, bad hair.

Anonymous said...
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