Sunday, March 22, 2009

In Support of BD News covering Twilight

I was over on Bloody Disgusting .com just a few minutes ago, reading one of the latest news feeds.
The article was written by one of the head staff members. Mr. Disgusting.
His articles are always well written and up to date.

The topic was the upcoming Twilight movies. In this case, Eclipse, which will be the third film in the series. All fine and good. As always a straight to the point article.
The issue I am having is not the article, but one man who kept spamming the article.
We already know that this franchise is not for everyone. It is geared to teenaged girls, and a few select vampire/werewolf fans. I myself have had mixed feelings about this series.

-No I do not like the way the books and movie portrayed the lead character as a stalking boyfriend.
-Yes I do like the fact they made a series of stories and a film about teenaged desire without having alot of overly sex crazed segments.
-Yes I do like the fact the author researched vampire and werewolf folklore and used it as a main theme throughout the books, and did not rely just on hollywood's take on the genres.
-Yes I do hope this makes people want to read more in general as well as pick up the classics like Frankenstein, Dracula, Carmilla, etc.

As reporters/journalists you don't always get to pick and choose your stories. When you are in the industry that Bloody is part of, you have to go with the flow at times. And right now Twilight is the flow. Like it or not. Teenaged melodrama that it is, it is still a vampire/werewolf genre piece. The company who made this film and it's upcoming sequels are a key player in the horror/thriller/sci-fi genre.

The guy who was spamming the news article, if you don't like what BD is reporting then just stop reading their site. Don't be an asshole and spam them. The staff are just doing their job, and doing it damn well too.

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