Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sex and the City :Cocktail Hour

Yes it is Ladies Night around the world with extra screenings of the new movie! Bars all over are stirring up some of their best cocktails tonight, alot will be pink and served in large martini glasses.
Shine on Yahoo has given the top list of Sex and the City cocktails
And rightly so.
But for those of us who prefer our drinks with Gin not Vodka you can find some tasty ideas at the website Cocktail

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sex and the City Motion Picture Soundtrack

It was released today, and I downloaded it from iTunes
I want dearly to be able to say it's worth it, but I can't.
There are 15 tracks on here (digital booklete makes 16 for iTunes users) and only about 3 are any good.

Book Shelf

I spent a nice chunk of yesterday updating my profile on Library Thing and Chapters Community

Reading the Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx right now.

Speaking of school; I found out that Sudbury has a few universities that offer Religious Studies. Hopefully I will be able to go there within the year for school. All depends on if I can get a loan, and of course accepted to the course. Been 13 years since I graduated from the Television programme here in town.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday I think?

It's been one of those weeks where everyday pretty much has dissolved into one day.
The seminar I went to on Wellness was great. Ninja was asked to be her helper for the thing. Wish I had known that I would have taken my camera. This session was on the colon, so my sister had to stand up with an apron and gloves on, pouring different items of food into a nylon to show just how most stuff does not flow through the colon at all.
Signed up to go to the next batch of seminars.
Superior Shores Wellness Centre

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I just tried to get to a profile I have on another website and am getting an Error message saying the page does not exist. That really sucks as it is that horror site I liked.

LaLaLaLa and a Lynch movie

Uh huh, still in David Lynch movie mode. Have watched all the episodes of Twin Peaks plus Fire Walk With Me ,and then sat through Inland Empire. Today's movie de jour will be Lost Highway...I think. I have a conference thingie to go to.
Ninja is doing alot better and goes back to college now in 2 weeks. Eventhough the doctors are still stupid as to what has caused her all this pain.
I know I haven't done any reviews in a long while, but I haven't seen/read anything that has moved me to. Nothing that would make me really want to tell someone to get or stay away from something.
And for someone with a strong sense of opinion that is kinda like taking Chiana's sex drive from her (Farscape moment there people)

Another new blog

Yes I need a Bloggers Rehab or something.
This one is just for my Second Life stuff
The World According to Dashwood Dayafter

Monday, May 19, 2008

Wrestling at the Moment My Thoughts

1) No one cares about Shawn Micheals retire already
2) ECW....what are you doing with it? We don't get it here where I live BUT what I have seen as of late on Smackdown.....what are you doing with it?
3) JCW is touring which is wonderful for the fans who actually live in the places it's been coming to, but crappy for those of us who used to tune into SlamTV every week as there has been nothing for months.
4) Polkaroo! I like what they are doing with their Eric Young/SuperEric Polkaroo story line. It's not always you can find a man who can play the sweet innocent gag
5) Why have the MotorCityMachine Guns! been kept from the tag belts? I just don't understand that one.
6)Kevin Nash is got his eye on the belt ....yes?
7)KAZ needs to cut his hair. Everytime I watch TNA lately with Kaz I can't stop thinking that any second he's going to start reciting Antonio Banderas' lines from Interview with a Vampire.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

which Twin Peaks character are you? Twin Peaks Character Are You?

You are Leland Palmer.
Your daughter's death broke your heart and shattered your mind. You can think of nothing but that night she left you...though oddly, flashing images tend to appear every time you try and recount the circumstances surrounding Laura's death. But it can't be true. It just can't. It just...who's Bob?!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dear Travel Diary

Got back from Kitchener and Niagara Falls Ontario this week.
Ninja and I bused there, took 24hours to arrive. Here is a photo of Ninja peeking out from her seat on the bus near the beginning of the trip.
Kitchener ended up being alittle confusing.
Niagara Falls, was fun but not as great as it's been hyped up as. What I don't understand is the bugs? Every where we went we found candied bugs and bugs incased in necklaces. I just don't see what the deal with that is?

I posted a few of our "coffee" related photos on My Cup Is Empty blog, and hope Ninja gives me copies of the ones she took of the Falls when we went on the Made of the Mist boat ride. We were styling and profiling in the blue plastic ponchos they handed out cause, its not just a mist.

photos copyright hcvp'08

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Oh my god! Kim Cattrall is wearing my dress.
I was just reading through the Sex and the City Official Movie Blog and spotted a photo of the 4 ladies (April 17th post) and right away my eyes went wide.

Okay here is me in the really really bad knock off And if you go to the SATC blog
You will see the dress I am talking about.

copyright hcvp'07

I don't get it?

There is a subculture In-World that I just don't understand. the Nekos
I just don't understand why they want to live in dirty looking back alleys and stuff like that pretending to be cats.
I know Asian culture has a cat god that is meant to bring luck called the Maneki Neko, and that in some myths if a house cat lives long enough it can become a shapeshifter called an Neko. But why would more then half the population of second life want to be living in a dirty environment ? The whole Anime sub-popculture is sited almost every time I have traveled in sl with Nekos. Hmm? Makes you wonder who is running the show adults or kids?

photos are copyrighted hcvp'08 to Dashwood Dayafter


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