Monday, May 19, 2008

Wrestling at the Moment My Thoughts

1) No one cares about Shawn Micheals retire already
2) ECW....what are you doing with it? We don't get it here where I live BUT what I have seen as of late on Smackdown.....what are you doing with it?
3) JCW is touring which is wonderful for the fans who actually live in the places it's been coming to, but crappy for those of us who used to tune into SlamTV every week as there has been nothing for months.
4) Polkaroo! I like what they are doing with their Eric Young/SuperEric Polkaroo story line. It's not always you can find a man who can play the sweet innocent gag
5) Why have the MotorCityMachine Guns! been kept from the tag belts? I just don't understand that one.
6)Kevin Nash is got his eye on the belt ....yes?
7)KAZ needs to cut his hair. Everytime I watch TNA lately with Kaz I can't stop thinking that any second he's going to start reciting Antonio Banderas' lines from Interview with a Vampire.

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