Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dear Travel Diary

Got back from Kitchener and Niagara Falls Ontario this week.
Ninja and I bused there, took 24hours to arrive. Here is a photo of Ninja peeking out from her seat on the bus near the beginning of the trip.
Kitchener ended up being alittle confusing.
Niagara Falls, was fun but not as great as it's been hyped up as. What I don't understand is the bugs? Every where we went we found candied bugs and bugs incased in necklaces. I just don't see what the deal with that is?

I posted a few of our "coffee" related photos on My Cup Is Empty blog, and hope Ninja gives me copies of the ones she took of the Falls when we went on the Made of the Mist boat ride. We were styling and profiling in the blue plastic ponchos they handed out cause, its not just a mist.

photos copyright hcvp'08

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