Friday, July 31, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for July 30 2009 (200th Episode)

I used screen captures for this post

Yay! iTunes Canada was on the ball this morning.

The show opened with what looked like two different openings. One in the MEM locker room as a pep talk , and then the official opening which was a beautifully edited flashback of the last 4 years of TNA on television.

The MainEventMafia came down to the ring as the crowd started to scream for Lashely. Whoo like I care I'm sure Lashely then came out to answer Kurt, dressed as a baseball player. What the freal? Mick Foley coming out to do his impression of Romper Room telling Kurt to look into the camera and picture the board members watching the show. I thought for sure they were going to challenge the MEM to leave for a show or two since Kurt Angle keeps saying how the show would die in ratings without them. But no you would not give me that would you, instead it was a tag team match with two of the single titles on the line. So they sent Booker and Steiner in to beat them down, and the Beer Money Inc came for the save. Then Foley hobbled down to the ring for a handi cap match with Lashely out cold. Foley won.

First up was Hernandez vs Samoa Joe. I like this match up, could make for a great feud. Both are evenly matched in size and strength. Both have the same idea for moves. Both very large men that have mastered the X-Division. Hernandez won this match with a top rope splash. Beauty.

And TNA's evil druid had a match against A.J. Styles. Matt Morgan, I just hate the robe. I loved the promo packages before each wrestler's walk down the ramp. Thought it was a brilliant way to sum up their history so far. Styles got it with a beauty of a 450 splash off the top rope. This was the first round in a best out of 3 matches between these two men.

The World Elite lead by Eric Young. I love this. I really do. I kind of hope Eric Young starts coming out in Canadian Maple Leafs, or with the Canadian flag. (Hey he's #3 on my Canadian Celebrities I Would Love To Met list) And everything he said Made me nod my head and scream yes. Then 3D came out for their match against British Invasion. It kind of became a free for all. But I have to say, as a Canadian it was cool to hear Eric Young say that. This was a tables match for the titles. British Invasion wins. (yay)

The flashback of the Comic-Con was well put together and quick.

Steven Richards melt down. I missed something on that one.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! Now, normally I fast forward through the women's matches cause they are useless to me, but I left it on while I was making coffee, and heard the chant of MotorCity. When I went to look I saw Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin standing there holding up signs. This just echoes what I have been saying for weeks. Why the freal are the MMG not wearing the Tag Team belts? Why have they not been on lately?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I was hanging out at Erin's today. Hadn't seen her in months. While I was there I needed to do some banking. Only, cause I was using her computer they would not accept my password. Odd. Then they would not accept my security codes. Odd again. I had to call the bank and be like "what the hoofers?" And of course I got someone who does not speak English. That's what you get for living this close to the Quebec border, every thing is done in French and I don't speak French.
Then the dude was telling me to open something and I'm like, "it's not my computer I have no idea what your on about." He just did not understand that and then got snotty which made me snotty. He said "it's Windows everyone can work Windows what are you retarded?" I go "No I am a Mac user totally different system"
"OOOOHHH. A Mac." like I had just spit on him or something. gggggggggggrrrrrrrrrr!
So after 25minutes, of what should have been a 2 minute assignment I finally got it straightened out and my banking done.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Are there any single straight men left on this planet? part 8

Freud got a hold of me last night. Nice. Nothing much just chatted for a few minutes, but still, it was good to know he had not forgotten me completely.
And speaking of men that look alike, Dargo's photo keeps popping up on that dating site. Starting to wonder what the Fates are trying to tell me, or do to my mind anyway.
It's like the Fates are teasing me by showing me yet another man I can't have. in this case I can't have again, as Dargo walked into the darkness on me 2 and a half years ago.
Can I have Freud again? Not sure.

Besides, I need a man who can keep up with me, who has the personality of a member of the Addams Family, who's not afraid to get goofy and possibly look like a goof in public. Remember my ideal perfect situation let's take that and build him there shall we. Get into Frankenstein mode, like a hero of mine, Mary Shelley. (insert obvious Alex Shelley joke here) One part Mr. Darcy, one part Addams Family, stir in some jazz, add a dash of humour like Hunter S. Thompson, chill and pour into hunky hero mold. And there you go, my Frankenstein.
Ironically over the points in my life, I keep getting drawn to Mary Shelley. Between the movie versions of her book, to biographies of her, to just a few odd parallels to her life. (there is a woman who for all her strength still had man troubles.)

Incase you haven't noticed, I have a lot of time on my hands again. Yep, still need a real life, still need a husband.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Just an update on stuff

I just added the "reactions " button to the blog. Let's see if it's any good.
I know I get a few people email me and tell me they think I am funny, so let's .... buy the ticket and take the ride.

Change Your Face Your Name Your Number

I am quoting Alice Cooper here. And why am I doing that? Well if you are reading my blog on the weekly/daily then you don't need to ask such a silly thing, but if you just got here.... Buy the Ticket Take the Ride.

The last 4 days have been a trip. I got to visit with one of my oldest and closest friends and got to catch up with someone I haven't seen in 17 years. Just being back in the old neighbourhood was a hoot.
Then I spent some time catching up on my missed emails this morning, and just hanging out reading stuff on the web. I got to thinking. It truly is better to be a Miss Bates then a Lady Bertram. No I am not talking in riddles honest.
Two of the most popular Jane Austen novels, Emma and Mansfield Park have older female characters, who are very very different but are roughly the same age. In Emma, we have the character of Miss Bates. A Spinster who is an honest hard working woman with no money and can be very dull most of the time. But people who like her and respect her do so because she earned it.
In Mansfield Park Lady Bertram is a lazy addict who spends her time in a drug induced coma while her many children run wild. She got where she did on her looks alone, and is worthless really.
While back, while having a conversation with Ninja and a friend, they called someone "a total Lady Bertram" I replied that I seem to be a total Miss Bates. So of course I ran to my Jane Austen book group and asked the question. Everyone agrees it is better to be Miss Bates.
So what brought this up this morning? An article I read online about there being two types of single women. Women who are comfortable in their own skin to be single and women who are not and need a relationship to just be. I had my iPod on while I was reading.
I spent the next two songs I was listening to thinking about this, weighing where I fit in that. And for all my bitching about not being married, I think I still fall into the category of being comfortable in my own skin. Simply, because I know I am better off alone then in the wrong relationship.
I have known alot of women over the years who cling on to any man just to be part of a couple, and have suffered for it. Some of them live daily with abuse, others have become drug addicts, others have no idea how to even pay their bills because they have never lived alone for more then a day.
There was one woman few years ago, who was like that. Infact, she singled handedly tried to destroy one of my relationships. Did I let her, no. That relationship was already ruined for other reasons. Looking back on it, she didn't know how to survive any other way. The woman used her body for everything. If she had been a hooker or a stripper, I would have had some respect for her, but she wasn't. She was just one of those women who could not function without a man. She wanted my man at the time because I was happy. I was happy not because of the guy (it was the Trainwreck I was dating at that time) but because of where I was in my life.
I had just reached a few goals in my life, had managed to deal with some dren and was feeling swell about where I was. I also had a great batch of friends. Viva-Loco Homegirl Esq and her husband were at that point in time, my two closest friends. I was doing volunteer work with the flower delivery company at the time, and out every week doing a couple of hobbies I loved at the time. My life was full, and busy. I was happy.

Now, back to the quote. You can change your face, your name your number, even dye your hair, but you will still be you at the core. Your life will not change til you decide to make it so. And I realize I am starting to sound like an episode of Oprah or some self help guru or something, but it's true. If you are just pretending to be something or someone you are not, then that's all you will ever be, fake.
Miss Bates is a good role model to have. She's always true to herself, even when it's not fashionable to do so. Now, to jump bands and quote Twiztid "do it cause you feel it in your heart/and if it's real they gonna feel it from the start"

I will never be the most popular, I will never be pretty, but I will always be real.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

MyCoffeePot.Org is where my buddy hangs out. It's his home on the web.

This weekend, he was in town and hanging out an his old home here. We painted it.
Yes, my buddy is the Gerald Taylor
from that interview I did not too long ago.

So as you can see we had a very red room that was hell in a bathtub to paint. And of course painting hell white was my job. The boys did all the heavy lifting and I got stuck in hell. There is my ruined clothes from painting hell. This house has a long terrible story to it, that I am sure, once Mr. Taylor gets back to Toronto will talk about on his website,

This is Mr. Taylor's other buddy Mr. Campbell. It was nice to see the guys from high school believe it or not. So now that I am hurting something horrible, and really to fall down dead for a few weeks, not that I did a whole lot, just some light cleaning and worked on hell. And off Mr. Taylor goes back to southern Ontario. But unlike me, he has a life and a very productive life too.

Friday, July 24, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for July 23 2009

I had to hunt on the web again this week, simply because I was in a hurry and could not wait all day for iTunes Canada or the official Spike TV site. And whom ever it was that uploaded it, very choppy job. You left in commercials and cut out half the promos. Once again hot on the heels of a ppv that I did not get to see.

We open with ...TAZ! Very nice. The crowd showed their respect with chants of ECW, and booed when the other company was mentioned. (that should tell you something right there!) I have to admit, back few months ago, the first time I saw Samoa Joe come out with a black towel I thought of Taz. Then I laughed it off telling myself it was wishful thinking. But, I should have listened. Joe then came out for his X-Division match against Homicide. This was a very smart, and very strong opening for this week's show. I rarely find the openings to be quick, smart and of use. This started off as a great X-Division match, and soon turned into a great submission match. With Joe pulling off one of the best suplexes I have in awhile. Joe then hit the ref and got DQed. Homicide is still X-Division champ. Joe then did a beat down on Homicide, which lead to Hernadez making his return. This is good. This reminds people that there are a few big guys in the X-Division that can pull off what is needed to be in the division.

The MainEventMafia came out to the ring...blah blah blah blah blah blah......Then Mick Foley came out to address the situation but I was bored and did not pay attention. Oh sounds like we have some more Rocky Horror Picture Show fans in the audience again with their cants of as*h*le while Kurt Angle was talking.

Kevin Nash vs Amazing Red for the Legends belt. This was a nice filler....NOT. Bored now. Nash just brutalized Red.

MEM tag team match, Booker/Steiner vs Rocco and Sal. WTF? Why?

Eric Young's promo.... interesting. But not as good as it could of been.

The Cody Deaner promo all I have to say is "The Wolf man's got Nards".... great now I just want to watch Monster Squad

A ten man tag team match with British Invasion, Beer Money Inc., Styles/Daniels, Eric Young, Bahsir/Kyotshi (sorry if I spelled that wrong) Young and Bashir started off, with a bunch of quick counters. Storm tagged himself in, landing a hard smack to Bashir's jaw. Quick tag to Roode with Beer Money using a double team move. Styles tagged in, turning this into a proper X-Division match. Daniels tagged in. The big guy from British Invasion with the bad hair then tagged in. And stood there while Daniels tried to knock him down. Everyone runs into the ring, and I no longer know who the legal two are. Eric Young turns on Styles and piledrives him. Nice. Did not see that coming. Do it again.

Mick Foley vs Kurt Angle with a keys on a pole match. Boring. MEM run out do a beat down. Then Bobby Lashley came out....don't care not a fan.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns!.... Where were they? Okay, seriously, you wasted my time this week with with the Nash match and the lack luster promos and you did not even give me any Shelley/Sabin to make up for it? I hate whoever in creative put together this episode.

Ask Ardeth

Time to dig into the fang mail for another batch of emails from beyond the grave.
Welcome to an overdue issue of "Ask Ardeth" Where anything that can be thought of to ask will be answered by my horror film Heavy Metal Goddess alter ego Ardeth Blood.

Dear Ardeth Blood

I love the fact you are faithful to Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling (TNA) and I love that you support it so much. But why is it you never comment on other things like other fans do, you never talk about the wrestlers lives, their bios, their other events for other companies.

Yours "weekly" J. in Timmins Ontario

Dear Yours weekly

I have stated before, I don't like to know too much about my favourite wrestlers as it ruins it for me. I stay away from "official " fan sites, I stay away from biographies on them, I stay away from their Myspaces and Facebooks. I do not read other "dirt sheets", nor do I read anything listed in the wrestling threads on any of the horror forums I am part of. And trust me there are alot. I care about the performance they do each week on the show, if by chance they come to my area and do a live event I go and watch, otherwise I have found from past experience that it's disappointing to learn too much about my heroes. Besides, everyone is human and they deserve to have some privacy like the rest of us.
Why do you think so many of the wrestlers have a stage name? So that their families are not over run with fangirls/fanboys.
As far as not addressing their works in other companies, I will say that if you head to my other blog Blind Tag Blog you will find that the crew I am working on that blog with are doing their best to cover as much as possible on all the companies. There are only 3 of us at the moment on that blog and it is only a few weeks old, but we are doing our best.

That's all the time we have for this one, come back around and see what other gobs of wisdom Ardeth Blood will dish out and serve to her fiends.

You can email Ask Ardeth at

I got quiet

Hello my pets, it's me, your favourite ghoul next door.
They say life happens when you are busy making plans. That is very true. And in my case it happens when you're busy making websites.
I am not neglecting you. Even though there has only been one or two posts this week, and after last month's rush of words, I know it feels like I have left, never. This blog is my baby. And given my feelings on children that is saying alot.
Buddy from Toronto is in town, dealing with some stuff so the social circle -his not mine but I am a small part of his social circle- are getting together to help. Ontop of working on the site I created last week Disturbia the horror site which I think has stopped hopping for a few days, and being part of the All Jane Austen Challenge (reading Mansfield Park at the moment, waiting for the release of Mr. Darcy Vampyre next month) ontop of all that my Aunt gets in town this week too. It's mom's 60th next week so my Aunt has something up her sleeve.
I have been doing a small letter writing campaign to iTunes Canada - okay more like whinny emails- in regards to their recent programming of TNA Impact. iTunes Canada so far has been great with they're replies.
And ontop of that -just one more ontop of it's been a busy week- it's the end of July. Which means that the stores start their October season. Yes you read right. The stores locally have their back to school stuff going on, their Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving comes before Halloween) up for display, and by the end of next month will have their Hallowe'en stuff ready. October is a season in itself around here. Forget Fall. (you have Summer, October, Winter and May. Of course May equals Spring around here) This city is so weird. You literally go from winter to a week of spring and then three months of summer, then three weeks of fall. Winter around here goes from Nov 3 -April 27. Summer is June, July, Aug, part of Sept. Fall is from Sept 25-Nov 2. That is how this city breaks up the seasons, and that is how they gear their sales.
And that means we are heading into my time of year.
It's pouring rain here today, my favourite kind of day. So I am slugging my ass to the kitchen for a coffee and then off in about an hour to help deal with my Buddy's house. Will be cleaning I believe. If my memory is right, he said he needs help cleaning the house that he's a landlord of. Long story, I will try to get some photos later.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Zombie Goo- Everywhere

Well coffee stains actually.
Everything I own is covered in coffee stains. Everything.
Spent half the day yesterday cleaning the counter and floors from all the spilled coffee.
Started innocently enough, dropped the spoon (first little splat of coffee) then as I was crossing from the kitchen to the living room snagged on the chair (next splat of coffee) put mug down on table spilled a bit left coffee rings, ten minutes later second cup, knocked it over coffee on the counter, dripped onto the floor faster then I was able to get a towel, got the swifter wet mop thingie, cleaned it up, made third cup to replace that one, had not put the mop away, it was resting against the wall and it fell over the handle knocking the mug.
See when you don't have enough coffee you have bad judgment.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Meanwhile in a messy room across town

Ever feel like you half way have things organized only to realize that you are no where near?
Yeah it's one of those days.
Let's see, went to the movies and saw the Hangover. Didn't hate it, didn't love it. Just lukewarm.

Buddy called from Toronto he's coming up next weekend to sell his house. Yay, I get to talk to a real person for a while.

I think iTunes Canada is pulling the plug on TNA or something, which will upset me greatly if they are. This past week's episode was listed for about ten minutes but never available. Then they removed the last month's worth of episodes. Unless they suddenly wrap them up in a new season, I might have to hate them all and make voodoo dolls of the iTunes people. If they do that to me, then it will make my weekly TNA reviews that much harder to do. Not too mention, no more screen captures, as youtube and even Spike's official website has such a grainy look to it that screen captures never work right.

I have been working this week on a new horror site. Disturbia
should be interesting to see what happens with it.

Friday, July 17, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for July 16 2009

Started this at 8am EDT....
I had to hunt online once again. Really going to have to start wearing gloves when I do, I don't even want to know what that sticky stuff is....(if you do not have cable why not get it? Because cable would be $60 a month Canadian and TNA is the only show I watch. Therefore, I download it normally from iTunes Canada for only $8 a month Canadian.)

Mick Foley started the show off by saying that he feels naked without the belt, and that no one would really want to see that visually......AAAAAWWWWWWWGGGGGHHH.... sorry got that vision stuck in my brain make it go away. He called out Kurt Angle and started talking about last week's match. Sting came out to need to get a new trenchcoat that purple is just....too bright. Kurt's little rant about the "new wrestlers" not wanting to work hurt, um sorry ? Isn't the reason so many of the "older wrestlers" are half dead on pain pills and the like because of working through the pain? Isn't that why so many "older wrestlers" are all physically messed up? Sorry if I feel the idea of not working through the pain is the smart way to heal.

Samoa Joe started beating the dren out of Amazing Red backstage before bringing it to the ring for their match, but not before sending Red rolling head over feet down the ramp from one kick.
It was then a DQ on Joe after only one muscle buster.

What the freal? (frell for all those who are on me for the spelling) The episode then just died. I suppose the dude who uploaded it got slammed. So I waited half the day for iTunes Canada, okay it was there and I tried to download it....but got this message "while you were buying the product it became no longer available" What? You just added it just now? How can it not be available? Is there something about this show this week people don't want me seeing? Finally Spike's official website had it....It is now 6pm picking up where I left off this morning....

AJ Styles and Beer Money Inc vs MainEventMafia. Nash/Booker/Stiener. Styles and Steiner started off. Then all hell broke loose, and Nash eleminated Styles. I got distracted by bordom and paid little attention. Steiner eleminated Storm. So this left it a handicap match MEM vs Roode. Roode had a low blow on Nash eleminating him. Booker eleminated Roode. MEM won.

Team 3D 's promo, had the subtitle on the bottom for the official Twitter. I follow TNA on Twitter, follow JB as well....anyway their promo was about their match this weekend at the ppv with British Invasion.

Abyss always referring to tv shows...he should blog about it ....oh wait he does.

Jeff Jarrett on microphone during Sting vs Angle. Yeah boring I don't care about Sting or Angle.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! Chris Sabin vs Suicide in a non-title match. Did Alex Shelley come to the ring in track pants and a belt? Dude love you to death but that is too skinny. Suicide had a few nice arm drags that would have tossed Sabin right out of the ring if he'd a let go but he held on. Sabin then sent Suicide across the ring where Shelley grabbed the leg, Suicide then stomped his hand. Sabin then had Suicide on the ropes which let Shelley deliver a beautiful kick to the skull. And Sabin who is part monkey had a top rope close line that missed, but he was able to land on his feet. A couple of near falls but Sabin kicked out. Suicide then tossed himself over the ropes to land on Shelley. Sabin was going for his hesitation drop but Suicide turned it into a face slam into the second turnbuckle. Then Suicide won the match. (stupid masked freak.) Shelley then crawled into the ring and spit into the mask (it's a mask you know a face guard) then hog tied him while Sabin grabbed a chair and landed a leg drop over Suicide's neck slamming him into it. (yay) . Tonight's X-Division match has been brought to you by the 3 of Swords Tarot card (cause it was all "S" named wrestlers) Homicide did a run in save after the beat down, and cashed in his briefcase for the X-Division belt. Homicide won.

This is a Bad day to run out of Coffee

Nothing good is what I am up to. -Jamie Madrox

Yeah, bad night. I have Insomnia. Every night I wake up at 3 a.m. and toss and turn until the sun comes up. Yes I have done everything, seen doctors, taken pills, Yoga, long walks after supper, everything.
Nothing works.

Yesterday was spent working on a new site. It's a horror site. Yay. so my eyes are fried from putting it together. I have more work to do on there then I even want to think about, and why? Because the person I was working with ....well call that sucks. See I can't even think of a good name for this dude. Anyway this dude jazzed me on the horror site and was suppose to do the bulk of the work. And did not. I got left with it.
Don't know.
No why he jazz you on the site?
Oh, because we were working as admins/moderators on another horror site that had massive issues with the owner leaving and just dumping it in our laps. There was nothing we could do to fix it, we did not have access to certain controls because neither of us were the owner/creator. So we decided to create our own.

And today I am suppose to go with mom to the movies. Suppose to have gone yesterday but it rained all day, the reason why I started the work on the site yesterday.
Let's add on to it my usual responsibilities.

And I am out of COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's too frealing early to drag my ass out to Starbucks. Let me bow down and worship the shadow of any woman who can survive with less then 3 hours sleep and still manage to work/take care of the family/house. Cause I can't do it. I will be like the walking dead all day now.

Dead woman typing

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I must rant about Suicide....on TNA

I used a scene capture again for this post

Dear TNA:

You have to stop promoting the gimmick that is Suicide. I have been telling you for months that it is not a good idea. We understand that you created the gimmick to help tie in with the first video game you released, but that was nearly a year ago. The time is up on the tie in.

And why this character upsets not just myself but others, is because this is a family show. Children under the age of 15 watch Impact, what kind of a message are you giving them? There are people who have a low grasp on reality that watch the show week after week and believe the character. What kind of a message do you think they are getting from this character? There are teenagers who already feel the world is a cruel and evil place that are already on the edge of suicide who see this character. What kind of message do you think they are getting from him and his theme music ?

I am not a mom nor do I ever plan to be but that does not mean that I am not doing my best as a responsible Adult in my community. I have seen first hand what loosing someone to the act of suicide does to the remaining members of a family, what it does to a community. Promoting a character based on that idea is insulting and harmful to those who have lost someone to the act of suicide.

I love TNA, but this is one gimmick I wish was never created.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Canadian Celebrity I would Love to Meet part 4

Sparkle Hayter.


She's So Funny. I first heard of her as an author on an episode of Life on Venus Ave. back in the mid 1990's when she was promoting Revenge of the Cootie Girls, I had loved her stand up comedy (She's So Funny {was the name of the show}) on the Women's Network here in Canada (if memory serves me right she did that under a different name) . As soon as I spotted her on the show, I was impressed. It would take me close to a decade to track down a copy for the simple fact it was selling to the point of being sold out all the time, and no one was selling it second hand. Naked Brunch came out in 2003 and it single handedly opened my interest in werewolves. I spoke to her once online few years ago by pure accident and was so honored. She has done what I have tried to do, become a respected reporter, writer, entertainer and still keep her Canadian roots. I am still trying to locate copies of the rest of her Robin Hudson Mysteries.

What makes a hunk?

He stared at her from across the room, feeling like his breath was caught in his throat butterflies in his stomach. The brown t-shirt clinging to his shoulders like a second skin as he moved as quick as the crowd would let him towards her. His ice blue eyes seeing nothing but her face as she stood near the band.

....okay and now what? Yes once again I have writers block. My latest novel is a semi-typical romance novel. Only, it's kind of bordering on chick-lit (or something like it maybe even guy-lit) with my lead being a man and not a woman.
Which actually as of late with all the Austen spin offs and remakes happening, more focus is being put on Mr. Darcy (looking forward to Mr. Darcy Vampyre) Mr. Bingley, Mr. Rushworth, Mr. Crawford etc. (all the Austen heroes/villains are getting their own "stories" seems the men of Austen's books are having their time to shine)
So then what makes a hero? Or in this case a hunky hero?
All you little Twilighters out there just sssshhh. I do not consider Edward Cullin a hero. Jasper on the other hand he could be a good runner up for hero. Why? Well, because he's actually dealing with something. And yes I know, Twilight is based on Pride and Prejudice, I knew that before I read the Twilight Saga.
See I am digressing again.
Frankenstein's monster was the hero in Mary Shelley's book. People refuse to remember that as it's been watered down so much with it's connection to Hallowe'en. But what do you think Richard O'Brian was pointing out with Rocky in Rocky Horror Picture Show ? (don't say sex. Forget the sex for a moment.)
The first Harlequin Romance I ever read was Bachelor in Paradise by Elizabeth Oldfield. A slim 187 pages published in 1986, with one of the original plan white covers with just a small cameo styled covershot of a couple embracing. Sigh Yes I still have that book. I still flip through it every once and a while. It has that old used book smell, you know that combination of sunblock-coffee-incense smoke/cigarette smoke-and dusty basement. The smell of real books.
Sorry, got dreamy for a second. It was also back when you could tell the category of a book just by looking at the cover art. Now, it's a crap shoot.
I have been seeing tons of book covers as of late with extreme close ups of a woman bearing her neck wearing a cross. To me that says romance novel, but when you pick up the thing and read the back it's suppose to be horror.
Just because you add a vampire or a werewolf does not make it horror.
Now where was I, and what was the point of my post today? Or right, what makes a hunky hero?
Does the mentor have any influence? (Louis in Interview with a Vampire switches mentors from Lestat to Armand, and after doing so, he realizes how much like Lestat he truly is) in Hard Core Logo Buckey Height is Joe Dick's mentor, and Joe inturn is Billy Tallent's. But in the scene when they go to visit Buckey , we find that Billy has more inline with Buckey then Joe (this is vocalized in the movie version by Buckey giving Billy the guitar and saying he wished he'd found him first)
The character of Dean Moriarty in On The Road by Jack Kerouac is a hero, even though he is played out as a cad, he is the embodiment of courage and sex appeal. So does sticking to your guns no matter what make a hunky hero? There has to be more to it then just a set of dreamy eyes, deshevled hair and great shoulders?
And why is all this an issue right now?
I used to write just horror stories, with vampires and werewolves who would tear your head from your shoulders without even blinking an eye then proceed to drink from your decapitated body. They did not need alot of gloss. They were brutal and verging on the animal.
Now I am writing about normal everyday people. And Damn It Janet! they need gloss. Lots and lots of gloss.

Friday, July 10, 2009

My Thougths on TNA Impact for July 9 2009

I used screen captures again for this post

Yay! iTunes Canada had it for download this morning.

It seems that TNA bought stock in band-aids as both Mick Foley and Jeff Jarrett were sporting the white strips. Great inspirational speech, so good I thought I was watching a Sunday night made for tv movie, which of course had me rolling my eyes and hoping for once for a run in by someone, anyone. Boys, please put the "tweak" to rest and get a new catch phrase.

British Invasion...was that an interview or a Vogue shoot? Your good looking we get it, but Brutus you are not a Backstreet Boy stop posing.
So they had an open challenge ladder match and it was Doug Williams vs. Homicide. I have gone on record more then once saying how much I don't care for the more dangerous matches, this match made sense. (in my twisted mind) Homicide did get tossed around a fair bit in the beginning, but made a nice save when he managed to toss Williams over the top rope from the ladder to land on the rest of his team. Homicide made it to the briefcase, with a run in help from Team3D.

The promo for Foley that the fabulous editing team has packaged...anyone else find it alittle on the Linda Blair-y side? Too creepy even for me.

The Suicide Interview... okay you know what, I have had it! Other then being a stupid gimmick, have you even thought about what you are saying to kids? My nephew and niece watch wrestling, that is not a message I want them to have in their heads. "suicide comes alive and takes the pain from all who just can't see the light/dark saviour he can save you" Yeah, I am getting bitchy and stepping out of line as a fan, but as an adult I am begging TNA to finish up the Suicide gimmick.

Sting calling out Samoa Joe...sorry I was bored, and blinded by that bad trenchcoat. The bait and switch with Sting in the carpark, dude couldn't you have thought of something more original?

Abyss' meltdown. Or is it Stevie Richards' meltdown? Any second now someone will come out in full Joker or Scarcrow costumes right?

And from comic book like to cult horror...oh sorry I mean Matt Morgan came out in his Evil Druid robe for a match. He was tagging up with Kevin Nash. As they went against Daniels and A.J. Styles. Morgan toyed with Daniels for the first part of this match. What the hell was Nash doing? Daniels managed to kick out of a near fall thou he looked like he was nearly passed out. Styles tagged in and turned it into a series of quick high then low assults on Morgan, sending a swift kick to the jaw of Nash through the ropes. Styles surprisingly got this with a frogsplash for the pin.

Eric Young as the special gest ref for the main event. Now I did not see that coming. (I am going to have to start baking cakes instead of cookies for you all) Brilliant! It was a non-title match between Mick Foley, Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle. Foley had Angle out on the floor for most of this match, slamming him into everything and anything. Jarrett then slammed Foley into the steel steps. Angle and Jarrett took it back into the ring, where it was all Angle. Beautiful suplex on Jarrett sending him half way across the ring. Run in by MEM and a paused count by Eric Young. And Young pulls a swirve on Foley as Angle locks in his trademark hold giving Angle the win.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! (finally it's been weeks I will even forgive the bad Kiss pants) in a non-title match vs. Beer Money Inc. (I noticed in the preview line up that the photo had the MMG with their IWGP belts, but they came out to the ring without them.) The match was ruined for me from the get go with Booker T on the microphone. Chris Sabin was showing a strong form against Storm until Storm sidestepped the arm drag, landing Sabin on his back. And then got the fans (you are all evil and I will make voodoo dolls of all you audience members) chanting "you suck" at Sabin. He then baited Storm outside of the ring letting Alex Shelley to slam a perfect set of knees to his chest throwing Storm into the guardrail. A few quick tags between the Guns giving them a chance to double closeline Storm. Roode is a bit of a genuis (he is Canadian) the first we see of him in the match he pushes his partner out of the way then hip tosses him across the ring inorder to legally get the tag. From there it became one fast paced match that I got wrapped up with watching which ended with Beer Money Inc. getting the pin over Shelley. I have to say, MMG vs BMI is a match I could watch alot of.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The cd cover on Alex Shelley's butt

I used screen captures again for this post.

I have pointed this out before, but (no pun intended) would like to know why?

L.A. Guns is one of my ultimate all time favourite bands. My friend Erin and I used to rock out to the leather clad hair metal band 21 years ago. This is the cover of their first album back from 1988......

This is the logo Alex Shelley has been sporting in the last while. HHmmm.... his butt (okay thigh actually) has the skull and double guns on it.

Now, this is not the first time I have noticed an L.A. Guns theme on one of TNA's MotorCityMachine Guns! Remember the dark shirt Alex Shelley sported few years ago of the half naked woman on a gun (early 2006) I remember talking to someone online back then commenting on how it put me in mind of the L.A. Guns album cover from Cocked and Loaded from 1989.

I am wondering if there is more to this then just a few hot sexy men with cool jobs? Coincidence or Cunning plan? Is there a subtle message that is being delivered (never know could happen) putting MMG in the same pop-status as a legendary rock band?

Well if they ever show up saying that "they never grow old and it's fun being a vampire" then we will know for sure. (Hey remember the time Phil Lewis dropped his pants on MuchMusic during an interview on Power Hour back in 1991)

The 2 of Cups

This card is considered even more so then the Lovers card, to be the soulmate card. It represents lovers, friends, business partners all of which can be your soulmate. (Love, Passion, Friendship, Union, Sex, Marriage, Emotion and Spirituality creating a bond, Contracts, Reconciliation of opposites, Reconciliation after a parting)
I used to believe that there was only one soulmate out there for everyone. Now I am not so sure.

Few years ago, I came to the idea that Viva-Loco Homegirl Esq. and her then husband were my soulmates. I also came to the idea at the same time that the Trainwreck was my soulmate. When the four of us, or even three, or even two of us were together, odd things would happen. Trainwreck was the only one of us who did not practice some form of magick. VLHE and her husband were both Shamans.
Then when I met Dargo. I knew he was a soulmate. Wither he admits it or not, I know he knew it too.
My friend the High Priestess believes we are soulmates. Her main being her husband. She also has another soulmate, a gay man The Magus.

So what brought on this post today?
The topic of soulmates has been a hot one as of late with my book club, my social circle and has me thinking.
They say your soulmate is not the person who mimics yourself or ideal of perfection, but infact the opposite of you. The person who hold a mirror up to you. Your Balance. I am starting to understand this thought and believe my ultimate soulmate to be that balance.

A man who is beyond beautiful, honest, talented, giving, sucessful, loving. (He would have to be, given I am such a sarcastic bitch.)

And what if my soulmate feels he has already met his?
That is very possible considering what I have come to learn recently. It is also possible to have a lifemate that is not your soulmate.
I am sitting right now on the edge of something, not really a peace not really a knowing, but something inbetween. I feel I could survive if my ultimate soulmate came into my life and said "yes we are soulmates. But we won't be lifemates this time around" I would not be, I don't think, as crushed if that happens. 5 years ago that would have been a different story.

Ideally my ultimate soulmate will be my lifemate.

Just knowing he's out there is a sort of peace in itself.

And why did I title this the 2 of cups and not soulmates? Because that card has been coming up alot recently. It's trying to tell me something, that is for sure.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Interview with Gerald Taylor

I recently got to talk to one of my favourite bass players and here's what I learned.

When did you get into music? What instruments do you play?
Who are your biggest influences?

Gerald Taylor: I guess it all started with a stack of KISS records when I was a kid.
Someone gave them to the family and my brother and I soon became
little rockers. My father was always hunting for bargains at yard
sales and one day he brought home a copy of a 1950s Fender Precision
bass which had no strings and all the electronics were hanging out of
it. It collected dust for a number of years.

In grade 8 band I started the flute which continued into highschool
then in grade 9 I got that old bass repaired, stringed and joined my
highschool jazz band and was forced to learn the instrument very
quickly. Throughout highschool I played bass in a number of other
ensembles including a jazz quartet when I was 17. My biggest influence
was Jaco Pastorius and I ripped the frets off of every bass I've since
owned. (and usually seriously botched it in the process)

How many bands have you been in over the years, what style of music were

GT: As I mentioned before, my first bands were primarily jazz but have
also played in a country band, a number of rock bands and a
folk/rock/jazz thing in the late 90s. I guess I'm a versatile player
but these days I really enjoy indie rock stuff.

The band you are in now, what is it? Where do you see it heading?

GT: This Mad Desire ( is the name of my
current project and it in itself has a neat history. The singer, Mac
Attack, and I have known each other since highschool and we played
together in a band even back then. Over the years we seem to have been
pulled back together a number of times and I am very happy to be
working with him today. We are an indie rock band and have an
extensive catalog of songs that'll make you dance and cry and
everything in between. We are doing our damnedest to get ourselves in
front of as many people as possible and have had a number of small
successes recently. If I have anything do say about it, it'll be my
career and last musical project. I really believe in the music we're

The cities you lived in, you are originally from Thunder Bay, how did moving
improve or hinder things for your first band? How did living in Europe
colour your music? Would you ever return there?

GT: Yeah, I've moved around quite a lot over the years. The folk/rock band
I was in was the vehicle to get me out of Thunder Bay and into a
larger market. We moved to Guelph and after I left that band I moved
to Toronto. There are just so many more opportunities here and more
clubs to play. I moved to Europe as a career break that was originally
only supposed to last a year. I guess I had too much fun over there
and ended up staying for 6 years. During that time I didn't play as
much but instead got more into different indie bands from around the
world. I would love to return there to visit or play shows but don't
plan on relocating any time soon.

You have released cds with different bands you have worked with, how was
each experience differ?

GT: Well, the folk/rock band recorded a six song EP and we were heavily
funded by a family member and recorded in some of the best studios in
the GTA. That was a great experience and I learned so much from it.
The Karma Repair and Deathstyle recordings (precursors to This Mad
Desire) were done with a much smaller budget and since we couldn't
afford a producer we were much more hands-on with the recording and
mixing process. Again, lots learned. I have to say I'm really looking
forward to the next trip into the studio. I really want to meet and
work with more people in the industry.

Your personal website is a detour from that side of you, what made you chose
to call it that?

GT: Um, well. I love coffee and was trying to register or and Network Solutions suggested mycoffeepot and I went
with .org for the hell of it. Yeah. Not that interesting but that's
how it worked out. I tried to make it a blog while I was overseas but
usually ignored it. Since I set it up with Wordpress and have been
picture blogging from my phone, the content has been much more
regularly updated.

Hobbies outside of music?

GT: I collect fountain pens and I like NYT crosswords. I'm a true geek at
heart. I also enjoy tinkering with my home network and *NIX.

Favourite places to hang out?

GT: At home. Nobody makes better coffee than I do.

I remember seeing you play live back in the early 1990's, how would you
compare the venues you have played in since then?

GT: Oh wow. Hard question. I've played everything from bars with 3 people
in the audience and packed soft-seat auditoriums and everything
in-between. No stadiums yet though--that's next.

What are your other goals outside of music?

GT: I want to learn how to cook. Honestly, I suck. God help you if you
ever have to eat anything I've prepared.

What career would you have settled on if you were not a musician?

GT: Probably a Barista or teacher. I love working with people.

Who of your heroes have you had the chance to meet over the years?

GT: I met Michael Moriarty and it was a big deal because I'm a huge
Law & Order fan. That's about it I guess.

Do you have a new cd due for release any time soon?

GT:Have been in the studios a bit recently but nothing is planned for
certain. Best thing is to check out This Mad Desire homepage and from
there you can get to our facebook page. We'll update you when
something is coming.

Photo courtesy of Gerald Taylor

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Canadian Celebrity I would Love to Meet part 3

I used a screen capture for this post

Eric Young


Because he's talented and beautiful and he made the #9 spot on my list of reasons I love TNA Impact.
Eric Young is having one of the best Heel turns that I have seen in years.
The only thing I wish they had done with him back when he was still doing the sweet innocent storyline (when he had that strange split personality Super Eric) and I have made comments on this before, the only thing I wish they had done was throw in some Polka Dot Door remarks (Polk-Roo was here and I missed him again?) which only the Canadian audiences would have gotten. Is Eric Young even still Canadian? (or as my Newfie Grandmother used to say "He's been off the mainland a while.") Does it matter? He's on my list of Canadian Celebrities I would love to meet. (my other two posts are Salt the Wounds what Good Would it Do? and Canadian Celebrity I would Love to Meet ) I believe he has the power to make a fabulous Heel and the X-Division belt should be around his waist for awhile.

Friday, July 3, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for July 2 2009

iTunes Canada is a week behind having the show and Once again I had to go hunting the show down on the internet people what part of I am lazy and have no detective skills do you not understand....

We open up with Mick Foley making a bad choice....leather and animal prints on a man. I love a nice leopard/cheetah print as much as any Lipstick Jungle fan, but Foley bad choice.

The highlights from the Slammiversary ppv was done quick and to the point. The editing team gets another cookie for that. I have seen better editing in the last few months on Impact then I have in over twenty years of night time dramas. Whoever it is that makes up the behind the scenes crew on the show they deserve alot of credit for the quality of the product.

Abyss on a rampage. It's interesting this sweet montser thing they have going on with him. I like it, can we remove his mask and see what he looks like please? Abyss destroying the sets of Impact... are you guys getting ready to show off a new batch of sets? But it's mid season, don't new sets come in the Fall schedule?
Holliday vs. Jay Lethal.... hang on... I thought Holliday was a heavy weight guy not an X-Division...hhmmm maybe I was right as Abyss is slamming Lethal and Creed around like rag dolls in the why?And Holliday got a Black Hole Slam for being in the building. Now Abyss I have told you before, stop spitting on the camera it's very gross.

Cody Deaner vs Amazing Red. So Deaner is an X-Division guy? The series of rapid flips from Red had my eyes hurting trying to keep up. Watching him is difficult if you don't have a rewind button he's such a fast wrestler. The flying corkscrew over the top rope onto Deaner was like watching a dancer. Sorry, I have no other comparision right now (dude it's 8:30am and I haven't finished my coffee yet) Red won with a DDT.

Jeff Jarrett's rant was nice. He did not need to scream into the microphone thou.

Eric Young vs Rhino. I got caught up in watching this one and forgot I was suppose to take notes. I love seeing Eric Young as the Heel. This is twice now Young has used the ropes.... I mean I saw nothing but a pin with Young getting the win.

Beer Money Inc. sat at ringside for Team 3D vs Booker T and Stiener. I was more interested in the fact Beer Money Inc was doing commentary then the match. I don't like the MainEventMafia... maybe I will start refussing to review them.... Seeing Bashir and Kyotshi (sorry if I spelled it wrong) come over and start an issue with Beer Money Inc was nice, I see that they are entering into the tag team division. Another nice run in by the British Invasion. It started to turn into a tag team expo. MEM won because of all the run ins.

Tag teams were the theme of the night. The main event was Jarrett and A.J. Styles vs Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe. The Heavy Weight belt was on the line for this one. The leg sweep by Joe on Styles was beautiful. Styles managing a double DDT on both Joe and Angle...nice. You rarely see someone break out of the Rear Naked Clutch, but Styles did and landed his trademark Paylay (seriously if you have a wrestling dictionary please email me some proper spellings) Having Jarrett pass out from the "pain" of the Ankle Lock was a nice touch. For once we were spared from hearing the Announce team from screaming about the wrestlers working through the pain.
MEM won.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns!... WTF? Again I ask where the hell were they? Give the people what they want, and what they want is Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I made a comic for Mr. Shelley

copyright hcvp'09

Once again I used screen capture and a comic program for this.

And why did I do this?

Let me point you to an old post when I first did this.
I still have alot of time on my hands. I still need a real life and a husband. Also, I realized I had an uneven number of posts, Alex Shelley needed a few more for the hell of it. I saw him make that face and the line from Rocky Horror Picture Show suddenly popped into my head. And I have made comments before about how it looks like he's getting more height with his frogsplash every time he does it. It's a good thing I can not paint eh? I don't think there is enough wall space in my current apartment for canvas if I painted. I really need a life and a husband. I am starting to worry myself.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What are you Dumb, Stupid?

I used screen capture for this post.

I was watching some old episodes of Impact from 2006 (when Sabin still had good hair) and I noticed something.
Now, is it just me, or was he, well smarter few years ago?
I don't know if he's taken one too many suicide dives or fallen from the Ultimate X matches one time too many but, it seems like the last few months he's gotten a little, well dumb.

Now, you know I love Chris Sabin (I would not be blogging about him all the time if I was not totally crushing on the dude.)
He's fabulous. But we know he is capable of more then what they are letting him do as of late. Has the creative team hit some road blocks when it comes to giving Sabin stuff to do?
I get that you have made him the "strong silent type" in the MotorCityMachine Guns! to balance out Alex Shelley's outspoken wild bad boy side, but still.
It is almost as if there is no passion in him when he's on camera as of late. I know I have made some comments before about him on the mic, but again it's like he is a zombie last few weeks. (The episode on April 30 2009 when they were in the locker room with Foley, and the June 4th 2009 episode when he was talking so slow, it looked like Chris Sabin was really struggling with his lines. )
I have to say that one of my favourite feuds that Chris Sabin was involved in, on Impact was when Kevin Nash was taunting him back in the spring/summer of 2006. (Slammiversary 2006) And I did think that the promos he did when he was going against Lynn and Backlund were funny as hell. (dressing up as an old man, the one where he was jumping from the tree, the "old school vs new school" all from 2007)
So why is he staring at his shoes half the time now and just making sexual comments? It is almost as if he has digressed from confident grown up to confused shy 9th grader. Where is the multi-time X-Division champ, the cool guy. You know, the confident, witty, smart Chris Sabin who's promos used to be worth listening to.
Next thing you know Sabin will be coming to the ring with a stack of comics and just reading instead of wrestling. "And this one's for the silence and the questions that it brings/and this one's about rock n roll and comic books and bubble gum"-Headstones

July 1 2009 Happy Canada Day

So I have talked about the mistakes I have made, the love I am searching for, the inspiration, the validation in my career (attempted career) I am desiring, now what?
What is the next chapter?
What is the next level?
Once you have laid it all on the table for the world to devour what do you do with the scraps?

There is a line in a Headstones song that says "I never sold my soul I might have pawned it once or twice" that sums it up.

It's Canada Day. Happy Canada Day.


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