Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fan Art for the MMG....Or According to My sister I need to get out more.

Once upon a time there was a girl. This girl used to have a very very full schedule where she could not find enough hours in the week to get to all her meetings, gatherings, and social events. Then the girl's health took a bad turn and the girl ended up having to have a few surgeries. Soon after depression hit the girl and hit her hard. But the girl pulled out of it and once again got back to her busy schedule. Unfortunately she was to find that her health issues would come back and she would be stuck inside more often. The girl thought there was no hope for her and took the title of Hermit. One night while the girl was tripping the net for cargo lint, unable to sleep and really bored, she started to notice alot of pieces of internet art. She had stumbled on a cult. A cult of internet scrapbookers. So the hermit girl as she was now known to her family, decided to give it a try.

Okay so I was mega bored and started playing around with my screen capture and then used a comic program to do this. The first one is Alex Shelley (shocker for ya eh?)

The second Chris Sabin.

And the third both of them collectively known as the MotorCityMachine Guns! (You don't need to keep telling me that it's not one word. As I said before I know this, I just happen to think it looks cooler this way.)
Yeah I officially have way way way way too much time on my hands. I need a real life. And a husband.

copyright hcvp'09

I sent the photos to Ninja, and she laughed. Well, I suppose she laughed, as she normally does laugh at me. Then she told me that I need to get out and socialize more. Well duh! My reaction, socialize, in this town? Sure I will get right on it. Oh wait, that's the problem to begin with.

Let's see where the big holes in that theory are shall we.

1-There is nothing to do in this city but drink and get high
2-There are no places in this city but taverns, not even a disco type place, just taverns {and faithful readers you remember what happened to our heroine in the past when she dared to go to the taverns right. Click here for a recap and here too }
3-The men in this city roughly of interest are younger then me and look at me like I'm a corpse
4-The men my age in this city are drunk assholes who everyone and their dog's grandmother has slept with already and they all have ten kids each
5-Things cost money
6-Unless you are part of a mommy and me group there is nothing for a single woman to do in this city

Yeah, I think I covered the basics. So why haven't I moved you asked? Well, because I live my life in constant pain, have life long health issues, and can't afford to move. Hence the title of Hermit.
Why don't I have more female friends you ask? Well, the few I have grown to trust over the years are Erin, Butterfly, Setla and Ninja.
We've already covered Ninja, she's my younger sister who has a full time job, is finishing University, and has a gaggle of friends of her own.
Setla is an actor. Enough said.
Butterfly is happily married in Edmonton with 3 kids. Edmonton being the key word, as in out-of this city.
And Erin is also happily married with 3 kids, and has a full time job as a nurse at the hospital. Her life is so busy that even though she lives just across town, we only get to see each other at christmas.
Otherwise, I just don't trust other women. I have been stabbed in the back too many times.

I prefer the company of men. They are more interesting. Nice to look at and listen to.
When did I become this parody of myself? I officially have way way way way too much time on my hands. I need a real life. And a husband.


GingerRoot said...

I think the third is the funniest.

ardeth blood said...

Have you seen some of the other ones? It's getting sinister.


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