Friday, May 29, 2009

Office Style: The Briefcase

Upon graduating college my parents bought me a briefcase. It was one of those hard cased, fake leather ones that they sold at the office supply store.
I loved it. Still have it, still use it. Now remember, back a billion-million years ago when I graduated college (1995) briefcases were still a very vital part of a career person's well career. It was more then just a useful way to carry your files and dayplanner around, it was a statement that said "I am here I want to be heard".

Now a days, you don't see them around here anymore. You see alot of messengers' bags, and computer bags but you don't see briefcases. Are they extinct? Did they become too heavy for the modern career person to carry? Are they too retro for the modern college student? Or am I missing something here? Is it just because the corporate world is not what it used to be?

When I watch old movies from the last 30 years, a briefcase is the status symbol used in every one to represent the corporate latter climber. One of my favourite films is Clockwatchers And in it Parker Posey's character buys a briefcase to make her feel and look like she is more important then she is at her job. It becomes the center of some jokes in the film, but it is also a key element to uncovering a clue to the movie's plot line.

When did it go out of style?

Next time I will talk about the business card (American Psycho)

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