Friday, May 22, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for May 21 2009

Once again I had to go hunting the show down on the net. (iTunes Canada seems to be now a full week and half late with the episodes.)

Jeff Jarrett saying that he is the 4th man in the ppv this weekend was not a shocker. We all saw that coming ....even my blind buddy Gerry (and he's not a wrestling fan at all)

Kurt Angle hunting Sting through the building ....why? And Scott Steiner running back down the stairs saying it's too high for him was funny.

Having Beer Money Inc. run out to save Team 3D from the British Invasion was a nice way to start the set up of Beer Money Inc. going face. But why are the "run in saves" lately so well, late. Couldn't just once someone who is running out to save someone else actually save them before the five minute beat down mark?

Eric Young's match against Sting was...typical. Is there any other wrestler who can take a flip out over the top rope like Young does? Too bad he tapped out.
Eric Young is going heel right? Please! Cause you know you don't want to piss off a Canadian ; cause you will find yourself buried in paperwork for years. (Canadians will get that joke) But wait, Young has been "off the mainland" for how many years now? Either way can we see Eric Young turn heel!

Anyone else think Matt Morgan looks like an evil Druid in some bad cult movie in that ring robe thingie? His match against Kurt Angle was fast paced and not too shabby. Too typical on Angle's part though. Angle needs to start digging into his bag of moves and use something new. Speaking of something new, the announce team during that match...they said that Matt Morgan needed to work through the pain of the Ankle Lock. Guys, you say that every week to the point it is starting to sound like a joke. You need a new line when calling the Ankle Lock.

With all the former ECW people that are involved with TNA as of late, I was sitting here just kind of daydreaming over the idea of Joel Gertner being on the show. That would be cool. Does anyone know if he's still in the wrestling business?( Does anyone know if he's even still alive?) If he is, then it would be cool to see him swing over for a show or two or a months' worth of episodes.

Jeff Jarrett vs Samoa Joe... sorry I was appreciating the colours white and silver. (raise your hand if you get what I mean) Nothing much to say about this one, it was a DQ.

Mick Foley vs a photo of Rocky....WTF? (actually I was having Deja Vu while watching that. A grown man with long hair and a full beard staring at a photo of a dark haired man threatening it...oh right my ex did that once...)

Lethal Consequences vs Daniels and Suicide vs MotorCityMachine Guns! had a very interesting match. The dynamics of these 6 men in one ring had me glued. When Suicide was about to get squished in the corner, Shelley grabbed Creed and threw him down with what looked like (by his body language ) to me disgust and not just the need to interfere. This was the same time that Chris Sabin DDTed Jay Lethal from the top rope, not just ; but with a leap from the top rope to the center of the ring (Sabin's part monkey right?) Daniels running in to break up the pin (are Shelley's Frogsplashs getting higher each week?) Suicide taking the pin over Shelley (not happy ) with what looked like a very painful set of knees to the chest. (can you break a rib/breast bone with a move like that?)
Anyone else notice the last few weeks that Alex Shelley seems to get hit in the nose/mouth alot or is he covering his face out of extreme habit while in the ring?

Hey isn't it Alex Shelley's birthday this weekend? Happy Birthday Mr. Shelley

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