Saturday, May 16, 2009

If I Flirt With You Will You Flirt Back?

It's no big shocker to anyone who's been reading my blog the last few years that I can't flirt.
I mean it.
I have no skills with flirting. I have given up pretty much with any kind of subtly when it comes to men and just go in for the jugular. Which can be messy. A guy would need to slap me with a fry pan and drag me back to his cave for me to get that he was even kinda flirting with me.
I don't understand how some women can flirt with a man so easily? I read all these online articles on the art of flirting, watched my friends in real life at the pub/store/gas station etc hook line and reel men in. So how is it I seem to be born without the natural ability to flirt?
I hear the famous line all the time "you just know when a man is flirting with you. You just know when he's checking you out."
Um no I don't actually. I always seem to misread the guy and make a total dren out of myself. Usually scaring the dude.
Buddy of mine told me I should just try insulting one dude to get his attention. (um really? cause it's working oh so well in regards to blogging about .....) He told me to get his attention then get his attention. *wink wink dirty joke *
Okay, so that worked like, well, like um, like ....yeah you get the idea.
The question is "now what?" How does someone who has no natural flirtiness flirt?

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