Saturday, May 23, 2009

Drive Thru

Recipe: One part Nightmare on Elm Street, One part Happy Birthday to Me, topped with a fresh slice of ICP and a dash of Fast Food Nation.

This 2007 film had done it's horror homework. I mean, really what's creepier then a 7foot killer clown with a foot long custom made butcher's knife chasing you around town? Maybe the addictiveness of the burgers he represents.

Plot: One week away from her 18th birthday, Mac's friends are all being slaughtered and the bodies disappearing. She's getting mysterious clues before hand as to who is next via old toys from the 70's that belonged to her mother. Her mother and her friends back in the 70's were part of a prank gone wrong at the local Hella-Burger. Revenge is best served with an extra order of fries.

Did I mention that he's called Horny the Clown and all the burgers are named after demons, and that all the Hella-Burger toys are sexually named? I did have a bit of a problem watching a film who's heroine looked like a carbon copy of Avril Lavigne, I just kept routing for the clown.

I smell a sequel.

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