Monday, May 11, 2009

What do you mean the Crullers aren't ready yet?

In the 1995 Canadian vampire movie Blood and Donuts the lead character Earl walks into the donut shop and says "Mollys two crullers now." and she tells him their not ready yet, his reaction "What do you mean the crullers aren't ready yet...then I'll have a glazed."

Why am I quoting this? Well because here it is Monday night and I still am waiting to get my weekly freakly weekly download of Impact from iTunes Canada.
That and I have a craving for donuts today. Major craving. I've had 3 of the damned things already today, so much for my healthy eating. I give up bread and end up eating 3 donuts.
Yeah I am a hoser.

Let's really jump topics.
I was woken up this morning by the doorbell ringing just before 8:30a.m. It was the landlord telling me the water tank burst and the repair guy was on his way but the water would be shut off for half the day. So I got dressed and headed over to mom's for the day.
Mom was babysitting today. My 3 year old cousin, who by the by looks just like I did when I was her age. Before I broke my nose twice. So I kinda get why mom goes all weepy and nostalgic when she babysits. Anyways, I went to the grocery for the damned donuts and while I was there one of the people who works there that I grew up with spotted me and said
"You don't need those."
Sorry? I couldn't hear you on account of your being a frealnik. Seriously, we are not best of friends or anything but really, insulting the customers not a smart move chicky.
Then back to mom's with the deep-fried sugar kick, of which I bought a dozen mixed glazed/powdered/cinnamon/chocolate/maple

I get back to mom's to find my cousin who is 3 years old hiding in the cupboard. When I ask why she's hiding she runs out and screams that she pooped her diaper.

First off, she's 3 years old. Why isn't she potty trained yet? They haven't even started to potty train her. Second, if you are old enough to know what you just did and announce it to the entire room then you are too old to be wearing diapers. Wanna here me bitch some more on the topic of the kid; sure I knew you did. She still is being breast feed. WHAT!???? Oh my god! Was my reaction. She's 3 years old (like I haven't said this enough in the last thirty seconds) she has teeth and can chew steak. Why on earth would you still be know what. I don't even want to think about it.
Can you tell I don't approve of the way my Uncle and Aunt are raising her.

Can you tell I am not a mommy. And trust me, if the God and Goddess ever decide to throw me into the mommy pit; I can say without a doubt I would never be one of those mommies. Nope! Nothing with teeth or the potential for teeth is getting near me.

So when did I become the Anti-Mommy Blog-Blogger?

Must have been when I was waiting for the crullers to be ready.

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