Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fate or Just an Urban Fairy Tale?

The movie Broken English which stars Parker Posey can be considered the ultimate urban fairy tale. Girl meets Boy while standing in a hotel lobby and is noticed by another Boy who smiles at her. Girl gets dumped and goes to a party where the guy who smiled at her is and they realize they are meant to be together and move to Paris. (Let's take bets on if I cried over this movie) There is one scene in the film when they first meet when he turns to her and says "One more minute and we would have missed each other. It was Fate."

Let me tell you something about Fate. At lest the Fate I have had over the last few years.

Back a few years ago I was hanging out at the Fringe Festival here in town with my sister and her friends, listening to a few bad metal bands. There was a guy selling cds who started to chat it up with me. One of the girls got all giggly telling me to go back and get his number. I reminded her he was selling cds on the street corner, getting chatty with people was his motive to selling the cds. 3 years later, I see a photo in the local paper of a guy who just happened to be sitting in the same building the cd seller had been standing outside of, with a guitar posing for the Fringe Festival that year. I was glued to that photo. Less then two months later I was walking down the street and something told me to go to the bar two doors down, that if I didn't I would regret it for the rest of my life. I did and bam just like that I met the man who became the Trainwreck. It was the guy from the photo.
Why did Fate throw that bad relationship into my life with such force? No idea.

A few years later, just when I thought I was safe from further badness, I was hanging around Myspace when I got a message from some weird looking dude. Just as I was about to delete it something told me that if I didn't talk to him I would regret it for the rest of my life. So I started chatting with him and bam just like that I met the man who became my Dargo.
Why did Fate throw that complicated relationship into my life with such force? No idea.

Both men were in my life for a year each. Both tied for my longest relationship and both had a massive influence on my life in every level.

All my other relationships were lucky if they made it to three months.

If Fate is suppose to bring people to good happy places, then why have I been lead down a path twice that was nothing but sadness, depression, pain and lost love?
They say we are only given two chances for real love in a lifetime, if those were mine then what does Fate have up it's sleeve for me now?

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