Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I just have to ask

This one is going to piss a few people off but do you think I care?

I have noticed a trend as of late in movies and books. That trend being the guy falling in love. I mean really crazy-not sleeping-staring at the ceiling-hunting the streets for the girl who he had a glimpse of - falling in love.
This is something I have only witnessed in fiction.
The men in my life have never done this. When I talk to my buddies none of them ever have stories like this. When I talk to my married friends, their husbands never have stories like this. So when did all the popular books and movies get the idea to make men weeping-mind numbed-loosing control-running through traffic- til the ends of the earth fallen in love role models?

If there are no real life cases to base these stories on then why have they become so damned popular and woven into our love life mythology?
There are more then plenty cases of women who have fallen in love to this extent. Too many to the point it's cliche.
If men are not like that then why and when did we feel the need to build them up in that way? Is it to keep ourselves going and believing in love?

It has me wondering if I even believe in love anymore.
So I just have to ask do men really fall in love or do they just fall into a comfortable routine?

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Anonymous said...

I am thinking that women are just crazy. The majority of them seem to want to be abused by the bad boy type. It must be a combination of knowing you are doing something stupid and wrong which drives them up the wall and makes them want to confront danger which gives them big time thrills.


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