Sunday, May 10, 2009

Star Trek Villains = Fabulous Trenchcoats

I just saw the new Star Trek and I think I just found my new favourite ST movie. Let me start by saying the cinema was jammed wall to wall, and this wasn't even opening night. I waited till today because I thought it would be less packed, but man was I wrong.

This one cracks open the mythos of the movie series and rebuilds it from scratch, and let me say that it's a fabulous idea. They could have brought Simon Pegg's character of Scotty in a bit sooner but here's hoping he has a bigger role in the next one, and we know there will be a next one. And I have no idea who most of the actors in this film are because I don't keep up with that kind of stuff.
Has anyone else noticed that the villains in Star Trek always have such cool trenchcoats? (Shinzon in the ST Nemesis had the best)

It was refreshing to see a bit more of a badass side to Kirk and a more vulnerable side to Spock in this new film.
This is more then the usual ST fare of tech and wit, this is a love story on a few different levels.

We are introduced to an alternate reality at the very beginning of this film by way of Spock going through a black hole. The results are not realized till 25 years later when the crew of the Enterprise are thrown together to save Vulcan.

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